By Cassandra Lovegood

Once again, Cupid the Heart Stealer has struck again. Late last night, Aurors received a Floo Call from a frightened neighbour who said that she’d heard screaming. Aurors were immediately dispatched to the scene, where they’d found a grisly crime scene.

PlayWizard model Victoria Loverwood was found dead in her home, yet another victim of Cupid. The witch was found in the scarlet gown that she’d modelled for last year’s fashion show for Taylor’s Witches’ Dresses. However, the gown’s colour wasn’t just from Taylor’s amazing dyes, but from the witch’s blood.

The same as the other victims, Victoria’s heart had been cut out of her chest. Her living room had been decorated as if preparing for a date, with a table set for two with two candles. Cupid’s signature, a rose, was placed in the wavy dark tresses that Victoria was known for. There were signs of a struggle, however, with signs of DNA under Victoria’s chipped and broken nails.

Aurors have encouraged anyone who might know something to come forward. This morning, they released a description of the killer to major news articles and radio stations. We’ve quoted the entire message for all of our readers to have.

“The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is urging that citizens stay on the lookout for any suspicious characters and to stay safe. The serial killer is known as Cupid, the Heart Stealer has been killing dark haired women in their twenties by cutting their hearts out of their chest and taking them with him. He lures in his victims by flirting with them and asking them on a date, where he then attacks them. Due to an eyewitness account, he is a tall wizard with dark brown hair, pale skin, and dark eyes. From several eyewitness accounts of him approaching his victims, he tends to wear a Muggle leather jacket and sneakers. If you have any information about this man, please come forward.”

Those were the words that the Department of Magical Law Enforcement media liaison Jennifer Bennett gave to the public today. The killer has been on the loose for three weeks already, and Aurors seem to be no closer to finding and arresting him. It makes one wonder how many more innocent women have to die before he is caught. Could the Department of Magical Law Enforcement have this many incompetent employees or is something more nefarious going on?

The killer has already killed six women, including his newest victim. By order of death, his victims are Haley Donnor, Elizabeth Lucas, Cassandra Pond, Lydia Cauldnewt, Rebecca Thompson, and his newest victim, Victoria Loverwood. The question is, who is the seventh woman that will join that list if Cupid is not caught?

By Snowleetah

Gringotts Wizarding Bank is said to be one of the most mysterious, exciting places to work; many witches and wizards dream of being able to join the ranks of the tomb raiders, bankers, and dragon keepers rumoured to be employed.

Up until now, Gringotts has almost been solely run by goblins (with a few exceptions in the case of tomb raiders – as Gristletooth the goblin has proven, it can be very difficult to outrun mummies on shorter legs).

These goblins, it has been said, are working in immaculate conditions, are receiving outstanding pay, and have not made a single complaint. However, this seems fit to change, with the Gringotts goblins’ first strike happening next month.

There has not been a single mention of a boycott since the infamous Gringotts Strike of 1832, in which over a thousand goblins opened almost all of the wizarding vaults stored under their floors. It is said that their original goal was to punish the Ministry of Magic and gain the right to use wands. In the end, fifty-two goblins lost their lives (many as a result of the Swedish Shortsnout freed by Hengut on the bottom floor).

As for this latest, rumoured strike, the true purpose behind this desperate – though, thankfully, dragonless - action seems unclear; however, many speculations have been flying around. Some have guessed that the goblins are tired of not receiving work benefits, such as free coffee and sandwiches at lunch, while others believe it may have been caused simply by boredom, as a result of doing the same job day-in and day-out.

We at The Daily Prophet are happy to exclusively reveal to you the true motive behind these strikes. One goblin from Gringotts, who wishes to remain anonymous, has given us a private statement as to what is drawing him and his co-workers “over the brink”.

“It has nothing to do with anything so frivolous as money,” he says, shaking his head. “No, we’re more interested in the rare and valuable items that belong to our kind. What is frustrating to us is our lack of holidays – goblins want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too, you know. Take out the old lady, buy her presents, visit a nice romantic restaurant … Is that so wrong?”

