By Cassandra Lovegood

JUNE 2016, HOGWARTS - Aurors were horrified to discover that there has been a series of crimes against current and former Hogwarts students. All victims were discovered to be sorted into Slytherin House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Auror Office has warned Slytherins to be extra vigilant and careful. The crimes committed were varied and seemed to be committed by different people.

Thankfully, no one has been killed, but there have been some injured. Miss Lacy Lewis, a sixth-year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is currently in Saint Mungo's for an unknown potion spewing acid on her hands and face. She said that an owl dropped off a box at her table at breakfast, and the box was unmarked. Lewis will remain in Saint Mungo's for another week to make sure there is no other damage. Aurors have no suspects for Miss Lewis's case.

A source at the Auror Office, who refused use of their name, says that there has been rumors of an anti-Slytherin group working to completely abolish Slytherin House. There has been no confirmation or denial of this rumor, and the Head of the Auror Office refused to comment on the rumors when we sent an owl to him.

The Auror Office and the Daily Prophet are urging all wizards and witches to be especially vigilant and to keep an eye out for any strange happenings. Make sure to lock your doors and important items. There are certain items and spells that can be used for extra protection, should you feel the need for it. (Although, make sure to check the reviews on Wizarding Checks! Many people might try to scam you in these frightening times.)

As of right now, Aurors have very few suspects or leads. The culprits are meticulous, careful, and ruthless. They could possibly have family members or friends who were victims of Death Eaters, leading to their hatred of Slytherins. Should you discover the culprit, do not engage.

We are urging Slytherins to be cautious and for other wizards and witches to stay away from any groups that support abolishing Slytherin House. They are dangerous and seem to have no objection to harming people. If you have any more information, please contact the Auror Office as soon as possible. We here at the Daily Prophet warn all you witches and wizards out there to stay safe. We'll see you next month at the Daily Prophet.


The wizarding world is known for all its businessmen and entrepreneurs. Most of these businessmen usually take part in Diagon Alley-related activities. Whether it's a shop that they own, or it's some stores that they have shares in, or maybe the stock market is something that they try out or involve themselves in. For this month's article, I've gone to interview one of the owners of Flourish and Blotts. He's the son of the wizard who created the shop.

Born Benjamin Ronelli III, he's the eldest of a family of five (including his parents). He was the eldest boy, and his other two siblings are girls. When I asked about his age, he told me he'd rather not tell me. (Then again, it was silly of me to ask, because not everyone wanted to reveal this about themselves, after all.) He told me, however, that he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he was a Slytherin.

"I knew I was going to be put there all along," he said, chuckling. "My father was a Slytherin too, and he always talked about continuing the family legacy, even at a young age. Thankfully, it's something I've always been interested in. Money, stocks, selling, buying -- it was something I knew I wanted to be part of. It always fascinated me, how my father would go to Diagon Alley to work and deal with his customers. On normal days, the shop had a few customers. At the beginning of the year, though, DAMN. There were probably twice as many people buying school supplies and the like.

"He wanted me to learn the ropes already, so I'd tag along in those heavy season days, which was the start of the year, and those days towards the end of the break. It's funny because I'd always ask him why people would start herding into the store in those dates, then he'd tell me I'd learn 'in due time'. Boy, I really did!" he said, excitedly.

In Hogwarts, he had good grades, but he wasn't the type to do extracurriculars. Quidditch, dueling, and clubs weren't really his thing. "Well, the club that I DID do was the Diagon Alley Shopkeepers Club. There were a lot of people who wanted to be shopkeepers themselves or set up their own businesses, and it was pretty cool getting to know them. They became my best friends, and I still talk to them to this day!"

"So what is it like, owning the shop? How does it feel knowing you're in charge, and that you have to deal with different kinds of customers?"

"Well, the business aspect itself is what I enjoy," he started, "I like it when people give me a good bargain. I like seeing the determined look on their faces when they know they want to get something. I also love helping people find what they need. Whether it's a book for school or something to read for leisure, it's always nice giving my suggestions and letting them know what they can get.

