By Lunahermione1

APRIL 2016, DIAGON ALLEY, ENGLAND - Well, it looks likes April has finally rolled around, hasn't it? For some of us, that means a few months left of school, for others, time to start planting and more. But wait, don't forget April Fools' Day! Pranks have spread from Africa to Arkansas, some wild and crazy, others a bit more tame. But for us, the question of the hour is whether or not the Weasleys took it a little bit (or a lot a bit) too far.

George and Ron Weasley, along with their littler sister, Ginevra, also known as Ginny, and older brothers Charlie and Bill, created a prank that was so utterly crazy, the entire club of Diagon Alley shoppers are either extremely annoyed, or stuck in peals of laughter. They enchanted every single prank item in their store (Wizarding Wizard's Wheezes), that was bought from 9:15 to 9:30, to explode in the user's face, blowing up cream all over. Now whether or not they had permission to do this is questionable, but I personally think that is hilarious.

I was one such customer, of fifteen puking pastilles, purchased at 9:27, April Fools' morning. I will note that I was surprised at the lack of festivity (after all, this is George's favorite day of the year, as well as his birthday), and at the fact that not only were George and Ron running the store, but so were the three others, who usually had nothing to do with the business. Pushing that aside, a tiny, eensy weensy little glint in Bill's eye caught my attention. But then I turned around, and Ginny was standing behind me. I brushed that away too. Probably just a plan forming for a prank, real nice sibling style. Little did I know that I would be among the throngs of people to be pranked in the exact same way.

But now, the police may be getting involved. Furious customers have said that it is unfair, that the Weasleys should have their license suspended, after such a big prank. That since the Weasleys misled the public, they should not be able to sell. The police did get serious however, after it was found out that people allergic to dairy got sprayed. A customer even threw a rock at the window of the store. At that point, the police cleared the place up. The Weasleys were apologetic, and gave full refunds. They also didn't complain about the 300 galleons fine, stating that keeping their license was enough for them.

Well, have a very merry April, and stay clear of all Canary Creams. An inside voice informed me that they were filled with love potion! Just joking! April Fools!

LunaHermione1, over and out.

By Samantha Bradley

Panic has been hitting HEX economy lately. There have been a lot of rumors afloat that there will be no more Random Events after the Easter ones are finished up - no more Random Events ever!

This news alone is pretty crushing for just about everyone, but it gets worse. The items which do exist are apparently costing the site far too much money, and so they are all going to disappear by next Monday, whatever day that is. Since there will be no more items, then we don't need galleons to buy them with and those can go away, too. And what's the point of winning the House Cup or earning points for homework if there's no beautiful item at the end? So the House Points can be eliminated, as well. And why do you need to do roleplaying, make graphics, enter contests or do most anything if there are no prizes to be won? All of those things can be eliminated. Quidditch and Dueling can go, too, because what's the point, really?

So, what is going to be left? Well, rumor has it that a brand new activity is now going to exist on Hex where everyone gets together on the hour and sings "Kumbaya". Doesn't this sound exactly what Hex should really be like, anyway? You know you want this, and your admins do, too! And of course, you can still talk to one another and all that, just the other stuff will be gone, and we've already ascertained how it's not really needed in the first place.

Are you as excited for the new Hex as I am? I really believe that people are going to like it a lot more than the old one, especially those that have been heavily involved in the economy. This will give everyone a much needed break from all that chaos of silent auctions, store stocking and all that good stuff. Everyone is going to be so happy, I just can't wait!'

Well, I hope none of you actually believed any part of this, because it's all a big April Fools' Joke, of course. Hex is doing better than ever and I see it only getting bigger as time goes on rather than smaller. You can all put your minds at ease on that score!

Hope you enjoyed this April Fools' Prank! I am not responsible if something like this does happen on Hex on that particular day, as I have no idea what the staff have in mind, but just remember that it's only for one day and not forever! Try to have fun with it whatever it is. If you can't deal with it, just do something else for that day and come back to Hex the next! It will still be here the same as always!

By kay85

Denbighshire, Wales - There was a bit of commotion come Saturday morning in the sleepy village of Bodfari, Denbighshire, when three goats were found flying around in the town square. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, a group of ladies, who were out to begin their preparations for the town festival, were startled at the sight of three goats floating in mid-air.