Thoroughly intrigued by this accusation, our omnipresent team of reporters set to work finding out whether this so-called “lack of holidays” is true. Shockingly, after reading through the records of Gringotts workers stored in the Hall of Records at the Ministry of Magic, we were utterly appalled to see that the last Valentine’s Day that the goblins were able to celebrate work-free was back in 1976.

It seems natural to us of the wizarding community, who enjoy nothing more than spending this magical time of the year enjoying an evening with the other half (or, if you’re not so fortunate, with a tub of Florean Fortescue’s ice cream), that any poor soul would not wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day behind one of the desks in a bank.

Therefore, we at the Prophet wish the goblins the best of luck with their strike, and would also like to implore the witches and wizards of Britain to avoid visiting Gringotts’ Wizarding Bank in Diagon Alley during the next Valentine’s Day – spread a little love and cheer among our hardworking companions.

Plus, if you’re feeling extra smitten during this month of romance, why not leave an anonymous bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates at the desk of a goblin in the coming month? We’re sure that your gesture will not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

By Char

With the month of February just around the corner, people are all up and about with how to celebrate it. No doubt, couples are trying to find ways to spend the day together. There's also a chance couples are trying to find places to go to surprise the other. Will person A be getting person B some flowers? Will person C be getting person D some chocolates? Will they be going out to a romantic restaurant on the night of Valentine's Day? Will they surprise one another instead of it?

Of course, each Valentine's Day is celebrated differently, and it varies from couple to couple or from person to person. To celebrate the spirit of Cupid -- er, Valentine's -- I've decided to go around the streets of Britain to ask what people's plans are. They're very interesting this year, apparently!

"Oh, I'm going to surprise my boyfriend this year. It's our first Valentine's together, and I wanted to make it special. I didn't make any mention at all of what we'd be doing, and I didn't drop any hints. I wanted it to be a very special surprise. I got him this ring to celebrate our almost seven months together, and I'm going to give it to him on Valentine's! I also reserved a table for dinner for just the both of us -- a night together, because we haven't had it in awhile.

"Oh shoot, is this going to be released before Valentine's Day? Damn, Jake better not read this!" -- Drake, 23

"I'm going to propose to Tina on Valentine's Day! We've been together for almost five years, and I feel like it's the best time to do so. We've had our ups and downs, and it's been a bit of a challenge sometimes, but we've made it through all of that. I think it's high time we take it to the next step. I'm hoping she agrees, though!" -- Tom, 30

"I'm going to send Aloe a card! I know it's a bit traditional, but I wanted to make him feel just how much I love him!" -- Danielle, 26

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to spend the day at home, watching Netflix and chilling. I mean, what better way to spend Valentine's Day than with my favourite TV shows, right?" -- Annabelle, 17

So apparently lots of people have different plans for their loved ones (or for themselves on Valentine's Day), and it's really interesting seeing different perspectives! I also went and asked a few store owners on what they would do for the special day.

"Oh, I'm just going to make sure everyone has a wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner. After all, what better way to celebrate the Day of Love than by making sure their meals are excellent, right? We have a very special Valentine's menu prepared, just for the day!" -- Ricardo, 35

"We're going to have a sale on Valentine's Day itself! We'll be selling chocolates, flowers, and different items of every kind. I know some people tend to do some last minute shopping, so what better way than to get items at a lower price, right?" -- Christina, 37

Aaaand there you go! It looks like Valentine's Day is gonna be super interesting this year, considering the different plans everybody has in store. Will these plans be successful? Will things turn out all right for everybody? I'm sure as hell hoping it will be all right! What better way than to have a Valentine's Day plan going well, all right?

By Desiree Snow

"Confiance belle avec un coeur!"

"Confidently beautiful with heart!"

And that is true for this year’s Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere. After sixty-four years, France finally gets to take the crown home again. The first time France ever won the Miss Universe title was back in 1953 when Christiana Martel represented their country. This year’s win is their much-awaited second win.