"Sometimes, I've had people come back and tell me they liked the book they bought from here, which warms my heart, really. Other times, I've had really rude people who tell me my shop doesn't matter, and I'm not doing my father justice, but whatever. I know what I'm capable of, and I know what I've done to put the shop where it is now, and I don't need their opinions, if whatever they say isn't true.

"It's hard to put a smile on my face in those cases sometimes, but I try because it's what father would have done. He was an honest man -- determined and ever ready to do what it took to bring his family and his shop on top, which he did. I can only hope I've been doing the same," he explained.

I asked him how things were in Diagon Alley at the moment, and he mentioned it was a quiet time for sales. Since it was the end of the school year, people weren't really coming for school supplies. He was sure they'd begin flocking in come September, though. It was definitely nice talking to him, and it was a good perspective on the other side of the economy. Thank you for your time, Mr. Ronelli!

By lalala99

ENGLAND - Many people harbor preconceptions, based on a number of things, like clothing, wand, or dwelling. One such category is Hogwarts House. Often, people imagine a certain type of student in each house. Slytherins, for example, are considered to be hostile and snobby. Slytherin students are widely considered to push the other Houses away, considering them to be of a lower caliber. But is this really true?

Some Slytherins say it isn't. In fact, Slytherin alumni Samuel Corner and Margaret Finch are working to prove that the stereotypes set for Slytherin don't fully encompass what Slytherin students have to offer.

"I just feel that we don't all act that way," Finch told our reporters. "There are always a few kids who have that attitude, but the majority of us, we're more."

For this reason, Corner and Finch have created an organization to help magical beasts find homes. This organization, located in the UK, helps relocate magical creatures to their proper habitat, be that a thick forest or a wizarding household. As of now, the nonprofit, Gnomes and Griffins (G&G), has helped over 100 animals, and on their way to helping more.

"We do want to say that we're not only doing this to break the stereotypes," says Corner. "We care about the animals and want to help them."

And they have! G&G has helped many animals, like Doris the grindylow. In her younger years, Doris grabbed a victim, and in keeping with protocol, he snapped her fingers and left. The pond she lived in was a fairly populated one, but without a means to get food, Doris was starving, even while watching the other grindylows get fat off their prey. G&G found Doris, and relocated her to a small, secluded pond, with few visitors and lots of food. Now Doris has a happy life and a new home.

Another such animal is Puffles, the niffler. G&G found Puffles alone in a forest. He wasn't injured, but he was timid and frightened. G&G helped him regain his trust in humans, and now, Puffles lives in a happy home.

"I'm just so glad that we have him," says Mr. Bishop, Puffles' father. "The kids adore him, and he's made us a lot happier."

Now, Corner and Finch have a new project. A dragon nest has been found in the Tube. And the dragons are nearby.

"We've already found two of the babies," says Demilda Brown, G&G's publicity director. "Now we're looking for three more and the mother."

This is the nonprofit's first dealing with highly dangerous creatures. Of course, mother dragons are far more dangerous, especially with their offspring. While the caretakers help rehabilitate the babies, more are out on the front lines, trying to get the dragons out of the Tube.

This mission is a hard one, but it seems Corner and Finch can help all creatures, from gnomes to griffins.

By Ygdjh

On June 5th this year, Draco Malfoy turned 35. Though it's been a while since we last watched Harry's childhood rival in the movie theaters, Draco Malfoy remains an unforgettable character - as does the actor who played him, Tom Felton. While Felton was born and raised here in England, he has been busy all around the world.

In Malta and Spain, Felton recently finished acting the character of Lucius in the newly released movie 'Risen'. In this biblical drama, characters Clavius and Lucius are attempting to solve the mystery of what happened to Jesus after he was crucified. Meanwhile, whenever I think of the name Lucius, I think of a very different character related to Tom Felton ...

