By Char

SEPTEMBER, 2014; KING'S CROSS STATION, LONDON – It was not the sound of the Hogwarts Express' horn that was heard on the first day of school on September 1. Instead, civilians were greeted by the sound of students shrieking in terror and horror about the sight they saw upon entering the train - a dead student's body laying flat on the ground in one of the train's compartments.

"It was horrible! Completely terrible! All I wanted to do was to get to school on time, so I went to the train early. Then when I got in... I saw her. She was dead. Her eyes weren't closed. She was so young... so innocent... Who could've done such a cruel thing?" Marissa Noller, 15, explained when asked about the situation.

"I'm surprised whoever it was even MANAGED to do the crime. Like, really, who would be so cruel as to kill an innocent student? We haven't heard of a murder that ridiculous since You Know Who was still alive. It's crazy." Clemence Topashio, 17, said as he reacted to what happened.

The student, whose name has yet to be identified, was found at around 10am in the third compartment of Hogwarts Express. About 14 or so, the student was found with her eyes open and staring into space. It is speculated that the killing curse was used on her. It sounds a little morbid to read and imagine, and the staff of the Daily Prophet would love for it to NOT be real. The sad part is that it IS real, and no matter what we could do now, we can't bring back the life of the girl who died at the hands of this mysterious killer.

I could just imagine what the child's parents might feel, just leaving their child by the Platform and to Hogwarts Express... then minutes later realizing that their child had been obliterated by a murderer. It's heart-breaking, so to speak, and I could imagine how much regret and hurt the child's parents would feel once they found out what happened.

But who would do such a thing? What person would be so cruel as to murdering an innocent student? (Then again, only murderers and killers would think of doing such a horrible thing) Who is it, though? And what does she want with the student population of Hogwarts?

Aurors have cleared the train of any students and have suspended the travel of the Hogwarts Express for the day. Investigations are being held as I write this article, and the Aurors are striving to find some evidence that would lead to whoever the murderer was.


Several hours after the incident, Aurors have found out one point of evidence on the girl's body. There was a strange marking of sorts -- one that could only pertain to someone well-practiced in the Dark Arts. It was the mark of a Necromancer.

And there has only been one Necromancer who tried taking over Hogwarts -- a Nercomancer by the name of Zilla Nerezza. According to my sources, at around Halloween time last year, Zilla managed to control the four house ghosts and a poltergeist. No word on how she managed to control them, but she effectively used the house ghosts and the poltergeist to do her bidding -- to induce mass hysteria on the students of Hogwarts.

It was through the help of the combined efforts of the Hogwarts students that they were able to thwart Zilla's plans of taking over their school.

However, the Aurors suspect the Necromancer is after something more this time -- something more valuable than inducing mass hysteria in students. Zilla wanted her revenge. After all, a Necromancer thwarted by mere students wouldn't want her pride too damaged, right?

The Aurors believe she has a plan of revenge and a plan of action -- and this attack on an innocent student is just the beginning.

While I advise all of you not to panic, I give you the gravest warning. Be very careful. No one knows what Zilla wants, and no one knows where she is hiding. She can strike you when you least expect it and without your knowledge.

Be careful -- no one knows what the Necromancer wants, but we know now that she would stop at nothing to bring the people to her knees and take over. While the Aurors merely suspect that it's Zilla, it's best to keep our eyes out for anything out of the ordinary. Report anything you see that you feel isn't right, and stay safe wherever you go.

That's all from me for now, dearest readers. Take care and stay safe!

By MissBella

SEPTEMBER, 2014; EDMONTON, LONDON - At around 1 pm on September 4, 2014, an elderly woman was found beheaded in broad daylight.

The victim, identified as Palmira Silva, was a eighty-two year old woman. She had been residing at the same house for twenty-five years until her brutal death on the fourth of September. Peace in Edmonton was disturbed when a man ran across their gardens screaming and shouting. The man is believed to be the accused, Nicholas Salvadore, a twenty-five year old.

