By lalala99

AUGUST 2016, ENGLAND - Wait, where did it go?

These were the words of many Niffler owners during the past few weeks, as there has been a mass disappearance of the creatures, and not a magical one. Missing Niffler cases are popping up left and right, cross the world, one after the other. In fact, as of noon, August 2nd, they're all gone.

But why? How? Who? Witches and wizards across the world are speculating. Who would be motivated to steal such harmless, (though annoying) sweet little creatures as Nifflers?

The Ministry recently got a new lead. Artemunus Flowling of the Department of Mysteries recently found a small piece of paper on his desk.

"Well, I was at the loo," he says, recounting his discovery. "When I got back, I saw a little scrap of parchment. It said 'If you want your Nifflers, this is your chance. Set out on a journey, with money and cap. Take 5,000 galleons, then throw a glance to the school that lies far north of you on your map. Travel quickly, don't ever stray from the plan, and when you are there, your luck is but stronger. Quicken your pace, and look for the man who’s waited for long, and will wait for longer.' Of course, I was right baffled. What man?"

Flowling realized that the school in question must be Hogwarts, and so he went there. He had to talk to many paintings, but finally reached the portrait of Albus Dumbledore that famously hangs in the Headmaster/Headmistress' office. From there he was taken on a wild goose chase, finally ending up in a cave in Peru. There, he found hundreds of thousands of Nifflers, mining for gold. It seems the kidnapper (or Niffler-napper, in this case) is using the creatures for his or her personal gain.

But, Flowling wondered, why would he be led right to the answer? He had assumed that this person was testing him, but if s/he was benefiting from having the Nifflers around, then that couldn't be true. But the only true way to find the answer? Investigate.

Flowling stumbled upon a human who worked there. The system was explained to him, and it seems that witches and wizards still have some jobs, such as supervisory, maintenance, and janitorial roles. However, the number of humans working there is far lower because of the use of Nifflers.

This person (biographical information classified) was the one who had left the clues. A strong animal rights activist, s/he wants to stop this mistreatment of the animals. Now, they have collaborated with the Department of Mysteries to make a plan.

Now there’s hope for all of the mistreated Nifflers. And for those of you who own them, expect to see your pets back very soon!

By Rosie_may

Earlier this week, the current Head Goblin of Gringotts Bank made an announcement of new things that are to come in this fiscal year. It has been over a century since changes were made to our main source of economic politics and some of the things announced have come as a very pleasant surprise, while others we will have to wait to see whether they come to fruition. One thing to note is that the Goblins, or at least the Department of Wizarding Economics at the Ministry of Magic, have reviewed in detail the Muggle way of banking and adapted it to our magical ways.

The most intriguing part of the developments to come is a nationwide rollout of GAMs or Gringotts Automated Machines. These work much like the ATMs of the Muggle world. According to the Goblins, they will be placed strategically throughout Muggle and Wizarding communities and transfigured with a guise so that only wizards and witches can use them. By placing one's wand into the designated slot, the user will have complete access to his or her account without having to travel to Diagon Alley in order to deposit or withdraw galleons, therefore cutting out tedious journeys and helping a wizard caught unaware. This works on a wand-to-wand basis. Due to increased security measures, each wand has to be weighed and checked before the account can be accessed; this principle is key in the workings of the GAMs and will result in smaller queues at Gringotts. The first set of GAMs to be installed will be arriving within the next month; an owl will be sent to everyone with an account at the bank in order to detail how to distinguish a GAM, how to use it, and where they are located.

