By Lorraine Kingston

NOVEMBER, 2014; PICCADILLY SQUARE, LONDON – Residents surrounding Piccadilly Square were shaken to the core with the discovery of four headless bodies, leaning against a building in a dark alley. The bodies, upon first inspection, seemed to belong to four young male in their twenties.

The bodies were discovered by two custodial personnel during a cleanup run at four in the morning. The witnesses called the local Muggle police to inform the authorities of their discovery. The Auror liaisons placed within the police task force were quick to act, since the evidence of magical foul play was present.

The Auror Office sent investigators to meet with the witnesses to record their statements. During the interview, the two custodial personnel reported to have found the bodies in a seating position, clothes covered in blood with no heads found in the vicinity. The two Muggle witnesses offered no further information on the matter.

The Aurors continued to examine the crime scene. Further investigation revealed that the four bodies had been identified as wizarding folk – Timothy Johnson, 22; Arthur Kent, 19; Joshua Lipton, 23; and Steven Maison, 22. The next kin of each of the victims had been contacted and the bodies were transferred to St. Mungo’s for forensic analysis.

The Head Investigator, Mr. Alex Schubert talked to the Daily Prophet today. According to Mr. Schubert the investigation was still underway, with new leads turning up each day. A witness had come forward to inform the Auror Office of the presence of a fifth individual amongst the victims. The fifth individual, reported to be a female, was seen walking with the four boys. The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Auror Office that the female was reportedly seen kissing two of the boys.

Mr. Schubert stressed that the Auror Office was doing everything in its power to ensure that justice will be given to the victims. “We have a few more leads that we are currently pursuing. In the meantime, we would like to remind the public to remain cautious. We urge the public to come forward with any information that could lead to the arrest of said mystery lady.”

An informant for the Daily Prophet had informed us that the culprit in question was in fact a ghost. The Auror Office wished to not disclose this particular information for fear of ridicule and public outcry. “The Aurors found evidence that the female in question was indeed a ghost. Why this particular entity attacked those four boys remains a mystery, but the Auror Office believed that these four boys might have been the victim of misdirected revenge.”

The public had been reminded to stay vigilant, and to avoid going out at night – if it is avoidable. Any information should be directed to the Auror Office at the Ministry of Magic by owl. From us at the Daily Prophet, we would like to remind everyone to exert a little caution and to take safety precautions when travelling at night. Stay safe and until next time.

By Grace

NOVEMBER, 2014; CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - Back in 2010, British millionaire Shrien Dewani went on a honeymoon with his wife Anni, where she was shot dead when their car was ambushed in Cape Town. There were three men that were jailed for her murder.

Recently, former hotel receptionist Monde Mbolombo was cross-examined during the ongoing trial of Dewani. Mbolombo struck a deal with prosecutors in the cases of others in the plot. Under cross-examination by Dewani's defence barrister Francois Van Zyl, Mbolombo detailed his part in the plot to kill Anni.

Mbolombo said, "I was making sure the job was done. Since there was money to be received, I wanted to make sure it happened" and "What I was saying is this lady had to be killed on that day, Saturday."

Dewani is accused of plotting the murder of Anni during their honeymoon. He returned to the UK following the tragedy, but was extradited to face charges of orchestrating her killing.

He pleaded not guilty to the five counts against him, maintaining that the couple was the victims of a hijacking on November 13, 2010.

Anni's body was found in an abandoned shuttle taxi in Khayelitsha the following day. The state alleges that Dewani paid R15,000 to arrange the hijacking and murder.

Mbolombo, who was accused of finding hit men to kill Anni, was on the stand during Dewani's trial for the second day. While being cross-examined, he told the judge he was "tired" and was becoming confused. He was giving evidence under the threat of further prosecution for his role in the killing despite previously having been given indemnity.

The trial is still currently going on, so there's no telling if Dewani really did set the whole thing up.

