By Felicia Turlington

MAY 2016, HOGSMEADE - The residents of the quaint town, Hogsmeade, were shaken to find a few disturbing graffiti all over the town square. These disturbing messages were written in red, and the initial shock of discovery prompted some town folk to assume that they were written in blood.

The Aurors were brought in to investigate the matter since the discovery of these graffiti coincided with the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. The Daily Prophet was given access to the town square where we found several chilling graffiti, all vowing the return of the Death Eaters to avenge the deaths of their comrades.

Some of these messages, which photos we are prohibited to publish, swore that swift justice will be dealt on the wizarding folk for unjustly killing the Death Eaters. Messages like 'The Death Eaters will return', 'We will avenge them', 'Blood for blood', and 'The Dark Lord will rise again', were some of the examples. Suffice to say, these messages would spook any regular individual, much less the residents of Hogsmeade who were witnesses and/or participants of the Battle of Hogwarts.

After careful inspection, the Aurors managed to determine that the messages were not written in human blood, but it was, in fact, the sap of a tree found in the nearby forest. The residents were relieved to know that no one was hurt in order for the culprit to relay his/her message.

The Daily Prophet spoke to the Head of the Auror Office, Janus Cornwall, and this was what he had to say, "We at the Auror Office are convinced that this act of vandalism and terror is just to incite fear and cause chaos amongst the good people of Hogsmeade. Nevertheless, we are tirelessly looking for the culprit and will question him or her on the reason behind their actions. For now, I can safely say that the Death Eaters are no more, and there are no signs that they will return. However, we are always on the lookout for impending threats."

For now, these messages seemed to be the work of a Death Eater fanatic, hell-bent on instilling fear into the heart of the public. We at the Daily Prophet would like to implore everyone who has any information on suspicious activities that might help the Auror Office to apprehend said culprit to contact the Ministry of Magic as soon as possible.

By Rosie_may

Once again Hex has outshone itself. Going above and beyond in every sense of the phrase. The Hex economy is a fragile one, inflation and the ever increasing demand for new items has seen it shift from strength to strength over the years. That is why the site-wide raffle being held is so important. It takes the galleons out of the economy, once again balancing the galleon and items. There has been much debate about the extortionate prices that some items have been selling for, something which only cost a hundred thousand last year has doubled and even tripled in price. In relation to real life, the economy can be just as hard to balance. It starts small, companies raising prices a few pence, a few cents, but it can have a wide effect on all aspects of producing a certain product.

Just last year, the British economy had a price crash in one of its most important sectors of produce, milk. Overnight the prices crashed, a bottle of milk being sold at a mere 89 pence. This had a knock-on effect on the economy. The dairy farmers were not paid for their produce, some had their payments slashed. With the farmers missing out on their share, it would mean more farms would have to close, owners would lose their livelihoods and head into financial difficulties. In the last decade, the number of dairy farms has halved. As the price of running farms buying supplies and feed increase, and with the decreasing payment it leaves a large deficit causing the owner to be left out of pocket. With no profit, there is no future.

Over the past century, economic stability is what each country strives for. Many having already faced tough situations, such as the Great Depression which hit America in 1929 after the Wall Street Stock Market crashed. Investors pulled out, leaving companies to flail in the water. With workload steadily declining many people were forced into unemployment. It wasn`t until the start of the Second World War that the depression eased off and eventually dissipated, allowing the economy to settle once more. With the production needs shooting through the roof, companies were able to rebuild and start trading once more.

Inflation is something each government is wary of, having seen what hyperinflation did to the German economy. During the First World War, the German government borrowed an extensive amount in order to produce weapons and participate in the war. By 1923 hyperinflation had the country in its grip. Prices for menial items such as bread and milk would change every few hours, rising and rising. With the government printing more and more money to fill the gaps, the market was flooded with it, leaving the Deutschmark practically worthless. A person`s life savings might not be worth a loaf of bread. This led many to start trading services and bartering goods in order to feed their families.

In hindsight, the world realized that printing extra money to cover costs hurt. A single stock market crash could wipe out a stabilized economy. So even with virtual economy, keeping the balance is important.

By Samantha Bradley

HOGWARTS, SCOTLAND - We are remembering the Battle of Hogwarts, and so it seems only appropriate that we concentrate on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry itself. After all, this is where the action took place. It has been eight years since these events happened, yet there are times when it seems like it was only yesterday. I think we should take the time now to remember all those who died during that battle, and I admit that the list is long.

