By Nicole

JULY, 2014; Scotland – It seems as though the summer fever is taking over in a more sinister way in the Wizarding World. As the days grow longer and the sun hotter, blood begins to boil - the result is a nasty triple-homicide on the west side of Scotland.

Muggle policemen have pegged the murders down to a freak carbon monoxide leakage. However, special correspondent Gregory Malstrode of the Magical Law Enforcement Department tells us otherwise.

"There's only one explanation," says Malstrode, "the Killing Curse."

The Killing Curse is, of course, one of the three Unforgivable Curses known to wizardkind. The use of any one of these curses earns an automatic sentencing to Azkaban Prison. Avada Kedavra, the most gruesome of the three curses, is considered by many to be magic at its Darkest.

"The victims were found in the kitchen," explains Muggle police officer David Wright. "It was odd because there were no obvious signs of death. But we had a specialist come in and he told us that it looked like a gas leak, except that there was no gas leaking anywhere in the house."

To the Wizarding population, the death of Mary Hanson, 34; Rob Hanson, 36; and their son, Michael Hanson, 12 mark a tragedy. And still, an even bigger mystery begins to unfold. Who was the murderer of this seemingly innocent family? Why were they killed? Will the killer strike again and, if so - when? Who? With the only witnesses being those dead at the scene, the Ministry is at a loss.

"This happens from time to time," an insider reports. "Sometimes there's a case so cleanly done there's nothing to find on the surface. But we have people working on this day in and day out. We'll find a lead in the end - we always do."

With those reassuring words, Magical Law Enforcement urges the public to contact the tip Hotline via Floo Network if they have any knowledge regarding these deaths, and most importantly, to stay on alert for suspicious activity.

By Brit

JULY, 2014; Oxforshire - Another young person killed in her earlier years. Seventeen year old Jayden Parkinson was killed by Ben Blakely, 22, her ex-boyfriend. They had both recently just broken up, in November. On the night Blakely killed her, she had told him she was pregnant with his child.

Blakely was known to be controlling and abusive at times. Through the whole relationship he made her feel like everything was her fault. He didn’t take the news of this baby being his very well. He tried arguing it wasn’'t his but she wanted him to see reason and so she met him, even though she was advised against it. On that day, December 3rd, 2013, Jayden Parkinson was killed by pressure to the neck.

Not only was Jayden reported missing on December 4th, but Blakely was also arrested and interviewed in connection with inappropriate videos and images Jayden had reported he had earlier that week. Blakely acted like nothing had happened. He acted as though Jayden were still alive. We now know all of that acting was a lie, as Jayden was not alive at that time.

Jayden Parkinson's’ body was found in a grave at All Saints Church in Didcot, Oxfordshire on December 18th. By March 2014, Blakely officially admitted to killing Parkinson. Blakely was due to face trial on June 16th. Along with Blakely, there was another 17 year old that is standing trial for perverting the course of justice.

As this trial is ongoing, Jayden still has family in mourning for their loss. All they can really hope for is that justice is served for the death of this young girl, who lost her life way too early.

By Ashwinshekhar

The stocks in Goblin City have seen a steady position, with most of the shares value fluctuating ever-so-slightly. The highest gainer was Borgin and Burkes, with five galleons up, no doubt there, as the summer season means higher sales as more and more students resort to pranking during these long, special holidays. Gambol and Japes gained the second highest - no surprise there either. It was a fairly positive story for most of the publications, and utility shops in Diagon Alley.

The biggest loser at the time this report was written was none. In that sense, the stocks showed a fairly positive outlook and the lowest gainers all lost about one galleon down. This paints a positive picture for all of you placing your faith in some of the worst affected stocks last month. The Daily Prophet advises you to be aware of fluctuation and not be intimidated by it. Instead, you should try your best to logically analyze which company's stocks will be productive throughout the year, and choose the same (within your budget, of course; your aim is not bankruptcy!).

We wish you good luck in all your ventures!

As for other news from the world of wizarding economy, the Madam Malkins' store in Paris experienced a break-in last week. French officials refused to comment on the identity of the thief, but they did inform us that about eighteen gold-embroidered dress robes imported from China were among others that were stolen. The owner of the store wasn't present at the scene, presumably grieving the loss of those precious robes, each valued at around an estimated one million galleons.

And, finally, the Muggle economic crisis continues to afflict the wizarding bank we all know of - Gringotts, as less and less wizards come there to deposit their money and entrust it to the hands of the goblins. It is a growing fear in the community that the claws of the economic crisis will hit the booming economy of Wizarding Britain, which, people say, might be horrific. Stocks have therefore fallen for all the luxury stores. We urge the community to stop believing this nonsense; yes, the crisis might very well affect the wizarding world, but it won't have the same repercussions that it had in the Muggle world, where everything is so closely interconnected.

