By Rosie_may

London is in a panic. The Ministry of Magic is working around the clock to find the culprit behind the murders taking place in the East End and along the London docks. According to Daily-Prophet sources, the first murder took place on the 12th of July. The other murders have taken place exactly four days after, every time, and with the body count at six, the Ministry is frantic to close-in on the killer. Rumours are appearing about the possible rise of a new magical cult with a hedonistic leader, demanding sacrifices as an inauguration for new members. Others say it’s a madman wielding a wand. There are those who think it’s the return of the Tweel Twins, the notorious murderers who fled to Europe a decade ago, or maybe even a copycat killer, trying to frame them.

What the Daily Prophet does know, is that these killings do have similarities to those of the Tweel Twins. However, there is evidence to suggest that they may not be working alone, or that there’s a new player looking to scare the magical community into believing that they have returned.

At a press hearing this morning, the spokesperson for the Auror Office, Alexander Flynn, had this to say about the murders: “We cannot confirm nor deny that the Tweel Twins have returned to London. Their last known sighting was a little over three months ago near the Russian border. What we do know about these murders is that the M.O. does seem to fit their kill pattern. All of the victims are male, well-to-do wizards, who have ties to companies and businesses in the Muggle world. The ages of the men have ranged from late teens to sixty-years-old, a pattern that we are trying to figure out. We have many leads to investigate, and at this time, this is all we can tell the press. I assure you, the Ministry of Magic is doing everything it can to find the perpetrator of these crimes and to bring them to justice.”

Reassuring … or so the public is led to believe. However, a contact of ours inside the Ministry had this to say: “They have no clue who is behind this. But they have damning evidence to say that it’s not the Tweel Twins. The higher ups are using their identities to try and cover up the real horrors of this story. By blaming them, it gives the public something to focus on. And it’s not six murders, it’s nine. They’re trying to keep it all hushed up for as long as they can.”

Our source, who will not be named, is a trusted well of information, and their information is always correct. So, why is the Ministry hiding this from the public? Why are they blaming the Tweel Twins? And why, just why, are they refusing to name any of the wizards killed? We’ll be keeping our readers up to date with this story as it unfolds.

By Rosie_may

For over a century, Darklington’s Magical Supplies have filled the shops throughout Diagon Alley, and form its own flagship store in the centre of Wizarding London. But now, the final curtain seems to be closing as the company spirals down through debt, in-fighting, and fraud, leaving the company little more than a shell of what it once was.

In the year 1901, Edward Darklington, a recent graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had an idea to build a company that serviced the many needs of his fellow Witches and Wizards by filling the shops with magical products. He used his life savings to purchase an old factory on the outskirts of London, and together with a couple of friends, they built the empire we know today as Darklighton’s Magical Supplies. When Edward died in 1986, the store was left to his grandson. He took the business to even greater heights, but after his untimely death, and with his children too young to take control of the store, it passed to his uncle, a man with a reputation and slippery fingers.

The decline of the business was gradual, barely noticeable until three years ago when Alfred Darklington was arrested by the Ministry on charges of fraud and embezzlement. From there it spiralled, down and down. Its stocks became worthless, and the newspapers reported on accidents caused by the products the company had created, three of which had ended in the death of customers, three house fires, and the severance of a witch’s leg. With the company in chaos, the board of directors in charge was too involved with in-fighting, backstabbing, and greed to care about the company, and today it faces its closure. With only two months left to turn it all around, it’s fallen onto the eldest daughter of Edward to take over the running of the company.

“It’s not easy,” she said. “My dad loved this company, and he worked hard every day to make it grow stronger and to help the wizards and witches who purchased our products. Because of my great-uncle and a board of greedy idiots, we may lose it all. I have a fight ahead of me to save my family’s legacy, and I will do whatever it takes to do so. I turned twenty-one a week ago, and my first order was to sack the board of directors, start afresh, and see if we can get things back on track, and quickly. I will not lose this. I’m a Darklington, and I will restore pride to my family’s name.”

With plans for the future, Alyssa Darklington may be the only one left who can turn the company around.