The accused is said to have used a machete-like weapon to do the killing. Mrs. Silva's injuries were so severe she died at the scene itself.

The police have taken the accused, Mr. Salvadore, into custody. An officer is said to have injured his wrist in the process. Mr. Salvadore was taken to a hospital on Thursday to provide for treatment to his injuries and discharged on Friday. He has been charged with murder and assaulting a police officer.

The motive for the murder has not yet been established. This murder comes after two recent beheadings. However, the police have ruled out terrorism to be the driving force.

People gathered on Thursday night to pay their tributes to Palmira Silva. Mrs. Silva is of Italian descent.

The police rushed to the area right after they received reports of a man with a machete-like weapon and dressed in black. Several police officers were involved and they tried to ensure the safety of the rest of the residents of Edmonton in north London. The police had to resort to breaking windows of the houses of the residents to make sure they were out of harm. No other person has been found injured in relation to the above discussed crime.

There have also been rumours of another attempt to attack prior to the killing of Palmira Silva. However, no one has been found injured in that case either.

Witnesses have described the accused's behaviour 'aggressive' and have mentioned that the accused was cutting at plants with his weapon. He is also said to have beheaded a cat. Although not certainly known, the accused is said to have been shouting about a cat.

A post-mortem examination is to take place at Haringey Mortuary. The accused is to be taken to Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

By Brit

SEPTEMBER, 2014; DIAGON ALLEY - Taking another glance at the economy this month, we see quite an interesting rise in both Naut for you and Gambol and Japes. There must be a lot of people pranking. What else could explain such a rise from a joke shop? Gambol and Japes has risen three galleons since I last checked, causing a single share to cost 508 galleons. Whereas Naut For You has risen two galleons making each share cost 873 galleons.

That being said, there isn’t much loss in the stock exchange. The worst drop at this time is at Zonko’s, who has lost a total of two galleons, making a share cost 270 galleons. Seeing that none of the stocks are really gaining or losing a ton, it makes you wonder what is up. No one can really tell, all that's left is to wait and see.

Now, the stock exchange is an important aspect to keep an eye on, but there are also multiple Silent Auctions that seem to be popping up in Diagon Alley quite regularly. Most seem to do rather well, but there are a few that don’t gain any interest. A few Silent Auctions that I have spotted that seemed to do pretty well include; Harry'’s Patronus, Dumbledore'’s Wand, and Wizard Card - Edgar Stroulger, along with many others.

Now that we have bidding on our minds, that brings me to the featured auctions. Those are fairly interesting to watch. So far, many good items have been sold as a featured auction. Just to name a few; Hufflepuff Teddy Bear which sold for 202k, Cedric's Sweaty Tournament Shirt which sold for 161k, Pile of Rubies which sold for 255k, and Bottled Wit which sold for 100k. Most items end up with bidding wars and sniping. For some, only those with the best of luck were able to win. As the featured auctions continue, you should look forward to more amazing items and more sniping. After all, what's a good old bidding war without a bit of sniping?

With that, I bid you farewell. Stay safe out there, whether you'’re at Diagon alley or Goblin City, or even the auctions. The economy is a difficult part of the world, and indulging in any of it is a risk in itself.

By Samantha Bradley

Summer is coming to an end and Fall will soon be upon us. Fortunately, while the weather is still fairly warm there is plenty of time to celebrate at various outdoor festivals. With that in mind, I hope that some of you were in attendance at the largest and most recent festival of them all - the Celebration of All Things British.

I truly feel sorry for anyone who has not had the pleasure of attending one of these exciting events, but I hope that my report will give you an idea of what happened there and perhaps even make you feel as though you had a small piece of the action. That's my goal, after all!

The Celebration of All Things British is a showcase of all the most amazing things which are associated with the four countries which make up Great Britain. This year the festival centered on a variety of subjects including ancient broomstick games, creatures, plants and last but never least, cuisine!