The recent Miss Universe competition was held in the Philippines, home to last year’s Miss Universe, Pia Wurtsbach. After the final question-and-answer portion, the aspiring French dentist bests Miss Haiti and Miss Columbia for the title.

As far as the Muggle community was concerned, the event had occurred and ended with no major problems. However, due to the lax security system, there were several unreported incidences of potential potions being mixed with some of the beauty queens drinks and cosmetics.

Miss New Zealand, who suddenly danced along to the music while everyone else was just standing and smiling, was caught on camera by the audience. She was suspected of being charmed with Tarantallegra or the Dancing Feet Spell. Representatives from the Ministry of Magic, who are based in the Philippines, are looking into this case to check if she would need to be Obliviated.

The Ministry also received an anonymous tip that the batch of bottled water that would be served to the Beauty Queens were tainted with Amortentia. To avoid causing eighty-six women to suddenly fall in love with an unknown culprit, a team of junior Aurors intercepted the delivery and replaced the tainted water with regular water. The case was expected to have already been solved, but when the junior Aurors filed their reports, it was discovered that they had only managed to replace 154 bottles instead of 160.

The Ministry, in partnership with MACUSA, are drafting plans to create a surveillance team to monitor the beauty queens to see if any of them would exhibit symptoms of being under a love potion. When asked if they have any leads on who might have taken the six stray bottles, the standard response was, "We are yet to determine if any beauty queen may have taken a tainted bottle of water. There are some reports indicating that some among the production crew would often fawn at the beauty queens. However, we have ruled this out as a natural response. Rest assured that with the combined efforts of MoM and MACUSA, this matter would be resolved quickly."

By Snowleetah

Are you a Ministry worker? Have you made no plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Are you now worried that you will be sad and lonely on this special day (aren’t we all)? Well, luckily for you, your co-workers at the Ministry of Magic have set about devising a scheme to combat this and make sure that every employee gets their fair share of love this year.

Starting last month, Catherine Wheeler and Sunshine Byrnes of the Auror Office have opened their match-making scheme, known as the “Will you be my Valentine?” This system has been designed to encourage all single Ministry workers to spend their Valentine’s Day with somebody new, whether they are from their department or another.

“We think it’s for the best,” Ms Wheeler told us, as she hurried to her desk with a large stack of paper. “Everybody needs a bit of love – in particular, on this day. After all, who wants to spend Valentine’s Day moping around and looking like a spare part? This way, we don’t have to listen to all the grumbling from the other Aurors about “how difficult it is to find a date when Catherine takes all the good ones”.”

At this, our reporters could feel the tension rising in the office. Deciding it would be the best course of action to leave swiftly, we hurried to the desk of Mrs Byrnes to ask her how exactly this marvellous idea works.

“It’s quite simple!” Mrs Byrnes delightedly told us. “Our fellow employees simply leave us their contact details, and we have an owl sent to them with the name of another co-worker who would love to spend the day with them. Of course, if we are unable to find somebody a suitable match, then we send them as many cherubs as we can gather!”

Most of the Ministry is said to have shown great support for this new idea, which is seen to be a wonderful solution to the problems caused by solitude on this very romantic day. According to the figures given to us, over half of the single Ministry workers have written their names down; others from outside of the Ministry have also expressed their interest in signing up for this process, too. The Minister of Magic himself is said to have displayed interest in this service: an eye-witness report tells us that he was seen in the Auror office earlier this week, adding his name to the list.

However, some Ministry of Magic employees are not at all happy with this new incentive. One Eddy Stubblefield informed us that “he was very disappointed with the system, as the four-hundred cherubs that found their way to his property did not make up for the lack of a date”. Others have been reportedly sighted arriving at work coated in glitter, despite claiming never to have signed their names down in the first place.

What with the proposed addition of a holiday for Valentine’s Day in Gringotts (for more on this, turn to Economy) and with people all over the country already making plans for their dates (more information in Regionals), it seems clear that not even the might of the Ministry of Magic can avoid Cupid’s arrow this year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more in the way of romance this year, dear readers: we are sure that a certain match-maker may strike again!

