Introducing "Guest Articles"

Nitpicking our way through all of the incredible submissions that we received during the most recent string of Daily Prophet applications we realized one thing that stood out more than anything else - all of the sample articles written were fantastic. It wasn't easy to narrow them down as much as we had to and we knew that there had to be a solution.

Luckily for us - there was.

We are now announcing that the Daily Prophet will be accepting "guest articles" from writers who are not part of the D.P. staff but would love to have an article published. Do you think there is a story that we are missing that needs to be told? Is there a really cool aspect about Hex that we are unknowingly neglecting? This is your chance to write about it and get paid for doing so!

If you wish to submit a "guest article" please owl Tony Shacklebolt or GSP827 with your finished work. If we choose your article we will let you know before publication and reward you for what you have written!

At the Daily Prophet, we are excited for this new feature and we hope you are too!