Baffled by the sight, while three of them instantly fainted, Mrs. Hunter ran up to the village patrolmen station and alerted them to the peculiar incident. Not soon after, not more than 23 people had witnessed the abnormal occurrence. Many were frightened, flocking back home almost immediately while others stayed to make sure no one would try anything stupid.

Luckily, the village had a small population of wizarding folk living within the community. Mr. Johnson alerted the proper authorities and after an hour of obvious confusion and fear, the village folks' memories were modified and the goats returned to normal. It was then that the challenge began. What actually happened to the goats? Why were they flying?

The three goats were taken into custody by the proper department to help ascertain the cause of their sudden flight. After almost 48 hours, it was determined that the goats were actually fed something that contained fairy dust, thus giving them temporary flight. If the incident hadn't been reported, the effects would have worn off eventually.

Further investigation revealed that the goats belonged to a farmer by the name of George Grey, who happened to have a grandson that had just enrolled into Hogwarts. The authorities visited the farmer and interviewed the family. After much coaxing and assurance, little Harold Grey admitted to feeding the goats pellets that had some fairy dust mixed in. The boy had gotten access to his mother's personal potions cabinet and used it to make the goats fly.

Harold was fascinated by the ingredient and sought to mimic the story of Peter Pan, who had given three Muggle children the ability to fly by the use of fairy dust. Only Harold did not anticipate that the goats would fly off from the barn and ended up circling the town square.

The young boy apologized profusely and had to be consoled by his mother. Proving that there was no foul play involved to expose the wizarding world, the officers only reprimanded young Harold and left with a stern warning to his parent to keep a watchful eye on the experimenting wizard.

By Snekha

April Fools' Day is celebrated every year on 1st of April by playing practical jokes and spreading hexes. The jokes and their victims are called April Fools. People playing April Fool jokes expose their pranks by shouting April Fool. Some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories (however, Daily Prophet does not), which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in small letters.

The custom of setting aside a day for the playing of harmless pranks upon one's neighbor is recognized everywhere. Some precursors of April Fools' Day include the Roman festival of Hilaria, the Holi (festival of colors) festival of India, and the Medieval Feast of Fools.

In The Netherlands, the origins of April Fools' Day are often attributed to the Dutch victory at Brielle in 1572, where the Spanish Duke lvarez de Toledo was defeated. "Op 1 April verloor Alva zijn bril." is a Dutch proverb, which can be translated to: "On the first of April, Alva lost his glasses." In this case, the glasses serve as a metaphor for Brielle. This theory, however, provides no explanation for the international celebration of April Fools' Day.

Many customs are followed by people of different nations. Here are some:

In the UK, an April Fool joke is revealed by shouting "April Fool!" at the recipient, who becomes the "April Fool". A study in the 1950s, by folklorists Iona and Peter Opie, found that in the UK, and in countries whose traditions derived from the UK, the joking ceased at midday. A person playing a joke after midday is the "April Fool" themselves.

In Ireland, it was traditional to entrust the victim with an "important letter" to be given to a named person. That person would then ask the victim to take it to someone else, and so on. The letter when finally opened contained the words "send The Fool further".

In Poland, prima aprilis ("1 April" in Latin) is a day in which many jokes are told; various hoaxes are prepared by people, media (which sometimes cooperate to make the "information" more credible) and even public institutions. Serious activities are usually avoided. This conviction is so strong that the anti-Turkish alliance with Leopold I signed on 1 April 1683, was backdated to 31 March.

In Italy, France, Belgium, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, 1 April tradition is often known as "April fish" (poissons d'avril in French or pesce d'aprile in Italian). This includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim's back without being noticed. Such fish feature prominently on many late 19th- to early 20th-century French April Fools' Day postcards.

Danes, Finns, Icelanders, Norwegians and Swedes also celebrate April Fools' Day. Most news media outlets will publish exactly one false story on 1 April; for newspapers, this will typically be a first-page article but not the top headline.

And then, most important of all 'beware of Weasleys'. Don't make them play a prank on you. Just watch out for them. And I wish you all a very happy April Fools' Day! While sitting anywhere, watch out for a whoopee cushion! This is Snekha signing off.