There is Severus Snape, the greatest Potions Master ever. In the end, he really was the bravest man that could ever be. How many of us would have ever guessed the truth about him and his secret?

Then we have Fred Weasley, one-half of the infamous Weasley twins. Pranking will never be quite the same. One thing the twins did was keep us on our toes. We never knew what to expect next!

One of the saddest deaths is that of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. They had only been married a short while, and Tonks had just given birth to their son, Teddy. By their loss, Teddy becomes a third victim for never having known the love of his parents for him.

Colin Creevey and his ever-present camera will be missed, whether we want to admit it or not. Yes, he could be annoying, but he also had a good heart.

Lavender Brown died on that day, as well. I feel bad for Lavender because she never really knew love nor life's true potential.

Vincent Crabbe also lost his life that day. He may have been fighting for the wrong side, but he was still a young boy with his whole life ahead of him.

There were other unidentified students who were killed that day, along with Nagini, Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange and other Death Eaters. We may call them evil, but that doesn't change the fact that they're dead.

Let the day not be forgotten, and may all of those who perished live in our memories and our hearts forever so that we never repeat such a thing again. May there never be another wizarding war so that these deaths will not have been in vain. They say we learn from our mistakes, and I am inclined to believe that this is the truth.

Perhaps the wizarding world may even be a better and safer place to live in today, who knows?

By ScarletAuror

At the mention of the name "JK Rowling", the first words that come to mind are often "Harry Potter". These two words have been the creation of our beloved author's legacy. A bit of a throwaway idea, the name Harry Potter went from a silly name in a journal to a worldwide bestseller.

Eighteen years ago, the legendary Battle of Hogwarts ended on May 2nd. These words are tossed around carelessly by those who haven't read the Harry Potter series, but those who have engaged the true beauty of these series celebrate and mourn on this day. On May 2nd, 2016, JK Rowling revealed three bits of information about herself and the writing of the Harry Potter Series. These three revelations are seen as following in chronological order:

"Once again, it's the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts so, as promised, I shall apologise for a death. This year: Remus Lupin."

"In the interests of total honesty, I'd also like to confess that I didn't decide to kill Lupin until I wrote Order of the Phoenix."

"Arthur lived, so Lupin had to die. I'm sorry. I didn't enjoy doing it. The only time my editor ever saw me cry was over the fate of Teddy."

The apology of Remus Lupin's death sent the Harry Potter fandom into turmoil. Some were upset, some thrilled at the fact that the author apologized for the death of one of her characters. Personally, I wondered why she chose Remus Lupin to apologize for, seeing all the significant characters that she killed while writing the books. What made Lupin so much more special than Dumbledore or Fred? I don't know.

We didn't meet Remus Lupin until Prisoner of Azkaban, so if JK Rowling didn't create his character with the intention of killing him, then what influenced that decision? JK Rowling may be opening up a bit to her audience, but she's still keeping so many secrets from us.

I have read before that Rowling has revealed that if she hadn't killed off Lupin and Tonks she would have killed off Arthur and Ron Weasley. JK Rowling is a tough woman, and the fact that she cried over something she wrote proves that it is good material. It may be sad, but it is powerful and enough to shake lives.

That's all for this month, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for June's issue and remember the Battle of Hogwarts!

By Alex Bosch

The Wizengamot has always been a mysterious entity in our wizarding society. Britain's governing law institution very rarely opens its doors to anyone outside of the Wizengamot. The inner workings of this high court remain a mystery to the general public. However, the integrity of the Wizengamot came under harsh scrutiny when the Ministry had its annual roundtable.

One of the representatives of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Mr. Stanley Bell, pointed out the rigid principles of the Charter of Rights, stating that the charter needs to be updated to follow the changing of times. The Daily Prophet met up with Mr. Stanley Bell after the roundtable to speak about the matter. "The general public is unaware of how the Charter of Rights works, and that itself is such a dismaying thought. For centuries now, the Wizengamot has been shrouded in mystery and I believe it is time that changes."

For those of you who have never heard of the Charter of Rights, the Daily Prophet will help you understand the legal proceedings of our wizarding community.

The Wizengamot Charter of Rights

The Charter of Rights is a set of legal rights the accused is entitled to when attending a trial in Wizengamot. These rights cannot be overruled by anyone, and are considered the basic rights a human is owed to. There are five clauses in the Charter of Rights, and these clauses are broken down into smaller clauses to explain or describe the main clauses.

