By HaleyLupinTeddysGirl

AUGUST, 2015; LONDON - The Auror department of the Ministry of Magic has been run ragged over the last few weeks, desperately trying to figure out if the group of twelve Muggles that found their way into the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department of the Ministry and managed to hex themselves on a cursed teapot were there by accident, or if they were Imperiused into cursing themselves. The dozen Muggle individuals were, in fact, members of the Muggle government - similar to the Ministry of Magic - and are all seemingly close to the Minister of Muggles, though he himself was not affected.

The curse enacted was one of comatose, leaving all twelve victims in a deep and fitful sleep. Healers at St. Mungo's are desperately working to heal the curse in an attempt to discover more information on the accident and why it happened.

A spokesman from the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department had only this to say: "We are very careful with both protection and careful organization of the artifacts, especially those that are, in fact, cursed in such a way. We know how to do our jobs, thank you very much! Those Muggles couldn't have just stumbled into the Ministry of Magic undetected; we aren't stupid. I checked the Anti-Muggle Wards myself that morning, and they were all fully functioning as they were when the Muggles were discovered, hours later. It's Death Eaters; I'd bet my life's galleons on it. Mark my words, the Aurors will find out who Imperiused those poor people."

An Auror spokesmen later said , "We are looking into the entire Ministry, not just the singular department. We will find and remedy the cause of this terrible accident, whatever it takes."

Be it Death Eaters or a simple accident, the Ministry of Magic is now on high-alert for any other possible accident, and they assured this reporter this wouldn't be allowed to happen again.

"We value Muggle lives as highly as Wizarding ones," the Minster commented, when asked about the incident in question, "and we are working to remedy this. I assure you, the Muggles will be brought back to full health and this entire problem will be solved within a month. I put full confidence in the St. Mungo's healers, and I know they will do whatever it takes to heal those Muggle Officials."

As always, The Prophet promises to keep you up-to-date with any and any information given.

By Ygdjh

AUGUST, 2015; LONDON, ENGLAND - The Swift Movement from the last article, featuring one witch's campaign to help Muggles, continues on, and the Ministry of Magic offered to make Swift Homes, Swift's charity for homeless Muggles, an official charity. "We would donate annually to this charity," the Minister explained, "However, if we did this, we would expect Swift to stop this ridiculous 'Swift Movement'."

When asked, Swift argued that she would not 'sit back while Muggles struggled' and refused the offer. Some wizards and witches believe that the answer lies in the creation of an official Department of Muggle Relations, with Swift as the Head of the Department. The Ministry refused to comment on this idea.

One idea that the Ministry was eager to comment on, however, was taxes. The Ministry is considering putting taxes on charities, requiring charities to pay the government a percentage of the money they gain. The Ministry claimed this was 'prompted by that Swift woman's crazy notions'. "After all, think of how many people spend money on charities that they could be spending on other, important things, such as groceries," the Minister told us. "In fact, charities actually have a negative effect on the economy because of this. Putting a tax on donation money would encourage people not to squander their fortune on organizations such as Swift Homes."

The Minister plans on giving an official speech in the near future detailing what this tax would entail. The date has not yet been set, but the Minister encourages everyone to attend once it is finalized. However, many of those interviewed were outraged at the concept of charity taxes.

"Can that man be serious?" Jeremy Lopis, head of a charity for homeless children, demanded. "Charities are supposed to be for helping people selflessly, not just another government scheme to get more money! Charities have never negatively affected our economy at all. In fact, they have helped it! What is the government going to do about all of those people out there who normally benefit from charities, huh? Charities are non-profit organizations for a reason! You can't use them for profit! It ruins the purpose!"

Lopis and his wife firmly stated that they refused to attend any speech related to charity taxes, along with many others. People all over England have clearly stated their disapproval at this decision, but the Minister assured us that everything would be explained and settled down after his speech.