Another new feature consists of sets of special Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts that will be produced by the bank in order to commemorate events in the history of our wizarding world. The first five sets of these coins have been announced. The first is a set of magical creatures -- the Galleons will be engraved with Dragons; the Sickles, Unicorns, and the Knuts will have Hippogriffs. The second set is a collaboration with creators of the wizarding collector cards, and on each coin is a variation of a rumoured fifty different famous witches and wizards, including Merlin, Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, and Morgana Le Fey. A third set will be dedicated to Hogwarts and each one will be engraved with each of the four Hogwarts Houses as well as Hogwarts itself. The fourth, which very few details have been released about, will be an homage to those who were lost during the Seconding Wizarding War, with each of the family members receiving a special variation of the normal coins. These are expected to be presented alongside the Order of Merlin awards, which will be given to the families of those who were lost in the war, as well as those who survived and were pivotal in the undertaking of destroying He Who Must Not Be Named. The fifth and final set will depict key moments in our history.

We have many things to look forward to in the coming months, and Gringotts and the Ministry of Magic have many more things planned for the development of our world, and all we can do is wait with bated breath for what their next ingenious idea might be!

By Rosie_may

What is it about Ireland that causes Muggles to stumble upon our world? In the last year alone, there has been a 15% increase in accidental cases of Muggles interacting with our world. As we all know, Ireland is steeped in Celtic Law and most of their legends and creatures are actually born or inspired from our world. And it calls to the Muggles on a deep, spiritual level. We`ve all heard of foolhardy Muggles getting lost in forests looking for the elusive leprechaun and those who have thought to have stumbled upon the fairy realms hidden away in crevices and hollows. But is there something else that is causing these incidents?

Just last week, a young couple honeymooning up in Donegal witnessed a young Muggle child tackling a leprechaun to the floor and rummaging through its pockets. At first they were sure the child was of magical blood but were soon proved wrong. The child, who was twelve years old and not enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had been following the advice of his grandmother, another Muggle, about how to best capture a leprechaun without waiting for one. As to how the grandma came up with such a solution while having no involvement in our world is still a mystery. A team from the Ministry was sent out and the memories of the child were wiped out. After a check over from medical staff, the leprechaun was given a clean bill of health and was allowed to carry on with his journey to Dublin to celebrate his brother's 985th birthday.

At the beginning of the year, a young woman on a trip to the Giants causeway spotted a large shape in the distance and thought it was a mountain. On closer inspection, a giant appeared in front of her. Thankfully, the Ministry was already aware of the travelling giant and was able to save her from any harm and helped the giant reach the sea in order to join the giant clans over in Romania.

With the increase in sightings of the magical world, a special task force of Ministry officials has been created in order to monitor the situation in Ireland and to keep applying the spells and enchantments to keep Muggles from wandering onto Wizarding property. As for stumbling onto the magical creatures that are abundant within Ireland, the job becomes a lot harder and situations have to be assessed once they are known.

The question remains: is there something in the blood or in the earth that allows the boundary between worlds to weaken, or is something calling out to the people of Ireland? It's a question that has been asked for centuries, what is it about Ireland? Many scholars have debated the question and none have come up with an acceptable answer. All they know is that the likelihood of someone in Ireland finding our world, spotting a creature or being dragged into magic is higher than anywhere else in the world.

One thing we know for certain, Ireland is a magical place for both wizarding and Muggle kind.

By Lee Ainee

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the very best, like now one ever was? Or maybe you wanted to catch them all, like that man with a cute mouse on his shoulders? I know I did. As a young Muggle-born witch, my childhood days consisted of watching re-runs of my favorite cartoon shows in the afternoon, mainly a series named Pokémon. I had fun watching Ash's battles, Team Rocket's shenanigans, and Pikachu. But the one thing that struck me the most as a child was how Ash caught and trained them, just like animal trainers.

I have always wanted to be like Ash: battle with fellow Pokémon Trainers, collect Gym Badges from different gyms, and travel around the world in search for new, better, stronger Pokémon, and bond with them in the process. But I was sad since I knew that the hammer called reality had shattered all these dreams. Though I still hoped for it to happen.

And you know what? It recently came true.