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, Quidditch fans, sports fans, and Daily Prophet readers! It’s Cass here to give you the basic summary of the annual Quidditch Bowl! Our Muggle-born readers may think of the Super Bowl, a Muggle baseball game for the top two teams of the season! Or is it football? I don’t know Muggle sports very well. (I can barely fumble my way through wizarding sports!) If you want a full play-by-play, then I highly recommend checking out Wizard’s Sports magazine’s Recap column by Thomas Anderson.

The two competing teams were the Falmouth Falcons and Puddlemore United. Puddlemore United was hardly a surprise to any wizards or witches who’d been keeping a close eye on the Quidditch season! They’ve been dominating the pitch this season, winning game after game! It was clear that they’d be going to the Quidditch Bowl this season. The only other question was who they’d be competing against! It finally came down to the Holyhead Harpies and Falmouth Falcons. It was a tough and highly competitive match with lots of screaming, fouls, and strangely enough, purple bouncy balls … (Yeah, I still have no clue on that one. Prank, perhaps?) Anyway, the Falmouth Falcons edged forward in the scoring just enough for Falcon Seeker Katherine ‘Kat’ Peters to grab the Snitch, winning the game and moving the Falmouth Falcons on to the Quidditch Bowl.

The line-up for Puddlemore United contained many popular Quidditch players and flyers from the team. The Chasers for Puddlemere United were Ashley Wood, Danny Redwell, and Lacey Hopps, better known as the “blonde trio,” for their blonde hair. The Keeper was Peter Ford. The Beaters were composed of controversial player Zelena Green and Quidditch sweetheart, Grahams Hunter. The Seeker was Zelena Green’s younger half-sister and relative new comer, Regina Queen.

The Falmouth Falcons line-up had a surprising amount of reserve players for such a big game. (This was due to the many accidents and mishaps endured under the ‘Falcons Falter’ jinx, as many called it, that mainly affected primary players.) The Chasers were David Prince, James Smith, and Liam Jones. The Keeper was former model Ruby ‘Red’ Lucas. The Beaters were Killian Brown and Alice Scarlett. The Seeker was Emma Nolan, practically unknown before the game.

The game was incredibly fierce with personal competition coming into play. Both teams received many fouls, two of the most violent being the Puddlemere United Seeker's attempt to shove Falmouth Falcons' Seeker, Emma Nolan off of her broom, and Falcon Chaser James Smith's throwing of the Quaffle at Puddlemere Beater Graham Hunter’s head.

In the end, however, Emma Nolan nearly threw herself off her broom to catch the Snitch, which left the Falmouth Falcons with 258 points to Puddlemore United’s 192 points. The Falmouth Falcons won the Quidditch Bowl and the Quidditch Bowl Cup for the first time in fifteen years. Many fans and critics alike are likely to be keeping an eye on the Falcon players in the future.

If you would like to purchase a recording of the game, you’re in luck! Photographer Belle Gold recorded the entire game from several angles for fans. At an incredibly low price of twenty-two galleons, recordings can be purchased from Golden Photography and Recordings by owl.

By Lalala99

Hello, everyone! Happy February! And speaking of February, a highly celebrated holiday is just around the corner: Valentine's Day!

On the anniversary of the death of Saint Valentine, this holiday is popular with couples, with many buying each other gifts or going out on dates when it rolls around.

However, that's not all Valentine's Day is for. In fact, up-and-coming singer Rolanda Heartly is preparing for her newest album!

Heartly is new to the music business. At age 25, she has released one album, self-titled and containing five songs, which is fewer than others in the field. However, she has been very successful. Her main hit, Conjured Out, was on the top of the charts after its release.

Now, Heartly is back, poised to take over the charts again with her next album, A Valentine's Spell. It has twelve new songs, all related to this special holiday, all destined to be major hits. I was allowed to hear a demo of some of the album, and I've been singing it around the house ever since.