By titanicfan101

Dolores Umbridge says we, here at the Ministry of Magic, has issued for her to take over HEX but we have not. She has done this on her very own account. We have no part in her take over and we will do everything in our power to help out.

The quote was said by Minister Cornelius Fudge.

The biggest matter at hand is this: a while ago, the Minister filed a report to shut down Hogwarts for good. Fortunately, he was not able to get the school shut down but he was able to get the school on temporary watch. Anything that happens at Hogwarts will be reported straight to the Ministry of Magic.

The Minister had this to say, "Hogwarts is supposed to be a safe place but in the past, it had become a dangerous place for all witches and wizards alike. Even though Lord Voldemort is dead, there still may be more evil doers out there in the wizarding world."

We, here at the Daily Prophet, perfectly agree with the Minister on the safety of the school and its students.

Professor Sprout had this to say, "Hogwarts is a precious place and needs all the protection it can get. If it has to come from the Ministry, then so be it."

We also caught up with Auror, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Daily Prophet: Mr. Shacklebolt, do you think it is wise for the Ministry to get involved in Hogwarts matters?
Shacklebolt: Honestly, yes I do. Hogwarts is supposed to be safe. Instead, it is filled with dangers that lurk around every corner.
Daily Prophet: Do you think one of the Death Eaters is trying to rise to power?
Shacklebolt: Well, if he or she does, I will be ready to catch them and send them to Azkaban where they will be imprisoned for the rest of their life.
Daily Prophet: We, at the Daily Prophet, thank you for everything that you do.
Shacklebolt: It is my pleasure to protect my fellow wizards and witches.

After our little short interview with Kingsley Shacklebolt, we were able to catch up with the current Professor McGonagall.

Daily Prophet: Do you agree with the Ministry that the school needs extra protection?
McGonagall: Yes, the school needs lots of protection as the school has seen so much tragedy already.
Daily Prophet: Thank you, Professor.

The tragedies at Hogwarts range from the incident with the Chamber of Secrets where several students, ghosts, and animals were petrified, to the infiltration of wanted murderer, Sirius Black.

However, many more dangers can affect the school. So if you are a parent reading this, please protect your children whether they are at school or at home getting ready to head to Hogwarts.

By HaleyLupinTeddysGirl

Last week's Quidditch match was one for the history books! The youngest referee in the history of Quidditch, Mordecai Abbernathy, went missing during the final round! The Chudley Cannons and Puddlemere United were neck and neck when a bad Bludger fouled out Thomas Smithers, one of Puddlemere's Beater. Before the Cannons could be afforded the penalty shot, Abbernathy disappeared!

"One second he was soaring above the stands, blowing his whistle, the next he was gone, broom and all!" said one terrified fan. "Never seen anything like it. He was gone as if he'd apparated, but there was no sign of it!"

The Ministry did indeed confirm that there was no record of Abbernathy apparating out of the arena. The tag attached to his robes has yet to be found, though the Ministry has assured that it is still giving off readings. "We think someone meddled with the tracking spell," one Auror spokesperson commented. "The signal keeps bouncing around the UK and once it was even detected in the Russian wilderness."

Aurors are scoping the globe for any sight of the missing referee but have yet to have any luck. There is no word yet whether this was an accident or foul play, though the signs are leading towards foul play, as the Puddlemere spokesperson has yet to give a statement.

Fans are outraged due to the postponing of the game until Abbernathy is found to give a statement towards his disappearance. Abbernathy was an outdoor enthusiast and is expected to be fine, regardless of where he was taken. "We were lucky we put the anti-death charms on when we did. He may be unconscious but at least we can know with utmost certainty that he's alive, somewhere."

The Ministry has begun asking for volunteers to help in both the search and offer any information that might be used to find the missing referee.

In other news, the Wigtown Wanderers slayed the Banchory Bangers in last week's match! It was a quick and dirty match with over 40 fouls and yet not a single injury. The Wigtown Wanderers will be advancing to the Quidditch World Cup whereas the Banchory Bangers are out for the season.