When many of us think of Great Britain the first country that comes to mind is England. England is important to both the Muggles and magical folk alike. After all, both their King or Queen (depending on who is in charge) resides there, and our Ministry of Magic is also situated in England. English is also one of the most frequently spoken languages in the entire world, and so it only seems right that we start our journey there.

England put on a very interesting display where one could interact with some native species. One had the chance to become acquainted with a Bowtruckle and study their habits firsthand, to pet a Crup and possibly even adopt one as a pet (did you know that there are many Crups in need of a fine wizarding home?), to sample the surprisingly delicious Dirigible Plum and buy seeds to plant your very own tree, to observe some Wild Ponies and learn how the Porlock protects them from harm, and to learn a bit about the mischief which is created by our very own Cornish Pixies.

There were many numerous treats for the guests to enjoy, including the Cornish Pastie and Yorkshire Pudding along with many varieties of tea, of course. England could never be England without tea, and that kind of goes without saying. (Though I said it anyway.)

The Irish exhibit provided us with some fascinating information on the ancient game known as Aingingein. There have been many ballads written about this early form of Quidditch, and it was fun to hear some of them sung and to watch the game of Aingingein actually being played before our eyes. I know it is certainly something I shall always remember.

It seems as though Ireland has even more native species than England does, though I could be wrong. In any case, we got to see the beautiful winged horse known as Aethonan, to actually see the extremely shy Augurey and listen to its cry as rain approached one evening, to hear the shriek of a Banshee from afar (one doesn't want to hear that sound too close!), to watch Grindylows frolicking in the water while Imps created mischief on land, to speak to a Jarvey, to watch a Kelpie change its appearance in front of our very eyes, to see the elusive Leprechaun and observe its tricks, to see the unique species of Merperson known as a Merrow and to watch a Moke shrink to a tiny size.

Wales had only one creature on display but it was an impressive one - the dragon known as a Common Welsh Green. I can tell all of you that there is nothing common about this beast in any way. It is truly awe inspiring!

I felt I had truly saved the best for last when I reached the Scottish display. I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed. After all, this is the country where the best wizarding school in the world is found and yes, I am speaking of Hogwarts!

The first thing I saw was an ad stating that a game of Creaothceann was about to begin, so I rushed onto the pitch to treat myself to a glimpse of the most dangerous broom game in the world. Even with a helmet, those huge rocks falling everywhere could be a huge danger. It was one of the most exciting spectacles I have ever witnessed, truly one that shouldn't be missed if one ever has the chance to see it for themselves.

I thought Ireland had shown a wide array of species, but then I saw what Scotland had to offer and I was completely amazed. I had never seen Aconite firsthand until I saw this display, and I thought it was quite lovely. It is hard to believe that this delicate flower can aid the misery of lycanthropy. Then I had the "pleasure" of seeing Blast-Ended Skrewts, one of the illegal species which Rubeus Hagrid bred in Scotland. After that I saw another "wonderful" creature, the Blood-Sucking Bugbear, which was followed by the medically useful Bubotuber (it is interesting how all these displays were put in perfect alphabetical order). Next I got a chance to see Devil's Snare up close and personal and to learn a bit more about the life and habits of the Giant Squid, who had been temporarily moved from the Black Lake at Hogwarts to this display just for that weekend.

I was shocked when a Hebridean Black Dragon flew overhead. I was both impressed and scared, but later learned that the creature was being carefully monitored and that we were all safe. Then I got to watch a rather loathsome looking Ogre and learn a few interesting facts about his habits.

Fortunately there were no Quintapeds actually there, but there was a very interesting and informative display that taught me many things I had never known about this most feared beast. I also saw the Scottish Stag with its huge horns and even the illusive Thestral (it's a good thing my Uncle Tom died in the same room as me last year after all, I guess).

I was thirsty after the festival, and so enjoyed a glass of the sparkling beverage known as McSpratts. It was the most satisfying drink I have ever tasted after this long and exciting day!