By Thundercat123

Howdy, readers! Today I’m here to tell you all about the fun time I had in Ireland with the Leprechauns!

It's August. To the Irish, that means checking everything twice, having protection spells up, and practising Old Moody’s words: “Constant vigilance!” That is because August is the time Leprechauns find their mates. How do you think those impish creatures might impress the ladies? Pranks!

Just in the past few days, there have been 23 cases of broken property, 57 cases of loud noises, and 3 cases of floating parade floats going into people’s houses. I went out on the streets to see if I could find the most fun pranks.

Edith Frankfort had this to say:
“I’ve lived in Ireland my whole life. And this is my least favourite time o’ the year. Even as a girl, I’d say ‘get away’ to those green hoodlums! Do you know what they did to me this year? Turned all my cabbages into cotton candy! Cotton candy! How am I to feed my kids with cotton candy stew, I ask you?”

Charles Johns lives a few blocks down from Ms Franfort. He said:
“I don’t know why you’re askin’ me about those demons. They like to make a fuss about ‘tourism’ [heavily sarcastic] but I have no use for ‘em. Leprechauns or tourists! My wife and I try to get a full eight hours of sleep, but those darn things did somethin’ to the walls. If they register snoring, the walls start blasting the Irish National Anthem. Now I’m patriotic mind, but I need sleep. Let them tourists take a couple home with ‘em and see if they like ‘em then.”

The mayor of a small town, Jenny Gingers of Hoblesk, sang a different tune:
“Oh, they are so cute. You hear that tinkle of laughter and know you have a fun time coming! Just yesterday, a little girl was walking by and dropped her ice cream. One of the Leprechauns turned that melted mush into a group of balloons for her! Today, I saw a building flashing fun colours, and two days ago, they planted new trees. They are rather…special, but oxygen is very important. in all shapes and sizes.”

I tried to get a comment from one of the Leprechauns themselves, but I was unable to. The closest I got was a raspberry blown at me through a window of a speeding car, but I’m sure you readers get the picture without it!

So, if you are travelling in August, you either want to run straight for Ireland or avoid it at all costs. I guess it depends on what kind of holiday you want.

Until next time.

By Dragon_rider2637

As a fairly experienced traveller, I know that planning for the changes in the weather of your destination can be very difficult. This is something that was reiterated to me recently - very recently, in fact. I write to you today from the beautiful Vancouver Island in Canada, where I have been vacationing since the beginning of the month. I will, of course, return to my home in the United States before many of you are able to read this article, but keep in mind that it was written in the midst of my joys and my sufferings. So begins my narrative.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It was the hottest of times; it was the most sweltering of times. It was Canada. I know that at this point, you must be thinking that I'm either sadly mistaken or utterly crazy, but let me explain myself before you jump to conclusions.

It was early in the morning on the 3rd of August when I checked out of my comfortable hotel in Nanaimo, British Columbia. As I handed over my key card and thanked the hotel manager, he warned me to stay hydrated, since it was going to be a very hot day. Though I listened to his words, I disregarded them, thinking that it never got that warm in Canada.

The day did get warmer, however - much warmer. As I went about my business, sampling delicious Nanaimo Bars and enjoying the gentle breeze at the wharf, the sun pounded down all around me. Confused by the trickle of sweat running down my back, I found a bench in the shade and sat down to rest. Unfortunately, no amount of reprieve from the sun could save me from the rapidly-rising air temperature.

By the time noon came around, I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to climb into my air-conditioned car and head off to my next destination. When I arrived in Port Alberni, I found that it was even hotter there. The temperature had hit 98 °F (36.8 °C) and was still going up. Heat seemed to roll off of the pavement like shimmering waves of scalding liquid. Being from a fairly warm region, I have always thought that I was accustomed to more extreme temperatures, but this was awful. The heat from the sun, coupled with the increase in humidity, was nearly unbearable.

Because one of the major reasons I had journeyed to Vancouver Island in the first place was the promise of nice temperatures, I decided to do a little research on Port Alberni that night. I found that due to a pocket of high pressure, a large amount of heat was trapped in. Additionally, I learned that the high temperature had broken a record. It was just my luck to arrive there on one of the hottest days in recorded history, I suppose.

