By HaleyLupinTeddysGirl

NOV. 2015, DIAGON ALLEY - A large shipment of the famous Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snackboxes was found to be infected with Dragon Pox.

A spokesperson from the company gave this statement this morning: "The dragon-pox was completely unintentional and the company had absolutely no part in it."

It is suspected foul play was involved, as the company's business has been doing very well and sending many other joke shops into bankruptcy. Even the world-renowned joke shop, Zonko's, has been struggling to keep its head above water. Aurors have assured The Profit that the event is being looked into thoroughly.

The Auror department's spokesperson had this to say: "This is a crime of the most grievous intent because it is affecting the children." Over fifty cases of dragon-pox have been recorded at Hogwarts in the last week alone. The Headmaster has assured The Profit that they are doing everything possible to cure the students of this ailment. A recall has been sent out on all Skiving Snackboxes shipped in the last two months and WWW has assured the Profit refunds are being sent currently.

WWW products are contraband at Hogwarts, yet it hasn't seemed to deter students any. Saint Mungo's Healers have been sent to the school to offer some much-needed relief to the Hogwarts Staff.

Saint Mungo's spokesperson gave the statement: "Curing the students of Hogwarts has become one of our top priorities, and we will do everything in our power to be sure that this epidemic is quickly and efficiently snuffed out."

As always, The Daily Prophet will keep you updated with any information we receive.

By Ygdjh

Lately we've been delving into charity taxes, but we're going to take a break from all of that to discuss a pressing issue worldwide that could be devastating for not just England's economy, but the economy of the entire world.

All around the world, countries have seen a boost in economy that most attributed to the rising popularity of amusement parks. Homeless rates were at their lowest, poverty rates saw a sharp decrease, and robberies were well reduced. Economy specialist Janie Greene says she should have realized something was up when she noticed that unemployment rates hadn't changed as drastically as the others. "All of that money has to come from somewhere," Janie explained, "A lot of times, it comes from people getting new jobs. But since unemployment rates didn't decrease near as much as the others, this means that the money had to have come from somewhere else."

Greene told us that by the time she realized what was going on, it was too late. Last week, an international scam was revealed. A nation-wide group that went under the name 'Robin Hood' has been producing counterfeit money for several years. Aurors speculate that about seven hundred people worldwide were actively producing fake galleons, and that thousands of people received these galleons knowing that they were fake. "When you have something like this, it's hard to put exact numbers to the whole thing," economical crime specialist Henrietta Stump explained. "This has been going on for years. That's thousands, maybe millions, of fake galleons spreading around the world. We can't really say who received the galleons knowing they were fake and who received them under the impression that they were real. By now, the galleons have traded hands so many times it will be impossible to track down everyone who directly involved with the group 'Robin Hood'."

Robin Hood was started four years ago as an attempt to mimic the acts of the Robin Hood of Muggle tales - a man who steals from the rich and gives the money to the poor. Stump suspects that the group started off small as a way to give money to the poor. "Looking at the charts, it looks like the group started in England. They didn't go international until about three years ago, and it was only about two years ago when they started producing the galleons in such mass quantities.

Robin Hood made fake galleons using a metal commonly known as fool's gold. "We believe that they hired several metalsmiths to forge the fake gold into the galleon shape with the galleons design." Some specialists are even speculating that the group may have hired goblins to do the job. "These galleons are extremely close to the real thing," Stump explained. "Only a goblin could do work like that." The goblins deny any relationship with the group Robin Hood, though that is currently under investigation.

The group was discovered when English citizen Norma Pierce made a deposit in her Gringotts vault. While a goblin was depositing the money, the goblin realized that the gold was fake. Norma Pierce was held on trial for using counterfeit money, but her innocent story held up against even veritaserum, more commonly known as truth serum. Pierce admitted that she had gotten the money from a friend who had encouraged her to take it. "I didn't know why she wanted me to have it so badly," Pierce told us, "But she kept on mentioning something about Robin Hood. I just assumed it was the name of some gentleman."