By Char

OCTOBER, 2014; LONDON, ENGLAND – The amount of galleons per British pound has been steadily declining over the past month. The galleon to British pound conversion is currently at its lowest, with one Galleon equal to one Pound, instead of its usual one Galleon to five Pounds. What the hell is going on? What could be the cause of such a disaster as this? Does it mean the Muggles will take over our economy? Are the British leaders on to us, having plans of destroying our currency from the inside? What conspiracy is at work?

I went to the Ministry myself to check out what the deal was. Apparently, a rally within the Ministry itself has been ongoing because of how the employees were being maltreated by the Minister and his Ministry officials. Small minimum wage, no free days, no salary increases until five years of service. The workers all found it unfair, so a good number of them ended up transferring to Muggle jobs instead.

Imagine that! Wizards and witches working in Muggle jobs! It's the weirdest idea you can ever think of, and it's not something you'd have in mind for after you've finished graduating, but that's what they did. They were so sick of all the maltreatment that they quit... potentially leading to the decline of the Galleon to British pound value.

"I couldn't stand it anymore! I have a family to take care of, and kids that need schooling. My salary was not enough to support all of them! I wanted a raise, but the heads would never give me one, even after my eleven years of service. I don't even know where the money is going, but I know that it wasn't where I wanted it to go," Melinda Tinkerbock, 36, exclaimed. "I knew right there and then that this wasn't what i should do, I had to transfer."

"Everything used to be okay with the previous Minister four years ago, you know," Cretch Langton said. "Then it all started deteriorating with this new one. I don't know what's up with him! He must be one of those corrupt Ministers who do nothing but steal from his employee's taxes and use it to raise another mansion, for all we know. It wasn't worth it."

A good number of the jobs our wizards and witches found were as teachers (for those educationally-inclined), doctors (for our healers), lawyers (for those obsessed with law and order), engineers (for those who spent way too much time with arithmancy), archaeologists (for those interested in ancient runes), and a lot more. The people I've contacted who have transferred said they were relatively happy with where they were now, and it was much more fulfilling than working for the Ministry.

Question is... what does the Ministry have to say about this?

Upon being asked the man immediately replied, "Oh, to hell do I care. Just cause they don't like my rules doesn't give them a right to leave. And even if they did, it doesn't matter to me!"

Whoah whoah, Minister, it should DEFINITELY matter to you because our economy slowly declining is NOT something every wizarding citizen is ready for. The man should probably start thinking less about his non-caring for his employees and more about how the rest of the community is going to see him, especially after all the complaints struck against him.

Is this a revolution, I sense? Maybe, maybe not, but only time will tell. And maybe our poor as-of-late deprived galleon currency.

By MissBella

Forecasters have suggested that the United Kingdom might be in for very severe stormy weather for a considerable amount of time for the remainder of this year. Several reports claim that heavy rains and storms might continue all through November.

Hurricane Gonzalo, a Category 4 hurricane, had hit Great Britain less than a month ago. The hurricane that killed three people had caused heavy rains.

While Great Britain is yet to recover completely from the aftermath of the hurricane, more storms are to hit the island. Wales has already been issued eight flood alerts in November. South Wales is predicted to have the worst impact. Officials have also advised people in other parts of Wales to look out for warning signs of a flood and to prepare themselves in every way they can.

Scotland has been facing heavy rainfall for most of October and they are to continue for at least the first two weeks of November.

Ireland has been experiencing strong and rapidly altering spells of cold and rainy weather. This weather is predicted to remain in the same fashion for a while longer. Some parts have been warned against spot flooding that could result from the heavy rain. Landslides and closure of roads have been reported from several areas all over the region. According to the National Severe Weather Warning Service, there are three levels of warnings - yellow (be aware), amber (be prepared), and red (take action). Alerts have been upgraded from yellow to amber in most areas.

Although this Halloween was the warmest one in Ireland in the last twenty years or so, there have also been reports that Ireland could experience one of the coldest winters in a long time. The weather could begin worsening as early as November and continue through December and worsen as January approaches. February might see the temperatures getting better, although forecasters say this would not be to a very great extent. Some have also feared that it could be the worst winter in over a hundred years.