So be warned, fellow travellers, and do your research on your destination before you are faced with a heat wave. Learn from my mistakes and don't make the same ones on your next international adventure.

By Rosie_may

Three days ago, Ministry of Magic officials went to the polls to decide on a new head for the Auror Office, and today, the votes were tallied and the new leader was chosen. Magnus McIntyre was the dark horse of the competition - the man thought to be an outsider on all the polls - but he snagged victory from the favourite, Leonard Smalling, with a landslide victory that had something to do with the mysterious messages the Ministry had received about Smalling’s apparent rule breaking, extra-curricular activities, and the missing funds from the Auror Office. We don’t know for certain, but they certainly didn’t help. Some have even gone as far to say that the notes were left by McIntyre himself to take his opponent out of the running, but all spells used to test the notes for any trace of his magic have come back negative.

So, what do we know about Magnus McIntyre? Quite a bit, actually. Born to parents William and Agatha, the twenty-eight-year-old had a dazzling school career: a Gryffindor; captain of the Quidditch team; Wizards Chess champion; duelling champion; reaching the national finals three years running, before finally taking the first-place trophy; and achieveing Outstanding in all his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. Outside of Hogwarts, he started training to be an Auror and graduated at eighteen - one of the youngest to do so - and has over thirty highly-recognised arrests on his records. He’s a family man, having married his Hogwarts sweetheart at nineteen, has two young children, with a third on the way, and lives in a modest home.

The question remains: why would someone so perfect on paper be accused of divulging sensitive material about an opponent, instead of playing fair? There are a few reasons. The first: it’s a way for Smalling to get back at him for winning the vote. The rumours started only hours after McIntyre was announced as Minister for Magic. With all of the controversy surrounding Smalling, no one would be surprised if that were true. Another could be that it’s the truth; desperation, pride, and want can make people do strange things. The third: McIntyre’s cousin, Edgar Murphy, is currently spending life imprisonment in Azkaban for the murder of twelve Muggles, two of whom happen to be related to workers at the Ministry.

Until the rumours are confirmed or denied, or simply swept under the carpet, we won’t know for certain. All we can do is sit back and see how the new head of the Auror Office does. We’ll be keeping you all up-to-date on this over the next few weeks, including the upcoming trial of Leonard Smalling.

By Japanthony

Hello to all you Daily Prophet readers!

This month, I've been tasked with the sports update - which to be honest slightly terrifies me. I know next to nothing about sport in general, but for the sake of a high-quality article, I've done a little bit of research. Since there isn't really much sport happening on HEX at the moment, I've been looking into the Quidditch Tournament currently taking place in the Wizarding World!

It's been a pretty slow month in terms of games, with only two major matches taking place. The first was between the Appleby Arrows and the Holyhead Harpies. This game was crucial, as it provided the first chance for the Arrows to reach the top of the leader board, or at least be on track to aim for it! All they had to do was win by a margin of 150 points or more, meaning that they had to be at least equal on points before the Snitch was caught. It was a fairly big task, and it made for a nail-biting game.

Almost as soon as the Quaffle was released, the Harpies scored, which put the Arrows on the back-foot. After about half an hour, the Harpies had managed to get to 60 points, and the Arrows had pulled ahead to 70. Disaster nearly struck when the Harpies’ Seeker made an attempt on the Snitch, but this bold move alerted the Arrows Seeker, who nabbed it at the last second, giving them the much-needed win! The final score ended up at 220-60 to the Arrows.

The second major game was between the Chudley Cannons and the Montrose Magpies. However, this was important for a different reason. Both teams have had an abysmal season so far and were lingering at the bottom of the leader board. The winner of this game would be allowed to remain on the leader board with a slim possibility of moving up, but the loser would be officially unable to proceed with the tournament, as there was no way of progressing. So, it was an all-or-nothing game for the both of them!

