By HaleyLupinTeddysGirl

APRIL, 2015; DIAGON ALLEY, LONDON – A string of burglaries in Diagon Alley, specifically at Ollivanders, have the wizarding world wondering: Are dark forces up to something new? No break-outs have been reported from Azkaban, but it was suggested nearly a dozen wands were stolen without reasoning.

An anonymous eyewitness gave the statement, "There were hushed voices and a loud blast, then the alarm bells in Ollivanders started shrieking, I glanced out the window and saw at least four hooded figured leaving the store with the wands in tow."

Little is known yet on who were these mysterious figures, or why they needed the wands in question, but the Prophet has been assured Aurors will be vigilantly patrolling the streets until the missing wands are returned and the culprits are dealt with accordingly.

"There is nothing to fear," states the Minister in a press conference from earlier this week. "The streets of Diagon Alley will be safe again and the culprits will be dealt with accordingly. There is absolutely no reason to start a panic."

The wands in question were not particularly rare or special, and speculation wonders if this wasn't simply a prank pulled by students, though the theory is often dashed, seeing as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is still deep into the spring term.

There is no word yet on the make or model of the stolen wands, but the witches and wizards of Ollivanders assure us that the stolen items have ways of getting back where they belong. No spokesman of Ollivanders had any comment at this time.

The Prophet has been assured this was an isolated event, though materials were taken from Flourish and Blotts as well as Broomstix, in which it is assumed the felons used the stolen broomsticks to escape the scene. The items stolen from Flourish and Blotts included, but were not limited to books on dark magic and potion making, though no potion ingredients were stolen.

The Ministry gave no other comment and representatives from Flourish and Blotts and Broomstix had little to say. Only one anonymous eyewitness gave testimony to the incident in question.

"Something dark is coming and everyone should be wary. The books stolen from the store were full of very old, very deeply dark magic that isn't€™ for the fainthearted."

The Prophet has been assured that Aurors are doing everything possible to keep the people safe and that no clue will be overlooked in the hunt for the suspected thieves.

By Ygdjh

APRIL, 2015; LONDON, ENGLAND – Tourism has always been an industry in England, but this month it is seeing a huge comeback. Tourists of both muggle and wizard kind are flocking to England, causing an economic growth.

What is the purpose of this new publicity? "Muggles have always been fascinated with England, and their percentages haven't gone up much," economic specialist Janie Greene acknowledged. "It's the wizardly tourism that has promoted this huge growth."

Greene believes that the opening of the world's first ever wizardly "amusement park," a mixture of fun rides and games, is the cause of this new interest in England. This is a new experience for wizards and many are flocking to see it. "Part of the reason why we opened it was to show people that muggle things can be enjoyable too," owners Gertrude and Haiden Leor said.

Not only does this affect the amusement park, but other tourist sites as well. "People go to England to see the amusement park. While they're there, they think, 'Oh, that looks interesting. We may as well check out another tourist site as well,'" psychologist James Oregon explained.

What does this mean for England's economy? "Expect prices to go up," Greene told us. "Especially for that new amusement park." Greene expects prices for tickets to the amusement park, now at around $2, to shoot up to $7.

This doesn't just affect tourists, or even just people who have interest in seeing the amusement park. Natives, too, have been caught up in tourism. Jobs in the tourism industry have never held more prospects than any other job, but now many job-seekers are trying to find a job in tourism. "It's good business. People who work at tourist traps get lots of money for their jobs," Jerald Hulman, a former substitute teacher who now works for an amusement park, told us. New tourist sites are springing up all over the place, and many are imitations of the amusement park that brought so much fame.

"Prices will probably settle down in the tourism industry as time goes on," Greene commented. "Once amusement parks are opened in other places, we can expect prices to go almost back to normal. Jobs in tourism should get mostly back to normal as well."

So is this new boost in England's economy a short-term thing? "Oh, no, we will still see a boost in our economy," Greene explained. "However, once time has passed, it will not be as extreme."