England is forecasted to have a rainy November. Officials have warned residents to keep an eye out for worsening in the rain as it could lead to flash flooding.

If you live in any of these regions, make sure you stay safe!

by Brit

NOVEMBER, 2014; LONDON – As we continued reporting on Ebola we had to ask ourselves: Is everyone taking Ebola too seriously? Are all the quarantines overdoing it? Is the world protecting its citizens but not its nurses that are caring for the ill patients? A few nurses from Sacramento, California are having negative thoughts about how they're being treated or how they aren't being treated, is what I should say.

There are strikes and protests on the rise because in their eyes, they aren’t getting the protection they deserve. Ever since the nurses from Texas got infected, better treatment has been demanded though weeks have passed with little or no response to their demands.

The nurses have been so willing to put themselves into harm's way by standing at a patient's side, no matter the illness whether it was the flu, cancer, or even the Ebola Virus. Now they feel they are being put into harm's way. They don’t feel protected enough.

That all being said, who would have thought it would drive them so far as to make them leave? Well, as of November 12th, nurses will be walking off the job from a large amount of Kaiser Permanente facilities in California as well as Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C.

As if these walkouts weren’'t enough, there will be protests all across the nation as they attempt to raise money for hazmat suits for nurses. Overall, there are around 18,000 nurses due to walk out, most of which will be from Kaiser Permanente. This despite the fact that the Human Resources Chief of Kaiser has stated that they are prepared for Ebola. She has also mentioned that the claims of this strike that have been made are actually untrue.

Who should we believe? Who is telling the truth?

Early in October, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed the recommendations for personal protective equipment. They are now including hooded full-body suits that cover the neck, more frequent hand washing and a supervisor who oversees the removal of infected gear. Experts have expressed that this is something that should have been done long ago. Advocates for nurses are actually pushing for this recommendation to be taken further. They want it standardized and mandatory in all healthcare settings. They have sent a petition, requesting Congress or President Barack Obama to declare a national standard.

Only time will tell if this petition does any good or not.

By Samantha Bradley

Rather than write about world politics for this month, I have decided to focus on the subject of politics as it pertains to you right here at Hex. There is a very good reason for this, as House elections are just about to be held and this means that it will time for each of you to make some decisions. Are you going to run for election to House staff? Do you plan to vote? These are both very important issues, and I hope to be able to help you address them in this article.

House Staff are a critical part of this site. They do so many things on here. Their main job is to listen to the concerns of the members and basically make sure that they are happy with the way things are being run within the House. They think up all the contests and activities which you participate in within your own House, keep everything updated and let you know what is happening elsewhere here on Hex. They are also responsible for running Restocks and Sitewides. Restocks are a good way to raise money for the House, as they feature a variety of silent auctions and other features such as allowing someone from another house to become an honorary member of your House through bidding, selling certain services from Staff, etc. All the money raised goes to help the House, so I encourage each of you to participate in these as much as you can, both for your own House as well as others. Remember that we stand tall together and need each other to succeed! Sitewides provide a number of fun activities for every single person here on Hex to enjoy. Both of these events give your Staff members a chance to really shine and look good in the eyes of others, so they are extremely important functions.

Are you an involved and committed person with good ideas? If the answer is yes, you might make a great Staff member for your House! Don't give up if you run and don't get elected the first time. Just keep trying and you will get there. I ran seven times before I was finally elected to House Staff and it is definitely worth it if you are interested. You will be doing something really constructive for your House if you have the talent and time.

Whether you run or not, please make sure and vote. Think carefully about the candidates, take advantage of the opportunity to ask them questions in Q&A and decide the people who you think will serve your House the best. Trust your judgment and you won't go wrong!

May the elections go well for all for Houses, and we find ourselves with a great set of House Staff for the coming term. Good luck to all those who run, and remember to never give up!