Merdina Tulith, Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies, is in St. Mungo with a nasty broken spine after a rough hit from a Bludger. Foul play is not suspected as it was indeed an entire accident. The Bludger slammed into Tulith's back when she turned to catch the Snitch, sending her off her broom and onto the ground, hundreds of feet below. She is expected to make a full recovery, but will be out for the rest of the season, effectively taking the Holyhead Harpies from the running for the Wolrd Cup. Fans are devastated and the Harpies are scrambling to get a new Seeker in the hopes of salvaging the season, but none has yet to be found.

"It's a damn shame," Shannon March, team captain, said. "She was such a good Seeker and it's terrible to think such a little accident could ruin her for the season. The Harpies will be back next season, better than ever, you can count on that!"

And that's all for today, sports fans! See you next time!


Hello everybody! Char again here, and I'll be giving you the HEX Report this time! From last month's Report, we stopped at the Leap Day Extravaganza event, so I'll be picking up where we left off. March events, here we go!

Arts and Graphics forum - For the month of March, the Arts and Graphics Forum required users to do something double-meaning related. For the Writing challenge, users had to write a letter of insult disguised as a love letter. So while the letter would look like a profession of one's love, it's actually a hidden message of insult towards someone, wow! For the graphics challenge, on the other hand, users had to create movie posters with double meanings. They were both very challenging tasks, definitely, but the winners are the following:

For the Writing challenge:
1st place: Mira Stark
2nd place: Samantha Bradley
3rd place: Clare Greengrass

For the Graphics challenge:
1st place: Kimberly
2nd place: accio_hawkeye
3rd place: anjel_313

Roleplay Center - For the month of March, users had to roleplay the story of Ambrosius Flame and his wife, Linda. What happens when the chocolate frogs escape Honeydukes? Why did they escape? Did someone sabotage the couple, or is it something else entirely? Well, with the different roleplays created, you'd definitely be able to find out! The winners were the following:

Best Plot: Spike Snape and Morgana Le Fey
Best Character: RookHex
Best Overall Post: Lilith Lestrange

Tumblr Team Applications - As the title states, the Tumblr team was looking for more people to add to the team! Do you think you know Tumblr enough to help out and become part of the team? Do you think you can help spread the Hex-word through Tumblr? Well, if you think you could, then the applying for the Tumblr team is definitely something to consider!

Dueling - With Gilderoy Lockhart creating his own version of the Oscars, both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor fight it out to take the top spot! And a Lockhart trophy of their own! Then again, who WANTS a Lockhart trophy? Ah well, what the heck. In the end, it was a 4-0 win, with Ravenclaw bringing home the bacon -- er, Lockhart.

Quidditch - After the blizzard that was the previous match, we have a strong thunderstorm that occurred during this Quidditch match. Things weren't as it seemed when Hufflepuff went against Slytherin amidst the heavy rain. In the end, Slytherin caught the Snitch and had a final score of 180 - 0.

Promotions - Promotions also happened this month!

First, the following users were promoted to Global Moderator: Angela, Rhyoko, BLMB, IFocusOnThePain, OxFairyDustxO, sparklinntearszz, humanity_era, kay85, Pugz51081, EvilAngelx, The Shortie, Joe Hunters, smitz_19, SatNav, Marki, bizarre and Bruce.

Next, the following users were promoted to Junior Staff (a level in between Global Moderator and Site Staff): Tinuel, Deidra, Em, Artemis Eve, Nicole2013, The_Sharpie_Fairy and aetherene.

The following users were also promoted to Account Officers, the people in charge of managing new user accounts: TisTaiOre, MissHavokk, Brit, AmberArtemisBlack, DominicanSr, enigma0522, Tootje, starrystar and Joslyn.

