By MissBella

AUGUST, 2014; London – A senior Ministry official belonging to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, identified as James Barney, was found dead at Parkinsonism Street in London in the early hours of August 4th. Barney, aged fifty two, is believed to have been returning from a bar with his friend around midnight when a Muggle youth attacked him with a knife. The youth is currently at large. Ministry officials, with the help of Muggle police, have identified the attacker as a boy of eighteen with a past criminal record. His identity, however, has not been released to the public.

Barney, who had been working at the Ministry for twenty-eight years, was found to be in an intoxicated state when his body was examined by investigators after his death. Ted Lawrence, Barney's friend, told the investigators that Barney and he had left the bar at 11:30 pm on August 3rd and that they had gone on their separate ways. As to what exactly compelled the youth to attack is unknown.

Speculations have been cropping up. Several people have connected Barney's death to that of another Ministry official, John Black, who died a week ago. There have been quite a few similarities between the deaths. Firstly, both men belong to the same department at the Ministry. Some sources claim they had been working on the same project as well. The killings also happened to have taken place one week apart. There are striking differences, though. While Barney died at the hands of a Muggle through non-magical means, Black died from a fatal curse. This rules out the possibility of the attacker being the same in both the cases as the accused in the second case is believed to be Muggle. This hasn't stopped people from speculating that there could be a larger force behind these attacks.

Meanwhile, the attack has caused several anti-Muggle speeches in certain wizarding neighbourhoods of London. Officials, however, reassured the public that such anti-Muggle steps were confined to small groups and dissolved pretty quickly. They have tried to assure the public that they need not fear an anti-Muggle movement.

The search for the suspects in both cases remain on and authorities have requested anyone with information to come forward and notify them.

By Char

AUGUST, 2014; BECKHAMPTON ROAD, BESTWOOD PARK - A woman is charged with murder for the death of a 7-year old girl in Bestwood park.

Kay-Ann Morris, 21-years old, is believed to be the aunt of the victim. Morris was with her niece on the day of the latter's death. The 21-year old was arrested on Thursday, July 31 after the police were sent to a house on Beckhampton road on account of the child's safety."The force was called to a property in the Bestwood Park area at about 5.10 am on Thursday after concerns for the child." a police officer said.

Instead, the police found the child dead with two leading suspects in the case. The first suspect was Kay Morris (with the case of murder), and the second suspect was a 47-year old man whose name has not been identified (also on the case of murder). No word has been found on what the two had done to the child for such a scene to happen, however, the man has already been released from custody. A post-mortem examination on the child has shown that the leading cause of her death was a head injury.

Morris appeared in court on August 4. The outcome of the court examination of Morris has yet to be released, and she will continue to be held in custody until further notice.

The whole community is still in a state of shock after what happened. Most of them have known the 7-year old girl for as long as she lived in the community, and they're stunned to believe that someone so young, vibrant, and bright died so soon in life. The residents described the ambiance of their community to be "eerie" and "quiet" after the tragic incident.

Some of them have given tribute to the girl by leaving flowers, stuffed toys, balloon, and other objects and trinkets in front of the house the girl lived in and just recently died in. A lot of the community intended to pay tribute to a "little angel".

A card tucked in a bouquet of pink carnations read, "A beautiful little girl taken from this world too young." A teddy bear was also left outside the house's railings with a note that read, "Rest in peace little one, sleep tight x." A butterfly card read, "A beautiful little girl taken from this world too young. May these butterflies carry you safely to heaven where you can sleep with the angels, and what a beautiful angel you will make."

Upon interview, some other residents have expressed the what they felt about the incident.

A 47-year old by the name of Lisa Meyrick cried as she recounted the tragedy, "I find the whole situation devastating. My husband and I barely slept last night.

"I saw all the commotion when the police and the ambulances arrived in the morning, and all day I was praying it wasn't anything to do with the little girl. I was heartbroken when I found out it was.

"We are a week into the school holidays and that little girl deserves to be outside playing in the sunshine without a care in the world.