The first clause in the charter is that the accused is entitled to a fair trial. With all criminal trials, the accused go in as innocent, until proven guilty. Thus, the accused will be treated as such and will be entitled to a just and fair trial. If a member of the Wizengamot has a conflicted interest with that particular trial, they will be removed temporarily and a new representative will deliver the vote. That way, any bias is avoided.

The second clause states that the accused has the right to defend themselves. Since each trial in Wizengamot begins with the notion of innocent until proven guilty, the accused has the right to speak and state their case. Wizengamot members must weigh the accused's statement against all the evidence brought up against them. If the accused says anything incriminating, that too will be taken into account.

The third clause states that the accused has the right to call witnesses in their defense and has the right to be represented by a third party. This third person is referred to as a barrister in the high court. The number of defense is unlimited. If the accused feels that more witnesses will ascertain their innocence, then they are entitled to any number they deem sufficient.

The fourth clause states that the accused has the right to bring forth any physical evidence pertaining to their trial. Evidence must be brought forth to the court for the Wizengamot members to examine.

The final clause states that the accused has the right to appeal after the verdict has been given. The accused have the right to appeal to the court and have their case be reviewed by a new panel of Wizengamot members.

We, here at the Daily Prophet hope that this little information on the Charter of Rights will educate the general public on the way our legal system works. The outcome of the roundtable has not been made available to us just yet, but rest assured that the Daily Prophet will be there when the verdict is made.

By titanicfan101

The Olympic games have been happening since Ancient Greece. Every four years they would hold a ceremony for games such as wrestling, running, boxing, and many other events. Only a handful of athletes were allowed to compete and you must be a free man who spoke Greek to participate in these games.

The most popular Ancient Greek game was called 'pankration' which combined the many techniques of boxing and wrestling.

The modern Olympic games consist of running, swimming, weightlifting, tennis and much more. The modern Olympic games did not start until 1896 in Athens, Greece.

Every four years, the Muggles have their Olympic games which can be hosted anywhere throughout the world. The 2016 Olympic games are being held in Rio, this time, around.

During the first modern Olympic games that were held in Athens, Greece, there were 241 men and no women competing, but the athletes also varied in size from short to tall. The United States of America won over twenty events, scoring first through third place while the home country of Greece scored in 46 events ranging from first to second place.

The second modern Olympic game was held in Paris. This time around, there was close to 1000 athletes competing and only 22 of 1000 were women. The competition got more fierce and tougher to compete in.

The Olympics is something the whole world enjoys watching. We, at the Daily Prophet, were able to catch up with one of the United States' best male swimmers, Michael Phelps, to ask him more about the competition and competitors this time around.

Daily Prophet: Michael, tell us about yourself.

Michael: Well, I have competed in several Olympic swimming events and I have won 18 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze in three different Olympics.

Daily Prophet: Do you expect to gain more medals come August?

Michael: I do expect to gain a few more medals.

Daily Prophet: Tell us, how many athletes are competing this year?

Michael: The number has gone up every Olympic game since the first modern games in 1896.

Daily Prophet: Thank you, Mr. Phelps, for taking your time and speaking to us.

Michael: My pleasure.

The Olympic Games are annually aired on NBC in the United States. The Olympics is watched by almost over 30 million Americans every four years.

By Angelblade

Hello, everyone! Easter events had begun to die down as we dove into what the month of April brought us. Without further ado, here's the buzz on what's been going on.

A Series of RP Events - The Grounds is hosting an RP once again! This time, it takes place on Platform 9 3/4. Participants were asked to ponder, what would happen to Harry if the Weasleys weren't there to show him how to get to the Hogwarts Express?

Caretaker Concoctions: April - Down in the Trophy Room, HEXians can compete for rare prizes and house points. You've just earned detention for some sort of prank you may have performed in celebration of April Fools. Now that you're down here, you get to explore and interact with the interesting things that come your way.

Magical Archives - The Magical Archives had just finished revisiting The Prisoner of Azkaban. Join them as the begin to go through The Goblet of Fire. Participate in their two contests, Letters from Molly and A Daring Escape. If this isn't incentive enough for you, remember that by your activity, you can win the exclusive Book of Records!

#BreakingOlympus - HINT has done it again! Take part in a series of events under the constant theme of Greek gods. HEXians can earn house points, galleons, prizes and all the like as a reward for writing, cryptography, and scavenger hunting skills.