The game started slowly, with neither team scoring successfully for a fairly long time. The Cannons substituted a Chaser and they gained themselves the first points of the game. This seemed to kick-start the action, and soon the teams were both putting away the points. After an hour or so, the Cannons were on 80 and the Magpies on 90, so it was all still up-for-grabs. Speaking of grabs, the Cannons’ Seeker made a grab for the Snitch, but came up fruitless. This led to another 10 minutes of unsuccessful scoring on both sides, before the Magpies’ Seeker finally saw an opportunity. The Cannons’ Seeker attempted to intervene, but it was all too late. The Magpies won the game with a score of 240-80 and secured themselves another game in the season!

With these two games under our belts, the leader board is sure to continue shifting, and I'm certain that next month we'll have a much better picture of where everyone sits. See you in the next issue!

By Snowleetah

This month, HEX has been alive with summer freedom! From travelling the world over in the Arts & Graphics Forum, to travelling through a completely different world over in the Role-Play Central, to staying at home and taking your exams (wait, what?), there’s something for everyone. Read on to start your adventures …

HEX’s Next Top Graphic Designer

Are you a creative person? Fancy yourself a bit of a graphics whiz? What about the chance at earning yourself some awesome prizes, and the respect of your peers for years to come? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then this year’s Graphic Designer competition is right up your street! Check out the Applications Thread for more information.

If your answer is a resounding “no”, then never fear! The much-loved Audience Raffle is back to give everyone the chance at participating in the fun. Don’t hang about – head on over there right now to see for yourself!

RPC Updates

Grab your mirrors, prepare for the unknown, and head on down to the Role-Play Central to see for yourself just what is happening. The world seems to have turned back-to-front in August’s Roleplay of the Month: A Life Lived Backwards. At the same time, it appears that your favourite book and film characters aren’t quite ready to accept their fate over in the RP Freestyle: Reflections.

Does the promise of Galleons and House Points not tickle your fancy? Check out the Participation Raffle to see which shiny prizes could be yours by the end of the month!


Over in the HINT Forums, the staff are trying out story-telling, except it seems as though they’re struggling to work out the finer details. If you fancy yourself as an author, or just like the idea of being able to influence another person’s writing, then check out HINTory to take the poll and have your say!

Arts & Graphics

With HEX’s Next Top Graphic Designer running wild in the A&G Forum this month, you might think that the Moderators have their hands full. Think again! This month’s Graphics Challenge gives you the opportunity to roleplay at being a travel agent, while the Writing Challenge is for those with a blogging heart.

Not feeling intrigued? Well, at least take the time to check out the stunning Artwork of the Month, created by the talented Christinagrande007. Trust me – it’s worth a view!

Grounds Forums

With yet more travelling in mind, it seems that the Ilvermorny students have arrived here at Hogwarts. While the pupils get to know each other, the teachers have their own ideas in mind. Ever wanted to try your hand at roleplaying Newt Scamander himself? Then this month’s Grounds Roleplaying Competition, Across the Atlantic, is waiting for you!

Are you more of a chatty person? Want to get to know the opinions of your fellow Hogwarts students? Stop by the Bi-Weekly Chat Thread to have your say.

Magical Education Madness

Ever found yourself hating summer so much that you want to take your exams? …No? Well, no matter! Take some time out of your day to visit the Entrance Hall and sign up, anyway – there are special surprises in-store for you, if you do! If you’d prefer to be the one handing out the tests, then you’re in luck: Magical Education is currently looking for professors to teach the graduate students. You’re going to need all of your patience to deal with those pesky pupils, but if you fancy a challenge, then you can find out more here.

Finally, Teaching Assistant applications are also open. Do you have an affinity for paperwork and grading homework? Then, aside from being a little strange, you’ve found your perfect position! Find out more in this thread.

July Daily Prophet Contest: Majority Rules Winners

We would like to thank everyone that participated in this month's contest. These contests would not be as great as they are without your participation. A big congratulations to the winners of the Daily Prophet's July Contest: Majority Rules. They are:

Hannah Abbott

There we have it. Chosen your adventures yet? Don’t delay; school is fast approaching, so make the most of your summer while you still can!

