WIZARDING CRIMES : Crimes Against Children
By HaleyLupinTeddysGirl

SEPT, 2015; LONDON - The disappearance of a Muggle child has been thought to be foul play involving the wizarding community, and the Minister did not have any comment currently on if or how this would be investigated. Assumptions have gone around that the Minister may be under the power of one of the Unforgivable Curses and it is unknown yet whether this is just simple rumor or if there is a heavier intent behind the action itself. The Minister has been reported as off lately, taking long hours into the night, remaining locked in his office with orders not to be disturbed. He's missed not one, but both of his bi-monthly meetings with the Muggle Minister, only working to heighten the stress between both Muggle and wizarding worlds.

There have been a few other odd events in the Ministry over the past few days that may suggest criminal intent. A break-in at the Ministry a few nights ago, for example, but the Prophet was assured by a Ministry spokesperson it was just a very confused and flustered Muggle, nothing to worry about. It is still unknown if anything was taken or if this seemingly innocent Muggle event had to do with the series of strange occurrences in the Ministry. Just last week a group of sneak-o-scopes whistled loudly whenever the Minister was within fifty feet of the Auror department, seemingly for no reason at all. Though it is believed to be a prank and nothing sinister, the Prophet has been assured that Auror forces are keeping an eye on the Minister and monitoring for any foul intentions.

One thing is for certain, there is something mysterious going on with the Minister of Magic.

In other news, a string of vandalism has broken over the childhood home of famous wizard Harry Potter. A muggle community called Little Whinging is now covered in hexed graffiti of what could only be the dark mark of the former wizard, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It is unknown if these markings are a sign of coming danger or simply a prank gone wrong but it has the Ministry on edge. It'd been almost thirty years since the death of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but the wizarding community has not forgotten the terrible toll of the war, nor the cost of freedom. Aurors are patrolling the streets, both night and day and assure the Prophet that all is well.

By Ygdjh

SEPT, 2015; LONDON, ENGLAND - Last month's article introduced the possibility of a charity tax, imposing a tax on any organization officially labeled a charity. While many were outraged at the notion, the Minister would only comment that his speech, to be given at an unannounced date, would settle matters.

Unfortunately, we have yet to see this speech. The Ministry has not yet released a date, time, or location, and many wonder if the speech will occur at all. David Busters, for one, doesn't actually think there will be a speech, or a charity tax, at all. "I think the Minister was just trying to scare Swift Homes, that's all," Busters told us. Swift Homes is a charity founded by Penelope Swift, a Muggle rights activist who has recently started a campaign for Muggle rights.

The Minister was unavailable for comment relating to the speech, but was very willing to comment on his thoughts regarding the current economy. "It is my firm belief that England has always had one of the best economies. And just recently a government survey indicated that our unemployment rates have gone down considerably. I truly believe this will be a prosperous time for England."

Indeed, economical activity has settled down. Swift and the Minister are currently at a stalemate, all depending on the Minister's speech. The unemployment rate has recovered from its shocking climb, and prices are steady.

On the other hand, some question the Minister's methods. "Yes, unemployment rates have gone down," Harley Kiln agreed bitterly, "but what the Minister doesn't tell us is why." Kiln pointed out that higher immigration taxes were only a temporary solution to the rising immigration rates, but months have passed and no other solution has been presented.

"I know the Minister has been occupied with this whole charity thing, but whether or not we have charity taxes isn't the point! I mean, everyone's donated to charity once or twice, and once you give the money away, it doesn't really matter what it comes to, does it? What does matter is that raising immigration taxes was only supposed to be a temporary solution until a more permanent one could be figured out, but the government has given absolutely no suggestion they are even considering the problem. People need to stop worrying about a few homeless Muggles and start worrying about people who want to move to England but can't afford it!"

Kiln admitted that his beliefs were heavily influenced by his brother, a recent immigrant from France struggling to make do. "My brother Farner has two kids and a wife, but he can't bring them to England because he could never afford it! And he can't get a decent job, either. I don't know whether the Minister did this intentionally, but after announcing raised immigration taxes, no one will hire immigrants these days!"

Economy specialist Janie Greene explained Kiln's passionate statement. "This is a growing problem for immigrants. When the Ministry announced immigration taxes, it isolated immigrants, as well as causing many to struggle financially. This isolation as well as the financial struggle causes employers to avoid hiring them."

One such employer, Kitty Rose, thinks it is perfectly reasonable not to hire immigrants. "Like, I had these two job spots open, and I had like a whole bunch of people that wanted the job. And like I didn't know what to do, you know? But then I saw that, like, over half of them were immigrants. You can just sort of tell, right? So then I was like, 'Uh, no, how can I trust an immigrant? They like are swirling in a huge whirlpool of debt. No way am I getting caught up in that.' So I just told all of the immigrants to go home and I filled my two job spots with better options!" she told us eagerly.

The Minister acted surprised when confronted with a graph comparing immigrants' and natives' financial situations. "I had no idea this was going on!" the Minister told us. "I mean, unemployment rates are going down! I didn't know that was because we are receiving less immigrants! How was I supposed to know?"