I hope you were interested in my description of this festival, and that you will make plans to attend and see for yourself next year. After all, it's never too early to plan for something wonderful!

by Grace

It's September again. Which means but one thing to anyone who is aged eleven to seventeen: school. Which means tons of homework and stress. But, don't fret, the Daily Prophet is still here to bring you the latest in World News so you don't have to go looking for yourself and risk disrupting your busy school schedule. We already did the looking for you, and here we are yet again to write about it.

Recently, an unresponsive private plane has crashed in the sea off Jamaica. The Jamaican Defence Force said the plane went down about 14 miles north-east of Port Antonio.

The US had scrambled two F-15 fighter jets when the plane didn't respond to air traffic control. The two people that were on board were named Larry Glazer and his wife Jane, who lived in Rochester, New York. Both were licensed pilots. The pilot of the plane at the time had indicated there was a problem and asked to descend to a lower altitude two times before permission was granted, according to a record of the radio conversation with US traffic controllers.

Someone on the Jamaican Defence Force had told reporters that an oil slick had been spotted about 14 miles north-east of the coastal town of Port Antonio, but there wasn't yet any sign of wreckage. Even though there were search and rescue teams scouring the waters for possible survivors. As it grew darker, Jamaica suspended the search until it was lighter on Saturday.

They have still been unsuccessful in their search for the plane, unfortunately. The couple had three children, all of which are, as you would imagine, completely devastated. Not only are their children feeling the sadness of their loss, but the Governor of New York himself, Andrew Cuomo, has paid tribute to the couple. According to him, they were innovative and generous people who were committed to revitalising downtown Rochester.

By Lorraine Kingston

In the Daily Prophet’s June edition, we brought you the breaking news of the motion to abolish the International Act of Mysteries. Council member, Terrence Pinkstone brought forth the motion at the last council hearing, to henceforth annul the International Act of Mysteries, thus allowing the general public to access the archives of the Department of Mysteries.

The discussions for the abolishment of the International Act of Mysteries have been carried out behind closed doors, with both sides bringing forward witnesses and experts to testify on their behalf. Testifying on behalf of Terrence Pinkstone was Mrs. Judy Woolsworth, chairman of the Magic Transparency Initiative. According to Mrs. Woolsworth the call to abolish the International Act of Mysteries is not only prudent, but crucial in making sure the longevity of the Wizarding world.

To advocate the continuity of the International Act of Mysteries, Mr. Elijah Johnson, the Head of the Department of Mysteries testified for the first time during the Wizengamot second deliberation. According to Mr. Johnson, the breach that happened in 1997 was the result of an inside job, by the means of the Imperius curse, where department personnel were put under the spell to facilitate the infiltration by the Death Eaters.

Mr. Johnson presented some compelling evidence in the hearing. “The Department of Mysteries’ security has never been breached before. This was the only incident to happen in over three hundred years. Due to the fact that our key personnel were under the control of the Imperius curse, the breach happened. But with our new reinforced security plans and precautions, we foresee no other breach in the future. Thus, we believe that declaring the contents of the vaults in the Department of Mysteries is highly unnecessary.”

While the rest of Mr. Pinkstone’s committee members disagreed, Mr. Johnson raised a very important question, “The contents of the vaults in the Department of Mysteries are classified dangerous and volatile. The exposure of the contents will not only attract more unsavoury attention, it could also be potentially harmful for the Ministry. Are we ready to air our own defensive secrets?”

The hearing was adjourned after four hours of deliberation. The third and final hearing of the Wizengamot was scheduled to be in October. After the third hearing, the Wizengamot will reconvene in private before announcing their decision. Stay tuned with the Daily Prophet for the latest developments.

By Char

Over a month ago or so, you probably heard about the FIFA World Cup. I'm guessing you're probably wondering how the FIBA World Cup is any different. Well, aside from the difference in the third letter of the acronym - these two World Cups are allotted for two different sports. FIFA is for football, while FIBA is for basketball.