However, Heartly hasn't always wanted to be a musician. "My dream growing up was to go into politics," she says. "But I was humming along to a Weird Sisters song one day, and it just clicked." She's brought her loved ones along, too. Her brother Evan runs the recording studio where she makes her albums, and her friend Aurora helps her write her songs. "I think it's important to have loved ones around," Heartly continues. "It helps make the process feel special."

To accompany her album, she's helping the community. 85% of the proceeds from this album will go towards a sanctuary for endangered species. This will mean a safe home for hundreds, maybe even thousands of animals.

This is very personal to some. Margaret Rigalls of the Magical Creature Protection Agency (MCPA) knows this well. Her pet Bowtruckle, Theodore, was left to die, as were many of the animals that her organisation helps.

"We at the MCPA are in full support of Rolanda Heartly's project, and are proud to be partnered with her," said Rigalls in an official statement.

Heartly herself is nervous for the album's release. For her first album, she was pretty unknown when it came out. But she's gained popularity since then, and now she is playing for a much bigger audience.

Rolanda Heartly's album, A Valentine's Spell, comes out on February 14th.

by Snowleetah

Hello to you all, and welcome to February’s HEX Report! Love is in the air in Ravenclaw House, while the RPC seems to be filled with all manner of strange beasts. Hang on…is that the White Queen I see over in the A&G Forum? You’ll have to read on to see!

Valentine’s Day Vexations

Do you have a special someone for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Or are you one of us less (or, you could argue, more) fortunate people who are single this year? Either way, the lovely staff over in Ravenclaw House have created the event “Valentine’s Day Vexations”, so nobody is left out. Join Gilderoy Lockhart for a large amount of glitter and pink, and RP, play, and create your way through this loved-up holiday – you could win some fabulous prizes!

Teaching Center Re-Opens!

You may have already noticed, but the Roleplay Teaching Center has thrown open its doors once more, with several wonderful improvements! Are you looking to boost your RP skills? Would you like to get some advice on how to do so? Head on over now to sign up for your own RP Mentor, or simply to create your question thread. Everybody is welcome!

Quidditch: Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff

Don your red, gold, yellow, and black clothing, and head on down to the Quidditch Pitch to watch February’s Quidditch match between the Lions and the Badgers. As of writing this now, the score is 50-50 – quick, support your team in the stands! Good luck to both sides; you have the support of The Daily Prophet behind you!

Promotion Time!

A new round of Junior Staff Members and Global Moderators has been announced! Unfortunately, there are just too many lovely people to list here, but if you’d like to know the names of your new Mods, head on over to the News Archive to see. Congratulations to all of you!

RPC Update

Ever fancied battling demons and looking badass while doing it? How about if I told you that you could win House Points for doing it? Well, then, head on over to the RPC for February’s RP of the Month: Anthropomorphic Anthologies!

Are demons not your thing? How about elves, dwarves, giants, trolls, fairies, dragons...any supernatural creature you can think of! Check out the RP Freestyle: Ardent Alliances group RP contest in the RP Central. Who knows? You could win yourself some Galleons and House Points!

Also, congratulations to last month’s RP of the Month winners: Twigs RoseGhost, Spike Snape, GobletDraconis1406, and Spritefire Of 7 Days!

A&G Forum

This month, the Arts and Graphics Forum is focusing on the magic of the White Queen. Do you struggle to write a novel, but short stories aren’t enough? This month’s Writing Challenge is all about that prose, so head on down to the A&G Forum to give it a go.

Are they any particular songs that spring to mind when you think of the White Queen? Over in the Graphics Challenge, they’re looking for you to design your album cover for a CD about the White Queen. Why not give it a try? You could win yourself some Galleons and House Points!

Hats off to CharlieSnitch, too, for the amazing Artwork of the Month! Plus, huge congratulations are for the winners of January’s Graphics Challenge (Writing Challenge winners have yet to be announced): MissHavokk, Julieexann, and Amity CatWalnut!