Duels - Professor Lockhart is back in time to hold the dueling competition between our Slytherin and Hufflepuff teams. "April showers bring May flowers," Lockhart says as he literally makes it rain in the Great Hall. Visit the Great Hall to see how it played out.

Elections - Starting on April 20th, members of your very own house have been running to take part in its leadership. For this election, voting adds a special "I Voted!" signature to the bottom of your forum posts, so make sure to check it out!

Goblins - Now it's traditional we save the best for last. The Goblins of Gringotts are raffling off items from the vaults of those with overdue rent. Six hundred and seventy-three items of high rarity are up for grabs. Tickets are five hundred galleons each and get cheaper the more you buy. So withdraw that money you've been stashing and get your name into this drawing. These are prizes you won't want to miss.

That's all that takes place in April and the beginning of May. Remember to check out our next issue to keep yourself updated on what's up on HEX.


Does Muggle politics affect the wizarding world in any way? Who would witches and wizards vote for?
~ Concerned Voter

Dearest Concerned Voter,
That is actually a very interesting question! One that I'm not really sure I can answer, unfortunately. You see, I've never had the pleasure of asking the Ministry how they go about voting or how things work for choosing Minister of Magic. I'm also not sure if the different wizarding ministries in other countries have other ways of going about their elections, so I can't really help with that bit, sadly. I do want to know if we can vote in the future, though! Or maybe we already can, and I just never was aware of it the entire time. If that's the case, then oops?

As for if Muggle politics affects the wizarding world, I do believe it does. You hear about Muggle politics and the things that go on in it every single day, so a wizard or witch is bound to have come across it at one point in their lives. It isn't the most talked about thing, no, and I'm not sure if the people's knowledge of Muggle politics is enough to actually cause something, but I do believe it affects wizards and witches, one way or another. For one thing, not everyone would have the same opinion on who they would be voting for. Wizarding surveys and such aren't always the most reliable, so you'll never know who's leading, if a survey like that was conducted. Another, you don't really know if people care enough to even talk about it with everyone else, so I'm not too sure.

So again, I don't really know who people would vote for because I'm not even sure which information people know about. Lots of countries have elections going on at a certain point in time to, so I can't be too sure! I'll make sure to do my research and let you know if I've found out more information, though!


Are there any Muggle celebrities who are secretly wizards/witches? If yes, who are they and why are they hiding? ~ Curious Fan

Dearest Curious Fan,
I don't believe I'm allowed to reveal that information, sorry! If I told you, their publicists or managers might be out to get me, and I might not live to see the next day! I would really hate that! You didn't hear it from me, though, but I heard Lana Parrilla might be a witch in disguise. I mean, an Evil Queen like her must have some experience with actual magic, right? I think she is one, but I'm not too sure, so maybe someone else can confirm that.

I heard that most people working on those shows with magic are people who may actually be wizards or witches, though. Heck, I'm pretty sure Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint are actual wizards and witches in disguise! A movie called Harry Potter, depicting our wizarding world in almost accurate detail? I'm pretty sure they DO know something thing about it. You know what? I'm pretty sure the entire Harry Potter cast are wizards and witches. They can't know THAT much about our society without having experience in it, right? RIGHT?

You didn't hear it from me, though! My lips are sealed!


In History of Magic recently, we had to learn about the Battle of Hogwarts. Is it really as horrible as it sounds? Was there really that much devastation? I'm probably being really stupid for asking these questions, but it just seems a bit hard to believe and grasp that all of it happened.
~ Really Confused

Dearest Really Confused,
You should definitely hit the history books because the Battle of Hogwarts was very important! It's an important part of history, and a lot of students and professors alike risked their lives to save the school and the wizarding world. A lot of lives were lost, and the least we could do is pay tribute to them to know more about what happened - the reasons why it happened, what actually happened, and everything about it, really. For us to move on to the future, we have to learn about the past, especially events that directly affect us now. It's totally relevant, I can assure you. It's never to late to start learning about history, right? It's not something boring, and it's definitely something that actually happened.

It isn't just about the golden trio fighting against Voldemort, or Harry eventually beating Voldemort. It's about everyone in Hogwarts coming together to unite and fight for what was right, fight for what they believed in, fight for the hope of the rest of the wizarding world, and that in itself should never be forgotten... especially the lives lost at that time too.

So do brush up on your history! It would definitely help to read about the event!