A Series of RP Events - The Grounds forums also had their monthly roleplay contest. This time, it was in the Lake, and users were asked to roleplay about the golden egg and if it belonged to the Merfolk or the Leprechauns. The winners of this contest were the following:

Best Overall Roleplay: Samantha Bradley and Morgana Malipiero - 1500 HP (per partner)
Best-Developed Character: Naiseymae - 1500 HP
Most Creative Post: mtstudent23 - 750 HP
Most Entertaining Post: Dawn789525 - 750 HP

Do You Have the Luck O' The Irish? - St. Patrick's Day was in order, and it came in with much anticipation! Items from the previous year were brought back (like the Shillelagh and the Auld Sod). The devious leprechaun also made a comeback with users trying to find out just where on earth he'd gone THIS time! If you were lucky and managed to catch said leprechaun, there was a chance to win nice prizes! There was also a chance to dip different shapes in gold. What the outcome of the gold dipping was, one would never really know until it was tried out! It was definitely fun and interesting to keep looking for different items and events to try out to celebrate St. Paddy's.

A Journey Through Time: Prisoner of Azkaban - Join the people in the Magical Archives as they continue to recount and read the events that occurred in the Prisoner of Azkaban. The Knight Bus has just finished its course, so you wouldn't want to miss anything else by not checking it out!

Lorcan and Lysander's Hogsm-Easter - Join the Ravenclaw staff as they celebrate Easter with Newt Scamander's twins, Lorcan and Lysander. Hogsmeade was filled with different goodies and sweets, as the different contests that were there gave its own spin to Easter being celebrated in Hogsmeade. The RE item that was handed out was Shimmering Silver Salt Drops.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail... - Easter is upon us as the Easter bunny graces us with his presence this time! (Or is the Easter bunny a girl?) Once again all of us were given the chance to search for the ever-active Easter bunny. Whoever managed to find him got a galleon amount or a prize! We were also given the chance to make different eggs again. Different ingredients and recipes were required to make the decorated eggs, and opening them would give a prize! Jade eggs could also be earned by being active, and you could either share them with someone or open them yourselves. Either way, a prize would also be won! New Every Flavor Beans were also released, as well as new charms, and a Diricawl plushie could be won if the Easter bunny was found. Fun, right?

Aaand that's all the activities for the month of March! Make sure to check out next month's issue to see what happens next!

By Scarlet Auror

I've never liked April Fools' Day, and this year I got pranked more than ever! It was even worse because no one seemed to care about the fact that it bothers me. What should I do about this?
~ Anti-Pranks

Dear Anti-Pranks,
I understand what you mean when you say that being pranked bothers you. I, myself, have always gotten pretty upset when people try to prank me on April Fools' Day. I know some people like to make sure that others know about their dislike of pranking and that is what I do. Be sure to tell your friends that it bugs you before the day actually comes next year.
Hope that helped,

This year I pulled the BEST prank on my sister but she didn't like it. She got really mad and won't speak to me. All I did was slip some Ton-Tongue Toffee into her breakfast. It's easily curable. All she had to do was drink some Pumpkin Juice. Why was she so mad?
~ Confused

Dear Confused,
I know it may seem that your prank was great to you, but some people just aren't as accepting to pranks as others. While you may have found this hilarious, some people - like your sister - just don't enjoy being pranked. I'd try telling her you didn't mean to offend her and letting her know it was all in good fun.

I love spring, but the problem is my allergies are acting up a lot this year. I love spending time outside but I can't go outside without sneezing and hiccuping like crazy. Are there any remedies to reduce my allergies?
~ Sneezy

Dear Sneezy,
Allergies are the worst! Especially the seasonal ones. I would recommend mixing some Gurdyroot Infusion and mandrake leaves for the sneezing. A simple Hiccuping Solution should be easy enough to get rid of the hiccups. If you take this daily your allergies should be muted a bit when you go outside.
I hope that this helped you,

My birthday is on April First! The problem with this is that all people want to do is prank me. My gifts are pranks and no one remembers that it's my birthday and not just their annual pranks day. The same thing happened again this year and it's been getting me really down. What should I do about this?
~ Wanting to be Noticed

Dear Wanting to be Noticed,
I am so sorry that people forget about your birthday! I can understand how much this stinks because my birthday has fallen on Easter Sunday before and it's not fun (especially when you don't celebrate Easter). Why don't you try talking to your friends and family and tell them that you want a bit more attention on your birthday? It's okay to ask this because this day is the one day of the year you are the center of attention. Talk to them and ask them to try to remember your special day next year and I'm sure they will be okay with it.
Good luck,