Meanwhile, Janie Greene, an economy expert, actually believes this action may do more harm than good to the economy, contrary to the government's beliefs. According to her research, charities have a positive effect on the economy, providing care, food, and money to those who need it. "If people were donating money to charities instead of buying groceries, as the Ministry said, we would have a problem. But generally, people only spend or donate money they can afford to give up."

Greene doubts the matter will solve anything. "People donate to charities to help people," she explained, "But if they know that part of their money will go directly to the government instead of to charities, they will feel as if they are not helping people, but rather the government." Greene added bitterly that 'the Ministry was simply angry at Swift for trying to help Muggles'. "That's the real reason behind this," she said. "They just want to retaliate."

Greene has taken an active role against this notion. She and her colleagues have conducted several surveys, asking people if they would donate to charities knowing part of their money went to the government. "It was surprising how many people indicated they wouldn't donate to a charity under that condition," Greene said. "The government needs to pay attention to these statistics."

The Minister was eager to put in his opinion on the tax. "We, at the Ministry, understand fully that a small percentage of people may not donate if they knew we received some of the money. Now, I am about to disclose some information about my speech, so listen well. We want to show the people that we care for them. And we would use some of the tax money we receive to donate to official charities! Honestly, I think the tax would make the whole thing easier. Either way, charities would still get donation money, but this way, we make sure official charities get, er, more money. After all, if a charity isn't official, you never know where that money is going. Take Swift Homes, for example..."

Speaking of Swift, she plans on giving a small speech of her own against the Minister on charity taxes. "I represent the people of England," she said firmly, "and I will not stand for this nonsense. We need to put an end to this now before it gets out of hand." Swift will discuss her opinion further at her next public speech.

Would a tax on charity donations be for better or for worse? Views vary quite a bit, but either way, this tax would be a big change.

By ScarletAuror

That's right, Britt here with the latest scoop on the Quidditch World Cup. Annually in August, different professional Quidditch teams from all around the world compete for the Quidditch World Cup. This year, in 2015, the two teams that have made it to the finals are Wales and Ireland. Just 21 years ago, Ireland competed in the World Cup going against Bulgaria. A crazy game that was. Viktor Krum, legendary Seeker, caught the Snitch but Ireland already had the lead and pushed for the win.

Many rumors are flitting around saying that Ireland has played a few dirty tricks to gain their way to the top of the scoreboard. But we'll see it all in just a few weeks when Wales and Ireland face off for the Cup.

Just recently, the Beater, Cullen Barry was accepted onto Ireland's team. A former Wales player, fans are unsure where Barry's loyalty lie. Let's all hope we don't have a traitor in the midst here.

Moving on to the topics of Seekers, Welsh Seeker, Aeron Lloyd has been playing fabulously for the past season. But with a sprained wrist, will he be able to pull through and play the game that is just a few weeks away? Many Welsh fans have created protests, trying to delay the match so that Lloyd will have more time to heal, but the referees have declined the request, as the field is near ready for the big day.

Welsh Chaser, Iago Yates has been proven guilty of using the Confundus Charm on Bulgarian Keeper, Viktor Antov in the playoffs. Officials have prohibited him from playing in the upcoming World Cup match, and reserve, Ifan Apted will take his place.

That's all for today, readers, but be sure to go and buy your tickets for the match. This is going to be an intense one.

By LunaHermione1

AUGUST, 2015; SPAIN - Have you ever wanted to participate in a food fight like in the movies? Well, here's your chance. In August 2015, "The World's Biggest Food Fight" will occur in Bunol, Spain, while people throw aside their worries and join the fun. Of course, the fun happens to be doused with over 100 metric tons of tomatoes.

How on earth did this crazy tradition start?, you ask. Actually, no one has absolute proof of what happened. The only reason the holiday exists now is because everyone enjoyed throwing tomatoes at one another. Very strange if you ask me. There are multiple theories as to what occurred. The most popular one is that angry civilians took out their rage on the local authorities with tomatoes, but there are others, such as a prank on a street musician, or a young class starting a food fight. Even though we don't know how it started, we do know a couple of things.