'Risen' isn't the only movie Felton must travel abroad for. 'Stratton: First Into Action' is an upcoming thriller about a British Special Boat Service operator hunting down terrorists. The filming is planned to start in various parts of Italy, including Rome, and later move to London. Felton will play Crummings, though the exact identity of this character is unknown.

Felton will also be in Los Angeles for 'Message from the King', an upcoming movie about a South African who comes to Los Angeles seeking to avenge the death of his sister. Tom Felton will play the role of Frankie, though once again little is known about this role.

While Felton will certainly be busy this year, his international travels are not limited to acting. Another reason Tom Felton has been visiting foreign countries is sports.

In 2002, Tom Felton and his brother Chris were fishing in the St. Lawrence river when they pondered the fact that while there are numerous fishing tournaments for adults, there are only a handful of tournaments in the world for children. That was when the idea of a St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament was born.

The St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament is a tournament where any child between the ages of eleven and eighteen may participate in a three-day fishing extravaganza. For the first day of the tournament, youths attend a school taught by expert fishermen where they learn about tying knots, choosing baits, casting rods, and reeling in fish. The next two days are spent fishing in the St. Lawrence river, where cash prizes and awards are handed out.

Felton co-hosted the first St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament and continues to frequent the annual tournaments. This year's tournament takes place from August 11th to August 13th, for any interested persons who might want to get a glimpse of Tom Felton . Adults cannot participate, but they can volunteer.

Fishing isn't the only thing Tom Felton is good at. Felton also plays sports at various charity events, and while these events take place in England, I feel they are notable enough to warrant a place in the International column.

The David Holmes Cricket Cup is a charity event to raise money for the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. It features a cricket match between two teams, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Guess which team Felton plays on?

The David Holmes Cricket Cup started in 2009, where Tom Felton and his team lost to the Gryffindor team, which included both Matthew Lewis and Daniel Radcliffe. In 2010, Felton's team won against Gryffindor, which included Matthew Lewis, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, and Daniel Radcliffe. Felton didn't play again until 2015, though Matthew Lewis continued to play on the Gryffindor team every year, and James and Oliver Phelps made occasional appearances. In 2015, Felton once again captained the Slytherin team and prevailed over Gryffindor, which included Matthew Lewis.

Another charity event occurring in England that Tom Felton played in was the Soccer Aid. Soccer Aid is a charity event designed to raise money for UNICEF UK, an organization dedicated to aiding children in less developed countries. Soccer Aid features a soccer match between two teams - aptly named 'England' and 'Rest of the World'. Each team consists of celebrities and professionals. Felton played for the England squad in 2008.

Just like his character, Draco Malfoy, Felton is involved in numerous activities and shows qualities Slytherin would be proud of - competitiveness, leadership, and excellence at pretending to be someone else. Whether it's playing sports for charities, hosting fishing tournaments, or acting in exciting new movies, Tom Felton certainly has been busy all around the world.

By kay85

The world, as we know it, hasn't been the same ever since the Boy-Who-Lived finally defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Prejudice has lessened, bonds strengthened, magical cooperation re-established and blood-status bias purged. Since time in memoriam, blood status was something that would either make or break a community.

When did the emphasis on blood status begin? Why was it so important to be the right kind of blood to make it in the wizarding world? Who informed us that another blood type was much superior than the others?

No one really knows when it all began. Blood superiority has been around since men were made kings and others were considered peasants. In the medieval times, being born into nobility meant that your blood was more precious than those of the common kind.

Through in magic into the mix, you now have another reason to categorise blood groups. If you were born into a prominent and had the ability to use magic, you were the creme de la creme of society; a pure-blood and a noble. This meant that you had the ability to attend court and influence the policies regarding blood superiority.

Perhaps that was how the blood-purity mania began. Too much stock has been given to the kind of blood you are born with. Being of pure-blood meant nothing more that having two wizarding parents, which a valid magical bloodline. It shouldn't be a factor in determining your success in life, and it doesn't, really.