"This has upset the whole community tremendously."

Some of the neighbors of the girl mentioned how sometimes they had seen the little girl outside their house playing after she had moved there two years ago.

A few residents also believe she might have been a student at Burford Primary School on Oxclose Lane.

A 47-year old by the name of Paul Watson who lives just a few houses away from the girl said, "It's really sad. We used to see the little girl walking past our house on the way to school. She was always very smart.

"I was up when the first police cars arrived, and at the time I didn't think it would be to do with the little girl. It was horrible when we found out what had happened."

A TJ Newsagents worker Kathy Charles said, "Everyone has been talking about it and everyone?s devastated.

"The little girl used to come in the shop ? I?d see her about three or four times a week. She was a very bubbly little girl."

A 51-year old by the name of Mick Marshall added: "It?s very sad. At seven years old she's had no life.

"We've had our time as we're adults, but she had her whole life to look forward to. It's a horrible feeling and it breaks my heart to think about it."

A neighbor by the name of Geoff described the victim as a "stunning little girl".

He said. "The only time you would see them was when they were going to or coming back from school."

"She was a beautiful little girl, just stunning. It is so sad that she has gone."

He said that "about eight police cars and at least two ambulances" were called to the house after the alarm was raised.

"It is all so tragic. There has never been any trouble around here.

"I think I am going to go and get some flowers now as it is just so sad."

A 76-year old by the name of Bob Elliott said, "I'm absolutely shocked. You hear about these things in the paper or on the news and you're sort of upset, but it's not part of your life.

"When it happens on the same road you think, 'wow that's close'. It's upsetting to know it's happened so close."

Another Beckhampton Road resident said, "We didn't even know it had happened at first.

"It's frightening ? something you don't want to hear about anywhere, no matter whether it's near your home or not."

A 49-year old by the name of Steve Barbour said, "In the early hours, I was woken by my wife who told me there were police, ambulances and paramedics parked across the road.

"My immediate reaction was that it was a serious situation.

"I heard that a woman had been arrested.

"It's tragic."

A 30-year old by the name of Enk Yura said, "You would never expect something like this. It's horrible.

"I'm really shocked."

A 55-year old by the name of Julie Dawson, said: "Nobody is smiling and even the kids are just walking around looking sad. It's an eerie feeling.

"At this time of year, with the summer holidays starting, they are normally out talking, laughing and playing in the street. Since Thursday, there hasn't been any of that.

"You see the tributes every time you go down the street so it is a constant reminder of a massive tragedy."

Mrs. Dawson was one of the people who walked past the girl's house while the latter's body was being removed. She said: "It was awful. It's a horrible thing you never expect would happen so close to home."

A 36-year old by the name of Rebecca Bridle said the scale of the tragedy was demonstrated by the number of tributes left at the scene.

"People have continued to lay flowers since Thursday," she said. "It's been quiet up here and it's weird having police guarding the house all day. It's shocked the neighborhood."

The child's identity has yet to be released. In the meantime, some police are still looking for more information on the incident and questioning some of the residents to find out what had really happened on the fateful day someone so young died so soon.

By Phinite

AUGUST, 2014; DIAGON ALLEY - On August 5, 2014, a multiple raid had happened in different countries and versions of Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley itself was raided of its economic treasures, along with Fre Central, Matched Alley and Polke Center.

The raids had robbed the shopping centers’ of products worth an estimated amount of seven hundred thousand galleons each. The aurors came into the picture and chaos had erupted once this raiding society was notified of it.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, the current Minister of Magic, stated, "This society is called the M.S.T., which stands for "Magical Stealers Tide". Multiple raids have already been set in motion by said society for the past two months. What we know of the M.S.T. is that it steals money to fund more raids and to gloat in gold and glory, probably buying things in Knockturn Alley. We have already asked why Knockturn Alley wasn't raided but we also suspect that it was, it’s just that the store keepers are being quiet.”