First off, we know the festival's tradition began somewhere between 1944 and 1945. The next item of knowledge we know is that the festival is now in honor of the town's patron saints. Another trivial fact is that the ceremony was actually banned under the rule of Francisco Franco, but the tradition was taken on again in the 1970s. There used to be 40,000 - 50,000 people attending, but the authorities have cut down the numbers to a mere 20,000. Though this is more than twice as many people who live in Bunol.

The start of the festival is officially supposed to happen when someone has decided to scale a wooden pole and retrieve a ham. The tomato-throwing begins at the blast of water cannons, and then everyone starts hurling over-ripe tomatoes at each other. The fight goes on for exactly one hour, ending at about 12 am after starting at 11. As you can imagine, someone needs to clean up the streets, and it is not a very pretty sight. The Spanish take fire trucks, which spray the tomato juice off the streets. Although there may be a couple of traces of pulp that you can spot.

The festivities occur on the last Wednesday of August, whenever that may happen to be. That means that this year, the lucky attendees will congregate together in Bunol on the 26th of August. If you have a ticket, make sure to book your calendar, or you'll miss out on all the fun.

LunaHermione1, over and out.

By LunaHermione1

Everyone in the wizarding world, whether they be human or not, knows about the regulations on wands. No non-humans can carry wands, no one under 17 can use them outside of school, the whole package. However, today, the Ministry of Magic has decided to change these laws and start to let goblins, merpeople and centaurs carry wands.

"With regulations and rules, of course," a Ministry of Magic employee, named Matilda Brown told the Daily Prophet, looking harried. "They must pass anger tests, and capability tests, with classes on wand using. If they do not pass, that's the end. Additionally, they may only produce a certain amount of spells, all which must be listed in The Rulebook of Spells, written by Kingsley Shacklebolt himself." Ms. Brown walked away, looking quite angry at the whole deal.

A little more digging shows what caused this. Apparently, back in 1996, when Dolores Umbridge fought with the Centaurs after being lured to the forest under false pretenses, the centaurs got mad. Firstly at Hermione Granger, who had been the mastermind behind the plan, and then at Dolores Umbridge, who was a known half-breed hater, who had started yelling at them, and flouting her authority, like they were common horses.

They started bothering the ministry about this. Let's say someone intruded on them and started cursing them with others so they were unable to defend themselves. The centaurs posed that question. With the merpeople as backup, they began harassing the ministry, later recruiting the goblins, who were always eager to acquire some of those wands we produce. The Wand-Wanters, as they are now called, tried getting the house-elves on their side, but every single one fainted at the idea, including Dobby, an elf who was more outspoken than any elf ever.

Finally, as a last resort, the WW decided to call in the giants. After all, these fellows have always wanted to be in charge of some type of magic. To this day, no one knows if they really would have, but the Ministry was not willing to take any chances. A full blown Giant Battle would have been devastating, as we can see partially from the Battle of Hogwarts. They caved in, but only a little. Tons of rules have been set up, with tests and teachers and all sorts of things.

But who knows how long they will be happy? Everyone recalls the History of Magic classes that went on and on about Goblin Wars (At least the ones they weren't sleeping in). And the merpeople and centaurs have been growing scared of magic used on them and dissatisfied with the amounts of magic they are able to produce. Next thing you know, there will be centaurs and goblins lined up to enroll in magic classes, next to half-bloods and muggle-borns. You never know until you know.

LunaHermione1, over and out.

By Briannabreez

In an attempt to recreate the ancient Scottish game of Creaothceann, two young Scotsmen were killed. Their identities are not being revealed at the moment, but one survivor has told his version of the story and it is only the actions of several other warlocks that has prevented this from being so much worse than it might have been.

Since it was outlawed, Creaotcheann has died out of most wizarding vocabularies. However, due to the increasing popularity of Quidditch Through the Ages, many more young witches and wizards are discovering the existence of the sport.