Also, congratulations to the winners of The Daily Prophet's January Contest, Unscramble Ramble! The following lucky winners have won themselves 1000 House Points each. Let's put our hands together for the following users:


Osaki NANA

Robin Winchester


Bella Luna Snape


Don't forget to put the Newsstand's Watch Thread on the watch for the latest contest updates!

That’s all for February, folks! I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing entries will win this month’s contests. Remember to get your entries in before the deadlines to secure your chances, and don’t forget to cheer your House on in the upcoming Quidditch matches, too.

See you all next month!

By Quidditch1001

As February rolls in, everyone is getting all lovey-dovey (or not) for the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day! So, we asked our readers to submit their questions about this chocolate and heart filled the day.

Dear Ask Us,

I have bought a limited edition of Valentine’s Day chocolates for my crush. I want it to be an anonymous gift to him. Who do you think can help me with that?

-Desperately in Love

Hello Desperately in Love,

A secret admirer! That will have rumours bouncing around and the romance pouring out from every piece. I suggest you write a note and attach it to the chocolates as well. It kind of stinks to receive a Valentine without a clue or something that leaves you wondering what made you deserve it. You can put several things on the card. If you expect or want your crush to figure it out, maybe put some clues, whether they are hidden in a poem or just flat out. If you don't want to do that, write a poem from your heart, or, if you aren't that great at writing poems, look one up! There are so many just floating around on the web.

However, it will be a bit harder to get the actual box to them. If you're up for it, go to school a bit early, and leave it outside their locker. Or, if you have a class with them, put it on their desk before they, or anyone else, gets there. I wouldn't recommend giving it to a friend because it may put them in an awkward situation or it may lead to them to suspect you (since your friend gave it to them). I wish you the best of luck and some lovely romance!

If a gal keeps coming back to a man who consistently cheats on her, what can I, as a friend do for her as she keeps on making huge plans for Valentines and I'm afraid the guy will end up being a no-show...again?

-Bumbling Badger

Hello Bumbling Badger,

Firstly, your friend is very lucky to have someone like you by their side looking out for them. This is a tough one, and it requires you to be careful, as to not offend your friend about her judgement. Don't force anything on her nor tell her exactly your opinions of her partner. Sit down with her at home, or at a cafe, preferably face-to-face. Tell her why you think this guy isn't good for her based on FACTS, not speculations. If she knows that he cheated on her in the past, bring it up, and anything else you have and tell her why you are concerned. If she doesn't take your advice, don't push her on it. Let it go and hope for the best. If something does go wrong, just be there to comfort her. Don't be like "I told you so" just be a shoulder for her to lean on. Best of luck to you and your friend.

Dear Daily Prophet,

My crush since forever sent me valentines, with chocolates. So sweet! However, in it, there are nuts which I hate, and I don't and to hurt his feelings by throwing them out. What do I do?

Nuts for No Nuts

Dear Nuts for No Nuts,

I think the best thing for you to do is thank him for the lovely valentines and chocolate. Don't mention anything about the nuts, and just show your appreciation. Bring them home, and I'm sure someone in your family would be happy to eat them. It was nice of him to get you chocolates, which was probably a dream come true since he was your crush since forever, and you don't want to make him feel bad and ruin the great start of a relationship. Wishing you happiness and fun times with your new beau!

I'm so fed up of all this Valentine's day hype! All my friends are going all gooey over each other, and it makes me want to kick them when I see them like that. How do I get them to calm down and stop being so happy!?

- Heart Hater

Hello Heart Hater,

I totally feel where you are coming from. As a teen, many of my friends spend time chatting about boys (and girls) and to set each other up all the time. I feel that there are better things to do than spending a whole day swooning over love stories and hoping for their own. But you’ve got to let it go. It wouldn't be nice, as a friend, to prevent them from being happy or wanting them to be "normal". Valentine's Day is once a year and, despite it getting a bit hectic and quite lovey-dovey, you want to let your friends have some fun, no matter how much it may annoy you. If you really can't stand it, try to "avoid them" a bit. Don't get too worried about being with them that one day of the year, or even distancing for the rest of the week, until the hype goes down. Go to the library or somewhere calm that you enjoy being at to calm down. If they ask, just say you get a bit bothered by all of the romance or Valentine's Day hype. I'm sure they'll understand. Keep calm, and it'll be over soon enough. Plus, a bit of free chocolate never hurts! Best of luck!