Stay alert, stay entrepreneurial.
Until next time!


By Grace

Today in Wales, there have been massive reports of owls acting weirdly; they have been sleeping according to Muggle schedules, and have been refusing to take the mail anywhere. What this could mean we do not know but we hope to figure it out soon, so we take it to the streets of Diagon Alley to get some hints on what is going on with the people affected by this strange occurrence.

While talking to one Mr. Cryston, I found out his business is being greatly affected by his mail not being sent out as it should. "Well, I fed my owls at night, right before they sleep, like I always do. But, when I woke up the next morning, nothing. They were still asleep. I tried to wake them up for hours, and of course, nothing worked. I would have tried magic, but then WPETA (Wizarding People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would have been all over me, and that would not have been very good for business, of course. Although, at about nine o'clock in the evening, they woke up, and are all but thrilled to take my subscribers what they need,”" explained the businessman.

Mr. Cryston, being a shop owner for The Extremely Wizard Wizarding Magazine, obviously needs a working owl to send his mail to keep his business running. So, we took this matter to one of the Animal Specialists in the Ministry of Magic to see what we may find.

We apparated into the lobby and walked up to the front counter, requesting a visit with Mrs. Menklmeijer, the Top Specialist of Wizarding Veterinary Needs. We were soon escorted in, after our wands have been examined. She sat us down in a quaint, but overly drab, office.

"Well, first thing's first," said Mrs. Menkmeijer. "I am aware of the problem, and it truly is the utmost priority. At this moment, I am afraid, we have no information on what could be causing this. It could be a number of things. We here at the ministry suggests that you simply use a switching spell to exchange whatever is being bought for the price it would normally cost to deliver it. We know this is an inconvenience, but until we sort out our regular post, this is the only way at the moment."

So, there you have it folks. No one has an explanation for what could be going on, and we have a solution from our ever-so-helpful Ministry of Magic.

by Samantha Bradley

The 20th FIFA World Cup, one of the most prestigious sports tournaments in the Muggle world, opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 12th of this year.

You might think that the Brazilians would be thrilled to be hosting such a huge event, but this is hardly the case. The event was immediately met by protests and rioting, which the police tried to stop by using tear gas and firing rubber bullets into the crowd.

The fact is that enormous amounts of money have been spent on hosting the tournament, money which could have been used to improve the quality of public education, health care and the transportation infrastructure. Many people view this as shameful, and it is fairly easy to understand why if you look at things from their perspective.

“World Cup for whom? We want education!” was seen on a graffiti tag which was visible on the approach to the stadium.

There were more complaints from foreign visitors in downtown Sao Paulo about an outdoor party which FIFA, the international soccer federation, organized. The intention was to broadcast the game on a big screen TV for the fans to watch. Allegations were made that this event was poorly organized.

“It's crushed there. We had to leave as it was just too dangerous,” said Ben Silburn, a visiting fan from Nottingham, England. “Everyone here is very friendly and nice, but it's just not a good place to watch a game.”

Many residents of Brazil chose to stay home and watch the games on television, viewing it as the wisest and safest option.

“I feel totally divided about the Cup — I'm passionate about football, but at the same time there feels something very wrong about this,” said Michelli Provensi, a 29-year-old from the southern state of Santa Catarina, who chose to watch the game at his friend’s house. “But no matter how much money has been spent unwisely, or wasted, or stolen, I can't not cheer for the Brazilian team — it's our passion.”

While many of us love the sport of soccer, we can only hope that monetary relief will come to Brazil so that they can make the improvements that are needed to make life more pleasant for all. It's hard to host a world class event when poverty exists; it just looks bad all around.

By MissBella

The wizarding world has been abuzz with the latest bill introduced in the Ministry of Magic. The bill proposes increasing the age of adulthood from seventeen years to nineteen years. The proposal has received severe criticism as well as appreciation from observers around the world.

"We've heard several opinions that witches and wizards of seventeen years of age might perhaps be too young to handle the complexities of adulthood. With increasing number of cases of criminal issues caused by recently graduated witches and wizards, the Ministry has received increasing requests to consider a way to postpone the legal age for adulthood. We believe that two extra years can be greatly beneficial to the overall development of our young practitioners of magic," said a senior Minister in a press conference.

The proposed move creates several complications, a lot of which could be extremely complex to do with. At present, the wizarding age for adulthood is according to the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, which provides seventeen as the age of adulthood.