Creaothceann is a sport where a number of heavy stones are levitated and then dropped, to be caught in cauldrons strapped to the heads of flying competitors. Due to its highly dangerous nature, it was banned in 1762.

Generally used as a measure of manliness and bravery, Creaothceann has always been considered one of the most dangerous sports - if not the most dangerous. However, despite many illegal playings over the world annually, there are rarely any deaths. This is due to games being stopped before they begin, players backing out of matches, or rocks simply being charmed so that they fall at the same rate but become weightless.

However, this particular playing involved one hundred large, and very real and uncharmed rocks. Most players retired from the pitch from fear, but two drunken wizards refused to leave, boasting that they would be able to take it. Both were killed by the falling rocks.

Neither is being named at this time, although one wizard who backed out has told his story:

"Well, me mates were all up for it. I - I never really wanted to, but I figured I'd go along. I mean... we've played it before, where we've charmed the rocks, and we never got hurt. But this time, we were all a bit drunk... and they di'nt charm the rocks. I dunno if they forgot or what, but most of us flew off as soon as we could. We put them quite high so we all had time to, see... but a couple of us di'nt move, see, even though we yelled... an' they both... well, you know what happened."

Both men were fatally wounded by the rocks, and died in St. Mungo's despite the Healers' most desperate efforts to save them.

Quidditch World Cup

Exciting news! The Quidditch World Cup is back, and it looks like it's going to be good. The finals have rocked up already, and boy, are they exciting! Prophet readers will surely already know that Wales and Ireland are the two teams to have made it to the finals - two British teams in the finals, a phenomenon that hasn't occurred since 1964 when Scotland snatched the Cup from Wales' clutching fingertips.

I'm sure you're all dying to know what the result will be! Well, you needn't wait for too much longer. I will be right at the scene, and I'll be ready to give you a blow-by-blow account of the action.

For more information on previous matches and teams, you can check out the Regionals column.

By Samantha Bradley

It's hard to believe, but summer is nearly over. We've had lots of great activities to keep us busy during this time, including the Inter-House Competition (IHC) which is now coming to an end. The final task will be over soon and will determine the final winner, but with 5 wins to 1 already, I am going to make a bold prediction and (reluctantly) declare Gryffinclaw the clear victor. The final task does carry quite a few points with it, but I just don't see how it can possibly be enough for Slytherpuff to win it all. Still, you never really know until it's really over, so we'll have to wait and see till then. In any case, I'm sure all the lucky winners will be enjoying the lovely items they have won.

Classes will be starting in less than a month, and I know everyone is eagerly looking forward to enjoying new lessons and a sure way to earn some House Points. It's really the best way to help your house! Top point earners just recently got to choose some nice rares for their efforts, so that's still more incentive to do your homework. I do hope everyone has been doing the summer classes, too. I personally love this idea, as it's a chance to learn about the two other schools besides Hogwarts along with some very obscure facts about Hogwarts. No House Points for this one, but the galleons are great!

We had a great new event start recently, which is the Great Re-Read going on in the Harry Potter Archives forums. This is a wonderful chance to go back and refresh yourself on all seven of the books again at a nice, leisurely pace and perhaps win some prizes in the process. There is plenty of time to get involved, as we are still on the Philosopher's Stone, so definitely do jump in!

For those with graphics talent, a new position for Graphics Designer just opened up. Be sure and check that out if you have the time and talent.

And finally, some very exciting news to end this article with! Project Ink is back again. This is the first of several big competitions where you can mega-House Points as well as prizes, but only if you are at the top of your game. Today is the last day to apply so it's a bit late if you are just reading this, but there will be more coming soon and you can get in the Audience Participation tasks at any time (be sure and do that!) We should be finding out who the lucky 20 are who make the grade soon - can't wait!

Remember, the Contest Forum, Games Forum, Clubs Forum, Welcome Center, Film Forum, Fanfiction Forum, RPC Forum and Arts and Graphics Forum have chances for you to earn some great prizes and, in some cases, House Points, so be sure and check them out! I know I do all of these every month except the Contest Forum, and I would do that for sure if I wasn't a Contest Coordinator.