The Minister added that the idea to raise immigration taxes had not been his decision. "I was against it," the Minister told us quickly, "but everyone else seemed in agreement with it, as a temporary solution. Really, this problem must be solved immediately with haste! We must devote all of our attention to finding a solution."

Kiln was relieved to find that the government was finding a new solution, but Allie Wright doubts there will be any change. "The Minister is just trying to find an excuse to avoid a speech on charity taxes, that's all. I mean, do you honestly think the Minister will consider an act that gives him less money? It's ridiculous."

Lorie Hope has a different opinion. "I'm glad to know the Minister cares about the people!" Hope told us, "It's good to have a Minister who cares about us and not making money! Yes, immigration taxes being raised wasn't the best idea, but why does everyone want to assume the worst about the government? They are doing what they can to help us! Thank you to the Minister!"

Meanwhile, everyone is, with varying levels of excitement and eagerness, awaiting the speech to come on charity taxes and the new solution to rising immigration rates.

By Kay of Kent

Greenmeadow, Wales - Around 500 people attended the Greenmeadow Village Annual Magical Farming Convention that took place just last weekend. The Farming Convention held every September, drew the attention of the wizarding community as farmers from all over the country came to display their livestock as well as their produce.

This year, the main attraction was a rather large strawberry that was the size of a small Ford Anglia, and according to its farmer, the fruit grew to that size without any magical intervention, save for the very sparingly-used Mooncalf fertilizer. Farmer Todd was surprised that the fruit managed to grow that huge and immediately took it upon himself to move the over-grown strawberry into a shed, to protect it from animals and the weather. "I was very surprised indeed! It sort of grew that big overnight. Before I went to bed, it was only the size of a small trolley, but when I woke up the next morning, it was huge!"

Aside from the large, ripe strawberry, the Greenmeadow Village Annual Magical Farming Convention also saw the presentation of a new sub-species of the wool sheep, capable of producing three times the amount of wool from its regular cousin. The wool, much lighter and fluffier than regular wool, is said to be more hypoallergenic, thus it would be most popular amongst those suffering from skin conditions.

The convention also saw distinguished guests from the Department of Magical Horticulture and Herbology attending the three-day event, giving talks and answering questions from the crowd on safe farming as well as on maximizing the quantity of their produce.

Aside from scholarly discussions, there were a dozen games and contests for the children and their families alike, from the classic apple bobbing, to goat racing as well as fireseed tossing. Wizards and witches from all over the country came together to celebrate farm living and to gain more knowledge about the produce and livestock that had been their source of food for centuries.

The convention closed on a Sunday with the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, officiating the event and the Minister also handed prizes to all the contest winners. After the award ceremony, the Minister finally had the honour of cutting into the largest strawberry for the year 2015.

By LunaHermione1

SEPT, 2015; ISRAEL - Jews worldwide will be celebrating the New Year which begins during the night of September 13th, as all Jewish holidays start during the evening. 10 days after they finish Rosh HaShanah, Hebrew for the Jewish New Year, they will start Yom Kippur, a day of fasting and atonement for all their sins. After Yom Kippur they will celebrate Sukkot, a holiday during which they may only eat in booths and lasts 8 days.

On Rosh Hashanah there are many customs that Jews will fulfill. One such custom is eating pomegranates, which symbolizes the mitzvot, or good deeds we will do throughout the new year just like the many seeds inside of a pomegranate. We also will eat fish heads, or goat heads to show that we would like to be the "head" not the tail. In my family, we eat candy fish heads. Speaking of fish, we also eat whole fish to say that we want as many Jews as the fish. During the holiday, we will many times over dip apples in honey and sometimes even bread. This shows that we want a sweet year.

Every year, the shofar, a horn, is blown. The shofar is a ram's horn, basically a trumpet. It is blown a hundred times over the holiday. There is also a tradition to go to the river while praying and some people throw bread in to say that we are throwing away all our sins from the old year. We do not want to have any sins going in to the new year. It will be a blank page for us to decide how to write. After Rosh HaShanah ends, Yom Kippur will start, and we spend the whole day praying that our sins will be forgiven. We also fast, and will not eat nor drink the entire day until it is over. We wear white as it is pure, and even though it is a fast, it is considered a holiday because we will be forgiven from all our sins.

Sukkot will start in September and end in October, as it is one of the longest holidays that Jews celebrate at eight days long. We eat in booths we have constructed ourselves, and just like Rosh HaShanah there are many customs and traditions for us to follow. We start off with the custom of the 4 types of things that we shake: myrtle, willows, a palm branch and a citron. We shake them every way, back ,forwards, left, right, down, but not in that order. We hold the citron in one hand and the palm branch and the rest in the other when shaking. The next (and last) custom I will be talking about is the Sukkah, or booth. As you know, we build it outside and there are certain regulations. As you know we build it outside and there are certain regulations. For starters, it cannot be under a tree or even a branch of a tree. Even though we already eat in there, some people have the tradition to sleep in there. We also cover it with some sort of plant, or branches.

