By HaleyLupinTeddysGirl

JUNE, 2015; LONDON - This just in: a Muggle community was shocked by the death of nine of their residents when a rogue wizard went on a killing spree. The Ministry of Magic has assured the Daily Prophet that the dark wizard in question has been apprehended.

"We believe this wizard was put under the Imperius Curse, as he is an outstanding member of the wizarding community and a shining example of Muggle-relations," says then Minister of Magic, when questioned on this terrible deed. "The Muggle families are being comforted and are going to be well taken care of for the rest of their natural lives. This is a terrible deed and has rocked both the Wizarding and Muggle world alike; rest assured the culprit will be apprehended and dealt with appropriately."

The wizard who caused these Muggle murders is still a mystery, the Ministry of Magic refuses to give a name until it has been decided whether or not the wizard in question was subject to the Imperius Curse, as is suspected. Nothing has been released as to whether or not the wizard in question was a part of the Ministry, though an anonymous source did give the Daily Prophet an inside interview.

"That man did this on purpose, no Imperius Curse to be had, he did it in his own cold blood, for the sheer sake of doing so. Mark my words, they'll find not a drop of cursed blood in him. He may be a member of the Ministry of Magic, but there isn't a drop of good in his blood, pure or not. Mark my words."

The Daily Prophet has no announcement on the wizard or any interviews we have been given, but we will say this: what ever happened June 2, 2015 was very dark indeed.

The Muggles killed were ranging in age between five and fifty four; a family and a few passersby on the scene. The accident occurred at 3:45 AM, when the unnamed wizard broke into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Wellington, murdering both parents and their four small children, Cassandra, Clark, Aaron and Terrence. The bodies of Mr and Mrs Gary and Amanda Durson were found on scene as was the body of the homes fifty four year old caretaker Duke Butcherson. No leads have been found to if the Durson murder was related to the Wellington house murders or if the bodies were simply placed with the rest to avoid another crime scene.

As always, the Daily Prophet will keep you up to date will all the facts as they come in.

By Ygdjh

JUNE, 2015; LONDON, ENGLAND - After the oil crisis last month, I am pleased to tell you that England's economy has been doing quite well. We have managed to, for the most part, recover from our national debt, and are on our way back to a prosperous economy!

Well, that's one opinion. Meanwhile, if you ask Jacque Allens, we have a whole new problem. "The problem is, with all of the new jobs opening from the oil drill and amusement parks in England, immigrants have been pouring in!" Allens currently manages an apothecary which has seen a recent business boom. "Do you know how many people are showing up every day looking for jobs?"

Indeed, Allens' observation is astute. Because of the new job opportunities popping up all over England, immigrants have been flocking into the country. However, the amount of immigrants looking for jobs is no match to the number of jobs available. "I just put up a sign offering a position as a custodian!" Allens recalls, "The next thing I knew, I had forty people looking to fill the position!" Out of those people, Allens believes only about five were native to England. "A lot of them were from surrounding countries."

The apothecary isn't the only business being overwhelmed with interviewees. Other businesses, ranging from rural to urban, across all fields of business, report the same incidents. With a surplus of unemployed immigrants, jobs are filling quickly, leaving several unemployed.

Haiden Prent had something to say about the matter. "These immigrants are stealing our jobs!" yelled Prent, currently unemployed. "A year ago, if I applied to become a custodian, I would've had a fair chance. But now, if I want to apply, I have to compete with twenty other people, most of them not even from England!" Prent was outraged by the fact, and suggested, "Raise taxes for immigrants! If immigrants need to pay higher taxes, they will stop stealing our rightful jobs!"

Prent has made several petitions signed by many other unemployed Englishmen. When asked what the government will do about immigration and Prent's petition, the Minister said thoughtfully, "I think the young man may be right. As much as I hate to say this, we really can't afford this right now. We've only just started paying our debt, and now this? Taxes are the answer."

Mikel Yulech, a recent immigrant to England, protested strongly against this. "I may not be from England, but I'm just like any other unemployed man, seeking work! Just because I'm not originally from England doesn't mean I should be treated worse than others! The government just wants to raise taxes, that's all. They don't care why, they just want more money!" Mikel is currently running a campaign to convince the government to allow mass immigration.