See you in class!

By Char

Dear Daily Prophet,
When it comes to the illegal trade of magical beasts... What are your, er, suggested places to go if you need to get rid of a Lethifold?

- Elbert Ainstein (not to be confused with the Muggle genius Albert Einstein... unless you really want to).

Hello, Elbert Ainstein!
What an interesting name you have! Were your parents fascinated with the Muggle genius, by any chance? He was quite the character in his youth, I know for sure!

Moving right along... I must say, what an unfortunate situation you must be in to be chased by a Lethifold! How do you even know one is following you? Are you sure it's after you, in particular? In any case, though, it's a good thing you've found out! We have to help you as soon as possible! Okay, now, I've never actually dealt with escaping animals, much more magical creatures, but I don't believe there's any means to get rid of a Lethifold. As far as I've read, you can only stop it with a Patronus Charm, but that wouldn't really destroy it as a whole.

So, yes, suggested places to go to. Hm... I've read that Lethifolds are commonly in the tropics, so it would probably be best to go to some place not so tropical? Perhaps some place cold or some place that has more than just hot and hotter as their seasons? I, for one, have lived in a tropical country for many years of my life, and I know what it feels to not encounter weather other than rain and sun. So if Lethifolds are most likely to be found in places like that, my suggestion would be to escape to someplace opposite to it. If you want to travel north and try out Canada, go! Other magical creatures may be there, but I don't believe the Lethifolds would even TRY to bother you. If you want to go a little south to Australia, be my guest! I don't think they'd chase you there either.

I don't have any places in particular to suggest, but my most specific word of advice would be NOT to go to anything tropical. Your life depends on this, so don't you dare mess this up! (Do update me on where you intend to go, though, I'd like to take note of this in case it ever happens to me in the future... though I'm certainly hoping it doesn't.)

Best of luck!


Dear Ask Us,
I have ten adorable cats, but I wanted to make them prettier. I tried this spell I found in an old notebook. But something went horribly wrong and now all my cats have boils. What do I do? How do I reverse the spell, and do you know any spells I could use to make them prettier?

Much obliged,
Umbridge's Spawn

Hello there, Umbridge's Spawn!
I must say, if you really are her spawn, you should've probably gone to her to answer your question. However, i am quite flattered you decided to come to us, so I promise to do my best!

If I'm not mistaken, the spell 'Finite Incantatem' can do the trick. It's the usual counter-spell to things, so your cats would be brought back to normal! As for spells to make them prettier, have you tried Colovaria? If I'm not mistaken, the spell can work for animals too! I remember trying it on a puppy once, by accident. (Mind you, it was unintentional, but I panicked) I can assure you it worked really well! You should try that out for your kittens. I think they'd be really happy once they see it work!

If worse comes to worse, and it DOESN'T work, just use Finite Incantatem again. You can never be too sure after all, right?

Good luck!


Dear Daily Prophet,
I was walking in the woods behind my house and I found a peculiar looking egg. I have suspicions that it might be a dragon egg. Right now, I'm caught between taking the egg home and hatching it, and be worried that the mother is somewhere around, or leaving it in the forest where anything might crush it. Any thoughts?

Dragon Saviour

Dear Dragon Saviour,
Hello there! Oh my, what an interesting case this is! I never would've guessed something like that would happen! If I were you, I'd take it home and hatch it, yes. I mean, sure there's a possibility that the mother may be around, but you can't be too sure that it would be safe. If the mother is around, you can call for help from the higher-ups to try communicating with it for you to give the egg back. If not, though, I think it would be all right to take it into your care and tend to it.

These things are fragile, after all, and you don't want something bad to happen to them... or for them to be landing in the wrong hands, for that matter. At least this way, you know you can take care of it, and it's in a safe place. Of course, it's best to alert the authorities on the matter (just to be sure you don't get stuck in some writing transfer paper mumbo jumbo), but I think it'd definitely be all right if you kept it. For as long as you take good care of it, really!