September 1st is looming over young witches and wizards’ heads, and Diagon Alley along with the other magical shopping centers are desperately scrambling to get back on their feet. Madam Malkin’s had already replaced all of their robes since they had a sample of each back at Mrs. Malkin’s place.

"Good thing I had them duplicated, they were all ready to go with a simple duplication charm," Malkins said. "Of course, it took a lot of work especially since we have a lot of branches, but at least we are back on track."

The Three Broomsticks is also open since Rosmerta had a contact that they were able to set loans on. Rosmerta had also informed us that the Hog’s Head is open and Gringotts was untouched, but so was Hogsmeade for an unknown reason.

My readers, this incident has kept the government on its toes. Lords and ladies already have large and major dents in their fortunes seeing as they had to donate to their sponsored stores. Quality Quidditch Supplies needed the help of both Potter and Parkinson, yet they are not completely restored yet. Same goes for Flourish and Blotts, sponsored by the Malfoy family and the Longbottom family.

This is Phinite once again, signing out!

By Slyannique

Following the years after the fall of Voldemort, there had been speculation about the numbers of our wizarding population. Although England seems to be rebuilding the community at a steady pace, some neighbouring countries who were also affected by the war haven't had the same privilege.

As squibs are being born and pureblood lines are running out, fewer children have been born into our world.

One of the countries that has been affected by this decline in numbers is our neighbouring country Wales and according to one of my sources, they are finally doing something about it.

News around the grapevine is that Wales is in the middle of stirring up a law that is designed to boost the numbers of their wizarding population. This law will be called Article WIW2B Wales in Wedlock. The general understanding of this law is that all witches and wizards who are of age must marry within three months time, otherwise the Wales Ministry of Magic will assigne each individual with a mate. Upon marriage, the pair must produce a child of wizarding capabilities preferably within a year. All individuals who do not wish to comply will either be sent to Azkaban or will have their wand snapped.

Following this recent news, I have asked some members of our wizarding community about their opinion on the matter. Similarly, I asked some people from England on how they would feel if the law was introduced here.

"I just think it is undemocratic. Where is our say in the matter? To force us to create a child, perhaps even with a stranger? The Ministry will get a lot of complaints."

"It is more counter-productive than productive if you ask me. Sending us to Azkaban or snapping our wands? I assure the Ministry that a lot of people will not follow through with this law. When that happens we will have less magical folk than we started!"

"If England decide to implant this law that Wales is supposedly cooking up I will just move to a different country. Let's see how they will like half of the already lacking magical population disappearing off to another land."

"I support the idea actually, I mean it is logical, and I suppose it wouldn't be a permanent thing. It's a temporary fix to a large problem."

"Marriage is permanent and I do not want this permanent marker tainting my future."

According to my source Wales is planning to establish this law towards the start of November. The wizarding people have spoken. Will the law go through, and will the rest of the Ministries take this as precedence and establish the same law worldwide?

by Grace

I'm not one to keep up with the news of what's going on in the world, but I've recently been searching for things to write about and the thing that caught my attention the most was news of Uganda striking down an anti-gay law. One of which made it so a person could be in prison for five to seven years for even promoting homosexuality and related practises.

As good as this news is, the reason it was struck down wasn't necessarily because of how terrible the law was, but it was simply "because it was passed without the required quorum in Parliament." It's good news for those who live in Uganda, however.

Anti-gay Pastor Martin Ssempa, who suspected the court was corrupted, was quoted saying, "This decision is a legal travesty. It is an insult to all family culture loving people in Uganda. Is there a possibility that the president traveling to Washington next week could be the reason why this case was hurried at lightening speed?… We just wonder if indeed our country is independent, and we want to ask the parliament to investigate the independence of the judiciary."

Reading more articles on this, however, I've discovered that because the action wasn't based on the content of the law, Uganda's parliament might pass the same bill again with a quorum present, since it has widespread support inside and outside parliament. With such an unfortunate scenario, however, all we can do is just hope that somehow they see the light and realise that they're wrong to make being gay illegal. The world is changing, and it's way past time people accept it.