What type of gift would seem charming, sweet, well-thought-out and meaningful? The person I want to gift is allergic to flowers, and they dislike all types of chocolate.

-Frustrated Floral Fanatic

Dear Frustrated Floral Fanatic,

This sounds like my dad! But, it depends on who the person is. If they are a crush, you could go for their favourite candy and a card, and look above for ideas to keep it anonymous. However, in context, it seems you are asking for a gift for a friend. In that case, it depends on. If they are nerdy or are obsessed with a TV show, maybe get them something like that. Like if it is an HP obsession, a little trinket like a necklace (should they be a girl) that says "always" to symbolise your love of your friendship. Anyone who has a friend as thoughtful as you will be happy with anything. And, if worst comes to worst, a card is even your best bet. Sometimes words are best at explaining and showing appreciation and can be the best gifts. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

So, there you have it, folks! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. If you want anything more, feel free to contact me! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

By Thundercat123

Hello lovelies and gather 'round. Aunt Edna is ready to make sure you're prepared for the most romantic time of the year!

Now, Aunt Edna has been around the block a time or three, so I have advice for the single ladies, married ladies, and independent ladies!

Single ladies, listen here. Everyone else, braid your hair. All right, my beautiful single ladies, you are in between loves. Or maybe you haven't had one yet. It's all fine. Here is how you have a great night anyway. Listen closely: you have two options. The first option for Valentine's Day as an unattached woman is to clean and listen to music. Now, now, don't grumble! You young ladies are always letting your baseboards get too dusty. Any spare time you use to clean is good. Convert the pain of not being asked out into energy to make your house shine. And dance and sing while doing so, of course! The second option is to go out for a girl's night with friends. But honestly ladies, baseboards.

Now, married ladies! Come back over here. You have lots of options for Valentine's Day, but all of them share the same theme: make the man do everything, except anything you want to be done right. So, make him cook if he can avoid burning down the kitchen. Make him make the bed. Even men can do that! Make him rub your feet after you’ve scrubbed the baseboards. Make him buy you something as well, and not just a new mop, though you do need one. Okay, maybe a new mop and roses! Just have fun. Oh, and he is not, under any circumstances, allowed to have any friends over. This is a day for just the two of you.

Okay, my final group: independent ladies who do not want to celebrate Valentine's Day. I have two things you can do. Well, technically three. You can either A, scrub the baseboards, B, do the laundry, or C, pretend as if it is a normal day and do your normal cleaning.

Ladies, holidays are no excuse to not have a sparkling home! In fact, they are the reason you should. I don't want any romance, or lack of romance, allowing dirt to build up. Don't say "this isn't the 1920s, Aunt Edna." I was born in 1935, so I know it isn't the 20s. Also, that decade has absolutely nothing to do with keeping a home, dears. None.

By Rosie_may

Valentine’s day is here again. It’s time to dazzle your loved one with culinary delights on the most romantic day of the year! So, start off the day with a bang, with breakfast in bed whether it’s toast sliced into the shape of a heart or eggs benedict with fresh fruit and a bunch of roses. If you’re heading out for a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant, it saves you from culinary disasters, which let’s face it, happen to everyone at least once. And you can guarantee if it’s going to go wrong, it’s going to go wrong when you least need it to. If you’re staying in and cooking up a delectable storm for your loved ones, here’s a pudding recipe which is bound to make them fall even more in love with you!