With the country just recovering from national debt, our economy is struggling to get back to its previous prosperity. Our unemployment rate, previously lowered due to the amusement park, has now gone up considerably. Those that have jobs are gaining more and more money, while those that are unemployed are losing more and more money.

Economy specialist Janie Green says, "This is a definite setback. We need to resolve this problem before it gets out of hand. If we have to, we will just have to start sending immigrants back. This problem needs to be solved, and now." Green is working with other economy specialists to find a solution. "Raising immigration taxes is not the answer," she informed us. "It will only continue to bring down our economy." Right now, Green suggests sending immigrants back. She will continue to hunt for another solution. "It's not fair to the immigrants," she concurs, "but it's the best option so far."

Meanwhile, if you want to immigrate to England, now is not the time.

By Desiree Snow

On June 13th, Ireland celebrated the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of William Butler Yeats. The celebration was held in Silgo, since it is Yeats "spiritual home." There were a series of exhibitions, performances, educational events, festivals, concerts, readings, talks and screenings. The event hoped to promote the value of artistry and give due respect and credit to one remarkable writer.

In order to fully understand and be part of this celebration, it would be best to get to know exactly who William Butler Yeats really is:

William Butler Yeats, was born in Sandymount, County Dublin, Ireland. He was the first Irishman ever to be honoured with the Nobel Prize in Literature. The award was given after writing notable works of Literature such as "The Tower" (1928 ) and "The Winding Stair and Other Poems" (1929). He studied poetry during his younger days and had always found Irish legends and the occult as two very interesting topics.

In his life, there was one woman who had captured his deep interest, and her name was Maud Gonne. Maud Gonne was an activist and didn't return his feelings. Years pass and he will end up marrying Georgie Hyde Lees. The marriage was done mostly out of convenience to conceive an heir, rather than for any intimate connection or for love. Georgie was aware of all the love affairs that Yeats had, but she kept it to herself and even wrote to her husband and said, "When you are dead, people will talk about your love affairs, but I shall say nothing, for I will remember how proud you were."

William Butler Yeats has several works of Literature. He was also known to be acquainted with other notable writers such as George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. During this time, he had written some notable poetry pieces such as "The Ballad of Moll Magee," the traditional Irish song "Down By The Salley Gardens" and "The Stolen Child."

Aside from Literature, Yeats was also an active participant in theatre activities. As evidenced by his works with Lady Augusta Gregory in the Irish Literary Theatre. He was their chief playwright and some of his works for the theatre include: Cathleen ni Houlihan, On Bailey Strand, The Countess Cathleen, The Land of Hearts Desire (1894) and The King's Threshold.

At the age of seventy-three William Butler Yeats died, on 28 January 1939, in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. On his gravestone is inscribed the epitaph "Cast a cold Eye, On Life, On Death. Horseman. Pass by!"

By kay85

JUNE, 2015; MOUNT KINABALU - In the international column this month, I will not assume an identity to write - for what I am writing now, is a topic close to my heart. I am writing as a Malaysian and as a human being, affected - though perhaps not too deeply, but affected nonetheless - by the earthquake that struck Sabah on June 5th.

Not many will know this, but Sabah is one of the states in Malaysia. Sitting at the top edge of the country, just above Sarawak and neighbouring Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines, Sabah is a beautiful heaven. Blessed with natural beauty, abundant natural resources, and a vast ocean, it is a place with diverse ethnicity, culture and a place glued together in harmony.

Sabah is also known for being the home of Malaysia's tallest peak, Mount Kinabalu. Though the earthquake in question - which struck on June 5th - was felt in many parts of Sabah, causing damages to homes, businesses and schools, the tragedy that happened on Mount Kinabalu is what I'm writing about.

On the beautiful mountain, eighteen people lost their lives. Nine Singaporeans, six Malaysians, one Chinese, one Japanese and one Filipino died on the mountain. Out of the six Malaysians who died, three were mountain guides, losing their lives to protect the climbers. I offer my profound condolences to each of the family members of those who lost their lives on Mount Kinabalu. I can't possibly understand the pain that they are going through. I keep them in my prayers.

Let's talk about the science of it: The earthquake was caused by the presence of active fault lines. The tremors resulted in a rapid release of energy where seismic waves move in all directions from the source. As the centre of the earthquake was near to Mount Kinabalu, the focus caused massive landslides.

