Getting to Know the Trolley Cart Lady

by Lydia Flitter

Things rarely change on the Hogwarts Express, and one of the constants on there is the trolley cart lady. Thousands and thousands of students have bought chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and other candies and snacks from this woman, but it is almost a certainty that very few of them even know her name. I thought that should be changed, and decided to interview this elusive figure for this month's article.

"Good morning," I greeted the short, plump woman with curly blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes. Something about those eyes reminded me of Santa Claus for some reason, and I suppose the two do have something in common in a way. "I'm here to get your story. You can tell as much of it as you'd like, but I'd like to start by asking your name."

"Oh, it's a pleasure" responded the woman. "My name is Clara Flacker, but most people just call me the trolley cart lady. I've been doing this job for so long that I can't really remember doing anything else. It's a pleasure to see the faces of all the kids when they see all the different candies I have, especially the first years. There are some who don't even know about magical candy at all, since they have muggle parents. Those are my favorites of all. Once you taste your first booger Every Flavor Bean or look at a chocolate frog card, it's something you will never forget. As a matter of fact, I can truthfully say that I am probably one of their very first exposures to magic."

"When you think of it, that's really true," I agreed. "But tell me this. Where did you come from, and how did you become the trolley cart lady? I'd love to give our readers a little background."

"I was born in the hills of Scotland. The Hogwarts Express used to pass by where I lived every year," Ms. Flacker told me. "Because my family is magical, I could hear it as it went by. When I finally became old enough to go to Hogwarts, I could see my house from the window of my compartment. At that time, there was no trolley cart on the train. You couldn't buy any chocolate frogs or anything else like that on it back in those days. It was still a fun ride, but I thought that something was lacking."

"Just out of curiosity, what house were you sorted into?" I asked.

"Oh, I was a Hufflepuff," Ms. Flacker answered, "Anyway, by the time I graduated I had figured out what was missing from that train ride. They needed a trolley cart lady to sell candy to the children, and I was just the person who could do it! I went and asked the conductor if I could have the job, and he seemed to love the idea and hired me on the spot. I've been doing it ever since that day, and hope I will be doing it for the rest of my life. Seeing how much those kids enjoy that candy just means that much to me."

"It's great to see someone who really loves their job," I agreed. "Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, and I hope you will be riding the Hogwarts Express for the remainder of your days."

I smiled sadly as I left. I had bought candy from the trolley cart lady back in the days I had ridden the Hogwarts Express, but I had never bothered to learn her name until now. I had missed out on so much.