I can't imagine living in a country where the simple act of being gay is illegal. I mean, in a lot of places as it is, being gay is frowned upon, but at least it isn't illegal in most places. There are quite a few countries, though, where it is illegal to be gay. Countries such as, but not limited to: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Singapore, Barbados, and Trinidad & Tobago.

I hope someday to live to see laws making homosexuality a crime be overturned, because that would make for a better world.

By Eros Alderian

Every once in a while, a reporter comes across a story that can make his career, or at least earn him an award. Having researched and written this article, I am so overwhelmed with conflicting emotions, I don’t know whether to be impressed or disgusted. Throughout reading this story, you will discover what I did while writing it; that the people involved when to a great deal of planning and covering their tracks in order to pull this off. It was a remarkable feat, and while the conspirators should be condemned, they might also be commended. This article will appear at times to be fabricated, and a work of fiction, but I assure you dear readers, every event I am about to recount happened. Not only did it happen under the very nose of the Ministry of Magic, but it was done under their watchful eye.

For this reporter, it all began with a source. This source, who would only refer to himself as Cassius, no doubt plucked from the famed tale of Julius Caesar. Cassius, the former, was known to be a bit of a snitch, and the “Cassius” who came to me had a rat-like quality about him. I was eating a scone at a quaint corner café, something I had never done before, when Cassius approached me. He was wringing his hands, and whipping his head about so sporadically, I was fully prepared for it to pop right off of his shoulders, and land on my plate. He asked me if I was a reporter, and my eyes widened with excitement. As I nodded fervently, he let me know that he had the story of my life, and that he would meet me in a secret location that very night.

The very idea of the scoop of a lifetime is intriguing enough, but when approached by a stranger as fidgety as Cassius, a reporter’s instinct tells him he’s in for a treat. I hastily slapped some money on the table, and practically galloped back to my office here at the Daily Prophet. I made sure I had enough parchment and ink, grabbed my best quill, through on my most covert robe, and sat impatiently in my chair. As I stared at the door, and listened to the clock on the wall, I could not believe how slowly time can move. Indeed, as the hour of our meeting grew nearer, I could have sworn the clock began to move backward. At long last, it was fifteen minutes until midnight, and I dashed out the door, running into the night toward my source, and the greatest story I’ve ever told.

Let me tell you a little about my source. He has a name, and I know what it is. However, I will not divulge it until I know he is safe. He had a lot of theories, most of which proved to be true. He had a list, hard evidence that the people he believed to be involved were definitely a part of this conspiracy. What he did not know was that the circle was so much bigger. He was once an employee at the ministry. Nothing special, just one of the countless aides who served in the office adjacent to the minister’s wing. Cassius was so far removed from the important business of the ministry, that he has to this day never met Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. Cassius came to me at great personal risk, and his bravery and attention to detail should be congratulated. He is also a conspiracy theorist, and much like Sybil Trelawney, will be discounted as a crack-pot simply because only one theory of his several hundred proved to be true. I firmly believe he only stumbled upon this story because he is constantly looking for one. Nevertheless, I am grateful to him for coming forward with it.

The first thing he did was throw down a torn piece of paper. I was immediately drawn to the fact that this was not parchment. Rather it was a piece of notebook paper, like that found in the Muggle shops. It was white with faint blue stripes, each separated by a pinky’s breadth from the stripe above or below it. It was most fascinating.

Upon the paper was a harshly slanted mix of print and script, written in a form of green ink. It showed a list of names, each followed by the person’s ministry job, and their role in this conspiracy set in parentheticals. Atop the list, written rather elegantly by comparison, was the title, “PROJECT GC.” Now, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what GC means. However, before Goblin City was created, the anagram could well have meant anything. Personally I like to fantasize that I would have thought it meant Good Cookie.

The following names were on the list, but it was just a piece of the puzzle. More people were involved, but the people on this scrap of paper are quite surprising. I will also explain what their role in the plan actually means.