I actually know someone who died in the Battle of Hogwarts. We weren't really close, but I know we've talked a couple of times, so I sort of know her. I feel really bad because I never got to know her, and now she's lost forever, and it makes me really sad. What do I do?
~ Feeling Sad

Dearest Feeling Sad,
Admittedly, I don't really know how you feel, so I may not be the best person to console you. I know what it's like to lose someone, but it probably doesn't feel the same way you do. Sure, you didn't know this friend of yours all too well, but she was still a part of your life. You wish you could've spent time with her. You wish you could've done better, but nothing can be done anymore. We can't dwell on the past, if we still have a future ahead of us. I know, it's difficult, and lots of things take time to recover. Heck, I haven't fully recovered from everything that's happened over the past year. Just take it a step at a time. You may not have known her, but the last you could do is remember her and think of her in a good light. I think that in itself can help, even if it's something small. Small actions put together become big actions anyway, right?

Take care of yourself, and I hope you have a wonderful day. ^^


My dad used to be a Death Eater, but I never knew what exactly he did back then. I've read about the Battle of Hogwarts in a couple of History of Magic books, and it makes me wonder if he ever participated in them. Should I ask him? Is it too sensitive a topic for him, considering he isn't a Death Eater anymore? Am I overthinking for even considering this possibility?
~ I Need Help

Dearest I Need Help,
Unfortunately, I can't really speak for your dad with what he might find sensitive and what he wouldn't. If he used to be a Death Eater, though, then there's a chance he was involved in the Battle of Hogwarts. The other side of the battle had Voldemort and his Death eaters, after all, so if he used to be one, there's a possibility he may have participated... whether or not his role was a small one.

You'll never know until you ask, though, right? I think it'd be worth a shot. Since it's something from the past, it might be something he's willing to share with you. Or maybe he's the type to share it with you 'in due time', I don't know, but it can never hurt to ask. In case he gets mad that you questioned him about him, and he starts scolding you, go hide until his anger subsides.

It always helps! At least... most of the time, it does?


By kay85

In respect of the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the Starburst team has decided to forgo the juicy gossip and publish a fitting tribute to those we lost.

In loving memory of :

Severus Snape

Fred Weasley

Remus Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks

Colin Creevey

Lavender Brown

The Unidentified Fallen Fifty of the Battle of Hogwarts

We thank you for your sacrifice and may you find peace wherever you may be. Rest in peace, forever in our memories.

By kay85

It is that time of year again, where we remember the people we lost in the Battle of Hogwarts. It was the battle of the ages, good against evil. It was the battle that ensured our freedom and secured our future. Whenever May rolls by, I get teary-eyed remembering the family and friends that I lost.

Today, Aunt Edna wants to talk about grieving. Grief is a natural response to loss. It's the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief will be. You may associate grief with the death of a loved one - which is often the cause of the most intense type of grief - but any loss can cause grief.

Grieving is a personal and highly individual experience. How you grieve depends on many factors, including your personality and coping style, your life experience, your faith, and the nature of the loss. The grieving process takes time. Healing happens gradually and it can't be forced or hurried. There is no "normal" timetable for grieving. Some people start to feel better in weeks or months. For others, the grieving process is measured in years. For me, even after all these years, the grief is still too near.

There are five stages of grief. These are the observations of one doctor, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who studied her patients that were dealing with terminal illness. The stages are :

1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Most of us go through these steps in grieving. At first, we deny the loss, we want to believe that it never happened. Denying the loss means that we do not have to confront the emotions associated with that loss.

Next comes anger. We get angry at the person we lost for leaving us. We get angry at God for taking that person away from us. We get angry at the world for doing this to us. This is when we begin to express our emotions associated with that loss.

When we finally calm down, we begin to bargain with God, to perhaps return the person we loss. We promise to be good, we promise to give up smoking, we promise to love each other more and we promise many other things. But the loss we experienced had happened.

When the realization of the loss finally hits us, it hits us hard. Sadness and depression overcome us, and this is when we feel our most helpless. We feel that the world is no longer meaningful, we feel as if life is unfair, and we feel alone. Take the time to cry, and allow yourself that pain. After all, you did lose someone you love.

Next, we begin to accept. We understand the loss we experienced. We finally understand why it happened and why it was us it happened to. We begin to understand that life goes on, but the memories of those we lost will always remain with us.