And that's right, you guessed it -- it's the time of the year for hard-core Muggle basketball. To refresh your memory, Muggle basketball is the sport wherein two teams play against each other. The main point of the game is to score by shooting a ball into this thing they call basketball rings. Of course, there are a lot of other technicalities that I would rather not elaborate, as these technicalities elude even myself. But basically... Muggle basketball is like the Chaser-Quaffle part of Quidditch. It's the Chaser's job to shoot the Quaffle into their goals, and in a sense, Muggle basketball is quite like that.

Minus the flying , of course. And the fact that Muggle basketball has courts the teams play in.

Moving back... The 2014 FIBA World Cup -- more formally known as the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup -- is the 17th edition in the Basketball World Cup series (formerly known as the FIBA World Championship) This time around, Spain is hosting the tournament, and the tournament comes around every four years. It is said, however, that the next World Cup will be occurring after five years instead, so as not to let the FIBA coincide with the year FIFA happens.

Of course, what's a World Cup without the venues it would take place in?

The following list below pertains to the confirmed venues that are currently being used for the FIBA World Cup. There are six of them:

- Madrid: Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid (Capacity: 13,700)
- Barcelona: Palau Sant Jordi (Capacity: 15,700)
- Granada: Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Granada (Capacity: 9,000)
- Baraklado: Bizkaia Arena (Capacity: 16,200)
- Seville: Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo (Capacity: 7,200)
- Las Palmas: Gran Canaria Arena (Capacity: 9,700)

Now, what's a team sport without its competitors?

The following list below are the countries that qualified to the final tournament of the FIBA Basketball World Cup. The final tournament meaning the one that's being held right as I type this article. A total of 24 teams qualified for the final tournament.

- Host Nation: Spain
- 2012 Olympics: United States
- 2013 FIBA Africa Championship: Angola, Egypt, Senegal
- 2013 FIBA Americas Championship: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominican Republic
- 2013 FIBA Asia Championship: Iran, Philippines, South Korea
- FIBA EuroBasket 2013: France, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia
- 2013 FIBA Oceania Championship: Australia, New Zealand
- Wild cards: Brazil, Finland, Greece, Turkey

The 24 different countries were then grouped into different pots. Pot 1 consisted of the top 4 teams based on the FIBA World Rankings. The other countries were then grouped into pots based on geographical location and sporting criteria.

Once grouped, the team's rankings per pot were determined through the following criteria:

1. Highest number of points earned, with each game result having a corresponding point:
- Win: 2 points
- Loss: 1 point
- Loss by default: 1 point, with a final score of 2–0 for the opponents of the defaulting team if the latter team is not trailing or if the score is tied, or the score at the time of stoppage if they are trailing.
- Loss by forfeit: 0 points, with a final score of 20–0 for the opponents of the forfeiting team.
2. Head-to-head record via points system above
3. Goal average on games among tied teams
4. Goal average on all group games
5. Drawing of lots

Now, as much as I'd love to go on and name all the game and points that were earned in the match, I'm afraid all the information is too much for me to understand and to try explaining to all of you. All these complicated Muggle rules can get confusing sometimes.

So if any of you would want to read up on this years FIBA World Cup, you may head over HERE. (Yes, I know wikipedia may not be the most reliable source, but it's where I got most of my information above, and I think it's pretty accurate as to what's going on with in FIBA.)

What're you waiting for? Go check it out and have fun learning about the different Muggle basketball teams! Oh, one last thing, if you want to see any real footage or learn more about the World Cup this year, the official site for FIBA 2014 is over HERE. (I swear, Muggles all have these obsessions with their Muggle sports.)

Well, that would be all from me for sports this time around. Until next time!

By Grace

I've been chosen to give you all the latest news on what's going down on Hex. Which is exactly what I plan on doing. I don't come on here as much as I would like to, since I'm constantly busy doing things lately. However, that will not stop me from diving deep into this website and attempting to find the latest, greatest news.

First things first, since it's September, that means that classes are starting again. You can now register for them and after you buy the correct supplies, you can begin your very first lesson!