KINGSLEY SHACKLEBOLT, Minister of Magic (Exercitus.)
Exercitus is one Latin word for host. I know it looks bad, but I have reason to believe that it means something other than the obvious. To the unknowing eye, it looks like Mr. Shacklebolt is the person who brought this group together. The host of the operation. Having done a lot more digging than you, the readers, I adamantly believe that he was the host of a different sort. I think that he played host, unknowingly, to the parasites on the rest of this list. He was someone for the rest of the world to be mad at should anyone find out what was going on. To be so bold, he was the scapegoat. More simply, a distraction.

PERCY WEASLEY, Transportation Manager (Auxilium.)
Auxilium is Latin for Aide. Basically it was another way for Percy to feel important. I believe he, too, was a pawn in the operation. As the minister’s transportation manager, the co-conspirators could send the money with Mr. Weasley to be placed wherever it needed to go. Percy could schedule a visit for the minister, and ensure the money got to that location. This would also always put the Minister in close proximity of the money while it was being moved, without him being any the wiser. It would have proven to be most beneficial to the evil-doers getting away with it all.

GRIPHOOK, Goblin City Funds Manager (Bona.)
Bona is Latin for Assets. It was up to Griphook to ensure the plan was funded. I was quite surprised to see this name on the list as I believed, along with the rest of the community, that Griphook perished when the bank was destroyed during the Great Break In and Out of 1998. His presence on this list, and in Goblin City, will be explained in Part Two of this story.

NAGNOK, Head of Gringotts (Artifex.)
Artifex is Latin for Architect. It is my firm belief that he is the one behind all of this. The one with the plan. It was Nagnok who came up with the ridiculous tax increases when he became the head of Gringotts after his predecessor was found in an alley in London with a knife in his back. How curious that Nagnok would rise to the head of the bank after a mysterious death, then implement a tax increase, and then not be able to tell us all where the money is being spent.

We all remember the unexplainable increase in taxes, along with the taxes on stuff that had never been taxed before. We were suddenly paying for electricity. When has any of you ever used electricity? There was a charge for wand usage, a tax on cloak hoods, and a monthly renewal fee for our connection to the Floo Network. We were suddenly paying taxes on third floor bathrooms, radio station signal boosts, and for owning more than two Muggle items. Indeed, the ministry decided we needed to help them pay for the trace on under-aged wizards!

It was absolutely maddening, but we thought it was all in the name of improved roadways, safer fireplaces, more streetlamps, and better schooling. I ask the ministry this: where’s the money? It was quite impossible to find out if it was in the tax vault at Gringotts without talking to an Auror. I know only two personally, and as one is Percy Weasley’s brother, I decided I would talk to Harry Potter. Maybe he could get me into the vault. Surely he was livid that we were being charged for using more than one tin of broomstick polish in five years.

Harry Potter, however, proved to be not only useless, but unattainable. He was not in his office, his wife, Ginny, didn’t know where he was, nor did his secretary. He seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet. I had exhausted all possibilities. He was not on a secret mission, he didn’t take his family on vacation, he wasn’t at Hogwarts, and he hadn’t paid a visit to St. Mongos with some strange and mysterious ailment. My heart skipped a beat when I finally asked the question aloud, “Why would he run?”

I knew that in order to follow the money, I’d have to accost everyone on that list, and find out who else was involved. I would need to search everywhere for the people involved so as to get some leads and some answers. Cassius was onto something, but he had no idea how big it was. I didn’t know either. Well, now I do, and I’m afraid I fear for my life.

I will be hiding low for a month or so, just to avoid being attacked by people in the know. Look for an article continuation in a few weeks, provided I can find a way to slip it into the paper before it gets printed. Wish me luck, dear readers!

By Don Facha

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Sports Section with your faithful servant, Don Facha.

What an interesting month it has been for the Quidditch World Cup!

This semi final was filled with a lot of tension. Let me give you a summary of the events held last month :

07/04 - 07/05: USA Vs Brazil

Brazil wins this match with 420 points, while USA gets 310.