Because of this sudden economic growth, prices are going up everywhere in England. However, these prices are not unreasonable considering people have more money to pay for goods. Even still, Greene expects the prices everywhere to settle down as the excitement of the amusement park settles down.

However, this change is definitely a turn for the best. Unemployment rates are going lower than we've seen in a long time, and other industries are thriving as well. "We have always been successful," real estate agent Mark Pellins said, "but houses are springing all over the place, now that more people can afford it!" Other professions have also reported being more successful than usual. Salaries are climbing as well.

Meanwhile, don't be surprised if a new amusement park pops up near you! "We never expected all of this to come out of our simple amusement park, but it's for the best, I believe," Gertrude Leor, a co-owner of the amusement park that started everything, said when told what her amusement park is doing for England's economy.

Who knew tourism could cause such a wonderful change?

What's happening in Wales?
By Desiree Snow

Easter is known to be a Catholic celebration, but it hails its roots in Pagan celebrations for the Goddess of fertility, Isthar. Hence the name,€“ Easter.

The Goddess Isthar has certainly blessed the Duchess Kate Middleton.

That's right folks. Prince George is about to have a baby brother or sister. Duchess Kate Middleton went into Labor on April 9, 2015. Is it going to be a boy or a girl? The whole world is excited and eager to welcome this new member to the Royal family.

One of the more actively eager entities is the Royal Mint. They will be giving out Lucky silver pennies to all babies who were born on the same day. The Royal Mint says that 2015 babies would be entitled to receive a lucky silver penny.

A spokeswoman for The Royal Mint said: "It is a fitting gesture to welcome the eagerly anticipated future prince or princess and also in keeping with an age-old tradition to mark a new birth with a gift of silver for good luck."

This exciting arrival is definitely the good news that Wales needed in the midst of all the political struggles and backlashes.

Name smearing has become a recurring issue in the political ring, especially during campaigning period. There have been some politicians who have rectified their statements, but we are far from making the act of name smearing taboo.

Another notable concern would be the closing of a flagship Welsh job scheme. Unemployed individuals who are 16- to 24-year-olds were aided by the government in finding a job under this scheme.

This scheme was hailed as a success and there are plans to launch a new one during the first quarter of the financial year.

And speaking of finance, majority of the government officials are proclaiming a stronger economic policy for Wales in the coming years.

Their plans include a boost in the labor force through focused efforts in the construction industry as well as a minimum funding guarantee.

All these plans seem to be good signs for the financial security and political stability of Wales.

by DominicanSr

APRIL, 2015; AROUND THE GLOBE – Every month or so I will be apparating to a different part of the globe to report on a news item pertinent to that area, that has made national but not necessarily international Muggle news. I love to travel which I why I chose this vocation, so if there is something of interest you think I might report on, please send me an owl.

While in the Northern Hemisphere many people are still experiencing the chill air of winter and the touch of new life and hope of spring, here in the Southern Hemisphere, the heat of summer is still upon us. This is especially so in South Africa, where I am writing this dispatch. Here, humidity and the desire for a midnight swim are juxtaposed with thunderstorms.

However, the long days of summer do not come without their risks as the people of Cape Town have discovered. This year has been an unusually hot summer in the Cape, which usually enjoys a more temperate Mediterranean climate, some damage to property and some homes have been lost as well as some vineyards. Several winemakers have expressed concern that smoke may affect unharvested grapes, giving the wine a bitter flavour. Clearly whilst smoked sausages, fish, meat, vegetables on a BBQ are acceptable, smoked grapes for wine are clearly not! Meanwhile thatched roofs on historic buildings are being doused with water to reduce the risk of catching fire.

Nevertheless, like a phoenix, new life and new hope come from the ashes. A recent news report drew everyone's attention to the beneficial effects of the fire, namely Cape Fire lilies and fynbos vegetation, the seeds of which require fire and smoke to regenerate.

Now, passport in my hand, ready to apparate to my next locale. (Broomstick standing by!) Where will the next month take me? Find out in the next issue of The Daily Prophet!