By Snowleetah

Dear Daily Prophet,
I'm so upset now that school has broken up. I've finished all my homework, I miss the dormitories, and the Muggle libraries just don't have the books I want to study! How can I keep sane when I don't have anything academic to do!?
~ Homesick for Hogwarts

Dear Homesick for Hogwarts,
This is quite the conundrum: most students are glad to be away from their homework, and typically they don’t crave further lessons. Instead of dwelling on what you miss, why not focus your mind on all the things that frustrate you about Hogwarts? The very early start, the long days, Potions class … That’s bound to make you glad to be free from school life!

Should you still feel the urge to learn, you could always send mail to Minerva McGonagall repeatedly and non-stop over the summer. I’m sure she’d be more than happy to send you plenty of homework to keep you occupied.

Dear Daily Prophet,
What should I do if my parents are allergic to owls, cats, toads, and any other types of pets that we’re allowed to bring with us to Hogwarts? Unfortunately, I don’t really like pet rocks …
~ Pet-less Pet-Lover

Dear Pet-less Pet-Lover,
Fortunately for you, your parents aren’t going to be around at Hogwarts, so you can still bring a pet with you to school. If you do choose to bring one of the aforementioned creatures with you to Hogwarts, you could always leave them in the care of a trusted friend over the summer. I’ve also heard it said that there are a number of potions that you can brew to give your parents resistance to their allergies (providing, of course, that they are not Muggles).

Otherwise, the Magical Menagerie on Diagon Alley sells very appealing pet rocks; maybe they can change your opinion on owning one.

Dear Daily Prophet,
I have a guitar that I love, but I think that it's haunted: it keeps playing even when I'm not strumming the strings. It does sound pretty good, though. What should I do?
~ Ghostly Guitarist

Dear Ghostly Guitarist,
If your guitar sounds hauntingly entrancing, I would definitely suggest leaving it as it is – this could be your one ticket to fame! I’ve heard rumours that the Weird Sisters’ guitarist also uses a possessed instrument, hence why they play so fantastically. Do you know if the guitar is haunted itself, or whether a ghostly spirit lurks within the strings? Should the latter be the case, you could always try composing an eerie duet with your newfound friend.

Of course, you could always make hundreds of Galleons by selling the guitar – but where’s the fun in that?

Dear Daily Prophet,
This month, I’ve actually been invited to a beach party – who’d have thought that it would be me? Of course, I’ve never been to a party before … or a beach, for that matter. Do you have any recommendations for how a quiet witch like me can stay afloat in a crowd of party animals?
~ Drowning in Nerves

Dear Drowning in Nerves,
It’s natural to feel a little panicky before your first party, but never fear! Just grab your wand and impress your fellow partygoers with some awesome spell-work - it’s bound to go down a treat. Of course, if these people are actually Muggles, you can probably expect a couple of Ministry officials to gatecrash your party.

If you don’t fancy spending the next few years in Azkaban, you could always opt to wear an epic costume, like a shark outfit. I guarantee that you’ll be the most popular person there!

Dear Daily Prophet,
Summer only means one thing to me: music festivals! Usually, I visit them with my friends and have a blast; this year, however, everyone is on holiday, leaving just my family and I. My parents have offered to take me to a music festival later this month, but I’m worried that they might cramp my style. Should I go with them, or stay at home for the whole season?
~ Living for the Music

Dear Living for the Music,
You definitely have to go; never turn down the opportunity to visit a music festival! Many people also take their parents (you should know if you go frequently), so you won’t be the only person under adult supervision. Take the time to enjoy this outing and get to know your parents’ musical tastes. Who knows - you may have a lot more in common than you think! Still worried about having your reputation ruined? Buy your parents some fashionable new clothes so that they fit right in at the festival. Just remember to keep them away from any dance floors!

By Seza Silverwolf

Now, dear readers, I assure you that the situation I found myself in last night was by no means something that happens often. It was sometime after spending a long day at the Daily Prophet office, when I decided I needed a Firewhiskey, or quite possibly more than one. Like I said, it does not happen often.

I had recently found a new bar near the office that looked like a respectable enough establishment, so I felt it necessary to check it out. After what might have been my third drink - I am not entirely sure - I saw something quite surprising. I was, and remain, completely positive that I saw the esteemed Celestina Warbeck enter this bar. I am almost certain it was not the Firewhiskey that made me imagine it. It was definitely real.