With the advancement of the Muggle handheld devices known as smartphones, Nintendo, in partnership with Niantic Inc. recently launched a game called Pokémon GO, a free-to-play application that enables you to catch all the Pokémon in real life, thanks to a technology called Augmented Reality (AR). To explain further, AR supplements computer-generated inputs like sound, video, graphics, or GPS data into the real-world environment, making it more interactive for the user. It lets you "catch" Pokémon in real time, seeing the animals itself on your screen using the camera of your phones.

Pokémon GO was launched in three countries last July 6, 2016, in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Since then, Niantic has been releasing the game to the public slowly, and after a month, 56 countries have been playing it, with Pokémon trainers flooding the streets with their phones held up high, walking around either in their regular clothes or a cosplay of Ash Ketchum or his other friends.

Is your country part of the lucky 56? Still skeptical about the gameplay? Or do you not own a smartphone? Fear not! Ainee is here to take you through the game, albeit quickly.

As you set your account up with your Google account, you will be asked to create an avatar by selecting your gender, hair, skin, eye color and so on. Once done, you will be lead to a map using your current location. On the map displayed are different PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms you have to physically walk (or run) to. PokéStops are places where you can get some supplies, like your PokéBalls, potions, and the like, as well as your Pokémon eggs that you must walk around to hatch. On the other hand, Pokémon Gyms, or gyms for short, are places where you can battle with fellow players for team-based king-of-the-hill matches.

As you move around, you will be alerted when a Pokémon appears on your screen. Tapping on it will let you catch it by flicking the PokéBall from the bottom of your screen. After the PokéBall moves on its own for three times, and you hear a "clicking" sound, it means you have successfully caught your Pokémon! It will appear on your Pokédex, with some EXP points, candies, and stardusts. The candies and stardust can be used to upgrade or evolve your Pokémon for your future battles.

Much like Niantic's other game called Ingress, Pokémon GO offers people the opportunity to be part of three teams, who will fight to dominate the Pokémon world by battling the different gyms I have mentioned earlier. These three teams are Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct; color-coded with the colors blue, red, and yellow respectively. Whichever team you are on, you can never change it. So choose wisely, people!

Unfortunately, I have been lazy so I cannot tell you how the gym battles work. Fear not! If you ever see another person on the street holding their phone up high, looking for something, ask him or her. Chances are he or she plays Pokémon, and they can give you tips on how to play the game. But please, heed the warnings it gives you! Don't go to dangerous places, don't play while driving, don't enter private properties unless you have permission, and most importantly, always use your common sense. Pokémon GO is for everyone to enjoy, create new bonds, and share their love for Pokémon. Don't let it be the reason for any kinds of accidents or inconveniences to other people.

So, grab your bags with your phones, power banks, and pocket WiFi. Play the Pokémon music theme, and grab a friend if you can! After all, who doesn't want to be the very best and catch them all? But for those who haven't got the game yet, not to worry! Just wait a bit longer, ok? You will get your reward for your patience.

But for those who have it, game on, people! Catch and train those wild Rattata or Pidgeys out there and be the very best! Who knows, Mewtwo might be lingering just around the corner. Have you seen the Pokémon walking around Hogwarts? I heard Magikarp rules the lake, while Ghastly can be seen floating around with the ghosts. What are the other Pokémon that lingers around the halls of Hogwarts? Let the Daily Prophet know!

Well then, it is my turn to catch them, so until next time, TDP readers! Stay classy and catch 'em all!

By Rosie_may

A brawl broke out at the annual Ministry of Magic summer barbecue last Saturday. The incident involving two senior members lasted for ten minutes before they were wrestled to the ground by agents of the Magical Law Enforcement Department. They were named last night by a Ministry spokesperson as Englebert Hogweed, 57, of the Department of Magical Transportation and Luzenzo Rigga, 68, of the Foreign Affairs and Sports Department. Mr. Rigga, who is originally from the Italian Ministry, sparked an argument with Mr. Hogweed at the barbecue after he spoke of his plans to create a registry for enchanted car users.