The most prominent voice in the opposition has been that of educational institutions. "With this proposal, the Ministry is suggesting that graduates of wizarding schools aren't equipped enough to face the challenges of adulthood. They are mocking a tradition that has been in practice for hundreds of years. Although the Decree had been written only in 1857, it is common knowledge that Hogwarts has practised the system of seven years of magical education, after which a student is deemed to possess the necessary requirements for adulthood. This poses an important question - what is going to happen to graduates of wizarding schools? Does the Ministry want them to stay unemployed for two years? Or do they propose an extension in the number of years of schooling? Either way, this move is extremely unnecessary," said a statement issued by Hogwarts recently.

This also creates complications in the casting of Trace Charm. Little is known about the charm, and it has led to widespread speculation as to how the charm can be changed to meet the new requirements. "Everything regarding the Trace Charm has been taken care of by the Ministry," said an official from the Improper Use of Magic Office. This, however, has done little to ease the confusion of witches and wizards.

If the proposal does come into force, the wizarding world may witness a change that could dramatically alter people's lives forever.

By Leviathan Dy

Welcome to the Quidditch World Cup 2014!

These past few weeks were pretty exciting. All of the teams were fighting for their chance to be in the finals, and ultimately win the coveted Quidditch House Cup. There were no weak teams, only those who worked hard in order to get a chance to move closer to their dream.

Some matches were pretty brutal. Brazil had to substitute their best Keeper due to the fractured skull caused by an intentional-hit Bludger. The crowd was on their feet as they shouted curses at the Wales team. It was a cheap shot and karma has a way to settle things like this. In the end, even without their best Keeper, Brazil had won.

I must congratulate the MOM for organizing it splendidly. No Muggles were seen near the place where the QWC was held.

Now, onto the next set of the matches between :

Bulgaria vs. Japan and USA vs. Brazil

All four teams are up to their tasks, and I have to say it will be hard to predict who will win. We all remember the last QWC finals between Bulgaria and Ireland. Now that Ireland is out of the picture, it might be a good chance for Bulgaria to regain their lost honor.

I must say I was quite reluctant to come here and cover this, but now that I have seen the passion of the Quidditch fans and their dedication, I am happy to be here.

Stay with us, till the end. Leviathan Dy, reporting for the Daily Prophet, will be bringing you the latest sport news from the QWC.

By Char

Hello everybody! Char here, ready to report the latest happenings around HEX for the past month.

The New User Area was made available to all users -- old and new alike. It gives everyone a chance to learn more about HEX and complete tasks and endeavors that give users incentives. The tasks come first, wherein basic information about HEX are given, and each user has to answer the questions that come afterward. After all the tasks are accomplished, the user gets a 10,000 galleon incentive for completing them. Endeavors come after the tasks, and each endeavor comes in different categories. Completing endeavors in a category will not only unlock the next category, but also give a particular galleon amount depending on the category that is completed. Another cool thing about the New User Area is that if you get tired of using it, you can just as easily disable it to prevent you from using it any longer. It's easy to activate, and easy to deactivate if you no longer want it.

The Games forum was also introduced. For users who are into board games, video games, card games, or basically any game that floats your boat, you now have a forum where you can gush about just about any game you've played. Get to discuss how you've just become the Pokemon Master, get to talk about your different strategies when you play Clue, get to meet with your fellow League of Legend partners, or just participate in any of the other discussions and activities in the forum, it's your choice. In the Games forum, any game you know and want to talk about is welcome -- simply click on it, and you'll get to meet those who share the same game interest as you.

The 2014 Hex Pride Parade occurred in the last weekend of June. It was a chance to celebrate each and every one's pride in the website we all know and love. There were games, music, parades, prizes, and a lot of other things that allowed users to come together and enjoy the festivities prepared in the Dumbledore's Office forum. It was definitely a colorful and fantastic weekend that no user on HEX could ever forget.

By kay85

In this issue of the Daily Prophet, we are very fortunate to have the one and only, Mr. Harry Potter, offering to answer some of the questions our readers have owled to us. Without further ado, dear readers, Harry Potter.

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to the new edition of the Daily Prophet. The editor approached me one fine day to ask if I could lend my services, answering a few questions sent by the Prophet’s inquisitive readers. I shall endeavour to do my very best!