The blood-purity mania reached its heights with Lord Voldemort, ironically, a half-blood himself. The Dark lord loathed his own bloodline, thus fought what he hated most about himself - mixed heritage. Those who believe in blood purity supported him and hundreds if not thousands died because their blood was deemed 'dirty'.

With the fall of Lord Voldemort's regime, the world came to realize how damaging this importance on blood purity was in the wizarding world. Thanks to people like Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger this problem might finally find its solution.

With the new initiative to eradicate all pro-pure-blood laws in the Ministry of Magic, it is hoped that the blood-purity mania will die together with its forebearers, and a new, more tolerant world will be born, where everyone is equal and has the same chance to make it in this world.

Hopefully, when we start filling in any official Ministry forms, the section on blood purity will no longer be a compulsory field.


Now, we all know that Draco's birthday was on the 5th of June. We also know that Draco loves Quidditch. So why don't we talk about the first time Draco joined the Slytherin Quidditch Team? Several students who studied at that time had agreed to tell us about how they felt when his father gave the Slytherin team all Nimbus 2001s.

Marcus Flint: "It was [really] awesome! When I held that broom, I felt victory in my hands. I thought we were totally going to beat Wood's team, thanks to Mr. Malfoy. But stupid Draco Malfoy didn't get the Snitch. It was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! But that donation was appreciated."

Adrian Pucey: "I'm glad Draco became my teammate because he was a good Seeker, although he was always beaten by bloody Harry Potter. The brooms Mr. Malfoy gave us was unlike anything that I've ridden on. It felt like I was floating on air. I give a shout out to him. Thank you, Mr. Malfoy."

Pansy Parkinson: "First of all, I like to say that I'm only giving this interview because I was given 100,000 galleons. So be thankful that you can read what I'm saying. Anyways, Draco was a very good flyer/Seeker and that Mudblood Granger was wrong. The brooms were only to show how grateful Mr. Malfoy was for letting Draco onto the team. I'm not really an expert on brooms, but I do know that the brooms were really good. Slytherins did great during the Quidditch game and Potter was only lucky. Otherwise, the Slytherins would have won. I heard that he married that ginger head. Ha! Good for nothing Weasleys. Oh, I gotta run. This is what I thought of Draco joining the Quidditch team. Tata."

George Weasley: "I would say that Fred, bless his soul, may he forever live in pranks, and I were very upset when Malfoy showed up with his Nimbus 2001. But we were even more upset when he insulted our Cleansweeps, which were still usable. But calling our sweet Hermione a Mudblood was going way too far. So Malfoy joining the Slytherin Quidditch team made the already horrible team even more horrible. And the way his father bought all those brooms to put Malfoy on the team was disgusting."

Alicia Spinnet: "As much as I wanted to believe that Malfoy made it on the team by talent, all signs still pointed to his father giving the team all Nimbus 2001s. That's basically all I have to say."

Oliver Wood: "Malfoy did not get on the team fairly. His father used bribery to get him on the team. Otherwise, he would never have gone on that team. Sure, he has skills, but they weren't good enough to be on a House team. But we still won the match, even with their Nimbus 2001s."

I only interviewed the Slytherins and Gryffindors, but I hope you liked it and I'll see you in the next issue. Ciao!

By Lee Ainee

Hello, everyone! Happy National Oceans Month! Lee Ainee here, surfing through the tides to deliver the latest news around HEX for the month of June. My snake friend called Slythie said to be on the look out for them!

Classes :: That's right, people! Lesson 20 is up, and it's the dreaded final exam. Don't fret! You have until the 19th to have yours checked by the Teaching Staff. But before you put down your quills and wear your sunglasses and sunscreens, don't forget to thank them for their hard work throughout the whole school year. These may be small words, but they will make hearts swell with pride.