There are a couple new challenges going on in the Arts & Graphics Forum. The writing challenge is to write about what would happen if you, or a character you create, travelled through time. Then the graphics challenge is to create your own time machine from scratch using the three items they give you. Both challenges sound terribly exciting and I'm sure it will be tough to choose the winners, considering there are quite a few talented people here on Hex. The prizes are pretty nice, too. Here's to wishing everyone who enters the best of luck and I hope everyone has tons of fun with it.

Something else new is you can now talk about TV shows in the Film Discussion Forum. I think that's a pretty neat thing to add to the forum, considering there are a lot of popular TV shows out there that a lot of people on Hex watch. So giving them a place to talk about it and make friends over them is definitely a great idea.

Starting this month, there will be contests held in each of the Information Forums where you can win up to 6,000 House Points. The Information Forums are Film Discussion, Book Discussion, Book Forum, Clubs Forum, and Magical Theories. There is currently a contest going on in the Film Discussion forum that involves TV shows that has some pretty cool prizes going out to the winners.

The Top Students from the 2013-2014 school year have received their prizes. They got to choose from some pretty awesome items. Good job to all of your hard working Top Students out there. It proves that hard work does in fact pay off in the end.

That's all I have for you, readers. Until next time. Hope you all enjoyed your summers and don't forget to start on that homework!

By Kay

Welcome once again to the Daily Prophet’s Advice Column. We’ve received numerous letters from our dear readers, and we will try our best to answer each and every query you have! Without further ado, here are this month’s letters :

Dear Advice Columnist,
Do you think they will ever make another Harry Potter book using canon characters?
- Wondering Laurie

Dear Wondering Laurie,
There are books on Mr. Potter? We here at the Daily Prophet are not aware of such publications. Characters? Mr. Potter’s life is not fiction; everything that has happened are not figments of an author’s imagination. I wonder where you obtained such surprising news! Only two editions ago, Mr. Potter himself conducted the Advice Column. I assure you, there has never been a book about Mr. Potter, and if there is to be one, the Daily Prophet will be the first to break the news. Perhaps you can owl me the name of your source?
- Intrigued, Kay

Dear Daily Prophet,
What should I dress up as for Halloween? I need to start planning now, but I can't decide! HELP!!!!!!!
- Regards, Stressed Seamstress

Dear Stressed Seamstress,
Halloween is supposed to be a fun time of the year. There is no real need to panic, although planning ahead is always encouraged, so you don’t end up wearing the same outfit as your best friend. What you need to do is to start thinking of the things you like best – your favourite book characters, favourite singers, real life heroes or even the monsters in the Monster Book of Monsters. If you decide to sew your own outfit, Diagon Alley has some of the best textile shops for you to gather your materials. But if all else fails and you just can’t think of an outfit, why not visit Madam Malkin’s or Gladrags? They have an excellent selection of Halloween costumes for you to choose!
- Cheers, Kay

Dear Daily Prophet,
There is this boy I have Potions with who is just the hottest guy ever. I've had a crush on him since I was a second year, and now three years later, it hasn't gone away. He tries to play it cool in front of his friends, but when he thinks no one is looking, he is the sweetest guy ever! He even helped me get a book from the top shelf of the library and opened the door for me too! I think he may be embarrassed of me though, because I'm a Hufflepuff, and he is a Slytherin. Maybe this is why when he has his friends around, he doesn't pay attention to me. The thing is, he just invited me to spend the winter holiday with his family skiing in the Alps. I really want to go, but I'm really scared because, one, he still hasn't told his friends about me, and two, his family is well known to have been on the dark side during the war, and as a Muggle-born, I'm scared they won't accept me. What should I do?
- Sincerely, Possibly in love with the Enemy

Dear Possibly in love with the Enemy,
This seems like a big dilemma for you. I sympathise with what you are going through. The key to make any relationship work is honesty. He needs to be honest with his friends and his family if he really likes you. There is nothing worse than having to be someone else just to win people’s approval. Talk to your friend, explain to him about your feelings. Tell him of your trepidation. You should not be scared to be who you really are. If people cannot accept you for what you are, then it’s on them and not you. Remember, honesty is the best policy.
- All the luck, Kay