Ref; City Press: Zoe Poulson

By Verum

As a people, Witches and Wizards, we are expected to adhere to the Regulations and Bylaws that govern our world, solely based on the protection of it. Most of these Regulations and Bylaws are in place to keep us safe, rather than to keep others at bay. It is within the same Regulations and Bylaws that keep a strict watch over every single Witch and Wizard within our world. Some may be comfortable living day to day knowing that every move we make, and every spell we may cast is being monitored, even without the Trace upon us. However; to some degree, the other portion of people within our world have a somewhat disdain for the Regulations and Bylaws, stating that the Ministry of Magic tries to take too much control and run rampart.

Greetings and Salutations to the readers of the Daily Prophet. I am Verum, newest edition to the reporting team. I will be bringing you articles of utmost importance. Articles of knowledge, corruption, and, from time to time, some he-said she-said. These articles are in no way to reflect the true nature of the Ministry of Magic, but more so to bring about a new light to some that wouldn't dare question the thought of questioning.

I believe it was Delores Umbridge, Ex-Senior Undersecretary to the Minster of Magic, that proves the point of this article. During her introductions at Hogwarts, and her well maintained yet albeit prolonged and redundant speech, she stated: "Progress for the sake of Progress must be discouraged."

The Ministry itself professes Progress, yet daily enacts and distributes propaganda of safety and regulation while all the while tolerating corruption in its own halls. We could sit an quote many a news article, and word of mouth accounts of such acts, but that is all hearsay. Let us instead focus on the Regulations and Bylaws that are still within standing after such times as the Second Wizarding Wars or even The Battle of Hogwarts.

After both incidents, when doctrine became completely disregarded on both sides, what happened? Our world went on about its normalcy. Keeping hold to the Indoctrination that was once set before, and after each occurrence of battle. Why? For fear of change? Or even for fear of misplacing power?

Let's take this a bit further, shall we? During the Battle of Hogwarts, at what point did any of the Students have a chance against the Death Eaters? Why wasn't Mr. Potter's dreams, and visions of the Dark Lord ever revealed on a massive scale? At any point in time, the Ministry could have taken its stance and made "progress." Not progress for mass protection, but progress for individual protection. How? Perhaps by lifting the Regulation for students of younger years to be limited to age specific Defensive Magic. We understand the limitations that young Witches and Wizards have. They are not "used" to their magic yet, and could therefore cause more harm than good. However, The Golden Trio proved that theory exceptionally wrong. Miss Hermione Granger for instance, Muggleborn, was an exceptional young Witch with the prowess of a full-fledged Witch in her third year. Yet, there were no other Witches or Wizards of her time to do the same? Or was it because they weren't given a chance? These regulations are set in place for protection, but protection of whom?

It is within our voting right to elect our Minister of Magic. This election is similar to the Muggle elections that they hold for their offices of political power. As the Minister of Magic, they elect the officials of the multitude of Divisions that make up the Ministry itself. We have no voting power within that sector. We elect an official we deem fit. Are we to blame for the mass lack of progress?

Stay tuned to the next article for answers, and more opinions of the Political Corruption.

By Briannabreez

Greetings, everybody! I am Briannabreez, henceforth known as Brianna, and I will be your sports reporter. I will be reporting on-location at all the biggest sporting events, and, once in a while, I might even give you the word on some Muggle sport! Any and all sport is welcome in this column, although magical sport will, of course, be my priority.

Duelling Champions

Out of 52 participants, only one could be the champion duelist. Of course, there would not be time to discuss each and every duel that was dueled, but the two semi-final matches were played out by Gryffindor Aelara and Hufflepuff pugz51081, and Ravenclaws Rita Arc and Noxwolf.

The other competitors fought bravely, but eventually were left defeated with various jinxes, hexes and curses placed upon them. The last four to go out before the semi-finals were Ravenclaws Vie Noblefury, LoonyMarauder, the_sharpie_fairy and Cassandra Lovegood.