A Series of RP Events - Hogwarts Cooking Festival :: As soon as you done with your homework, what better way to relax from the stress of your finals than a barbecue outing with your friends by the bay? Oh wait, what's that? Hogwarts is having a cooking festival! Well, what are you waiting for? Come by the Grounds Forum, specifically the Under the Lake forum, and participate in the first ever Hogwarts Cooking Festival! Now, what will our magical Master Chef, aka you as a role-player, bring to the table? We all can't wait to taste them!

Arts and Graphics Forum :: Some people would want to do something adventurous this summer. Others would want to catch up on their reading. So what better way for you to spend summer indoors than to relieve some of your favorite books, boy bands, sports, and the like? As you immerse yourself with other people who share your interests, head on over to the Arts and Graphics forum and do their fun activities to express your love for your fandom. Be warned! The admins and moderators would not be responsible for heart attacks due to your fandom spasms.

Role Play of the Month - Happiness: 10 Cents :: Have you ever wondered how a child sees the world? Have you ever wondered how Calvin and Hobbes interact outside the comic strips? Well, this is a chance for you to do just that. Role-play as either Calvin and Hobbes and participate in this month's Role Play of the Month over at the Role-Playing Central.

House Promotions :: As the term ends, promotions are well underway. Head on over to at the entrance hall to congratulate the recent promotions for the houses of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Congratulations, everyone! We are looking forward to all of your fun activities and great things in the future.

Shopping Forum - ASK THE MODS :: The Shopping Forum mods have set up their very own ask the mods thread over at the Diagon Alley. The thread will be used to let the users inquire anything that pertains to the economy, like what is a raffle, what is an SA and other terms, as well as voicing out related concerns. If you are still confused, we encourage you to head on over their thread and ask them questions related to the shopping forums. They won't bite! I assure you that.

I've Got a Secret :: The moderators and administrators spearheaded by the ever lovely Ninja Kitten had teased users about a secret last May. It almost destroyed the site, with everyone asking and speculating what this secret is. As much as we wanted to let you in on it, we don't know what the secret is. Nonetheless, the wait will undoubtedly be satisfying, so be on the lookout! I wonder if they are planning a Quidditch match while the players duel in mid-air. Only time would tell.

That is it for this month's events around HEX. Be on the look out for other events this coming month! Remember to check out next month's issue for more HEX news. So until then, stay classy!

By Rosie_may

Is it true that Draco Malfoy once appeared shirtless in a calendar that features the most eligible bachelors in the wizarding world? And if so, where can I get a copy?
~ Hopelessly in Love

Dearest Hopelessly in Love,
For years, rumours have circulated that Draco Malfoy has participated in these photo shoots. I can confirm that yes, Draco Malfoy did have his shirtless photos published in a calendar. As for the circumstances as to why he agreed to be in the calendar have varied for years. Some say he was blackmailed into it, and some say he did it willingly. Others have said he was given a baby basilisk in exchange for the photos. As for where you can get the copies from, I've heard there is a certain stall in the back of Knockturn Alley where you might be able to get one. If not, seek out a man called Mundungus Fletcher.

A Helping Hand.

Where can I find a man like Draco Malfoy? He`s perfect in every way! So dreamy!
~ Sad Romantic

Dearest Sad Romantic,
There are times in life where you have to admit defeat. As much as you may love him, there is only one Draco Malfoy, only one person with his qualities and personality. It doesn't matter how much you care for him, the important thing is not to lose yourself in the infatuation. There is someone out there for you, someone who will make you forget him and realize that what you thought was real, wasn't. And let's face it, he might eat with his mouth open or have some other disgusting habit that jumps on your very last nerve. Live in the moment and do yourself a favour, let yourself be happy and move on.

A Helping Hand.