I'm a first year Gryffindor and my friends are always pushing me to prank others. I have always been very anxious about myself and others, so pranking people just makes me feel guilty and anxious. I don't want to prank others, even if it's my house's stereotype to do this. Am I not a true Gryffindor? ~ Not Good Enough

Dear Not Good Enough,
Don't ever think that you are not good enough for your house. Just because people may think Gryffindors are pranksters and outgoing, doesn't mean they have to be. I have plenty of friends who don't fit with the stereotypes that Gryffindors are given, but they are still true Gryffindors because they believe they are. Ignore the other people that are trying to tell you otherwise and let yourself be positive. You are perfect the way you are and if the Sorting Hat says you belong in Gryffindor, then you definitely do.

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, wizardlings and witchlings! It's your favorite (I hope) reporter, Cass, here at the Daily Prophet with the scoop on all of the wizarding world's favorite celebrities. With it being April and April Fools' Day just having passed, I decided to sit down with one of our favorite pranksters of the wizarding world. You guessed it, George Weasley!

For those who have been living under a rock, George Weasley is one of the two founders of the famous and successful joke shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, located in Diagon Alley. The other founder, George's twin brother Fred, was killed in the war against You-Know-Who.

Cass: So, George, you'€™re the founder of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, also known as WWW. What was the idea behind this?

George: Well, with Fred and I leaving Hogwarts soon, we couldn't leave dear old McGonagall without a few pranksters, could we? Not to mention, it would have been ghastly of us to not give other ickle firsties some help in getting out of class!

Cass: Don't let McGonagall hear you say that! There's been some curiosity in how you created some of these prank items. After all, Hermione Granger was even quoted at one point saying that they were "extraordinary magic".

€ George: Ah, trade secrets, I'm afraid!

Cass: Bugger. Are you sure you couldn't tell me? I swear not to tell!

George: Haha, sorry, but I know you journalist types. After all, I did know the Daily Prophet hired Rita Skeeter at one point.

Cass: Fair point, George. So, before I get into the dark and depressing questions and root out all your secrets, what was your favorite prank when you were in school?

George: Oh, definitely the Portable Swamps! They're so much fun!

Cass: I'm curious. Did you or Fred ever regret not finishing Hogwarts?

George: Oh, trust me, after our mum got a hold of us, we did! Ha ha, but seriously, in some ways yes and in others, no. It was the experience and our friends we missed, not particularly the boring atmosphere.

Cass: How did you react when you lost your ear in the Battle of the Seven Potters?

George: Despite my jokes, I'll admit, it was kind of hard. But I was alive at least, more than poor Mad-Eye Moody can say.

Cass: And your brother? You and your wife, Angelina Weasley nee Johnson, have a son named after him, do you not?

George: Yes, Fred the Second. It was a way of passing on Fred's spirit, I guess you could say. We also have a daughter named Roxanne.

Cass: I bet they're both pranksters like their father.

George: Well, Roxanne's the major prankster. Fred prefers playing Quidditch. Angelina and I have a bet going on to who gets on their Hogwarts team and gets a detention first.

Cass: Well, I'd love to see the results of that bet. Looks like that's all the time we have. Thank you so much for sitting down with me today, George.

George: No problems there, Cass.

So there you have it, wizarding world! Those were the questions and answers from the interview between George Weasley and I. I hope you all have a fantastic month and make sure to head over to Weasleys` Wizard Wheezes when you get the chance!

By Rosie_may

Well, hello again my lovely readers! Aunt Edna is here once more to keep you updated with the latest tips and tricks to running a wizarding household. It's spring once more and there`s warmth whispering in the wind. April is here and that means only one thing. April Fools` Day. Know that over here at the offices of the Daily Prophet, we take this holiday very seriously. As always, a prank war ensues, one that tends to last the entire day. You step through those doors and friendship disappears, replaced by a desperate need to survive and fight for the right to be called the prank queen for the year. In the thirty years I`ve worked here, it`s never been me.

So! Onto my tips for having a brilliant April Fools` Day! Because let`s face it, coming up with new ideas for pranks isn`t easy, even with the help of magic and the Weasley brothers. First off, a quick disclaimer because I don`t want any of you accidentally killing your old, aunt Myrtle because she has a dodgy ticker. These pranks are best used on people in the best of health! You have been warned.