The first semi-final match, between Rita Arc and Noxwolf, involved several complicated and well-thought-out spells, both attack and defense being strong and certain. Ultimately, however, the champion who came out of it was Noxwolf, although Rita Arc fought well.

The second match was played between Aelara and pugz51081. Slightly simpler spells were used in this match -- or should I say more well-known? After all, they were certainly effective, enough so to get pugz50187 into the final.

The final match was played between Noxwolf and pugz51081. Pugz51081 started off the match, with a swift attack that was even more swiftly rebounded. However, she made up for it with her excellent defense, hitting Noxwolf with his own spell. Ultimately there could be only one winner, and with the Shield Charm that Noxwolf cast, he rebounded the flock of ravens right back at its caster- pugz51081.

Noxwolf was the winner of the fine duelling competition, although I think we can all agree that it was hard fought and that we should congratulate every participant in the excellent contest.

The Dangers of Shuntbumps

Yesterday night, two young boys (Jeffery and George Layton, 8 and 10, respectively) were taken into St. Mungo's with severe injuries. Details are not very clear, although it is suspected that the young wizards took their parent€™s' brooms to play a more dangerous version of Shuntbumps. Normally, the game is played with brooms designed for children, bewitched to fly no more than three-and-a-half feet above the ground in an effort to keep children safe. However, the two wizards may have taken their parents'€™ brooms in an effort to have a more exciting game.

It is a sad time for everybody, and our hearts go out to all those involved. The Daily Prophet wishes the two boys a speedy recovery, and we're sure that you will be back on your brooms in no time.

By Samantha Bradley

Is it my imagination, or is HEX becoming a more exciting place every single day? It certainly seems that way, and if you've been active on the site lately I think you'll agree with me. If you haven't been around lately, though, let me give you a quick update of some of the things which have been happening lately.

As always, earning House Points are an important part of being a member of your House. Classes will be coming to an end for the season in just a few more months, but there is still plenty of time to do your part and help your House towards winning the coveted cup! There are even more chances to earn House Points now, with the Information Forums and Harry Potter book forums now awarding them on a regular basis along with other Forums such as the Contest Forum, RPC Forum and Fan Fiction Forum. We have more chances than ever now for EVERYONE to get involved and do their part and it really doesn't take much effort!

If you have been following the site news over the last couple months, you may have noticed some interesting hints of an event to come. (These are the ads that feature a picture of a mermaid along with a riddle). I can't wait to see what this event is going to be, though I do have a few ideas of my own. In any case, I'm certain that whatever it is, it is going to more than match our expectations for fun and excitement!

The final large competition of the year is now in full swing. This is perhaps the most beautiful and exciting of all, as it is Hex's Next Top Graphics Designer. I always admire the beautiful graphics the designers come up with for this contest, and it's a great learning experience for us budding artists, as well. There is still plenty of time to get involved with the audience tasks. You can earn tickets for some great prizes by voting for your favorites, critiquing the work of the contestants and making a few basic graphics along with posting that you are wearing one of the avvies. Be sure to check it out, as we have some real talent here!

There have been some fabulous sitewide events going on. The most recent one was the Hufflepuff Event Easter Mayhem. The contests have been fun, and there is lots of chances for everyone to participate and possibly earn some great prizes.

April begins the month with April Fool's Day, of course, and Hex has always done something fun on this particular day. This year it was a plot by Fred and George Weasley to "break" Hex, with pranks galore going on for the entire day. One could choose the side of the pranksters and attempt to break the site, or they could choose the "good" side and try to save it. The day provided a great opportunity for those who love the prank items, and all was well in the end. (The site wasn't broken!)

To me, the most exciting event that happened recently was the random events that began the Friday before Easter and went all the way through to midnight Hex time on Easter Sunday. It was fun putting the eggs together and discovering what was inside them, and the egg dyeing was another fun way to have a shot at an egg prize. There was also a random event where one could hunt the Easter Bunny (similar to the St. Patrick's Day event). I didn't do too well with this one, but it was still great fun either way! Then there were limited edition Every Flavor Beans, including a very rare Solid Gold Bean. This is great, since there is now a Bean Holder to keep all the different beans in (hopefully this item will be activated soon - can't wait!)