Good luck!


Dear Daily Prophet,
I like to eat toadstools. My mum told me not to, but I just like how they taste. Is it bad that I absolutely love them?

Ribbity Mushroom

Dear Ribbity Mushroom,
STOP. EATING. THEM. RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT. I'm sorry for making the introduction of my reply so very loud and outspoken, but you have to STOP EATING THEM. While it does look like an ordinary mushroom, and you feel like they taste even better one, you have to STOP. They're freaking POISONOUS, I tell you! Your mom was right in telling you not to eat them because you could get yourself food poisoned! Well, they're not even food, so you could just get yourself poisoned in general!

STOP EATING THEM, I'M TELLING YOU. No matter how good it tastes, or how much you think they're better than mushrooms, they're not. Not when it could kill you if you keep eating it or hurt you for the rest of your life. If you feel nauseous or bad or under the weather, let your mom know for her to take you to a Healer. Actually, no. Just let her know, and make sure you're taken to a Healer.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and your safety and life is more important than wanting to eat poisonous mushrooms!

Hope everything turns out well. I really do.


Dear Ask Us,
I have a crush on this boy. After a weekend trip to Hogsmeade, I managed to get my hands on a vial of love potion. One morning, during breakfast, I slipped a few drops of the potion in to his goblet. Somehow, one of his buddies snatched the goblet and drank from it. He has been following me around for two weeks. To make thing worse, the potion elicits puppy-dog love. What do I do?

Yours truly,
Sick of Love

Hey there, Sick of Love!
I would suggest brewing the love potion antidote or a hate potion to counter the love potion's effects. I do hope you're good with Potions, because you're gonna have to put those skills to good use this time. If you feel like you can't brew either of these to slip into his drink, then you're gonna have to get help. Maybe the highest scorer in Potions or maybe the person you thought you'd never work with because he or she is good with Potion. You need someone, anyone, to help you brew this to stop him from wanting to go after you.

If worse comes to worse, confess what you did to your professor, so that you can ask HIM for help. I know, it's going to be really hard to do that, so I'd prefer just asking your friends or classmates for help, but if you feel like that's what you have to do, I won't stop you.

It's a month of detention or a month of that guy chasing you around. Honestly, I'd prefer detention on any given day.

P.S. Try handing it directly to your crush next time (while under the guise of it being a gift), maybe that could work wonders for you!


By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello Starburst fans! It's Cass here with your latest gossip on the stars and famous of the Wizarding world. This week, we have some news for you ladies and gentlemen crushing on our favorite stars. Let's get started, shall we?

Twisting Tornados Beater, Damien Tanner has broken up with Chloe Sanchez, his girlfriend of six years. Sanchez has apparently been having an affair with his friend and fellow Beater, Larry Victus. Monday night at Saint Mungo, it was revealed that Sanchez was pregnant with Victus's baby. We hope Damien can recover from the betrayal soon. Perhaps even find comfort with his long time best friend, Scarlet Decker?

Natasha Roche, one of the most gorgeous Wizarding models, has rocketed onto the scene, replacing Carla Jarson. Becoming a model at only seventeen, she is now nineteen and has been splashed across the cover of many modeling magazines.

However, Carla has fallen from grace due to her latest scandal. Accused of sleeping with a married man, Jarson, of course, denied it. However, the proof of some racy pictures has left her and her agent scrambling to make it up. She recently donated several hundred galleons to an orphanage in an attempt to make herself seem better. This reporter, however, isn't falling for it.

Kayla Phillips, famous Herbologist, was seen at Saint Mungos, getting touch ups for her face, hair, and body. Seems like the gorgeous figure, plump lips, and silky blonde hair isn't natural after all! Phillips was unavailable for comment.