Other stories were also circulating about Robin Hood. American citizen Tracey Mars says he kept on seeing posters announcing 'the return of Robin Hood'. "They were all over the place, saying things like 'Robin Hood is back' and 'Steal from the rich and give to the poor'. I just assumed they were some kids messing around."

Aurors started inspecting rumours associated with Robin Hood and was led to one of the leaders of Robin Hood, tipped off by someone who prefers to remain anonymous. Patrik Sastuki had been a leader of Robin Hood for over a year. Sastuki was a Muggle-born who had gone to a Muggle college and gotten a marketing degree. Because of this, Sastuki was in charge of promoting the group Robin Hood and encouraging others to reach out to people on need with the counterfeit galleons.

"It's funny how warped Robin Hood's message was," psychologist James Brown says, "A lot of people willingly received fake galleons, whether to keep for themselves or to give to others, because they sincerely thought they were accomplishing something good. One of the most common places we are seeing these fake galleons turn up is in charity funds. People were encouraged by Robin Hood to put their galleons to good use. They believed that even though they were using fake galleons, the end justified the means."

The group Robin Hood didn't believe they were doing anything wrong, according to Sastuki. "We were just helping out the people!" Sastuki insists. "Sure, the galleons may not have been real, but they were going towards good causes! Our galleons saved lives. They gave the homeless homes, they gave the poor wealth, and they gave charities funds. Why is this a bad thing? We have been doing the world a favor!"

Other leaders of Robin Hood have also been captured, and Aurors are trying to trace down all of the leaders. Meanwhile, a more important task is what to do about the millions of counterfeit galleons spreading around the world. "For now," Auror Hannah Lorpe tells us, "We are encouraging all stores, banks, or anyone else that handles money, to check the money they handle for being counterfeit. We have set up stations all over the world where people can bring in their money to be verified. Some countries have made it a law that everyone bring in their money to these stations. We are working hard in England to make this mandatory. Another thing we are doing is tracking back the counterfeit money to the original owner that received the money from Robin Hood. This takes a lot of work, and sometimes we don't find the original owner, but these people can help us deduce the location of other fake galleons they received." Indeed, original owners are flocking in, but Lorpe tells us she is doubtful they will be able to track down all of the original owners. "Some people are inevitably going to get off the hook," she says. "But we will try to catch as many people as we can."

The Aurors have their hands full, but the economy specialists may have a bigger problem. "The problem is," Janie Greene tells us, "What do we do with the fake galleons?" Janie explained that usually the fake money was simply taken away. "Usually the counterfeit money doesn't get out of the hands of the one who made the money, or knowingly received the money before we catch them." If there was anyone who unknowingly received the money, the sum was generally small enough that it did affect them much if the money was taken away from them.

"That's not the case here. We're talking millions of galleons. What do we do? If we take all of them away and deem them invalid, this could majorly upset the economy. People would lose hundreds of galleons all over the place. Businesses would lose a lot of profit, and at this scale, this could cause businesses to actually go out of business, not to mention what it could do to people who bought houses with this money. Should we compensate whoever has lost money because it is counterfeit? That would majorly upset government finances all over the globe. We are talking a lot of money here, and I'm not sure we can realistically compensate for that much money. But what are we supposed to do at this point? Deem the counterfeit money valid? What example does that set?" the Minister of Magic asked us.

The Ministry is deciding what should be done, and meanwhile, we can only hope the results won't be disastrous.

By ScarletAuror

Times for magical folk in the United Kingdom are taking a slight turn for the worse. Whether it be a new Dark Lord arising from the ashes, or the luck of the Irish is starting to wear off, we'll never know. Starting ten days ago a tornado struck the north side of Ireland. Destroying the majority of the villages and farms scattered about the desolate land, investigators from the Ministry of Magic found many witches and wizards fatally injured, harmed or dead. It is said that those who lived on the border have fled into neighboring countries, but heaven knows how long they'll be safe there.

After a few days of the tornado spreading into bits of Midwestern Ireland, it stopped. We were relieved and hoped that Mother Nature would take pity on the poor souls of Ireland and it seems she did. But just a day after she struck again, this time releasing thunderstorms onto the majority of England and Whales with winds at 45 miles per hour. It has been raining ever since it started seven days ago.