Dear Mr. Potter,
Summer is fast approaching and my three teenage sons are itching to spend some time away from the house. They have proposed a two week camping trip, just the three of them. I am very worried at the sort of trouble they might come upon, camping by themselves. Any idea how I can put an end to this absurd nonsense?
- Worried Mother

Dear Worried Mother,
Having been a teenager myself before, and I’'m sure you can remember that as well, there is very little we can say or do to change their minds. Boys will be boys, and if you tell them no, they will surely find a way to sneak out and go on that camping trip anyway. My best advice to you is to talk to them, express your worries. Help them get ready for the trip, teach them some essential camping lessons and always remind them to be careful. With such a concerned mother, I'’m sure those boys will listen to what you have to say. And boys, if you are reading, do be careful and try not to give your mother a cause to worry.
- Harry Potter

Dear Harry,
I am such a huge admirer of you, sir. The way you defeated Lord Voldemort is awe-inspiring. Do you have any other suggestions on how I can be more like you? Any evil lord I can defeat so that I can be as famous as you?
- Desperate Admirer

Dear Desperate Admirer,
Truthfully, I do not wish my enemy with the fate I had. All this fame you think I have isn’'t a result of something happy or fun. I lost my family and close friends to attain this so called fame. There are a number of safer ways to be famous and well known. If you are still in school, doing well in your studies is a good way to be recognized. If you are already working, doing your job well and being the top in your field is the way to go. There really isn’'t a need to seek out evil lords to gain fame and recognition. I hope you abandon this unrealistic wish since there is much to be paid as the price for my fame that you greatly admire. Please stay safe and be extraordinary in the most normal way possible.
- Harry Potter

Dear Mr. Potter,
You seem to have an impressive track record with girls. Your first girlfriend was a pretty Ravenclaw and you married a feisty redhead. What is your secret, sir? I tried to get a date and none of the girls in my school seem to be interested. What do I do?
- Yearning For Love

Dear Yearning For Love,
I know this might sound like a cliché, but the best way to win a girl’s heart is to be yourself. Girls and women have a way of knowing when you are trying to be someone other than yourself. I can assure you, what girls or women really want is honesty. Just be yourself, relax around them. Talk and laugh just like you are used to doing. Also, always pay attention to what they say. I cannot stress that enough...
- Harry Potter

By Phinite

Welcome one and welcome all! If you're a domestic household keeper, you should check here for more tips and tricks in the one and only Aunt Edna's Cleaning Column!

Now, I'm going to try to do something... different. Something that screams out of the ordinary. I'm going to try to do the Muggle way of how things work around the house. All you Muggle lovers and those who wish to get some Muggle appliances, stop right now and read this article.

Let's see... first of all is the mykrowaiv. You chuck food on it and it will heat it. So, I'm now going to place my coffee in it, and let's see what will happen...


... Great, I think I need to call an elektrysian. Wait, what's my spoon doing in there?

Anyways, let's just skip that part. The washing machine! It's absolutely foolproof since you just dump the dishes in and it'll clean it. Like so: I chuck the dishes in and close the roof thingy and turn it on.


Okay, maybe it wasn't meant for dishes... the whole thing exploded.

Thirdly and finally is the stove... wait, I'll check in on my food.

Okay, I am now running in circles while holding two burning frying pans, my shirt singed and my pants on fire. This is Aunt Edna, signing out. NO, NO, DON'T BURN MY PRECIOUS CLOSET, FIENDFYRE!

MONTHLY RECIPE: Sicilian Noodles
by Max

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope you are having a very nice day. Welcome to the recipe section. Today, I will teach you how to prepare a delicious traditional Italian food - Sicilian Noodles. It is a typical Italian recipe I learned from my parents and grandparents, who are Italian.

Sicilian Noodles

Preparing the noodles :

Olive oil
250 grams of tomato sauce
2 eggplants
Some capers
Some basil
2 boneless anchovies
Some black olives.

Instructions :

In a saucepan, pour the tomato sauce with 0.1 litres of oil and heat it up. Meanwhile, cut the eggplant into thin strips and fry. Add the eggplant to the sauce. Crush and mix a tablespoon of capers, some basil and anchovies. Add these ingredients to the sauce last and before removing from heat, add black olives.

Pour the sauce over the noodles and serve hot.

Alternative :

Instead of tomato sauce, you can use Béchamel sauce.

Preparing the Béchamel sauce:

Ingredients :
50 grams butter
50 grams flour
Half a litre of milk
Salt to taste

Instructions :

Put the butter in a saucepan, heat over low heat and slowly add the flour. Mix well. Then pour the milk, mixing continuously until the cream is homogenous. Lastly, add salt to taste.

Add the Béchamel sauce to the noodles and serve.

Definitely a simple food to prepare, except for the cooking time that it's a bit long. That's all for now, ladies and gentlemen. See you in the next edition with a new recipe to delight your family and friends.

This is Max, for the Daily Prophet.




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