USA has managed to go further than they ever did in this World Cup and 2014 will be remembered as the year that USA became a great power of Quidditch, while Brazil struggled to be in their first final since 1982.

Players dropped the Quaffle more often compared to the other games. Mercy Wardwell, American hunter, started hitting his head with the handle of his broom after losing the Quaffle five times until it was stopped by Darius Smackhammer search. In addition, several misdirected Bludgers have injured fellow players.

On the second day of this intense meeting, Smackhammer Darius was the first to see the Snitch, but was distracted by Santos, the Brazilian Chaser. Smackhammer and Silva launched to try to catch the Snitch. Silva's subsequent catch made sure Brazil won this match.

07/06 Bulgaria Vs Japan

Bulgaria 610 points - 460 points Japan

One minute before going to the field to play the second game of the semi finals, the Bulgarian keeper, Boris Vulchanov stated, "We have been among the favorites for this World Cup. We have nothing to lose and we have everything to gain."

Shigo and Hongo, chasers from Japan, dominated the first half. The party had to stop twice during the first hour as there were six players from the Bulgarian side bleeding from the head.

Vulchanov decides to protect his partner Krum, seeker who had launched a fierce race to the Snitch. Vulchanov was hit by a Bludger and fell unconscious from his broom, but the Japanese seeker Noriko Sato got to save him. Krum stopped to not exploit this advantage. When Krum, Sato and Vulchanov returned to the stadium, they received a standing ovation from the audience.

Already in the tenth game time, Krum ran an excellent diversion. Before the public and his colleagues could realize what was happening, Krum hunted the Snitch, ending an unforgettable encounter and defining the final of the World Cup with Brazil and Bulgaria, while Japan will face USA for third place.

07/09 Japan Vs USA

Japan 330 points - 120 points USA

Not much to say. A brief, bloody and brutal match.

Thirty four minutes after starting the game, the American hunter Arsene Gonzales, was hit by two Bludgers on his face.

USA played very well and managed to score 12 goals. Japanese chasers Yamaguchi and Kurosawa managed to score eighteen goals. Sato Japanese exhibited one of the most spectacular falls to have ever been seen while catching the Snitch and Japan have achieved third place.

07/11 Brazil Vs Bulgaria - The Quidditch World Cup Final

It was such an intense final as expected. The only details that are worth mentioning, are these:

01.23 hrs: A sudden burst of quick-fire Quaffle passes have resulted in a brace of goals for Brazil, whose Chasers are tearing up and down the pitch. Gonzalo Flores scored twice more and Fernando Diaz once, taking the score to 40-10. Bulgaria are making too many careless mistakes and need to take the offensive. Brazil is like looking the stronger team by far at this point.

1:43 pm: THE SNITCH HAS BEEN SIGHTED! With the score standing at 50-20 (following one minute goals apart from Alonso and Vassileva) a flash of gold hoops near the Brazilian Silva and Krum leads into a breakneck chase - Beaters and Chasers scatter - Krum is ahead but narrowly misses to capture - as the Snitch soars upwards, Both Seekers appear to be dazzled by the brilliant Argentinian sun - the Snitch has disappeared again.

02.38: Mere minutes after play resumes, Krum and Silva are rocketing upwards Suddenly.

02.40: Krum and Silva are in a breakneck dash for the Snitch, Silva first sighted

02.45: Krum got the Snitch. Bulgaria has won the World Cup of Quidditch.

By Leviathan Dy

You may be an oldbie a or newbie; whichever you may be you ought to know about some amazing Hex events that happened or will happen soon. My job as a reporter is to track these and report them to you. Some of you are watching for Hex events, lurking in the shadows and some of your are busy with real life. Our diligent Staff are working adamantly in order for you to have the best Hex experience.

One of the largest events that happened recently was Hex's Next Top Graphics Designer. Many of the Hex's most talented Graphic Designers applied in hopes of being one of the chosen ones who would participate in this awesome event. It was really tough for Staff to choose which people would move on.