Everyone has been fleeing and many are fearing for their lives. Spells and potions might not get us out of this one like they have before. Though many have tried protection spells of the sort, none have been strong enough to keep out the ferocious weather.

As we all flee for our lives, many neighboring countries of England, Ireland, and Wales are gaining more and more illegal immigrants as those who are now homeless strive for a rejuvenation. Thought times were hard for witches and wizards before now? Think again young master. Times are even tougher than before and while we are still in hiding, many of us fear for being discovered.

Muggle witch and wizard hunters stalk the streets, prowling for those of us who are vulnerable enough to fall into their traps. It is heard that horrible torture is performed on those who have been caught.

So as I take my turn to leave, I wish you the best of luck in regaining your homes and keeping your families safe. Good day.

By LunaHermione1

Most every kindergarten child in the United States (and Canada) knows the tale of the adventurous Mayflower, which took on the perilous travel from England to the nowadays U.S. The Native Americans then helped them out with their troubles, and they created a feast which gave thanks that they were able to survive in the new lands of North America. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the tale, I may tell it in more depth

The Mayflower left Plymouth, England because of religious and secular reasons on September 6th, 1620, and 64 harrowing days later, arrived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on 9th of November, 1620. When the horrible, diseased-filled winter had passed, the Wanpanoag, who were becoming acquaintances to their new neighbors, celebrated as was their custom. The Pilgrims, who were filled with joy at the prospect of the feasting and celebration to wash away the pains of the horror-stricken winter's losses, joined them. It was a huge ceremony of thanksgiving and games, fun, and sadness. It was a mix of the feelings of happiness of the new spring's promise of prosperity, and the solemn and sadness at the thought of the losses each and every one had experienced.

Thanksgiving was from then on celebrated. However, it was only a family holiday until President Lincoln, in the midst of the battles of the Civil War, was convinced by a certain Sarah Hale to care about festivities and the games of their youth. She thought it would cheer up those who were too engrossed with the happenings of the war. Lincoln declared a holiday, and he made two, one right after Gettysburg, and one on the 4th Thursday in November. However, it was only a temporary holiday until Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when Congress officially declared the holiday, set Thanksgiving to be the 4th Thursday in November.

The traditions of Thanksgiving now may be very different from old ones, and a person from the first Thanksgiving might be shocked at ours. A person from modern times might be extremely confused, and probably amused, so definitely bemused at old ceremonies, but all in all it is an American holiday and we are proud of it.

LunaHermione1, over and out.

By titanicfan101

Our very own Minister Cornelius Fudge has been caught leaving the Ministry with forms to shut down Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Minister Fudge had this to say to the Daily Prophet, "I do intend to shut down Hogwarts," and that was all he had to say about it.

People were going crazy because their magical kids need to learn all the good things and bad things about the wizarding world. After approaching Fudge again, he had only one comment. "I'm shutting down Hogwarts and no one can stop me."

All the professors were enraged at this new scandal going on and we asked Albus Dumbledore, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts, what he though of this. "I will protect my school at all cost. No one, not even the Ministry, will be shutting down Hogwarts. It has been around for centuries."

We here at the Daily Prophet were confused on what made the Minister decide to shut down Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We all grew up there from ages of eleven.

The Auror Office was asked for what they thought about this. Their representative had no comment for us. People in the wizarding world are worried if Hogwarts does shut down. Magic will be revealed and no place will be safe.

It was rumoured that Albus Dumbledore had called an emergency meeting with the Ministry to discuss the matter. The result of said meeting - if it really did take place - was never disclosed.

We also reached out to former students of Hogwarts, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Miss Granger had this to say, "Fudge is out of his mind! Trying to shut down a school that has been going on for centuries, founded by four great wizards and witches - Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin."

Mr. Malfoy had only one thing to say, "GREAT!"

Will the Minister's decision be overturned or will Hogwarts be forced to close its doors? Stay tuned with Daily Prophet for any latest news!