Tensions between the pair have been building over the last few weeks due to the differences in opinions on incorporating the Muggle vehicles into the everyday life of a witch or wizard. According to witnesses, Mr. Rigga made a crude comment and blows were quickly exchanged. In this instance, no magic was used between the pair. It tainted the summer barbecue, which saw the employees and their families of the Ministry having a day of fun in a Muggle-proof field. A lot of time and dedication goes into the planning and implementation of such an event.

Both members have been suspended from their roles as inquiries are made into the events leading up to the clash. When asked for a quote, an aide to the Minister of Magic gave us this: "We are deeply troubled by the behaviour of these two employees, and hope to deal with this matter as swiftly as possible. Incidents like this are very rare indeed." But so far the turmoil within the Ministry has only been growing.

An anonymous source from inside the Ministry has informed our reporters of an alleged strike that was quickly put down last month. News and rumours are only just beginning to fizzle out. According to one report, ten employees banded together and demanded the Minister of Magic to either resign or to realign the Ministry to their demands. The supposed strike took place in the canteen where the employees barricaded themselves in and would only open the doors to allow the Minister and his aide into the room. When asked for details on the matter, the Minister's Aide simply replied, "No comment."

Apparently, the strike lasted less than an hour. However, the outcome of the demands and what the demands were have not been disclosed to anyone outside of those present in the canteen at the time, so we are left to speculate as to what caused the strike. Over the last year, there have been many feuds and strong comments and a call to fix the working conditions of those who work outside of a department's jurisdiction, such as the catering staff, janitors, and general errand boys. Until we receive official confirmation of the events, we can merely guess as to what finally pushed the employees into such a drastic action and why there was an apparently simple solution to it and why it was so quick to quash the strike.

By Ygdjh

This summer, one of the biggest Muggle sporting events is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over ten thousand athletes will be participating in twenty-eight different sports and over three hundred events. To put things in perspective, this is perhaps an even bigger deal than, say, the Quidditch Cup. The Muggles call it the Summer Olympics.

The Olympics will officially start on August 5th. From there, athletes from over two hundred different countries or territories will compete in many different Muggle sports. This year, the Olympics will include two new sports, rugby union, and golf. Each athlete competes their hardest in hopes of earning a gold medal, which is awarded to the athlete that finishes in first place in each event. Silver and bronze medals will be given to those that place second and third, respectively. Each medal earned will be counted towards the country or territory the athlete represents, also known as a National Olympic Committee.

The Summer Olympics occur every four years in a different location that must meet strict standards. Also held every four years, with the next event coming up in 2018, are the Winter Olympics, which include more winter-based sports. This year, there are some concerns regarding the location of the Olympics. One chief concern in the Zika virus, a virus carried by mosquitos that can cause microcephaly or other birth defects in infants. Other concerns include government stability, violence, and pollution.

In order to compete in the Olympics, athletes must be in top form. This means that athletes with disabilities or handicaps do not get an opportunity to compete in the Olympics, and that is where other Olympics come in.

The Paralympics, probably the most well-known out of the specialized Olympics, are very similar to the Olympics, except that they are specifically for athletes with physical disabilities. The Paralympics always takes place around the same time as the Olympics. Meanwhile, the Special Olympics World Games also includes athletes with mental disabilities. Similar to the regular Olympics, the Special Olympics occur every two years, alternating between Winter and Summer, in different locations around the world. The next Special Olympics will be in 2017. The Deaflympics are specifically for deaf athletes and do not take place at the same time as the Olympics or Paralympics. It will next take place in 2017.

Any Muggle can try out for or watch the Olympics, but if you're a witch or wizard, I would recommend something a bit more magical. That's because for the first time ever, Hogwarts Extreme is having its own Olympics, the HEX Games!