The wonderful Celestina had indeed entered the bar, and not alone, might I add. She walked in with someone who was most definitely not her husband, Irving Warble. Who this man was still eludes me, even completely sober, and I wonder what this little meeting could have been about. Does Mr Warble know about this meeting? Or is this a secret meeting that she has kept from her husband?

I admit, the entire time Celestina and this mystery man were inside the bar, they did nothing to arouse suspicion. In fact, they seemed to be a pair of good friends just out for a drink, laughing together, and they were clearly not trying to hide anything. She was not wearing any attempt at a disguise to hide from any fans, though this makes me suspicious enough to think that maybe I was seeing things. No celebrity in their right mind would walk into a bar without at least attempting to hide - unless, of course, it was a bar full of other celebrities.

The more I write, the more I think I really was imagining things. However, wouldn’t that be something if what I saw was right? It is common knowledge that Celestina is on her third husband - who is to say that she is not hunting for her fourth? I mean, honestly, I am pretty sure I did not have that much to drink. Though this is her longest marriage, you never know what can happen when the woman has already divorced two other men who may or may not be heartbroken for life. She is a world class celebrity in the Wizarding World, after all.

Though perhaps I should leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide whether what I saw was just my drunken, though not very drunk, imagination. I swear - I did not have that much to drink.

By Char

Hello, everybody, it's Aunt Edna here! This month, all over HEX, we have been commemorating the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. As such, I figured what better way to remember that momentous occasion then by applying some of the spellwork there to daily life situations, right? I mean, it's the best way to keep your house in check and to keep it tidy and organized!

No, I'm not kidding - I have tried all of these!

1. Expelliarmus

The Disarming spell is a great way to prevent your opponents from using their wands. If successful, you're able to disarm them, and hopefully, they don't have enough non-verbal magic to attack you back. However, did you know that you can use Expelliarmus on several types of furniture at home? If your house is in a mess because you had some weird duel that happened there or some other weird thing, and everything's scattered on the floor, just Expelliarmus them and they'll (hopefully) flick back to place! Just make sure you don't use it on an arm chair because you might dis-arm the sofa. Get it, get it? Disarm...sofa...? Hahahaha!

2. Accio

Yes, the ever-present Accio is always needed if you can't find something you're looking for. Of course, this means it's inevitable that this spell can be used at home. When you realize you have lost something, or you can't find your spatula to create that wonderful Krabby Patty secret formula (oh wait, you don't do this? Whoops!), Accio is the way to go!

3. Petrificus Totalus

Petrificus Totalus is used to body-bind your victim and make them fall to the ground. However, this can also be used for your furniture! When you've been using magic to let your household objects do your chores, but there's one object being stubborn and not doing its job, just body-bind it, and the object will fall to the ground! Of course, there is no guarantee that this won't destroy the object completely or make it crack or break if it is fragile, but at least it stops whatever it's doing, right? Isn't that what matters?

4. Protego

Protego is used to protect ourselves from an onslaught of attacks from anyone trying to harm us. Did you know, though, that you can also use Protego to protect yourself from the dust being collected at home? If you're just too tired to clean or do the majority of the cleaning work yourself, just sit back, relax, and cast a Protego Charm. That way, you protect yourself from any dust falling on you. Since Protego is just one-sided, it might not completely protect you from the dust surrounding you. Perhaps a Protego Maxima or Protego Totalum can help you, in that aspect.

5. Lumos

Last but not least, we have the Lumos spell! Perfect for if you need to see through dark and not-too-well-lit places. Also perfect if your light is busted! What if your light gets busted, but you're just too lazy to go to a Muggle store to buy a new one, or you're too lazy to repair it manually? Well, I've got the spell for you! You can just use your wand to light up your room instead! Because it could light up your world like nobody else, right? RIGHT? Sure, you could use a Muggle flashlight instead, but where's the fun in being able to insert that into tighter spaces a flashlight can't fit into if you end up losing something? What better way to find out if other places are dirty, so you can get even more cleaning done!

Aaaaand there you have it! Five usually-used-for-duels-or-battles spells that could be used for things around your house instead! Better try it out before everyone else starts doing it!