By Briannabreez

What an article I have for you today. Firstly, Quidditch. No news yet, on any substitution on any league teams, but something for viewers who prefer to know a little more about Quidditch.

Now, as you know, cobbing is excessive use of elbows in Quidditch. A snitchnip is a non-Seeker catching the Snitch, and Quaffle-pocking is tampering with the Quaffle. You also can't use your wand on the pitch, and blagging most certainly isn't allowed. These fouls, and several more, are known to even the least involved of Quidditch fans.

However, many more are unknown to all but the trained referees - many of the players don't even know them, because the Department of Magical Games and Sports has made it very difficult to come by. This is mostly to stop the players from getting ideas, because it can be fairly easy to get fouls past the referees and some of the fouls are just downright dangerous.

In Kennilworthy Whisp's "Quidditch Through the Ages", a few other fouls are mentioned. I personally don't want to know what event caused a rule to be made that there were to be no axes used on the pitch. It still stands that the full list of over seven hundred Quidditch fouls has not been released - until now.

It will be in the form of a booklet, and will still be regulated. It is actually forbidden for any professional Quidditch players to even attempt to lay their hands on it, and it will not be provided to anyone under the age of seventeen. Unfortunately, due to these strict regulations the Prophet is unable to provide any of the worse fouls, but some do include:

o The use of a Niffler (enchanted or otherwise) to find the Snitch is strictly forbidden.
o A Snidget is not to be released in an attempt to confuse the opposing Seeker.
o Players are not permitted to hold each other in headlocks as a distraction.
o Binding a Keeper's legs together mid-flight is not permitted, no matter how 'uselessly they were defending the goals anyway'.
o Muggles are not to be lured to Quidditch matches to force a rematch as said Muggle is taken away.

Interestingly, this was amended in 1834 to read 'The use of a Niffler in any part of a Quidditch match is expressly forbidden'. I wonder if a player tried to use one.

Hopefully, the release of this will be as good a decision as planned. All profits will go to the Department of Magical Games and Sports, where they will be used for research into broomsticks and better facilities for Quidditch.

Well, that's all for now, I'm afraid. This is Brianna, signing off!

By Samantha Bradley

I'm back with more exciting happenings to report for all of you! It all began with the Magical Archives forum. We had recently finished with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and had moved on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This signaled a new series of contests and events which I hoped all of you enjoyed. It's always great to go back and relive the experience of reading the whole adventure again!

Next came the news that School Bags can now be equipped and will hold all of your supplies for class. This came as great news for myself and others who sometimes like to donate books and other items to help out but don't want to run the risk of giving away any of our current textbooks. With them safe in the bag, this assured us that won't be happening. What could be better?

A new feature, tagging, was also added. I am still trying to figure this one out, but I'm sure it will prove to be a great feature. There were changes to the left menu as well, and I actually find these very beneficial so far. More condensed.

House elections have just finished up, and the results were announced. I hope you all took the opportunity to vote, and may the new staff prove to be worthy of your votes!

We were also blessed with not one, but two fabulous sitewides. The first one was the Potters' Demise, sponsored by Gryffindor. It had lots of fun events, the most notable of which was a devilishly hard but oh so rewarding scavenger hunt. Just after this sitewide ended we got Escape from Gringotts, which was brought to you by Slytherin. I'm just sinking my teeth into these events, but they all look epic. Kudos to Gryffindor and Slytherin staff for a job well done!

Hope you didn't miss Halloween, because these events were incredible as usual! The pumpkin growing was amazing, but then we also had three days full of random events and a raffle at the end! Things just get better and better every year. I'm REALLY looking forward to Hexmas, and I'm sure you are, too!

That's about it for now, except for my usual reminder to participate in the various contests sponsored by the Arts and Graphics Forum, the HINT Forums, the Contest Forum, the RPC forum and the Fan Fiction forum. These are a great way to earn some great prizes, including House Points! And even if you didn't make Hex Idol, you can earn more prizes and House Points by writing critiques and participating in tasks as well as wearing an avvie. I encourage you all to do so.

See you next month, the biggest and most important month of all - Hexmas! Can't wait!