When the event started you could see the chosen participants working hard. Inspiration was something palpable during the event. Every entry was amazing in its own way. People had different opinions on each entry as the regular users got a chance to critique the entries in a respectful manner. If you are to become an artist or graphic designer, you ought to seek critiques in order to improve your work. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and people can spot things that you missed. With critiquing, regular users could also support the event by wearing avatars, thus earning tickets for the super awesome Raffle. Even those who were critiquing won nice prizes during each round. In the end, there could only be three people who would fight for the Ultimate title of the Hex's Next Top Graphics Designer.

Dn25, Kay85 and Xeneixians were among those awesome people. They pulled out everything they had in order to deliver their task. Entries were awesome and one couldn't decided which was better. I am sure the Judges were having a hard time because it took them a while till they posted Results.

The person they chose was Dn25 with its simplistic style of graphic that captured the essence of the task.

Kay85 won second and Xeneixian won third place.

I am sure that the participants enjoyed this event, and hopefully I will see them again when HNTGD happens next time.

My dear readers, you should go to RP Central and check out the New Event that is happening which is oriented towards the people who like to write, Project Ink. I myself was never confident in writing, especially because I wasn't as versatile aswas needed when it came to a contest like this. This contest is similar to that of HNTGD, different kinds of tasks and each task makes you dig deep into your inspiration and skill. Hex is filled with really talented writers and I am really excited to see what they have in store for us.

Now to move on some other things that happened on Hex. As you know, the term has ended in June. Throughout the year people worked hard in order for them to win some house points. It was a tough fight for the points and in the end Gryffindor came out as first in points after many many years of not winning. Each and every member of the house worked really diligently whether it was doing homework or participating in the contests that had House Points as prizes.

Gryffindor 793,373.5 pts
Ravenclaw 762,439.0
Slytherin 698,993.8
Hufflepuff 652,304.5

Hopefully this will prompt you to work hard next Term in order to bring the glory to your House.

Till', next time.

Yours truly,
Leviathan Dy

By Nicole

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to this month's edition of the Daily Prophet. I've had some wonderful questions owled to me and without further ado, here they are!

Dear Nicole,
The other day, me and a few family members were on our way home when we saw the strangest sight. There, hovering in the distance was a UFO, it faded in and out of sight for a few seconds before flying off. Unfortunately none of us had any bad quality cameras on us and therefore couldn't take any pictures. My question is, how do we get people to believe us? everyone is laughing at the story and not believing it. Also, what are the best ways to avoid being abducted by aliens or being silenced by the government?
- AlienWatcher

Dear AlienWatcher,
My advice is to ignore the people who don't believe you. Some are more comfortable believing that there is nothing strange or abnormal in the world, and that suits them just fine. It is much healthier, mentally, to keep yourself away from that negative energy. There are many radio talkshows and websites that have other people who have had UFO encounters - going to one of these might help you talk about your experience with people who are more open-minded. I'd also urge you to remember that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. So what you saw may have been something perfectly normal, like a weather balloon, or even something abnormal, but not necessarily out of this world, like the Northern Lights. Always look at the most plausible explanation first! As for your last two worries, I wouldn't worry all that much. Both occurences are very unlikely to happen, though if you are still uneasy, I'd once again suggest finding a website or talkshow that will take you seriously and see what help they can give you.
- Cheers, Nicole

Dear Adviser,
I've heard that herbologists have discovered a way to grow candies on trees!! Is it true? And if yes then how do they do it?
- Yours, Black Lady

My dearest Black Lady,
The Wizarding World is full of fantastic things! Alas, growing candy on trees is not one of them, though wouldn't that be fantastic? It looks like we'll all have to stick to Honeydukes for a little while longer!
- Sincerely, Nicole

Dear Nicole,
if you really like a guy, how should you come toward them with that information?
- Desperate Daisy