Now, as far as age-old tactics go, there is one that never fails to work in our offices. Insects. And it doesn`t just have to be a certain type, most tend to send a flock of people screaming from a room, especially if they happen to come from somewhere unexpected, such as someone`s lunch box (yes I`m speaking from experience). Spiders, cockroaches, anything with more than four legs -- leave them hidden on the toilet seat, on work desks, or rig them up to burst from drawers. There is literally an unending stream of places to hide these things. And why not take it up a notch with an enlargement spell? Acromantulas might not be a good thing to take to work with you, but a common garden spider the size of a Corgi should be easy enough to sneak in alongside you.

But what if you, yourself, are scared of insects? What then? Simple. The good, old-fashioned jump-scare works every time. Did the husband eat your last chocolate bar? Want revenge? Hide behind a door and wait for him to walk by, jump, do your best ghost impression and watch as the colour drains from his face and a girly squawk bursts from his lips. It`s also really fun to do it in the middle of the night when said spouse has gotten up to use the bathroom.

But not only are there the Muggle way of doing things, there are our ways. The well-known Weasley brothers, owners and main imagination artists at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, have yet again flooded the market, killing all competition with their new tricks for this year`s April Fools`. Some of their latest prank items are spinning chairs. These chairs come enchanted so as soon as someone sits down in them, they are whisked away across the room and every time they try to get back to where they were, it moves them again! Also we have a teapot that eats tea bags. So every time the water boils and you go to pour yourself a lovely steaming cup of tea, all you get is hot water, the teabag mysteriously vanished. Head on down to Diagon Alley to see what other wares they have!

And that`s all for this week, my lovely readers! I will see you all again soon! Happy April Fools` to all

By egrounds

Everyone loves a good prank. Why not bring the jokes into the kitchen? Everyone's sure to love this twist on classic sugar cookies.

Ingredients :

5 tablespoons soft butter
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 and 2/3 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
Seedless strawberry jam

Directions :

1. In a medium bowl, cream butter and 3/4 cup of sugar. Add egg and vanilla, mixing well. In another bowl, carefully whisk together flour, baking powder and salt. Add flour mixture to the creamed butter mixture, one cup at a time, mixing in between additions.
2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (~175 degrees Celsius). Grease a baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Lightly flour a flat surface and roll out dough to about a 1/4 to 1/8-inch thickness. Using a knife, cut out french fry shapes. Sprinkle tops with 1/4 cup of sugar and place on baking sheet.
3. Bake 8-15 minutes, until "fries" are golden brown. Let cool completely. Serve with jam.

By Malaika Askari

April rolls by and it seemed that everyone on HEX was gearing up for spring and April Fools' Day! We took to the streets of HEX, talking to regular users about what they were expecting for this fun month!

I've loved April Fools' Day every since I was a kid, I loved getting to mess around with my friends and my parents and not getting in trouble for it. I think April Fools' Day is just a day that everyone can have fun on and enjoy. I'm excited to see what kind of prank items hex will have for us on that day.
~ Cecethewizard, Ravenclaw

April Fools' Day is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it's a day filled with stupidly funny jokes by my friends and me. We say things like "You're shoes are untied" and "There's something behind you", then we steal each other's pencils and erasers, maybe even books to see how long it takes for them to notice. I've also had some really cool teachers who fool the class on April Fools' Day. It's just one of the best days since barely anyone takes anything serious on it.
~ Quidditch12, Hufflepuff

April Fools' is the day of not trusting anyone. Reading the news, is it true or a joke? April Fools' is also the day no-one will trust you, for exactly the same reasons. It is truly the day of constant vigilance, and I, for one, find that refreshing. It's a break from our dull everyday lives. April Fools' is that one day every year we all need to unwind and play stupid, and ages old pranks on our friends.
~ Sputflock, Gryffindoor

I've never been someone who celebrates April Fools' Day, but that's not to say I don't like a prank. I'm just bad at them. It's refreshing that there's a day for people to have fun and joke with friends or family, and for it to be allowed and laughed at. Just don't take it too far you crazy pranksters.
~ AccioStar, Slytherin


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