P.S. Explosion of furniture or objects might occur and could harm you. Use the spells at your own risk, as I will not be blamed if surprising or unlikely effects end up occurring. These are cool ways to use spells, but you never know what might happen, too!

By Desiree Snow

Dear readers, I would like to be honest with you: I can't cook to save my life, which is why it came as an immense shock to find myself with this topic. Now, I won't even try to teach you anything out of my own limited pool of cooking knowledge. I mean, I could teach you how to toast bread, but what kind of recipe article would that turn out to be, right?

Instead, I'll share with you the recipe my mother taught me just this morning. It is called Afritadang Manok, or Stewed Chicken in Tomato Sauce.

  • 1 potato, cut in quarters
  • 1 carrot, chopped/diced
  • 1 red or green bell pepper, sliced into thin strips
  • 1/2 cup green peas
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 3-4 cups water
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 250g tomato sauce
  • 1/2 kilo chicken wings/breasts

  1. Preheat pan with oil.
  2. Cook potatoes until they are a slightly darker shade, but not yet fully cooked. Remove from heat and let dry.
  3. Slowly fry onions, followed by garlic, in the same pan.
  4. Mix in the bell peppers and green peas.
  5. Mix in the chicken and stir occasionally until they are coated with the oil. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes with occasional stirring.
  6. Add the water and wait until it boils. Add just enough water to cover all of the chicken without fully submerging it (mid-level). Stir occasionally.
  7. Once the water is boiling, add the tomato sauce. Stir occasionally and wait until it boils.
  8. Add the potatoes and carrots. Mix and leave to cook till the potatoes are soft enough to be speared.
  9. Season with salt/pepper.
  10. Serves 3-4 people.

The time I gave is an estimate. My mother would usually just leave the pan and dust or sweep, then come back to continue cooking. I don't think I learned to cook per se, but I did learn something about cooking. I learned that it isn't an exact science (like baking), and a lot of it is really guess work and just "knowing" what to do.

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, HEXians! As you have probably noticed, there have been quite a few events going on around Hogwarts Extreme right now. The biggest ones may be the Debates (of which your favourite Daily Prophet reporter, hint, is participating in) and HEX’s Next Top Graphic Designer, both of which are site-wide events at the moment. So, I decided to get the scoop on what some HEXians are thinking of the events!

“Debates are going great! It's interesting to read through everything and see how much dedication some people put in. As for the Graphics Designer competition, I'd like to wish my best to everyone who applies! It's a tough competition, but it's also amazing! Wish I had the skills to apply, but I know a few friends who are entering. Let me just say: you're all very talented!”
~ Chaotic Cam, Ravenclaw

“Well, I've been MIA for awhile now on HEX and just came back in these last couple of months. To me, it was a welcome surprise to see the debates. I've never really been fond of debates in-person, but the way that this is formatted makes it interesting for me to read through and spectate. Plus, with the topics and how each user takes on said topic, it can be very thought-provoking. As for the current graphic designer competition, I think it's amazing and can't wait to see the entries. I'm not much of a graphic designer myself, so I'm always impressed and amazed by what people can pull off.”
~ CuriousLolita, Hufflepuff

“Honestly, I’m not a fan of the Debates. I think it’s unfair that the results are randomized, because it seems pointless to me. Why am I going to put any effort into it when the results will be random either way? It’s completely unfair. I tried graphic design and it got on my nerves because it’s long and boring. But good luck to everyone entering!”
~ ScreamingInColor, Gryffindor

…After my lovely sister’s response (perhaps I should have asked when she was in a better mood?), I’d like to say that the Daily Prophet does not necessarily agree with what each of these users said - partly because the Daily Prophet is made up of varied and diverse users, and partly because we want all users to feel like their opinions are valid here. And, of course, if we take a side, we risk the other side not wanting to read our paper. Kidding, just kidding!

Anyways, that’s it for this month’s “On the Streets”! Definitely check out some of the Debates, as round four should start soon, and there’s even an activity for non-debaters. Also, try applying for HEX’s Next Top Graphic Designer. I’ll see you all next month! Bye for now!




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