By MissBella

It's November and the weather has begun to grow colder and colder every day. Snowfall has been observed in most parts of the United Kingdom much earlier than expected.

November is a rather odd time for us sports enthusiasts. While traditional outdoor sports begin to give way to winter sports at this time of the year, this phenomenon is more prominent in the Muggle world compared to the wizarding world that we live in today. Although winter sports have grown in popularity among wizarding communities, they remain unfamiliar to most witches and wizards.

Most major and large-scale events take a break or plan to end the events before winter kicks in with full fury. As such, November is a rather dull time for reporting on matches. But it's true that the world never truly sleeps, and especially not the sports world. If things seem to have taken a break, that's only because there's more action going on behind the scenes rather than on the pitch. This means more exciting events in more exciting places with more exciting people.

If you're missing all the Quidditch action after the conclusion of this year's Quidditch World Cup, there's reason to cheer up. The world champions, the Bulgarian Quidditch team, have planned to visit the United Kingdom for a span of ten days towards the end of November. Their visit includes a lunch with the Ministry of Magic and other senior Ministry officials, a tour of some famous tourist destinations, and a charity match against a local team from London.

Talking about Bulgaria, we have sources informing us that a special Quidditch camp is being planned at the famous Bulgarian National Quidditch Stadium. The players would come from all over the world for a span of two weeks to train from some of the most revered players of the sport. However, there have been no statements to confirm this from Bulgarian officials yet.

In other news, the International Confederation of Wizards' Quidditch Committee has proposed a new tournament on a small-scale to encourage matches between Eurpeoan and Asian teams. Several countries of both the continents have appreciated this move and have assured the authorities of their full co-operation.

Concerned about the dwindling popularity of gobstones, the Department of Sports has also planned a special camp for children and parents. Diagon Alley is being considered and the camp is to take place during Christmas break. The event is being promoted by the Ministry as a pocket-friendly way to spend time in a fun way with family during the festive season.

By Samantha Bradley

Well, this has been a really exciting time in HEX history, I must say. Let me start with what was probably the most exciting thing of all.

It all started with the announcement of the planting of the pumpkins. These were a huge success, especially when the Pumpkin Fair and spinning of the magic wheel were put into play. For each pumpkin grown to Hagrid size and not used as a special pumpkin, a person was allowed to spin the wheel and the prizes were magnificent indeed. There were tons of galleons up for grabs (generally anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 galleons a spin), rares of every kind imaginable including some which were little known and almost completely unheard of, and some unforgettable and very collectable rare carvings such as Dark Mark Pumpkin, Dalek Pumpkin, Tribal Pumpkin and Booga Booga Pumpkin. It takes a lot of time and attention to grow a pumpkin to Hagrid size, as many of our members found out, but it definitely proved worth the effort for those who were able to achieve the feat.

The Pumpkin Fair was a much anticipated event, with the top pumpkin grower earning an extremely rare Time Turner and the next four highest getting a randomized Founder's Wand. Five other lucky winners in the top 50 also got a Time Turner or one of the wands, and every single person who made the top 50 got 200,000 galleons. One person even got 500,000 galleons as a special reward! The Fair and spin event were both absolutely amazing, and I truly hope we will see them again next year. Everyone I've spoken to has enjoyed them as much as I have.

But this was hardly the only thing that was happening for Halloween! Staff went all out this year, bringing us four days of fun filled random events where we all worked with friends to share pumpkin pies and caramel apples in order to reveal some awesome prizes such as one of eleven brand new and fabulous portraits including the one and only Fred and George Weasley, Halloween raffle tickets for some fabulous prizes, or galleons which ranged anywhere from 50 to about 20K. There were also Spooky Chocolate Frogs which contained various card parts. Some of those frogs also contained one of five brand new Magical Creature cards, and card collectors were going wild over those! There was a new EFB introduced, this being pumpkin pie. The bean was extremely rare, and anyone who received it can count it as a great prize for their collection. The event concluded with the raffle, with the top prize being The Sorting Hat itself along with many other amazing prizes including the much coveted House Points. Let's hope all of this returns next year!