Rumors say that Jessie Wood and Leroy Edger, Wizarding model and politician respectively, are having an affair! The duo was spotted checking into the Leaky Cauldron and dining together several times over the past few weeks. Patricia Edger was in tears as she confessed, "Leroy has been out more and more lately. I'm afraid he prefers that Jessie girl over twenty years of marriage!"

Chad Everdeen is suspected of having an addiction on an unnamed potion. A friend that wished to remain anonymous commented, "It was just something he liked to do once in a while. Now, he can't stop. It's sad really."

That's it for this month, readers! I hope you enjoy. Remember, if you want to know about your favorite celebrity, owl Cassandra Lovegood. Keep starry eyed, darlings!

By Rosie_may

Hello again, readers! Aunt Edna is here again, bringing you creative ways to run your wizarding household! Now this week we're going to be exploring careers! Nobody wants to stay in the dull rat race forever, especially if it's in a job they don't love! I have experience with this. Before I became a writer, I worked in the Leaky Cauldron as a chambermaid, I used to clean owl cages at Eeylops Owl Emporium and even used to pickle Flobberworms. To this very day I cannot even look at a Flobberworm without feeling the need to lose my lunch.

Anyway, here are some ideas for a change in career!

Number 1:
Dragon Keeper

To be fair this isn't for the faint hearted, and a lot of training might be required as well as fireproof underpants. But you get to look after dragons; your kids will think you're practically a hero for something like that. Dragon Keepers have been known to lose limbs, hair and skin over the course of their working lives, but there is a bonus to it all; you get to retire early! Now that is worth the constant danger. Also, just think of all the dragon dung you could have for free! Your roses and petunia's will be blooming better than your next door neighbor's, that's for sure!

Number 2:

At one point or another I'm sure all of us have daydreamed about catching dark witches and wizards and all of the fame and glory that goes with it! Let me just point out one small, teensy detail first. Aurors work long, tiring hours. It's all worth it in the end though when you get to take down someone on the naughty list and I have it on good authority, that the Auror Department's Christmas Parties will have you seeing stars for a week! Now if that isn't an incentive I don't know what is!

Number 3:

We all remember our time at Hogwarts fondly, whether it's the lessons, the professors or sneaking into Hogsmeade. Hogwarts is home to all those who have stepped through its doors, so why not return? Being a professor of a subject is a rewarding career choice; you get to mould young minds and help them accomplish their dreams and watch them succeed in life. Even if you become the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, at least you'll have a year of fun! (Although, I have heard that the cursed job is no longer cursed.) There's only one thing that could but a damper on this job and that is the teens that you have to teach putting Flobberworms into your mug of tea!

Well, that's just about it from Aunt Edna this week! See you next time dearies!

By DominicanSr

This is a delicious recipe to serve with meat, fish or on its own. Cauliflower may be substituted for broccoli.

Ingredients :
500g broccoli and/or cauliflower
2 eggs
500g grated cheese
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
1 tin creamed sweet corn or sweet corn cobs
1Tbsp flour
155g cream or milk

Method :
1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade.
2. Pre cook the broccoli and pour it into an oven proof dish. This step can be omitted if using frozen vegetables.
3. Pour the sweet corn over the vegetables.
4. Beat the eggs and flour together. Add the cream, then add salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste.
5. Add half the cheese to this egg mixture and pour over the vegetables.
6. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top.
7. Cook for 40 minutes or until golden brown.
8. Serve hot, but is also delicious cold.
9. Enjoy.

If consuming on its own, the following recipe may be a good addition. Alternatively this recipe is very good with sausages, ham, cold meat etc:

Savoury Rice

Ingredients :
1 onion
400g chopped, seeded plum tomatoes or tin of chopped tomatoes
250ml beef stock
200g long grain rice
Salt and pepper

Method :
1. Chop the onion, if not using a tin of chopped onion and tomato. Likewise chop the tomato if necessary.
2. Bring the stock to the boil and add onion and tomato. Stir occasionally.
3. Add rice. Stir rice once then reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes until all the liquid is absorbed and the rice is tender. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve.
4. Enjoy!


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