Another event has just come about. This is the Professor Sprout Save Spring celebration in the Welcome Center. There are four fun contests with the chance to earn some fabulous prizes, along with a raffle thread where you simply post each day that you are wearing the avvie to earn tickets, along with doing an easy task each day. Lots of amazing prizes are up for grabs in this one, and I definitely encourage everyone to check it out!

Be sure to check around often, as there's always something new happening on Hex and you never know what the next day will bring!

By Char

Hey guys! Looks like I'll continue to be giving you guys advice. We received a number of questions this time around. I'll see to it I do my best to answer your questions in its entirety. My advice might not be 100% guaranteed to help you out, but I'll see to it I give as much advice I could to help you guys with your questions.

Dear Daily Prophet People,
Every day, an owl arrives at my house and leaves me a gray rolled up stack of papers. I am afraid that someone is out to get me. The black typed letters and moving images beckon to be read, but I fear the messages inside. Should I read these terrifying papers full of potentially dreadful news, or should I continue to allow them to pile up on my doorstep? The owl is getting confused and suspicious looking, I have to pay him each day to get him to leave. Please help!

Forever Afraid

Dearest Forever Afraid,
I think that you're worrying over something that shouldn't be a problem. If your owl consistently arrives every day just to send you these messages, I believe that means whatever is in those owls would be something very very important! I mean, sure, sometimes these messages can be one that brings not so good news, but what if it brings you good news as well? What if it's something good for you or your family? I think it'd be worth a shot to read the owls.

If it's good news, then all the better. If it's bad news, then it's better to find out about it now than weeks later, right? I mean, good or bad news, the owl delivering the message would finally be at rest and could stop bothering you too, so that's always a plus, right?

So I say go for it. You'll never know until you try! And whatever the message will be, you're free to come ask me questions about it once more next time around.

Hoping for the best!


Dear Daily Prophet,
Should I send an email to the foundation that helps people who is suffering from depression?

I'm not really sure if I'm suffering from it. But I saw their checklist and I almost checked off all of items.

Sometimes I would be really sad and I would think of sending an email but an hour or two it will pass. I just don't really want to burden anyone and I'm kinda afraid of what people will think when they found out about the foundation.

To tell the truth, I'm afraid to find out if I'm "clinically depressed", it almost sounds like a label warning. I also think that I'll find a way to blame my "lack of motivation" to said condition.

I don't have anyone to talk to about this, as i've said I don't want to be a burden and be judged for it.

-potato in a dilemma-

Dearest Potato in a Dilemma,
Hello there! Times like these, I feel bad that there isn't more I can do to help those people who need advice. I promise to do my best, though!

One thing's for sure - a lot of us know what you feel. Like, we know that there's something up about us, and we feel like there's something we can do about it by telling other people. At the same time, we also feel like it'd be too much to share it to someone because we don't want to further burden them with something we're going through -- I get that.

Something I have realized over the years, though, is that it's best to confide in someone. It doesn't have to be a group of people, but just one person can do. Sometimes, there's a person out there who we trust completely that we could reveal just about anything to. if you feel like the organization would be that person you trust who could lighten the burden you feel towards this, then you should go for it. Whether or not the results are something nice, at least you were able to finally release what you feel and have someone who knows about it, right?

If you feel like letting the organization know would be more detrimental to you than it is helpful, then I feel like it's something you shouldn't go for. Maybe finding other people to talk to would help, or maybe having a confidante that's there for you who you could talk to might ease the burden you feel. It might be hard to talk about it sometimes, and I know that for a fact, but at least you'd have someone who knows what's going on in your head, and isn't something to completely bottle up inside you.

I've learned the hard way that bottling things up aren't always the best situations out there, and it has given me quite the number of breakdowns. But telling it to someone who legitimately cares about you and knows what's going on can make the situation somewhat lighter, no matter how heavy it still is. I know for sure that once you find someone who wouldn't judge you for the dilemma you're facing, you're sure to have made a friend for life.