Ravenclaw also had a sitewide event going on in the Pumpkin Patch during this same time period. The event included a fun scavenger hunt, trivia, writing contest, coloring contest, roleplay contest, daily activity and the chance for each person who participated to choose a number from 1 to 10 in order to win a prize in Whack A Troll. Participation in each of these activities counted towards the very exciting raffle, the results of which we are waiting on at this very moment. Needless to say, this was a hugely successful event and I know that everyone enjoyed it greatly. Did I mention there was also a random event? Well, there was! It was Quirrell's Smelling Salts.

Now we have a brand new sitewide, Whispers in the Dark. It is sponsored by Slytherin and is proving to be as much fun as any that have ever been done if not more. There is a random event for this one too, Azkaban Shackles. Using them even lets you send a user to Azkaban for five minutes or so (basically, everything they've written in posts disappears for that time period, leaving them blank). There are so many things going on in this sitewide that it's hard to mention them all! Last Inmate Standing provides a new activity every few days, with the winners being randomized from correct entries. Dementor and Inmate Biographies gives you the chance to create your very own biography for an inmate or dementor (your choice, and it is an interesting one). Escape from Azkaban looks like a two part challenge which began with a fun crossword and jigsaw puzzle. A Task for Freedom is a super hard scavenger hunt which still has me baffled on the first clue. Inmate Art is a very unique graphics contest where you have to create a name plate using various styles of typography to express yourself. Babbling and Drabbling lets you write a drabble focused around a certain key word. The word changes every few days (I love drabbles). Life After the Breakout is a roleplay task where you and your partner roleplay Rodolphus and Bellatrix making their escape from Azkaban. Food Fit for a King Crime centers around your creating a very unique prison menu. There are also prison wings for you to be sorted into, as well as avatars to proudly display. This is one of my favorite sitewides to date.

Hex Idol 7 is in full swing! Good luck to all the participants! For those of you who are only watching (the majority of us), make sure you vote, wear and post wearing an avvie, write critiques and participate in the tasks for a chance to earn some great prizes for yourself. Remember that the activities on Hex are for all of us to enjoy, so be sure and take full advantage of them!

The Fan Fiction Forum has a whole new look, and you should definitely check it out! There are more ways to earn rewards than ever! Ditto for the Clubs Forum, Movie Forum, Book Forum and Magical Theories Forum. The contests are better than ever and there are House Point opportunities involved!

The November Role Play Central RP of the Month is A Date for the Yule Ball. Be sure to get a partner to play this one! The topic of the A&G forum writing and graphics challenges is House Pride with a twist - you have to center your entry around a House other than your own. Be sure and get in on this one; it's going to be fun! And do check out the Contest Forum, they have two wonderful contests up for you to earn prizes and House Points in as usual.

Have a great month. Remember that Hexmas is coming, and you know it's going to be bigger and better than ever. Can't wait!

By Char

This time around, I'll be doing the advice column! Not the best idea, it seems, as my advice isn't 100% accurate. You have been warned. There is no blaming me (or the Daily Prophet, for that matter) for any issues that go awry with what I'll be telling you. Having said that, though, I will do my best to NOT let that happen!

Dear Daily Prophet,
I need help with motivation to study. Especially with finals coming up within a couple of months or so, with the additional homework, I need a different way to remember all the things I learn about. You might say, well just ask a friend that lives nearby to help you study. Well, I live in a place where not many of my close school friends live, and they are very busy as well. So I need an effective time managing study habit that will help me pass the finals. Or any other tests for that matter, so what should I do?
~ Anonymous

Hello there, Anonymous!
I'm afraid time management isn't really my forte, as I seem to screw up a lot on that, this year being my worst since the history of my not-so-amazing time management skills. However, I do recall some advice that my friends have told me on how to study better.