The HEX Games started July 10th and will last until September 10th. Each event featured in the HEX Games has three heats. The HEX Games will have a total of six events, during which participants may earn gold, silver, or bronze metals to be counted towards their Houses, and six participation activities, which can earn individuals tickets to be put in the Participation Raffle. There is also an ongoing Dueling Tourney, which is not part of the participation or medal-winning events.

So far the HEX Games have included a variety of events like puzzles, trivia, drawing, singing, roleplaying, and writing. Some events involve eliminations per heat, while others are free for all. Each main event can earn you medals as well as other prizes, and each medal earns you and your House HEX Games Points. The House with the most HEX Games Points will earn a whopping fifty thousand house points, while second, third, and fourth place will also get house points. Overall, participating in the HEX Games is definitely beneficial to you and your House, so why not compete in our very first magical Olympics?

By kay85

July whizzed by us so quickly and lo and behold, a new term will be starting really soon! HEX was abuzz with countless activities, contests and promotions. To top it off, HEX Games is still in full swing, combining all aspects of HEX awesomeness and healthy sportsmanship. August crept in without us realizing it, and with just one blink, it's already the middle of August!

2016 HEX Games
The HEX Games have been going on since July 10th. The Gamekeepers have officially ended a few contests with more still ongoing. To check out the winners of the previous heats, head on over to the 2016 HEX Games!

Promotions Galore!
July also saw many of the familiar faces around HEX promoted to new positions. MissHavokk returned as a Global Moderator following her hiatus while Sara, raventhefree, Pain, Vicki, kay85, birdy, and Marki were promoted to Junior Staff for their areas following a spectacular run as Global Moderators. With the influx of new Junior Staff members, Deidra, Nicole2013, and Artemis Eve were promoted to Staff Member, reflecting the excellent work they have been doing as Junior Staff in the past. Saving the best for last, Grant was promoted to Administrator following his tremendous contribution to the running of HEX and organizing the daily humdrum of HEX. Congratulations to these deserving people and we hope to see more great things from you!

Caretaker Concoctions : July
Have you heard? The owls in the Owl Tower are overworked! The Caretakers need help delivering the owl packages. Can you imagine – backed up mail? The horror! The owls are also so confused by the sheer amount of work they had to do, and they are mixing up all the mail and sending them to the wrong places! Aside from that, to help the owls not make a mess of things, you can also help design a very obvious wrapping paper. And if you are into Gobstones, then the Caretakers are having a tournament of their own!

New School Term is Almost upon Us!
With the applications for Graduate professors and teaching assistants put up, we all know that the new term is coming very, very soon! The School Administration had also arranged for the top students to receive their rewards. There were many, many outstanding students that got their hands on some really cool rares!

The RP Factor 2016
Are you a fan of roleplay? Do you like coming up with plots and characters? Do you have what it takes to become the next RP Master of HEX? Applications are now over, and we eagerly anticipate the announcement of the top 15!

Arts and Graphics Forum Update
For the month of August, it is all about trying to stay alive at a camping trip! Sounds adventurous? Monsters and creatures that make the night go bump come alive in this month's contests, from writing campfire stories to creating a How-to guide. Galleons and House points await those who dare!

O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts, You Better Study!
With the last leg of the school break upon us, fifth-year and seventh-year students will be able to take their final year assessments! Thanks to the awesome Magical Education team, the students can now take exams according to their schedule and try to impress with Outstanding, or forever cower in shame with Troll.

Well, that's the entire news roundup we have for you this time round. Be sure to check out the column again next time for more up-to-date developments on everything HEX.

By Rosie_may

I am a mother of three young children aged, 8, 10 and 12 and I am struggling to find things to do to keep them entertained during the summer.
~ A Desperate Mother

Dear Desperate Mother,
I understand the predicament; it's not easy keeping children happy and entertained during the summer. But here are a few suggestions for you to keep them going. A petting zoo, sponsored by the Ministry of Magic, has opened in London. It has a range of safe creatures which children can learn about and only costs one Sickle per adult and five Knuts per child for admission. I'm sending you a leaflet on all other magical attractions opening this summer to help you navigate Muggle ventures.