Chocolate Orange Tart


75gs dates

Zest of 2 oranges

Juice of 1 orange

50g coconut oil

175g clear honey

140g cocoa powder

For the crust:

100g coconut oil

140g ground almonds

175g desiccated coconut

2 ½ tablespoons of clear honey

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder


1. Soak the dates in a bowl of boiling water and leave them there for 20 minutes until they have swollen.

2. Combine the ingredients for the crust and place the crust into a tart tin. Be careful when laying the crust out and make sure to push the crust into the rivets of the tart tin.

3. Regulate a use of the glacius spell to chill the crust in the tart tin. Leave it to chill while you make the filling.

4. Strain the dates and blend the dates with the orange zest and the juice of the orange with the coconut oil, honey and cocoa with your wand. Once the mixture is smooth place into the chilled crust. Tidy the edges of the tart with your wand.

5. Place into the refrigerator or use the glacius spell to chill the dessert for an hour.

6. Before serving, leave the dessert to adjust to room temperature for ten minutes before serving. Sprinkle orange zest and a dusting of cocoa on top to decorate.

7. Serve with ice-cream or cream.

Follow this recipe, and you will have a winning way to the heart of the loved one, in the wise old phrase, food is the way to a person’s heart. So to everyone out there celebrating Valentine’s Day, have a lovely holiday from the writers of the Daily Prophet!


By Char

Hello, everybody! With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I figured it'd be appropriate to have my On the Streets question be related to that! I mean, what better way to celebrate than to let others know what they think about the occasion, right? Do they hate it? Do they like it? Do they celebrate it? Or is it just another ordinary day for them? It's time to find out!

For reference, the question I asked was, "What do you think of Valentine's Day? Any plans this time around?" Ready, dear readers? Here we go!

"I love Valentine's Day! It is such a great time to be with the people I love, including my friends and family. While I do not have specific plans for Valentine's Day, I usually like to help other people with their big Valentine's Day plans. One of my friends this year is planning to ask his girlfriend to prom, so I am helping him put a thousand ping-pong balls into her locker! " ~ thatmulletkid - Gryffindor

"I don't mind Valentine's day per say, but I do think that it is over sensationalised... Having married the man I have loved since I was 17 finally after almost 15 years has made me realise that technically every day could be Valentine's day because it's about love. And a person could, and should, get that every day and not just one day out of the year...He is taking me to see a movie and out to eat the weekend after Valentine's day to celebrate since he has to work ten hours on that day and I'm due to translating at a LEO office... " ~ Angel n darkness - Slytherin

"I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I would rather my hubby buy me something on a random day because he saw something that made him think of me or just to brighten my day rather than him feeling obligated just because of the date. We choose to show our love year round and don't need a date for that. With that said yes we usually do something like a card or just doing something sweet for each other. We also go out to dinner, but we tend to choose places that nobody else would choose for Valentine's meal like a small bar and grill or burger joint. " ~ imajenn - Hufflepuff

"It's not a holiday I particularly like. Too pink, too romantic lovey, lol. I'm making an effort to see it as more lovey, though, which makes it a slightly better holiday. As usual, my plan is to sit at home and maybe eat chocolate or watch some sci-fi or something. Maybe I'll make it themed and watch that episode of Star Trek about the hologram wanting to date the Borg drone." ~ Hazel Dust - Ravenclaw

"So, to the first question: I think that Valentine's Day is a nice tradition to have, but one should not only show their love on that day but all year round. In my opinion, the best thing about Valentine's Day is that you get discounted chocolate afterwards

Since I'm not in a relationship at the moment, I'm going to spend it like any other day. Maybe, I'll watch a romantic movie in the evening and eat some ice cream." ~ Shirley Owlwing - Ravenclaw

Well, there you have it! We got mixed views on this question, but it certainly puts a perspective on things! So, whether you love Valentine's or hate it ... or feel something in between, here's to hoping this year's February 14 will turn out well for you, dear reader! I mean, I'm not the type who typically celebrates it, but I'll indulge in chocolates because a lot of those are on sale lately. Why not, right?




Cassandra Lovegood
Desiree Snow


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