By Char

Dear DP,
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and my new fiance's mother doesn't eat poultry! What am I going to do? My parents love their fowls, but how do I please them and my future mother in law?

Drenched in Cranberry Sauce

Hello there, Drenched in Cranberry Sauce!
I... admittedly have never celebrated Thanksgiving myself, so I have absolutely no idea how to help you. At least, if I base it on personal experience. I mean... all I know is that it involves turkey, and for your fiance's mother to not like it... well, that is definitely a problem, yes. Have you tried looking for menus that don't involve poultry? Sure, your parents would love them, but there's nothing wrong with coming up with two menus, right? There certainly isn't something if you compromise with the menu either.

You can have something that your parents like, and you can ask your fiance on what his parents like too. Once you know what both parties want, you can find a way to combine both of what they prefer into something they can get. If you'd have to separate the dishes, so that they don't mix up or anything, go for it. There's nothing wrong with having both sides of the ballgame and satisfying both sides of the family. ^^

(I'd send some recipes myself, but I really can't cook at all, so you might have to search for those on your own, sorry!)


Dear Ask Us,
I had a random thought a few days ago. If someone from the wizarding community needed surgery, how do the Healers go about it?

Perplexed by Magic

Hello there, Perplexed by Magic!
Well, I would think that they perform surgery the same way... except with magic? I mean, magic makes it easier to go about activities of daily living, so it should just aid surgery in any way? Although, maybe Healers don't need all the complicated Muggle materials because magic can just as easily remove or put whatever is needed...

...honestly, I don't really have much a clue on how Healers do their job, as I'm not one, but I can definitely interview one in the future. If you want to know more about how their job works, it's always nice to ask someone practicing, right? Do let me know if you want that in this segment!


Dear Ask Us,
HEXmas is fast approaching. I told my friends that I have a no-gift policy. What do I do when they keep on sending gifts anyway? What they don't know is that I am broke beyond reason.

Yours Truly,
Pauper Claus

Good day, Pauper Claus!
Gosh, I know how you feel about friends not following the no-gift policy. I've told my friends a bunch of times that they don't have to gift me, but they still do. It's not that they're stubborn or anything (though they could also be doing it to jokingly annoy you), but I guess it's also because we can't really stop them from doing what they want to do. They have their own free will and their own lives, after all. Even if we don't want them to gift us anything, they still will, if they want to.

I guess it would be best to be honest with them. They need to know the reason why you feel that way. I don't think they'd take it against you that you're broke. I also don't think it's like they're expecting something from you. For me, I like gifting people not because I'd be getting something in return. I'd gift them because I want them to know how thankful I am that I have them in my life. Nothing in return required.

Of course, there's that guilt that you're not gifting them anything in return (just yet), but at least they know you're trying? If that makes sense? They may not want you to gift them in return, but hey... isn't that what they did to you in the first place? Just wait for things to settle down , then you could eventually get them something too.

Just don't force them to stop gifting you... because in the end, I'm sure they won't listen, or they'd find a way to go around it. Just find a way to do something for them in return when you can again. ;D Hope that helps!


Dear Daily Prophet,
I accidentally transfigured my baby brother into a kitten, and now he's run off. How do I go about finding him/it?

Need Help.

Need Help, hello!
That... is certainly a dilemma. Why in the world did you transfigure your baby brother into something in the first place? Or were you meant to transfigure something else, but your baby brother got caught in the crossfire? Poor thing.

Have you tried Accio-ing him? That -might- help? I would suggest not letting your parents know until COMPLETELY necessary, as they would probably flip the whole house out. Um, maybe you can try heading where he was going? It's possible you might find him. Retrace his steps too, if necessary? If it still doesn't work out, tell your parents. Maybe you can find a sector in the Ministry that looks for baby brothers that have been accidentally transfigured into kitten.

Yes, that could work. I'm pretty sure they're going to take your case in and help you out immediately, if you can't find him yourself. Best of luck!


Dear Ask Us,
Which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Eternal Know-It-All

Hello, Eternal Know-It-All,
The chicken or the egg don't matter. Dinosaurs came first, okay? Go ask the dinosaurs which came first, and if they don't answer you, then you'll never know. Oh, what? They don't exist anymore? Boohoo, your loss for trying to ask, then.