The source of the Poring Hot Springs turned murky for a few hours due to the earthquake, which disrupted a clay deposit that interrupts the fault gap that heats up the rainwater which enters the earth. The water flowed more smoothly and had access to more heat. Strong tremors in Ranau are predicted to continue whenever the stored energy exceeds the Earth's ability to store it, in which occurs on a regular basis.

Now, let's talk about what Mount Kinabalu is to Malaysians generally, and Sabahans specifically. Mount Kinabalu is considered a sacred place. According to the claims of local native, the earthquake was caused by "Aki, the mountain protectors" who had become angered over the acts of ten western tourists (comprising six men and four women from Canada, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom) who "stripped and urinated at the mountain" on May 30th, six days before the earthquake happened. The tourists also shouted vulgarities when their mountain guide tried to stop their lewd behaviours.

Mount Kinabalu is sacred to Sabahans, much like how the Mahabodhi Tree is sacred to the Buddhist, or how the Crater Lake, Oregon is sacred to the Native American Klamath. Sacred places, whether you believe in them or not, deserve respect. Even if you don't believe in the sanctity of the spot, someone else does. It is almost like revering your home because it is sacred to you. I'm pretty sure most of us will feel very aggravated if six individual just decided to show up in our living room without a stitch of clothing on them.

I am inclined to quote one of the deceased mountain guides' brother, who criticised the behaviour of one of the nudist who didn't admit to his conduct but instead, called the native cultures as "archaic and idiotic". On his comment, he said, "It is not about laws or superstition, but about having mutual respect among human beings. As a Christian, I too do not believe in superstition, but I adhere to the advice and beliefs of the elders out of respect. It is part of being humans; we don't do things that will offend our fellow-human beings whether they are Muslims, Christian or Animists. This is something we are taught here, but I guess a person like him have this in him."

I'm inclined to agree. Respect is respect. PERIOD. We need more of this in the world today. Less gadgetry, and more respect. Respect for others' beliefs and way of life. After all, diversity is the colour of life.

By Verum

Salutations Daily Prophet Subscribers, Verum here, with another installment of Politics within the Wizarding World.

This month's issue will be the beginning of a series I prefer to call "The Law of the Land", in which each submission will be a specific Law that the Ministry has passed onto the community of our world, for us to uphold and adhere to. These Laws will range from the smallest of concern, to the large scale concern. These Laws will be in no specific order, but will follow a strict guideline. If you've read any of the previous articles, then you will understand the direction of this series. If not, then I will leave you to your own minds to digest the patterns, if any exist.

The first Law of this series, will be The Wand Ban.

The Wand Ban is Clause Three of the Code of Wand Use. It dictates that no non-human Magical being may be permitted to carry or use a wand. This Ban was derived from the Goblin Rebellion of the early 1600's. The Goblin Rebellions of the Eighteenth Century, which most of us learn about in our schooling, was a direct result of the Clause, and thus holds merit for much debate.

There is a clear favorable distinction between non-human and part-human beings that are permitted to carry and use a Wand. One example would be the Charms professor Filius Flitwick, during the Golden Trio's years of attendance at Hogwarts, whom has Goblin Ancestry. So, isn't it fair to surmise that the Goblin Rebellions themselves were for lack of a better word, misguided? There is always room for debate.

The assumption goes, that since Goblins already possess Magical abilities, they have no advance need for Wands. The Goblin argument states that Wizards refuse to share their Wandlore with the Goblins, for fear of the Goblins advancement all together.

We can take this a step further, and express disdain for the other beings known to our world as reality, such as Werewolves and Vampires.

While Werewolves are classified as Magical Part Human beings who have been cursed with Lycanthropy and are permitted to carry and use a Wand, Vampires, whom are classified as non-magical Part Humans, are not permitted. We can compare Goblins and Vampires in this instance, whereas they both possess abilities that are proven to be of Magical origin; but yet, are "classified" as non-magical part human.

What is the guideline to determine Non-Magical Part Human, and Magical Part Human? Would the Ministry share this kind of information? Our sources say they wouldn't and couldn't due to the Statute of Secrecy, but then again, that has its own loopholes all together.

Till next time,


By Briannabreez

As you may be aware, the annual Swedish broom race took place on June 5th- the first weekend in June, as it always has been (aside from the Dragon Rampage of 1874, where it was postponed to the following month).