Desperate Daisy,
Ah, romance! Crushes are both wonderful and awful, aren't they? How to approach a crush all depends on you, dear! More outspoken folks will go right up to him and say how they feel, while the shy types often admire from afar, never expressing their feelings. In high school, I tried a happy medium - when I liked a guy, I'd flirt plenty, but I was always too shy to come right out with it and say how I felt. However, I didn't hide how I felt either. For instance, if a friend or even a stranger asked, "Do you like this guy?" I would answer honestly. I would suggest trying this first and seeing how far it gets you!
- Best of luck, Nicole

Dear Advisor,
How to keep ever changing dress robes clean and not losing their colour changing properties?
- Household Dilemma

Dear Household Dilemma,
I have encountered this very issue more times than I can count! I've found that the only sure-fire way to keep the charm from fading is to use Miss Maria's Magical Laundry Elixir. Just add a teaspoon of this wonderful potion to a bucket of plain water. Soak for half of an hour and let the robes air dry. Adding too much heat at once (as is the case with the Drying Spell) tends to cause the robes to fray around the edges.
- Yours, Nicole

By Sam

This is your Aunt Edna here again, bringing you more helpful tips to run your household efficiently and magically!

Those Muggles are so clever. I shared a few tips from them last month, and I believe I would like to continue with a few more this time. Even us witches and wizards can always learn something new from these resourceful people who have somehow managed to run their households without the aid of magic!

Let's start with this thing they call an iron. I don't know why they call it such a thing, because I thought iron was some kind of metal, or maybe even a species of dragon. I'm not sure right now. Anyway, you take the iron and plug the end of its tail into this little box on the wall. Then you lay a shirt down on this board here and put the iron over top of it, just like this. Then you walk away for a while and have a cup of tea. Let's come back and check on this later.

Oh dear, what is that terrible smell! It seems as if the iron has burned a hole all the way through the back of my husband's nice shirt! Maybe we can start a new fashion trend or something!

I think we should move on to this vakoom cleaner thing the Muggles use. It shouldn't be that hard. You plug the tail in like we did the iron, and then you push it across the carpet picking up dust and dirt. I can't see how this could possibly go wrong.

Can someone help me? I've managed to get the vakoom cleaner hose stuck on my finger and it's trying to suck it into the machine! I simply can't afford to lose this finger! Can someone unplug it, please?

Oh, thank you dear, that's so much better. Yes, I think that red mark will fade in just a little while.

I think that's enough of the Muggle devices for now. Stay tuned next month where I may or may or may not show you even more of the amazing things the Muggles can do with their magic. Right now my finger looks a little like a plum. Oh, that makes me hungry for some fruit! Be back later, dears!

MONTHLY RECIPE: Treacle Toffee
by Brit

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! This months recipe is the Treacle Toffee.

It is simple and easy to make, as well as an excellent bonfire treat. Just be sure to be cautious, because toffee can get extremely hot! Not only will it be extremely hot, but you have to make sure the toffee reaches the correct temperature using either a sugar thermometer or a jug of cold water.

To test it using the cold water method all you have to do once the toffee has started to thicken, drop a little of the syrup into cold water. When it solidifies into threads as it hits the water, it is ready. After removing it from the water, the threads should still be slightly flexible.

To make the treacle toffee you will need:

450g dark brown sugar
120ml water
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
115g black molasses
115g corn syrup


Generously butter a 12" x 4" square tin and make sure you get the butter right into all of the corners. In a heavy based 4-pint stainless steel sauce pan dissolve the sugar and water over a low heat. Once dissolved, add all the remaining ingredients, turn up the heat and bring to a boil. Using a sugar or toffee thermometer boil to 140°C. Once the temperature above is reached carefully pour the toffee into the prepared tin and leave to cool.

When the toffee is cold, remove it from the tin and break it with a toffee hammer or solid sharp object and the toffee will crack into pieces. If your toffee is stuck in the tin, turn the tin over and place it on a firm surface like a chopping board and tap sharply on the underside of the tin a few times. The toffee will break up and fall out.

I hope you will enjoy the toffee!




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