Sarcasm aside, though, I used to think the egg would come first. Since the egg is where the chicken came from, it technically comes first, right? But then... how would the egg exist if the chicken wasn't there to begin with? It's all in a matter of perspective, really. Either way goes, for as long as you can defend your answer?

I still say you should ask the dinosaurs, though.


By Cassandra Lovegood

Hey Starburst fans! Sorry for being gone last month, craziness ensued. Anyway, before we get to the gossip, I'd like to remind you that you can always owl Cassandra Lovegood with a star's name that YOU want to know about! After all, how can I tell you about it, if I don'€™t know? Oh, and can we all give a resounding thank you to Miss Brianna? She was fabulous, a reporter after my own heart.

Continuing on from where she left out last week, it seems that Alissa Hornbeam will be back in the papers. Although, not for her music, but for the lawsuit, stating that she stole the lyrics of Spooky Little Witch. Song writer, Dan Dennis, told us, "That she witch stole my lyrics and wants to try to get her way to the top! Ha, no way!"€

While not sure who to believe, we here at the Daily Prophet hope that it is resolved soon.

Missy Hollywood has a thousand galleon reward for anyone who finds her lost Kneazle, Lissy. The famous Kneazle is known for her talent to balance a plate on her tail and on her snout. Lissy has been a hit in comedy acts for witches and wizards everywhere, so please, if you see her, call Missy Hollywood.

Uriel Oliverhanders has announced that he will be publishing a new book sometime next year. He informed us that it will be about a witch who struggles to understand her inner animagus. Well, that definitely sounds interesting!

Sorry to cut this short, darlings, but my editor is strict on deadlines and my silly Kneazle kept stealing my quill and parchment. So, I'€™ll see you next month!

By Rosie_may

Hello again dear readers! Aunt Edna is back once again to bring you tantalizing ways to cheer up your wizarding household! Now, as we all now November is in full swing and that means that Christmas will soon be upon us! Which means there is much to be done in the short time we have left before the big days arrive. Even for us magical folk, Christmas can be stressful! Especially when your useless husband forgets to buy the turkey, drops it on you that your in-laws are staying over on Christmas Eve and accidentally blows up the enchanted, singing and dancing snowmen that live in your garden. But even with all that, there is one thing that we, as a species, struggle with and that is buying the perfect Christmas present. No matter how scrooge like or pedantic certain relatives may be.

So, in order to spread a little Christmas cheer and help you along the way, I`ve created a list of the five most magical Christmas gifts that any and all Witches and Wizards will enjoy. So let us begin, in no particular order:

Number One : A Magically Enchanted Mug

Now this may sound mundane and very predictable but how many times have you sat down to enjoy a cup of tea only to be pulled away to do a stack of errands. Only to return to a tea colder that a snowman`s heart. But fear not, this magically enchanted mug keeps the tea at a constant heat. Perfect for drinking at all times!

Number Two : Personalized Knitwear

The cold weather is starting to appear and its time we were all bundled up in nice warm jumpers. These are brilliant as gifts for all the family and with Eleanora Crookhorn`s new self-knitting needles, you don`t even have to knit them yourself. Two dragons, one stone.

Number Three : A Pet

Now I`m not talking about just any pet, not a cat or a dog or even a guinea pig. I`m talking about something a little bit more exotic. Such as a Kneazle or a Niffler, something cute and fluffy that won`t want to bite your head off or play havoc throughout your house. Just remember to always check with your ministry of magic official though. We don`t want the children upset because the magical creature division took away Stinky the Baby Dragon on Christmas morning!

Number Four : A Personalised Wand Holder

At night, when you`re about ready to snuffle under your duvets and rest those little eyes, do you ever wander on what to do with your wand? Will never fear! Now you can buy your loved ones wand holders so that they`re wands can stay safe and sound right next to your bed! These come in a range of colour, sizes and shapes. I`ve heard they`ve even made a replica of Viktor Krum`s nose into one. Now that would look majestic on any surface. Use it during the day time as well as your making the Christmas dinner, don`t have pockets? The wand holder comes with a built in case attachment which is enchanted to fit neatly into the palm of your hand, or underneath your hat if you`re anything like my Uncle Ernst.