My son is a huge Quidditch fan and is in his second year at Hogwarts. He's just been accepted onto his house Quidditch team but is scared of becoming rusty during the summer. As we live in a Muggle suburb, he can't fly his broom. What can we do?
~ A Proud Father

Dear Proud Father,
That is an inspiring thing indeed for your son to already have a place on the school Quidditch team! There are various clubs that run summer camps to allow wizarding children to practice and play Quidditch at their pitches during the weekends. They even include a friendly league and are coached by famous names from the Holyhead Harpies to the Chudley Cannons. Each session lasts three hours and helps the child develop the necessary skills. Each course has a different level of difficulty. Check with your local team to see if they have one of these courses available for your son.

My fiancé and I are looking for a place to go on honeymoon, as our wedding is only six weeks away, but we are stuck for options as there seem to be many interesting places to visit.
~ Soppy and in Love

Dear Soppy and in Love,
Congratulations! Planning a wedding isn't easy at all! And picking the right honeymoon destination is the cherry on top of the cake for ending the perfect wedding. There is a package holiday to Romania where you can watch the dragons in their natural habitat, and at this time of year, you will be able to watch this year's eggs hatch! For something a bit less adventurous, there is a trip available to Hungary that takes you around all of the beautiful streets and buildings of both Muggle and Wizardkind alike, as well as a trip to the world-renowned Bjornson Brewery where the award-winning butterbeer is created.

I have four children either starting at Hogwarts or moving into the next year in September, and each September the first is a living hell in our household. Do you have any tips to help us?
~ Flustered and Panicking

Dear Flustered and Panicking,
Whatever you do, make sure all trunks are packed the night before. Never put it off because that is when things tend to go downhill. Make lists for each of your children to tick off as they pack and then double check it for them. Don't have a going away party the night before they leave. Hold one a couple of days before in order to make sure they are well-rested to get to the train on time. Always make sure you arrive at King's Cross at least thirty minutes early to allow your children to find a seat and get settled. But mostly, it all boils down to luck and planning!

I can't wait to go back to Hogwarts! My trunk is already packed, and my homework is complete, it's just now I don't know what to do. I've read all the textbooks for this year, and I`m ready to begin.
~ The Faithful Student

Dear Faithful Student,
Wow! That is very impressive. In order to help your summer blues, there is a sale going on at Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley, where they have a range of books to help further your education, maybe even help you discover what you want to do for a career. There are also various educational internships within the Ministry of Magic that are still up and can be applied to by sending an owl to Madam Minion in the Department of Education.

By Joy Skeeter

Have I got news for you!

Welcome to a new edition of the Daily Prophet's Starburst, dear readers! We have really juicy news to impart unto all of you, and my god, it's so juicy - it's dripping.

The Wizarding World was shocked when a man had come forward claiming to be the long-lost son of Albus Dumbledore! Oh, my Merlin! Could this be true?

The man, a 58-year-old Irish farmer said that he only found out about his heritage after finding a box of correspondence, some fifty letters, between Albus Dumbledore and his mother. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a visit to the Ministry of Magic to inquire about the former Hogwarts Headmaster.

After further digging, we found out that the man in question was raised in a Muggle household, and having never seen magic before, let alone know about the famous wizard, the gentleman stumbled upon the Ministry from the information he gathered from the letters. Sleuth-y creature, isn't he?

When explained about magic and the wizarding community, the man had a tough time soaking it all in. He left the Ministry even more confused than when he first came in! The poor thing!

Now, the big question – is it true? Is it a hoax? A case of mistaken identity?

In all honesty, do you know anyone else named Albus Percival Brian Wulfric Dumbledore? By the way, the man in question got the name correct, down to the last word. If he is indeed raised in a Muggle home and cannot perform magic himself, how would he know about the deceased Headmaster if not from the letters his mother had written?