I know I probably deviated from the point of your question a lot, and I apologize for that. x.x I do hope it helped somehow, and I do hope things will get better for you. Lotsa love from me. If you ever need someone to talk to as well, you know I'm just an owl away.


Dear Daily Prophet,
Give me some tips to increase galleons in my vault ...


Dearest Anonymous,
There are a good number of ways to earn galleons, no doubt. There is a very detailed list you can find over HERE.

Listed on the page are various means for you to come earn money and progress within the Hex economy. If you feel that page isn't enough to satisfy your needs, though, a more in-depth discussion on how Hex Money and Items works can be found over HERE.

It's up to you to decide how you want to earn your money, or where you want to invest to earn your money. It's a bit of a trial and error process to find where you feel most comfortable earning your money, but once you get there, the results will be very well worth it. Trust me. ^^

Hope this helps!


Dear Daily Prophet,
The weather is killing me. One minute, it's cold, and another minute, it's like I'm encountering a heat wave. What can I do to relieve me of this pain? Is there anything you could suggest? Honestly, whatever advice you give is greatly appreciated because gosh, the weather is craaaazy!

Confused With Weather

Dearest Confused With Weather,
The only suggestion I could think of is that you hide yourself in your room and never come out ever again. Crank the aircon up and make sure you have all the materials you need to survive. That way, the weather isn't going to bother you ever again.

Juuuuust kidding. Sadly, there isn't any spell for us to control the weather. No matter how many times we want to change how it goes, there isn't a means to do so. So my suggestion would be to make the most of it. When it's cold, find some means to make you feel warm. Drink hot chocolate, stay in a room that could keep you warm most of the time, and do nice indoor things that you would typically enjoy on a cold day. If it's hot, make the most out of it too. Find a sprinkler that could make you feel warm, drink something cold, spend some time outside (with a fan, of course).

With whatever weather situation, there isn't anything we can do to change the weather. Of course, we can continue to keep complaining about the weather, but that isn't really going to help now, is it? The best way is to make the most out of the whacko weather changes and to keep moving forward. It's the only way to go, after all. ;D


Dear Daily Prophet,
My wand has been lost for three days now! I can't find it ANYWHERE. I'm not sure if I left it in the grocery store when I was out at that time, or if it's just somewhere here at home. Whatever the case, I can't find it, and I'm losing my mind. How will I surviiiiive? I can't be wandless forever, right? D;

I Need My Wand

Dearest I Need My Wand,
It seems like you have quite the dilemma. Times like these, you should try retracing your steps to the last time you held your wand. If you feel like you accidentally left it behind in the grocery store, then by all means, check that out! Who knows what would happen if it's left there? It might go to the section where they sell other brown wooden objects, and it might be lost forever! You wouldn't want that, right?

Or, you could always ask those people at work for if they could use their wand to Accio your wand. It's a long shot, and you're not sure if it could work, but at least it could potentially give you your wand, right? Better something than nothing!

If worse comes to worse, and you can't find it at all, I suggest having another trip to Ollivander's to get a new wand. Again, this is only as a last resort, as you wouldn't want to be getting a new wand, then randomly realizing you left your wand under your pillow at home. What a waste that would be!

Hope this helps with your dilemma, somewhat!


By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, my lovelies! This is Cass, your very new Starburst columnist for the Daily Prophet. Now, what is Starburst you ask? While, my dears, simply ask and you shall receive information. This is the new celebrity watch column. Now, let's find out what the stars of the wizarding world have been up, hmm?

The Witch and the Wizards lead witch, Circe Hollow, has seemed to find a new wizard! That's right, Circe has found love. Aaron Hobbes, a Quidditch player for the Kenmare Kestrels, was seen proposing to the witch Thursday night. Judging on the kiss she presented him with, we will be seeing a wedding soon!