What does Draco Malfoy want for his birthday?
~ Curious Questioner

Dear Curious Questioner,
Having secured a private chat with the man himself, we put forth your question and we're quite surprised by his answers. The first thing he wanted for his birthday was a new cane, one in which the Slytherin Serpent could be wrapped all around the length of it, with a wand holder as well. Second of all, he wanted a new broom, one in which he could teach his son how to be the best Quidditch player at school. (Personally, I think he's still bitter about Harry Potter`s skills.) And thirdly, he wanted a nice long holiday with his wife, Astoria, in a private cabin in the heart of Europe to enjoy the scenery and do a spot of Dragon-watching.

A Helping Hand

Does Draco Malfoy still dabble in the Dark Arts?
~ A Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent,
Since the fall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the Malfoy name has come under scrutiny for the part they have played in the Second Wizarding War. However, after the fall, Draco himself, as far as the Daily Prophet and Ministry of Magic are concerned has not openly practiced nor dabbled in the Dark Arts, and it would be safe to assume that he and his family have turned their backs on their dark pasts. If you are still having concerns it would be wise to speak to the Headmaster of Hogwarts or even arrange a meeting with Mr. Malfoy himself.

A Helping Hand

If there was one thing in the world Draco Malfoy could do as an occupation what would it be?
~ Potential Present Buyer

Dearest Potential Present Buyer,
Having settled down for a chat with him, we asked him this question and as we guessed, he wanted to be a professional Quidditch Player. With skills like his and enough money to buy an entire forest's worth of broomsticks, he could be quite a valuable player!

A Helping Hand

By Lee Ainee

Hey there! It's me, Ainee. My owl post was bombarded with the requests, for months now, to feature a particular alpha male, the so-called "leader" of the Slytherin house during the Golden Trio era. As always, we here at the Daily Prophet heard your requests to feature dear Mr. Draco Malfoy, and we aim to please, so we did all we can to get a hold of the man.

Unfortunately, the said Slytherin was on a vacation with his family. I can hear your sighs of disbelief, dear readers, but I am just a measly reporter. I cannot use a portkey to go to Honduras where his family is currently staying! I do not have the means or the G's to go there.

Although, thanks to a reliable source, we managed to confirm a rumor going around about a birthday bash Mr. Malfoy had last weekend. All of his Slytherin friends were there, so the Daily Prophet had an idea to get insight into what happened and how Mr. Malfoy and the rest of his Slytherin friends were doing. With that, I sat down with one of the attendees, Blaise Zabini, for a quick interview.

Ainee (A): So, Blaise, this month is all about Malfoy and your House. Any thoughts on this?

Blaise Zabini (BZ): Well, it's about time we get to appear in the spotlight! We thought you guys forgot about us just because we have ties to the Dark Lord.

A: Ah, yes. But that is all in the past, and the people have forgiven you guys, I hope.

BZ: Well, aside from the occasional pranks, we're all good.

A: That's great to hear! So back to the topic, I heard there was a reunion at the Malfoy Manor. Is that true?

BZ: Why yes, Miss Lee, we did have one. I think it was last week, to celebrate the old chump's birthday. Everyone was there, like Goyle, Parkinson, Flint, and the others.

A: Wow! That must have been the party of the year! Too bad it was private.

BZ: Well, not really. As the blonde [Malfoy] grows older, his tastes on parties becomes a little less intense than it was back at Hogwarts. But as you age, you realize that you don't need grand parties -- just friendly chit-chats would suffice.

A: Speaking of old friends, any news about them?

BZ: In general, everyone is doing great. Goyle's sentence has decreased, and by next year, he will be out of Azkaban. Parkinson is currently the good old housewife to a famous wizard musician; Flint's in and out of rehab for constant pixie dust use. I don't know about the rest, though.

A: How about you? What about settling down?

BZ: No plans, whatsoever. I like my perfect, bachelor's life, thank you very much. Although, maybe you can take up the spot. (winks)

A: (laughs) I am sorry, but I'm a half-blood, so no can do. Last question, how's the birthday boy?

BZ: He's doing great! As you've known, he's part of the research team on new potions, and I'm helping him by providing some magical plants I've discovered on my trip around the world. He asked me to let the people know to stop camping outside at the Manor, though.