Dear Daily Prophet,
I've been hearing rumors all over the Alley that Ron and Hermione are calling it quits. What do you know about these divorce rumors? Are they true? If so, she's crazy - that is one hot redhead!!
- Sincerely, Looking for a hot redhead

Dear Looking for a Hot ReadHead,
All the rumours you that you heard are just that, rumours. The Daily Prophet contacted Mr. Ronald Weasley, and the Weasley family has issued this statement:

“The rumours concerning myself, Ronald Weasley and my wife, Hermione Granger, are divorcing, are utterly false and slanderous. We cannot be happier at the moment and we cannot imagine why these people are making up stories about the well being of our marital state. We would now like to put this rumour to rest by saying that we are still happily married and very much in love.”

There you have it, the Weasleys themselves have issued a statement. We should all wish them good luck and hopefully, these types of rumours will not come about again. - Kay

By Grace

Hello, everyone. Aunt Edna here with some more helpful cleaning advice to keep your households looking as great as you do! In honour of all the kiddies going back to school, I'm going to write some cleaning advice for their bedrooms! Parents, you should be relieved if they follow my very well thought-out advice.

I've been sitting here thinking of good tips for you all, and I started thinking about my days as a young child. I would always have the messiest of bedrooms and my mother was always upset about it. "Edna, clean your room!" It was always the same thing, day after day. So one day, I decided to do something about it. I was tired of my mum complaining and I guess I was tired of having to leap over mounds of clothes and just garbage in general.

So I came up with a brilliant plan, one plan that would outshine all other cleaning plans for 12 year old kids, sick of being yelled at for expressing themselves by mixing their dirty clothes with their clean clothes. "I'm making a statement, mum!"

The thing about most parents, is they don't care what you do with the stuff on the floor, as long as you do something with it. They honestly wouldn't care if you threw it away. Heck, they would probably even be relieved! Less stuff for them to worry about! So, basically, all you have to do is slowly push all of your garbage and unwanted clothes under your bed. Don't do it all at once, your parents will notice then and question what you did with it all. Then they will get suspicious and they will check under your bed and they will make you do something else with it.

As the days go on, you slowly put more stuff under there. Until eventually, you can dance all around your room without even breaking your neck once. Then, since you have stuff bulging out from underneath your bed, you might want to use the disillusionment charm to hide the pile of belongings hiding under your bed. Now, I realise that most kids that would like to utilise this advice I'm giving probably aren't experienced enough yet to cast such a spell. So that's when you find an adult of whom you can trust to not spill the beans to your parents. Then when your parents come into your room at 9 o'clock to yell at you for trying to be the biggest hoarder, they'll be shocked that they can actually see your floor. Then they'll look at your now nicely made bed and see absolutely nothing under your bed besides whatever is on the other side of your bed.

Now, this might not work for all kids. Some parents might be extra suspicious and check under your bed regardless. It's easier to pull this stunt off if you have Muggle parents, since they won't think about you using any charms or spells or hijinks of any sort. It's much harder to trick wizarding parents.

I hope my advice has been useful to any kid looking to see the light of day after being grounded to their ridiculously messy bedroom until they clean it. Happy cleaning and I hope you are all having fun with your school work!

by Samantha Bradley

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! This month's recipe is the Treacle Tart courtesy of OCEANVIXEN79.

We all know that this is the famous Harry Potter's favorite dessert. Why not try it for yourself and see what you think?

Original recipe makes one 9-inch pie

1 (9 inch) pie crust pastry
1 cup golden syrup
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 cup bread crumbs
1 lemon, zested
2 tablespoons lemon juice

10 mins

35 mins

45 mins

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Press the pie crust pastry evenly into the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate.

Mix the syrup, cream, bread crumbs, lemon zest, and lemon juice together in a bowl; pour into the pie crust.

Bake in the preheated oven until the filling is set, 35 to 40 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before serving.




Il Profeta

Samantha Bradley


bepluver (Grace)
BLMB (Char)

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