The first would be to give yourself motivation to study - perhaps a reward like chocolate or a trip to your favorite website after getting a topic done. Good motivation is usually enough to encourage people to attain what goals they have set. The only problem with motivation sometimes is that the motivation (HEX, in my case) tends to end up distracting me more than I should be, so that isn't really the best advice from my end. Who knows, though, it might work on you.

Second tip that my Physiology professor mentioned this semester. He said that you should do some action while studying. Say, walking in back and forth from one spot to another. It tells your brain to associate it with the action that you're doing, hopefully making you remember more. However, it's not advisable to study while on a moving vehicle (believe me, I've tried) as it confuses your brain, and you end up not remembering anything at all. So just moving in a steady pace, back and forth, just might be of help to you.

Third tip! This one my BioSci professor told us last year. He told us to sit in the most uncomfortable place. His example was on the stairs. Sit on different stairs, so that when you study, you're not bound to fall asleep because of how nasty it feels staying on the stairs. I haven't actually gotten to proving this, though, as my family would find me immensely odd to be studying on the stairs. He also suggested black coffee - no creamer or any other added sweetness to it can help to stay awake on those long, sleepless nights.

My fourth tip would be to listen to music while you study. They say classical music is the best to help you remember things. Again, I don't know about you, but for me it's harder to study with any music in general because I tend to get distracted and find the meaning to the music instead of finding the meaning to what I study, if that makes sense. However, it might work for you!

Honestly, I know what it's like to try studying with your friends and not working. For one thing, I get so panicked when I study with them cause if there's something they know that I don't, I feel completely and utterly stupid. It usually doesn't work out. Some people say that group studying can help in some way, but at the end of the day, I feel it's all up to you.

My last tip would be to get enough to sleep (a hypocritical tip cause I tend to not do it often). I've heard them say that more sleep would make your brain more alert and all that. Power naps of twenty minutes also help awaken your brain. Now, again, I tend to take less sleep BECAUSE I'm trying to study, and if on the chance I try out a twenty minute nap, it usually turns to full deep sleep mode. But again, it's really up to you how much you want to try it or not.

There you go! My very weird tips that I don't really follow! I know it's very hypocritical of me to even be giving this advice, but maybe you can use this to encourage you? You can tell yourself, "Hey, Char doesn't really motivate herself that well, so maybe I can do better!" and be all competitive with me. Feel free. You may also set your own other tips you can find on your own.

At the end of the day, it's really up to you how to go about your study habits, and it's all in your hands how you intend to go about making it better. ^^
~ Char

Dear Daily Prophet,
I need some advice on an item, someone has offered me 200k, and Hermione's Necklace for a Painting of Fruit. Should I accept?
~  Coolkid46

Hey Coolkid46!
I'm not really the best person to ask on the HEX economy (wow, looks like I'm not the best person to ask with a lot of things lately xD), but I can try to help you in the best way that I can. ^^ After having checked, I think that's an amazing offer for the Painting of Fruit. There haven't been many SA's of the item in the past, but from what I've seen, that offer is something definitely accept-worthy.

Hope that helped you!
~ Char

Dear Daily Prophet,
I have this irritating itch at the back of my ear, it's so annoying! I keep scratching it and scratching it, but it can't seem to get better! I think I'm beginning to look like a dog because I keep scratching it. What in the world do I do?
~ Itchy Ears

Hey, Itchy Ears!
Well, I must say, it's the first time I've seen someone ask me for advice on an itch. But there's always time for firsts, right? I'm not a Muggle doctor and neither am I a Healer to know the reason behind your itch, but I do know one thing -- you have to get it checked. I mean... if people are starting to think you look like a dog, what if it IS happening? What if someone cast a spell to turn you into a dog without your knowledge? What if in less than a day from now, you'll end up as a furry animal?