Every year, it begins at 2pm and the first to the finish usually arrives approximately three hours later (the current record is two hours and fifty-two minutes, often contested as 'he probably Apparated'). The slowest usually arrive seven or eight hours later, but past about four hours most will land and Apparate to the finish.

Due to the long distance, many are not confident enough in their Apparition to Apparate to the finish line, so many will take Portkeys set up especially for the event, especially small children. This practice began in 1963 and has continued since. Setting up your own Portkeys is discouraged, as is taking the Floo Network.

The race runs from Kopparberg (central/Southern Sweden) to Arjeplog (northern Sweden), a distance of 459 miles (or 738 km). Fliers from all over the world compete in the race, and this year several professional Quidditch players competed, including Valentina Katanova (Russian Seeker in last year's World Cup, captain of Karasjok Kites) and Tamsin Applebee (Captain and Keeper of Holyhead Harpies since 2009).

The course ran through a dragon reservation for the majority of its time as a race, and for many it was part of the attraction. However, from the 1980s onwards many shied away from it because of the danger. For this reason, the race now goes around the reservation for those who do not wish to take the danger. If a flier does go through the reservation there will be severe penalties due to new data on dwindling dragon numbers. The keepers of the reservation do not appreciate the annual aggravation of the dragons, although it is still inevitable that some will go through.

Approximately sixteen thousand people turned up to witness the spectacle, with Swedish Ministry representatives rushed off of their feet to ensure that no Muggles saw the many thousands of witches and wizards.

Exactly 2396 fliers began the race, but tragically, seventeen who flew through the dragon reservation were killed. Their families were deeply saddened, as was I, and I think it is safe to say that our hearts are with these people as every year when unfortunate lives are taken.

However, even this could not dampen the spirits of Julia Almstedt, the winner of the race. In addition to helping her team gain victory in the 2013 Swedish Quidditch Cup, she has now won the annual broom race two times in a row.

The silver Swedish Short-Snout trophy was magically engraved at the award ceremony the following day, where the second to thirteenth participants received miniature bronze dragon statues, each species in order of speed apart from the Swedish Short-Snout. Despite being one of the slower dragons, this species is always used for first and second place because it is the Swedish annual broom race.

Of course, the traditions of this race have changed significantly. Where the first race was held to settle a dispute between two families in the tenth century, now thousands of people come from all over the world to claim the win and prove their prowess. The first prize was a real Swedish Short-Snout and the dragon reservation, but now the dragon prizes are much more diverse- however, sadly we do not have any real dragons to give away!

By Samantha Bradley

The first thing to be revealed has to do with the Donations program. They are bigger and better than ever, offering even more than ever before, and at a lower price to boot! Everyone should check the packages out, because chances are great that you will find something you like.

I told you about the upcoming IHC event last month. Applications opened up shortly after my article, and are now closed. Good luck to all of those who have applied, and may be the best team win! There is still lots of chance coming up to be involved in the IHC, as I mentioned, so keep looking for opportunities and you will find them!

In other exciting news, the RPC Teaching Center opened, giving the long-awaited chance for students who want to improve their role playing skills to sign up for tutoring lessons. The reception to this program was great, and the RPC celebrated with a series of special contests. I'm sure these were greatly enjoyed by those who participated.

The House Election results were announced. Congratulations to all those who were elected. Remember there will be more chances to run for election in another six months, so don't forget!

An announcement has been made that Quidditch will be returning next year, with several revisions in the rules which will hopefully make the game more fun for all. Shortly after this announcement came out, the famous (or infamous, as the case may be) Diagon Alley shop Naut For You opened for a restock event. Fabulous, never before seen items such as Luna's Toadstool, Draco's Apple, Sugared Butterfly Wings and Dumbledore's Knitting Magazine suddenly became available, to the delight of most users. One quickly learned that the trick was to keep coming back and checking the store constantly in order to not miss out, as things were changing almost constantly in there. I managed to get everything I wanted, thanks mainly to a little help from my friends (thank you, John Lennon and Paul McCartney). We all look forward to another restock of this store. They always make for exciting and fun events.

That's about it for this time. Stay tuned next month for coverage of more exciting events. You know they are coming!

By Char

Dear Daily Prophet,
I want to write a book about an apocalyptic world; how do you think I should make the 'world'? I don't want it to be zombies because they're so common.
- Writer's Dilemma

Hello there, Writer's Dilemma!
Unfortunately, I may not be the best person to ask with writing-related stuff. So you can't really rely on the weird ramblings I may be giving as advice. I promise to make it as helpful as I can, though, and I hope that it'll answer your question in any way too.