One thing that remains a mystery is the fact that we all know that the deceased Headmaster never had affiliations with women, or at least not publically. The general consensus was that he was more interested in pursuing knowledge and teaching young minds than finding a wife. However, with Rita Skeeter's excellent exposé, we can't help but wonder, what about Gellert Grindelwald?

Was this some secret affair that the world never knew about? Or is there a more sinister plot to claim the great wizard's vast fortune that was left behind? It was estimated that Albus Dumbledore had amassed a respectable amount of galleons and rare items that were left behind. Aside from the things that he passed on to Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, there are still a number of items worth faking your ancestry for.

The Starburst team will be covering this unprecedented event for new developments or resolution. After all, we are all curious about the supposed lady who was the alleged love interest of the great Dumbledore!

This is Joy Skeeter for Starburst, Daily Prophet. Until the next juicy morsel!

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, my sweet darlings! It's Aunt Edna with a review of a family clock. They've burst into popularity, known as a wonderful way to keep track of those rebellious teenagers who enjoy breaking your carefully thought-out rules and sneaking out to mess with who knows what! The popular family clock, ordered through owls and found in stores, is said to be the answer.

The clock is customized to fit your family's needs. You choose a variety of locations to see if your family member is there. It automatically comes with the locations of home, death, and work. You can include up to ten other locations for free and then add each new location for two galleons. Your clock can hold up to five free family members, with each extra being five galleons. (A bit pricey due to the customized enchantment, but I assure you, it's well worth it!) Minors must have parents agree to add them. Wizards and witches over seventeen must agree for their own addition. (Due to the magical nature of the clocks, Muggles are unable to be added.)

Never one to follow the hype, I decided to check out this fad for myself! I convinced my husband to do it with me and we purchased our own family clock! I added myself, my husband Adrian, my teenage daughter Sophie, and my son Malcolm. Along with the automatic locations of home, death, and work, our clock held the locations of Hogwarts, friend's house, trouble, and shopping. (Unsurprisingly, Sophie's hand often stayed on shopping.)

The clock has kept wonderful track of all of us, even calming me and Adrian one night when Malcolm was late coming home. His hand being on friend's house was what led us to check his best friend's house before panicking. The clock even helped us catch Sophie sneaking out one night to attend a party we'd forbidden her from going to. There are even more instances of the clock aiding us in keeping safe track of our children.

I highly recommend the clock to all families. I promise that it will be quite reassuring to look at the wall and see exactly where your child or loved one is. Bravo to the Enchanting Time company for such a marvelous product. The price is well worth the comfort and security you'll feel and changing locations and family members are a steal at three galleons. There is a two-year warranty on each sale, returnable with a complete refund if you dislike the product.

It's such a bargain that the stock is slowly dwindling. I couldn't bear to keep you from such an item, so I'll sign off with a warning. Order it soon or you'll be left without one! (At checkout, offer code DProphet will give you forty percent off!) Goodbye, my darlings!


Hello from the kitchen. Today, I am making a drink that will guarantee good luck. Before I tell you how to make it, though, I must thank Rosanna Pansino and Mamrie Hart because they're the ones who came up with the recipe. (Honestly, I haven't got an inch of food-making talent in me.)
Anyway, this is how to make the delicious and (hopefully) lucky Felix Felicis.
There are two ways to make this drink. The first way has no alcohol. If you are under-aged, like me, then this is the drink for you. Contrary to the first, the second does include alcohol. Let's get started with the non-alcoholic one!