You'll never know! What with how crazy the world can get these days, I know for sure you must have that checked. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

...although, trying to apply some anti-itch ointment may not be too bad an idea either.
~ Char

Dear Advice Column,
I came to ask you for advice, except I didn't really know what I needed advising. Uh... can you help me know what advice to ask from you? I just feel really confused, really!
~ Lost and Confused

Oh hey, Lost and Confused,
Looks like the advice you need made me feel a lot more confused than you intended. You need advice from me... to give you advice... on your advice? Oh... Oh my. Well... you can ask about anything here in the advice column! Be it from personal real questions you really want advice on, or the most random questions you just want someone crazy and weird to answer!

We here at the Daily Prophet welcome all sorts of advice, and we never deny a question from you. So whatever question you have, don't hesitate to ask us -- we'll be sure to find an answer! Or at least... a way... for you to find the answer. Whichever is more doable.
~ Char

By Grace

Hello, everyone! Aunt Edna here with some more great ideas for keeping your home cleaner than you've ever imagined!

Now, I personally hate always having to clean my windows. Especially when you have kids running around everywhere and they constantly get their hand prints all over them. It's just a disaster. You can try and keep them clean as much as you want, but there's no way that's going to ever happen.

So, what's a sane witch or wizard to do at this point? Well, it took me a while, but I've finally figured out the best solution!

What's the real point in even having windows, anyway? That's what I asked myself while devising this amazing idea. So, with a little bit of magic, I have successfully removed all of my windows. So far, it's been great. I can look outside without having the annoying glare if a light is shining on it. There's always a nice breeze. What's there not to love?

I've told a couple of friends about what I've done and they seem to think it's a terrible idea. "What happens if it rains?" they ask. I just wish they would all stop being so darn negative! My idea is one above many of my other past ideas. If cleaning something is such a struggle, just remove the object in question and be on your way! My mother always told me "work smarter, not harder." It saves me a few minutes every month when I do my monthly house cleanup.

So, if you're having problems with your windows not being as clean as they should be, then just simply remove them! Don't listen to all of the negativity a lot of people will spew out when you mention it to them. It's not your fault you're following the smart trends of today's society. And just think of how much time you'll save when you don't have to continously wash all of your pesky windows!

Until next time, my dears. Keep your houses clean by keeping your windows gone! I'm still working on the catchphrase, but it's coming along.

by Brit

Hello, Hello! With October ending, we are all winding down from our Halloween celebrations. So I thought, who wouldn't want one last treat before Halloween turns into Christmas? That being said, remember all those Pumpkin Pasties Harry Potter and Ron ate through the years? Well, today you get to learn about how to make those.

Ingredients - Dough
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt
1 stick of cold, unsalted but­ter, diced
1 pack­age of cold cream cheese, cut into coarse chunks

Ingredients - Filling
3/4 cup canned or fresh pump­kin puree
1 large egg
pinch of ground cloves
3/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup sugar
Optional: turbinado or demerara sugar

Instructions :

For the Dough
1. Place dry ingredients in medium bowl and mix together.
2. Add the cold, diced butter and mix it together with flour until you have what looks like coarse breadcrumbs.
3. Add in the pieces of cream cheese and mix until the dough is very clumpy.
4. Turn dough out onto a lightly flour dusted surface and knead until a smooth dough has formed.
5. Wrap in plastic and chill for at least 30 minutes. Can be made in advance and frozen up to 3 months.

For the Filling
6. In saucepan, heat pumpkin with dry spices on medium-low heat until warmed. Remove from heat.
7. Mix in egg, salt, and sugar. Set aside while you prepare the dough.

8. Preheat oven to 350F.
9. On a floured surface, roll out the dough to about 1/8 inch thickness and cut with round cookie or biscuit cutter. Place rounds onto a greased cookie sheet.
10. Spoon a small amount of pumpkin filling onto the bottom third of the dough circles.
11. Fold the circles over and seal the edges by either folding over and pinching with your fingers, or crimping with a fork.
12. Using a pastry brush, lightly glaze each pasty with beaten egg mixed with a little milk or water. Sprinkle on some turbinado sugar, if desired.
13. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown.




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