Number Five : A Diagon Alley Gift Card

Yes these actually exist. No longer rumours, these cards are available to be bought at Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Diagon Alley. These are incredibly handy if you just don`t know what to buy someone at such an occasion as Christmas, or in general, anytime of the year. They come in various amounts and can be used at all of the stores with Diagon Alley. Wins all round.

This is Aunt Edna signing off! Have fun shopping dearies, plan the big day out to the tiniest detail and then watch as the entire thing implodes! See you later my lovelies!

By kay85

November rolls by and one cannot avoid the great American holiday, Thanksgiving. Even though we are cousins from across the pond, I think our British wizards and witches would enjoy a glimpse into the culinary world of American fare.

For those who might not know, Thanksgiving's history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. It also has aspects of a harvest festival, even though the harvest in New England occurs well before the late-November date on which the modern Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated.

Americans celebrate this holiday with an array of dishes, but for the health conscious individual, this month I have a great alternative to substitute those calorie-laden side dishes. I bring you Pear Salad with Raspberry Cream!

Ingredients :
3/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup raspberry preserves
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/8 teaspoon Dijon mustard
4 firm, ripe pears
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 head Bibb lettuce, torn
1 small head romaine lettuce, torn
1/2 cup freshly shredded Parmesan cheese
6 bacon slices, cooked and crumbled
1/2 cup fresh raspberries

Preparation :
1. Whisk together first four ingredients. Set dressing aside.
2. Peel pears, if desired; quarter pears. Brush with lemon juice.
3. Arrange lettuce on four plates. Arrange pear quarters over lettuce.
4. Drizzle with dressing; sprinkle with cheese, bacon, and raspberries.

I hope you do try this recipe for your side dish this Thanksgiving! Happy eating!

By kay85

Hello, dear readers! This month, we have an exciting new addition to the ever popular Daily Prophet! We take to the streets, where we talk to regular users, like you and I, about the issues that affect them in their daily HEX lives.

Unless you have been under a rock since September, you would have noticed the House Elections! HEXians took the opportunity to vote for the creme de la creme to help take their House to the next level. We talked to four Hexians about the political side of HEX, and they had some interesting things to say!

The elections are great! Unfortunately, I was too late for nominations, but it's really nice to read all of the campaigns and to see how passionate people are about their House. I think it's great that everyone gets the opportunity to run for a Staff position. I'm looking forward to voting, and after that seeing what the new Staff members have in store for us!

Regius, 19, Gryffindor

The elections are always so exciting! From what I've seen and heard there are some great people running for house staff in all the houses! I've been busy doing Q and A as I'm actually running myself. I'm really excited to see where new house staff will take us!

Xelda, 15, Hufflepuff

I am a newbie, so of course I don't know how it was last year. My opinion is all based on this year's election. I think it's all going very honest. Everyone has a chance to be nominated. I like the fact that we may ask questions to the nominees. This way we get to know someone better and we can see what their qualities are. It's all very exciting and I'm glad that I signed up before the elections started. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!

Milou, 16, Ravenclaw

House elections are definitely one of my favourite times here on HEX; they really help showcase some of the House's hard working and passionate members. It is also amazing to see the interest of all those not running throughout the entire process. Being elected is always a huge honour, to know that your peers trust you to do a good job is truly heart-warming and makes you strive to do the best you can do. Overall though, everyone who runs for House staff shows tremendous passion, which means no matter who wins the House will be in good hands.

_hermione_granger_, 19, Slytherin

There you have it, folks! All the hopes and expectations from both newbies and oldies! The results of the election are out, and we would like to congratulate those who made House Staff. For those who did not quite go the mile, try again next year.

Until our next discussion, this is Kay signing off and telling you to get On the Streets!


Samantha Bradley

BLMB (Char)
Cassandra Lovegood

Rachel McAdams


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