Things You Will Need:
- 1 hand juicer
- 1 jigger
- 1 shaker
- A few glasses


- 1 bottle of lemonade
- 1 bottle of white grape juice
- 3 fresh lemons
- 1 bag of gold sanding sugar
- 1 bottle of simple syrup
- Some ice

1. Juice the lemons using the hand juicer. To do that, cut the lemons in half, then twist the lemon on the juicer.
2. Rim the glasses with gold sanding sugar. Take your glass and dip the top in a bowl of simple syrup, then dip it in the bowl of gold sanding sugar.
3. Pour two (2) ounces of lemonade into your shaker.
4. Pour one (1) ounce of grape juice into your shaker.
5. Pour one-half (1/2) ounce of lemon juice into your shaker.
6. Add some ice cubes into your shaker.
7. Shake the shaker to mix everything together for as long as you'd like.
8. Pour it into your glass.
9. Enjoy, and feel the luck!


- 1 bottle of triple sec
- 1 bottle of vodka
- 3 fresh lemons
- 1 bag of gold sanding sugar
- 1 bottle of simple syrup
- Some ice

1. Juice the lemons using the hand juicer. To do that, cut the lemons in half, then twist the lemon on the juicer.
2. Rim the glasses with gold sanding sugar. Take your glass and dip the top in a bowl of simple syrup, then dip it in the bowl of gold sanding sugar.
3. Pour one-and-a-half (1 1/2) ounces of vodka into your shaker.
4. Pour one-half (1/2) ounce of triple sec into your shaker.
5. Pour one-half (1/2) ounce of lemon juice into your shaker.
6. Add some ice cubes into your shaker.
7. Shake the shaker to mix everything together for as long as you'd like.
8. Pour it into your glass.
9. Enjoy, and feel the luck!



Hello everybody! With lots of new events and happenings here on HEX lately, it was hard to pinpoint what topic to ask different Hexians. However, with the current HEX Games ongoing, I figured it would be something interesting to ask people. Whether it's what they feel about the HEX Games in general, or what their favorite event so far is, let's find out what our fellow Hexians have to say about it!

The HEX Games is a perfect event to run over the summertime. Especially now with the Olympics going on, which was probably the point all along. I like all of the different kinds of activities that are associated with the event, even though I do not get to participate in as many as I would like to. While it is not my favorite HEX event, it is still quite interesting to see all of the games and how they progress through the weeks.
~ Rikke, Slytherin

My favorite event from HEX Games 2016 would be the Dueling Tourney. I might have lost due to a technicality, but it was still fun. I was not able to post within 24 hrs. Anyway, I hope there will be another HEX Games in the future. I also like My Legacy, the parts not involving puzzles, because I am not good in those. I am loving the prizes and the challenge in Just keep fishing, fishing, fishing. I hope I can move on to the second round. All in all, it has been another fun event.
~ Gemz Bond, Ravenclaw

I'm really enjoying the Games. It's nice that there is a game for everyone - RP, writing, graphics, singing, puzzles, participation even. And I'm really loving all the canon characters coming out to chat and interact with us. It keeps everything fresh and exciting.
~ lilyleia78, Hufflepuff

I am enjoying the Games and like the variety of contests. I'm currently writing entries for Gobstone Tales. The Exploding Snap was a cool contest, too. I appreciate the time and effort that went into creating all the activities!
~ Spike Snape, Slytherin

I really enjoy the HEX games, although the games that have multiple parts are kinda confusing. And I can see new users getting dismayed at having to pass Heat 1, which may have ended before they joined. So I guess that is my least favorite part of the Games. The "My Legacy" games are definitely my favorite. Maybe it's the laziness in me, but I like how they are fairly simple, although dueling was pretty fun too! Even though my luck knocked me out in round one!
Also, seeing canon characters roaming around is nice. Even if I don't really chat, I like to see others happy and excited to see them. :3 I am definitely excited to see what other games are hosted for the remaining weeks of HEX Games!
~ Brit, Gryffindor

There you have it, everybody! It looks like our users have different means of enjoying the HEX Games and different reasons on why they feel that way. What about you? What do YOU think of the HEX Games, and what's YOUR favorite event?



Cassandra Lovegood
Lee Ainee

Rachel McAdams

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