Different people grieve differently. Most importantly, you must understand that you are not alone. The first thing you need to do to begin coping with grief is to get some support. Rely on your family and friends, draw comfort from your faith or talk to someone who has the professional knowledge to guide you.

You also need to take care of yourself. Accept whatever you are feeling. Allow yourself that luxury. Look after yourself physically; eat, sleep and do productive things. Immerse yourself in a new hobby, do things that are out of your norm or comfort zone. Find the passion in the things around you.

It's normal to feel sad, numb, or angry following a loss. But as time passes, these emotions should become less intense as you accept the loss and start to move forward. Always remember that Aunt Edna is always here if you need someone to talk to. Let us remember those we lost with fond memories.

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, wizards and witches! It's Cass here with a yummy Chocolate Frog and butterbeer ice cream recipe! While there's no recipe to duplicate the cards, you can still remember the wizards and witches on them with this delicious treat!

Chocolate Frogs

Ingredients :

8 tbsp of gelatine powder
75 ml of milk
2 tsp of vanilla essence
pinch of salt
200 ml of dark cocoa powder
145 ml of white sugar
335 ml of milk
Medium saucepan
Frog molds

Directions :

1. Mix the gelatine powder and 75 ml of milk together in a bowl. Set it aside.
2. In a medium sized saucepan, go ahead and mix together the rest of the milk, the white sugar, cocoa powder, and salt. Stir it all together.
3. Let the saucepan sit on medium heat until it starts to bubble around the edges.
4. When the saucepan starts to bubble, turn off the heat. Pour in the vanilla essence and carefully add the gelatine. Stir until it is all dissolved.
5. Let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it into the frog molds.
6. Place in the freezer for twenty to thirty minutes or until hard enough to retain their shape. Remove the frogs from the mold.



1 bottle of British Ale
2.5 tbsp of butter
1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice
1/3 cup of brown sugar
2 cups of thickened cream
cup of white sugar
6 egg yolks
Ice cream maker


1. In a saucepan, pour 140 ml of the British Ale. Set aside the rest for later.
2. Add the butter, pumpkin pie spice, and brown sugar into the saucepan.
3. Stir until it is all dissolved, then simmer on low heat until reduced.
4. In a mixer, add in the egg yolks and beat until pale. Add in the sugar and cream.
5. After making sure the saucepan is reduced, pour in the rest of the British Ale.
6. Still a low heat, add the cream, egg, and sugar mixture. Make sure to continually stir, so that the egg doesn't cook.
7. Once it begins to thicken, turn off the heat. If it's starting to curl, pour it into the mixer and put in on high.
8. Put it in a strainer and then into a bowl in an ice bath. Place it in the fridge for a few hours until cold.
9. Now, follow the instructions in your ice cream maker.

Voila! Now you have your own delicious butterbeer ice cream and chocolate frog. Make sure to enjoy!

By Malaika Askari

May is time to reflect on our history and remember the people that laid down their lives for us. We talked to a few people on HEX and asked them about their favourite characters that fought or died in the Battle of Hogwarts. Here are some of their thoughts :

My favorite character is Remus Lupin. As werewolf and outcast he had such a difficult life, yet always remained kind, supportive and loyal to Albus Dumbledore and his friends. I was so happy when good things finally happened to him: He fell in love with an amazing woman who loved him back, despite his "condition" and they had a healthy child. Thinking of his death, of both his and Tonks' death, at the Battle of Hogwarts still breaks my heart. It's so unfair that he had to die just when his life became better than it had ever been!
~ Crowy

Seeing/reading Severus Snape dying like he did broke my heart. He may have been harsh, but he had to be in order to do what he had to do. Watching how he gave his life for Harry and for Lily because let's face it he did still die for Lily made me tear up. I will always remember him in life and in death. He is what every Slytherin and everyone else should try to be.
~ Angel N Darkness

My favorite character is Hermione. I was literally on the edge of my seat reading about the Battle. I knew Hermione was extremely smart, resourceful and brave, but it was that same bravery that put her in the line of fire numerous times. I was reading so quickly, desperately trying to find out if she would make it out alive, that I had to go back and re-read everything again slowly, once I knew she was alright. I've never been more relieved to see a character in a book not die! Part of me knew that JK Rowling couldn't have killed off such a pivotal character, but on the other hand, she had done it to us before. But I would say the overwhelming feeling was relief combined with pride that Hermione had been smart enough and strong enough to make it through the battle.
~ ladyice spellkey



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