In terms of which 'world' you want to write about, it would really depend on what you feel would occur in the apocalypse. I mean, sure, the zombie apocalypse is something very common. (I've seen it sooo many times in video games as of late, and I'm sure a lot of books have it as well xD), but if you feel like that's something most likely to happen in an apocalypse, i don't see how you shouldn't be writing about it! If it's an idea you feel strongly about, and if there's something in your own zombie apocalypse that makes it different from everything else, you could possibly include that and make it one of the main aspects of your story.

If you don't feel like using a zombie apocalypse, then go for something else you feel like. Take Suzanne Collins, for example. She envisioned a world that would be divided into districts, and one that has war against the main governing body - the Capitol. Veronica Roth also saw a world that was divided by districts in her novels. So, really, it would depend on what 'world' you want to create and how much conviction you want to put in to this world.

Say, you really feel like the apocalypse would have Teletubbies that would destroy the world, then who am I to stop you? If it's something you really see happening, and if it's something you know full well you can write and use as a driving force for your story, then by all means, go for it! It isn't really a matter of what's cliche or overdone or what. I believe it all depends on what YOU want to do and what YOU want to see, because in the end, it's your work. It's what you feel can work, and it's what you know you can make into your own world. It doesn't matter what it is or how absurd it is. If you envision it, and if you see that it could happen, then go for it.

The only limit is your imagination, after all.


Dear Daily Prophet,
I'm having trouble with my pygmy puff!! Could you please tell me how to tend a puff?
- Miss Puffiness

Hello there, Miss Puffiness!
I honestly never had experience with pygmy puffs before. I've only had owls and bunnies as pets before (and even then, an owl ran away from me some years back). Lucky for you, though, but I've tried to research how to properly tend to a pygmy puff.

From what I've read, a pygmy puff is very picky about its fur. It has to consistently be brushed. If the puff feels uncomfortable, it is most likely because its fur has not been brushed to its perfection, so you have to make sure that's accomplished. There's also the possibility that if your puff is annoyed, it has to eat. Puffs have a very specific menu it likes. I'm sure it comes with the instructions the person in Magical Menagerie gave, right? Just make sure you feed your puff regularly for it not to be annoyed!

You also have to remember to let it drink water. Water is very important for puffs. If us humans need water to survive, puffs aren't any different. They have to be given water for them to go through their daily activities. Make sure you don't keep it enclosed in a cage or anything too. Puffs hate confined space and might throw a tantrum if placed in one!

Lastly, make sure to always play with your puff. They're big attention seekers, and if you fail to tend to them or mind them, they might run away (much like what my owl did before, sad life). So don't let it get that far or that bad. Always play with it and always take care of it, then you should be good to go!

Hope this helps in any way!


Dear Daily Prophet,
My summer break's about to begin. What can I do to stop myself from being bored during this time?
- Refuses to be Bored

Hello there, Refuses to be Bored!
Summer is definitely a time to do the things you don't have time to do during school. That would be my main suggestion. You can never be bored if you keep doing the things you aren't able to at school time. If you have a pending list of books to read, go read that. If you finish that list, pick up more books to read. If there's a game you haven't been able to play, go play it. There isn't a better time to play it than summer break!

If you have a sport you want to try out (whether or not the sport likes you in return, because I know sports don't like me, in particular), try it out. Spend time with your family, spend quality time with your music, do whatever you want to. (For as long as you don't hurt yourself while doing this). Movie marathons are fun to do too! Especially if you have a group of people to be with while doing so. There's always something to do, something to watch, and something to play with.

When you feel like you're running out of things to do, ask help from your friends because they can help you think of something to do as well! (Or be bored with you. Boredom is fun with friends, after all. ) With all those suggestions, you might not run out of things to do! Before you know it, summer would end, and you still have other things to do!

So make the most out of it and enjoy your break! Hope I helped in some way~


Daily Prophet,
I have the worst luck with the lottery. What do you think I should do?
- Lottery Loser

Hey there, Lottery Loser!
I'm pretty sure you aren't a loser, dear. I mean, sure the lottery isn't really kind to us all the time, but that doesn't mean you're a loser! You still win at other things!