A: Duly noted. Thank you so much for your time!

BZ: It's been a pleasure talking with you.

There you have it, folks! Blaise Zabini. Thank you, Blaise, for finding the time for this interview. We hope to hear more great things from you and the other Slytherins in the future. Still, my apologies, dear readers, for not talking with Draco Malfoy. Although, he did send us regards and promised to have one next time, so be on the lookout for that.

With that, thank you for reading! I will see you in the next issue. Until then, stay classy!

By Quiddtich1001

This month, we celebrate all things Slytherin in honor of Draco Malfoy's birthday! Ah, I remember the good old days in the cozy Hufflepuff common room ... until the Slytherins came along, deciding that we were good targets for their ruthless pranks. Soap bombs exploded when we sat on the couches, a fist coming out and punching you in the face when you opened the door, and simply being tripped up as we walked down the hall. Merlin, how I wanted to tear their heads off of their necks! Despite that, it may be time for us ALL to recall how WE treated those Slytherins and changed our ways. So, this month, I present to you: 2RWSDABMR (2 Reasons Why Slytherins Deserve A Bit More Respect)

Slytherins have a knack for being a bit snobby, mean, and obnoxious at points, but some may have a background reason. Some Slytherins are conflicted people, with their hearts wanting to go one way, but family pulling them another. Some students of this pureblood House want to accept people of other blood, or maybe they don't want to follow the footsteps of their family, But, more often than not, their families are strict, pureblood families and severe consequences are often dealt to those who don't do what is acceptable. This was a HUGE factor during the war, and Draco Malfoy was an excellent example, especially when he was in his seventh year. His family, being Death Eaters, pulled him in to fight for the Dark Lord. But, towards the end of seventh part of The Chosen One's Hogwarts biography, it became increasingly obvious that Draco did not want to be evil and kill people. But in respect of not spoiling anything for anyone, I won't mention what factors make this obvious. You have to read it first! But if Draco Malfoy, and many others, valued life, they had to join the force of evil and become Death Eaters.

Although it seems that ALL Slytherins are out to get the rest of us, that is not always true. People have created the stereotype that ALL Slytherins are rude, stuck-up, and stupid, among other things. This is because all the "bad" Slytherins get all the attention rather than the good ones, and people don't know or acknowledge the fact that there are good Slytherin. Ah, I could list pages of names of the Slytherins who are good, but I don't get paid to do that, and we can't print that many pages! An excellent example, though, is (SPOILER) Severus Snape, Merlin bless his soul. Although he seemed like the nastiest teacher in all of Hogwarts and worked for Lord Voldemort, (SPOILER) he was really a spy for the Order of the Phoenix and one of Dumbledore's most trusted friends. His cruel facade was a cover and also a result of his past (he is another example of a conflicted person). Don't always focus on the bad or mean, because you'll soon find that are also plenty of good Slytherins.

So, try to change your ways and give Slytherins more respect; not all are truly evil! Here are a few tips that may help you!

- Go meet some new Slytherins and introduce yourself
- Don't listen to so much gossip about the Slytherins
- Smile to ALL when you see them in the hall
- Listen to what they have to say; it may impact what you think about Slytherins

Go have fun, and I'll talk to you in next month's edition of Aunt Edna's Words of the Wiser! Too-da-loo!

By scarlet

Hey there, witches and wizards! Today I, Britt, have a special Slytherin treat for you to eat in honor of our favorite Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, celebrating his birthday this month. It's easy as A B C to make these tasty cupcakes!

Ingredients :

Green food coloring
1 can (16 oz) vanilla frosting
1 graham cracker square
10 unfrosted cupcakes baked in green paper liners*
1 large bag (21 oz) M&M's Minis
1 large bag (21 oz) M&M's
1 (2-inch) piece red fruit leather

Directions for the snake's head:

1. Cut the graham cracker into a 1 1/2-inch triangle.
2. Spread a small amount of frosting on top of one of the cupcakes.
3. For the snake's snout, attach the graham-cracker triangle so one corner hangs over the side.
4. Completely cover the cupcake and graham cracker with more frosting.
5. Spread the remaining frosting over the other cupcakes.