However, others may not be so happy about the union. Circe's oldest brother, Perseus Hollow, was arrested by Aurors on Friday morning for assaulting the couple at the Hog's Head. He was heard screaming and cursing out the couple. All members of the Hollow and Hobbes family have declined to comment on either incidents.

An inside source has informed us that the couple wasn't pressing charges. However, Perseus would be fined for the damage done to the Hog's Head. Will the Witch and the Wizards lose a member and become the Witch and the Wizard?

Olivia and Harrison Ischyrs are welcoming a new addition to their family. Harrison, a famed Auror, and Olivia, a model in the wizarding world, are extremely joyous about the child. Olivia expressed interest in leaving her budding career until the child is older.

Once again, Kennith Jordan has been arrested by Aurors. This time, it was for shoplifting from a small store at Hogsmeade. The ex-Quidditch player was dismissed three years ago for getting a into a fight with a fan. The fan ended up in Saint Mungo's for several weeks. A close friend of the 26-year-old, who wished to stay anonymous, sighed and said: "He was so kind. Always doing whatever he could to help. Ever since he was dismissed though, he's been different."One can only hope he goes back to the kind man he once was.

Some trouble might be brewing between Kendra and Jacob Kenderly. The couple has been seeing arguing in public. Kendra, the Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, accused Jacob, an Unspeakable, of "seeing that trollop from the Oblivator Squad." Is trouble appearing in their marriage?

That's all for this month's edition of Starburst! What are your thoughts on the drama celebrities seems to be drawing? This is Cass from the Daily Prophet, signing off!

By Rosie_may

What to do after Easter!

Well, dearies, it's that time of year again. Easter has flown by in a whirlwind of chocolate dragon eggs and hot cross buns. The question is, what do you do with all of the leftovers from the Easter celebrations? Well, Aunt Edna is here to help.

Leftover chocolate dragon eggs? Simple. Cast a simple motion spell upon them and watch as the eggs hatch and baby chocolate dragons start to fly around the room. Children will love these deliciously delightful creatures. A word of caution, they have been known to spontaneously combust into puddles of hot chocolate and, in one incident, set fire to a pair of velvet curtains. Best not to create these near any sort of flammable materials dearies.

Stale hot cross buns? Not a problem. Grind up the remains and spread them out in your garden for the birds to eat. What more could you want then a garden full of birds, chirping away while nibbling your wonderful leftovers. Make sure the chunks aren't too big though; there is significant evidence that gnomes have a strange love of hot cross buns. If you garden is already under attack from these knobbly little creatures, it might be best to throw the hot cross bun remnants into your neighbours garden, thus killing two birds with one stone. (Even better if it's a neighbour you don't like.)

Need a cute way to send a message to a loved one? Use the Easter Bunny service! Normally only seen during the Easter period, the Bunny messenger service is actually used all year around for special occasions. The service is currently run by Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank, a retired Care of Magical Creatures Professor from Hogwarts. Find her messenger service in a corner of Diagon Alley, look for the window with a giant carrot plastered to it.

Well dearies, I hope my ideas have inspired you to use those leftovers! Enjoy everyone and once again, Happy Easter!

by DominicanSr

Welcome to a brand new issue of the Daily Prophet! This month, we will be learning to make something really delicious with apples. I present to you the Apple Amber!

Ingredients :
2lb/1kg cooking apple or tinned apple
4oz/100g sugar
2oz/ 50g butter or margarine
Rind and juice of one lemon
2-3 eggs separated
1 tablespoon of sugar for each egg

Method :
1. Cook prepared apples with sugar, fat and lemon
2. When tender, beat until smooth.
3. Beat in egg yolks and pour mixture into greased deep fire proof dish.
4. Whip up egg whites and beat in one tea spoon of sugar until mixture is stiff again. Fold in remainder of sugar, keep a little back.
5. Put meringue on top of apple and sprinkle on remaining sugar.
6. Bake 50 minutes at No. 1/140 C or on bottom shelf if cooking food at a higher temperature.
7. Can be served hot or cold.
8. Enjoy


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