As for ways to have better luck with the lottery, my best suggestion would be to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings to the randomizer gods. You see, no matter how many tickets you activate (that is, if you even activate them, because not doing so totally defeats the purpose, right? xD), only the randomizer gods determine who win. If you aren't in their favor, then you might not have any chance to get anything at all.

It's the sad truth, I know, but it's the way the world works. You win some; you lose some. It just so happens the lottery sometimes brings out more losses than wins. So the only way to solve this is to usurp the randomizer gods themselves. If your offerings don't work, worse comes to worse, you create a rebellion that could overthrow them, so that you could get to run the randomizing yourself, and you could win!

The only problem there being I don't know any rebellion against them that's been successful, so... I wish you the best of luck with that! Hope it all works out!


Dear Daily Prophet,
My butt hurts when I sit on my broom too long. It hurts so much that no matter what position I take, the pain comes! What in the world do I do?
- Broom Ache

Hi there, Broom Ache!
I believe the reason your bum hurts so much is because you've been on your broom too long. The flight was probably longer than what you're normally used to, so you butt is suffering as a consequence. Perhaps the next time, you could take breaks in between your flights. A potty break could work, or maybe stopping and resting for a bit. That always works.

Basically, just do anything that could be considered a break from all your flying, and that could possibly decrease the pain you feel. If you continue to feel that it hurts, my suggestion would be to visit a Healer. It might be something more technical than a bum ache, and I'd much rather not dwell on any of those details.

Healers can definitely help you, in that sense! Though I do hope it doesn't have to go to that, because I know you can solve this problem on your own! Just take breaks, and you could be good to go! Best of luck!


By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello Starbursters! Okay, so it's a working title. However, Starburst is back this month with an all new insider information on the Wizarding world's Unspeakables, Musicians, Aurors, Masters and Mistresses, Dueling Champions, and all of the popular gossip you're just dying to hear.

It's official, witches and wizards! Kendra and Jacob Kenderly are separating! An anonymous source told how Kendra stormed into her husband's office and threw a box of belongings at his head. Pulling out her wand, the irate wife started hexing. It wasn't until another Unspeakable knocked Kendra unconscious that the spellfire stopped. Both Jacob and Kendra are in Saint Mungos for the near future. Jacob's wounds were mostly superficial, but he is having to regrow the bones in his left leg, his right arm having the skin regrown, and some Mind Healers are trying to restore the memories the memory spell Kendra through at him. Kendra, however, is decidedly more injured. Her entire rib cage is being forced to be regrown and she took out an unknown magical object, along with her and her husband. Healers are not quite what the magic could have done, so they are taking it slowly.

Triton Oceanus has proposed to his long term girlfriend, Athena Amphorae! The now leader of the Mermaids was seen on one knee by the beach, with his tearful girlfriend nodding frantically. There is no official date set quite yet, but congratulations to both!

Young prodigy, Alexis Zall, is taking her Charms Mastery next month! The sixteen year old witch graduated from Hogwarts when she was fourteen and has steadily worked on achieving masteries. She has apprenticed under a variety of Masters and Mistresses, with different specialties. Fingers crossed for her!

As the end of the school year approaches, Quidditch scouts flock to Hogwarts! George Woodly, a star Keeper on the Gryffindor team, is one of the most interesting players to watch. Fourth year Gryffindor, Amy Collins, said, "He's really talented and all of us think he'll go far."

Are the Quidditch scouts the only ones looking at Hogwarts? A figure in a black cloak was seen entering the grounds. An anonymous Slytherin slipped, "He seemed to be interested in Hallie. It's not surprising; she's very intelligent and cunning." Could they possibly be referring to Hallie Magnus? To those who shockingly don't know who she is, Hallie is the younger sister of Chase Magnus, a famous Wizarding archeologist.

The Chase family is filled with famous wizards and witches, Unspeakables, Quidditches players, Aurors, Politicians, etc. It wouldn't be far off to say that they have helped shape the Wizarding world in a way. The two Chase children certainly seem to be following in their ancestor's footsteps.

Anyway, speaking of Hogwarts, let's talk about what some past students are up to now! George Weasley, one of the prankster Weasley twins, the other being tragically killed in the Battle of Hogwarts, is still running the ever so popular Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes. He is married to a fellow Hogwarts alumni, Angelina Johnson, and fellow Gryffindor Quidditch player. She was a Chaser on the team.