Directions for the snake's body:

1. Decorate the top of the cupcakes with the M&M's, as pictured.
2. Arrange the cupcakes into an S-shape on a serving platter.
3. Cut the fruit leather into a forked-tongue shape.
4. Insert fruit leather under the graham cracker for the snake's tongue.

By kay85

Summer is fast approaching! The sun, sea and surf are waiting to be explored and we took to the streets of HEX to talk to some of our awesome members! We asked them about their plans and what are they expecting to happen on and off HEX!

My plans for the summer include looking for a job. I also plan on taking advantage of my new found free time, by getting things done that I have been putting off due to lack of time. I am very excited for Ninja Kitten’s surprise and cannot wait to find out more information about it. ~ Alyssa Whitten, Hufflepuff

I am really looking forward to summer and seeing what Hex has in store for us! I'm guessing that the surprise has something to do with Quidditch and Duelling. Perhaps a Quidditch match with duellers trying to distract the opposing team's Quidditch players while protecting their own team? I'm sure that no matter what the event turns out to be, it will be an amazing one! ~ starrystar, Gryffindor

This is my first year on Hex, so I am very excited for the summer surprise. When I think of summer, I think of pool parties, and lemonade. So maybe we could have a site-wide pool party, complete with mascot-themed water wings, and drinks with tiny, magical umbrellas? Or there could be a competition where each house has to set up a lemonade stand, and the house that sells the most wins? (Ravenclaw would probably win, because they would research the perfect lemonade recipe. Meanwhile in Hufflepuff, we'd probably just give our lemonade away to anyone who looked thirsty, and completely forget it was supposed to be a competition.) No matter what the summer surprise is - I bet it will be a lot of fun! ~ Mira Stark, Hufflepuff

OH, summer is here! I really do hope that the summer surprise would be something fun, like treasure hunting maybe? Or scavenger hunts? I guess I would also love it if we get to make something, ya know? I bet most of us would love making things, like a cake, or just something fun for ourselves. I'm pretty excited for this HEX's summer surprise, especially this year, since I've been way more active as compared to the previous years, so this is, like, my "first time" celebrating summer with HEX! ~ yourkucing, Ravenclaw

My summer plans include at least one good bonfire on the beach after a day by the ocean... preferably while watching some glorious fireworks. Am I excited about Ninja Kittens secret? Ohhhh yeah. I've been hearing everything from they are bringing back the Triwizard Tournament (because this is a leap year) complete with students from Beaubatons and Durmstrang to it's some kind of Wizarding World Cup to there is something new in the wind that has a tie into the Summer Olympics... Wizard Style. Whatever it is, I know NK is up to something special and I can't wait. ~ CrimsonElm, Gryffindor

I actually joined HEX a bit late. So, I didn't get the full experience of my classes. But if you mean real life classes those were great! I didn't get the grades I wanted, unfortunately, but they were good grades nonetheless. This summer I actually will be going to Florida. We'll be going to Disney World and Harry Potter world (more excited about the latter to be honest). And then I'll have a few summer programs that will be like school, but that's about it. ~ pastelfox, Ravenclaw

I am always excited when it comes to Hex Surprises. This will be my first summer here on Hex, so my mind is going wild with great expectations of what the surprise will be. I am going to take a very wild guess, and say that the surprise will be a great contest where we have to create a story about being sent to a Muggle Summer Camp! We might even run into other Hogwarts friends there, and have to survive singing Kumbaya, and roasting marshmallows without magic! Hahaaa. Top prize winners can win prizes such as a first place ribbon, s'mores, handmade bead necklace, and other crazy things that you'd make at camp. ~ SevsGirl, Slytherin



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