Neville Longbottom, famous for his bravery shown in the Battle of Hogwarts, now works at the school as a Herbology Professor. He is married to Hufflepuff Hannah Abbott, now Longbottom. The couple has no children.

Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw and defender of Hogwarts, is now married to Rolf Scamander and has twin sons, Lorcan and Lysander. She is a famous Wizarding naturalist and frequently searches for seemingly made up creatures.

That's all for the month's Starburst! If there's a wizarding star that you want to know more about, please owl Cassandra Lovegood. Maybe then your favorite star will be in the next edition! That's all for now, my doves! This is Cass, signing off!

By Rosie_may

Hello dearies! Aunt Edna'€™s here again with another exciting installment! Now, as we all know June is upon us and soon enough we'€™ll be hearing the pitter-patter of young witch and wizard'€™s feet as our children return from their school year at Hogwarts. The question is, how you keep them entertained! Well, that is where I come in. This issue is dedicated to all of the fantastic magical spots to take your children during the summer holidays, and I personally assure you that they will make unforgettable memories here!

First off, why not take the children for a relaxing, weekend vacation to the isle of Pixies. It'€™s a tiny island off the coast of the Isle of Wright. The island itself hosts a three star wizarding hotel for longer stays as well as the ability to go on safari tours to watch Pixies in their natural habitats. They have a wide range of different Pixies from the common Cornish to the rare Scottish, they are even the only facility where you can buy stuffed, plushie version of the cute little critters, to which I utterly recommend buying one. Not only is it educational it'€™s an exciting weekend for the entire family. Remember though dearies! Pixies are mischievous little creatures and they won'€™t might taking a nibble out of a finger or an ear so remember to keep your feet and arms outside the viewing areas at all times!

Fancy going a little bit further afield? Then why not a tour of the ancient Egyptian tombs! As we'€™re all aware from our days in our History of Magic Classes the ancient Egyptian wizards and witches were a fascinating bunch. A tad bat-crap crazy. But fascinating! Take a tour around the Great Pyramids and watch the curse-breakers at work, then how about a quick pit stop to pick up a couple of scarab burritos and then onto Sphinx feeding in the afternoon! The kids will love it and just think of all the castle you can build in all of that sand, it'€™s an added bonus! And just think of the nice warm weather that you'€™ll be in! While England steadily sinks further under the mountain of rain predicted for our summers - I'€™m not bitter. I promise.

Looking for something a little closer to home? Why not try swimming with mermaids in the Scottish lakes, they'€™re friendly and you get a discount to ride a hippocampus if you buy the full package on arrival! What a day out! The kids will be so excited to tell all their friends of how fun it was at the lakes. Don'€™t forget, there's plenty more in those lakes as well. Every day from June to September, between the hours of nine and six there are three scheduled shows of Nessie, the famous lake monster jumping through flaming hoops and putting on a spectacular display of gymnastic abilities. There was rumours once that Nessie wanted to try out for the Muggle Olympics, however no one could find her a leotard big enough for her flippers.

Well then, that's just about it from Aunt Edna this week, remember to keep your chin up! The summer should be enjoyed by all and what better way to do it then with your family! Unless you have a couple of family members who steal your best silver whenever they are at your house. Then it is perfectly alright to ignore them and send them dragon dung by owlpost! See you next time dearies!

By DominicanSr

Here is a delicious recipe for the summer, and for any other time of the year that you want a refreshing delicious desert that always has people asking for more!

Ingredients :
I fresh pineapple or one tin of crushed pineapple
2 packets of pineapple jelly
2 tablespoons of Custard powder
4 eggs

1. Cut off skin and grate pineapple if required.
2. Put into a saucepan and cover with sugar and water to taste. Simmer for about ten minutes.
3. Mix two tablespoons of custard powder with a little water and then add to the mixture.
4. Make up the jellies as per the instructions, but with the second jelly, leave out one cup of water.
5. Add the jellies to the pineapple mixture and then leave to cool. Once cooled, refrigerate. I recommend leaving it overnight.
6. Next day, beat up four egg whites and then fold them into the mixture. Leave the mixture to sit again.
7. Whip up the cream and spread on top. Finally decorate with grated chocolate, glace cherries, nuts etc. as preferred.
8. Enjoy!


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