Extra fact, in Israel the holiday is 7 days long, not 8. But that's all I have to write. So, happy holidays, or Chagim Smechim, as it is said in Hebrew.

LunaHermione1, over and out.

By Mathilda Chong (DP's SEA Correspondent)

SEPT, 2015; Southeast Asia -€“ It has been a rather blurry few days for our friends in Southeast Asia. The haze condition affecting the region has worsened over the course of a few days due to the forest fires in Kalimantan, Indonesia's portion of the Borneo Island. The smoke had travelled all the way from Borneo to the Peninsula of Malaysia, Singapore, southern portion of Thailand, Indonesia and part of the Philippines.

Most of the air pollution index readings have shown a significant decrease in air quality, with each country's Ministry of Health issuing a warning about the deteriorating air quality, reminding the public to limit their movements outside.

In Malaysia, even with the downpour in the last few days, there was still no reprieve from the smog and haze. With the air pollution index reaching up to 180, citizens are forced to wear masks to work, and almost all outdoor activities have reduced drastically. Most flights from major local airports were either delayed or rescheduled due to the low visibility.

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said the Marine Department and Civil Aviation Department had issued warnings in view of the reduced visibility in some major cities and towns. Liow said two commercial flights had so far been diverted due to the haze.

On Saturday morning, a Tiger Airways flight from Singapore to Ipoh was forced to land at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport as the visibility at Ipoh Airport had dropped to less than 900 metres.

Today, an AirAsia flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur had to be re-routed to Phuket before entering the Malaysian air space.

Liow added that some maritime activities would have to be stopped if visibility dropped below one nautical mile.

Choking haze from Indonesian forest fires is the new normal for Southeast Asian summers -- and this year, forest fires in Sumatra island province of Indonesia have caused a smoky haze that has led to a condition where planes can't land, schools are closed, and states of emergency have been imposed in the region. It has put a strain on the international relationship between the Southeast Asia countries with Indonesia not really coping with the efforts to control the forest fires. Latest reports also showed that these fires are deliberate as plantations use the fire as a mean to dispose of older plants to make way for newer growth. This had in turn caused a tremendous haze situation that affects the region.

By Briannabreez

What a match it's been! Though I'm sure many of you were there at the scene, this is for the benefit of those who weren't (and those who want to relive it)!

Despite the Cup being held in Norway, thousands upon thousands of Brits flocked to the stadium to watch their teams compete. The cheering was deafening as the teams flew onto the pitch, with the Irish leprechauns considerably more sporting at the beginning than during the match... but more on that later. Unfortunately for many Welsh fans (but to the considerable relief of many others), a Welsh Green was not allowed on the pitch to support the team.

The Quaffle was snatched almost immediately by Aled Finnigan of the Irish team, although he didn't keep it for long - it was passed to Carrie Johnson almost immediately. Despite being an incredibly young Chaser at only nineteen, she has quickly gained a reputation for being 'the best thing that ever happened to the Chudley Cannons,' and has almost single-handedly demolished their track record for being the worst British Quidditch team ever.

The first goal was scored by Carrie, but with three consecutive goals after that, Wales made a speedy recovery. They scored three times in ten minutes, although Ireland fought hard to keep the Quaffle.

Despite a spectacular save sixteen minutes in, Kieran Braden began to slow - which isn't easy on a Firebolt Supreme. The model has had complaints since being brought out, and it seemed that it was for good reason. With severe whiplash, he was only just able to get to the ground without falling from his broom. Mediwizards came to the scene, but his injuries were deemed serious enough that he should retire from the game.

Unfortunately, Braden was the reserve for Ireland. This meant that it was all down to the Chasers to keep the Quaffle up at the Welsh end, and they did a spectacular job.

About halfway into the match, one person somehow found their way into the Top Box and began demanding to know what was going on! Evidently she must have been a Muggle, although how she managed to get to Sweden is anyone's guess. She was sent away, although we're still not sure how she got in in the first place. This stopped the match for a few minutes, with several security wizards having to leave altogether, but the game was able to begin again very quickly!

As I said before, the Irish Keeper was out. However, the Irish Chasers are incredibly competent and they held their own for a long time. Unfortunately for the Irish, though, it couldn't last forever. With an interception that would make Ginny Weasley proud, Ifan Apted sped straight to six consecutive goals for Wales.

However, the match seemed to rest on the Seekers' shoulders. With the match at 110 - 90 to the Irish and the lead quickly shrinking, the play rose to an even more ferocious level. After Cullen Barry proved beyond any doubt that he really was playing for Ireland, the playing field drew level at 130 - 130.

With everyone - including myself - on tenterhooks, wondering who would score next, Lloyd of Wales shot to the ground. The stadium held its breath for a different reason, then quite suddenly the Snitch was caught - by Ireland.

It turned out afterwards that Lloyd had been attempting the Wronski Feint, but Alice Mulligan of Ireland had already seen the Snitch.

So the game ended, in the only way it ever should - complete confusion.

The Irish team came up to the Top Box (with the notable exception of Braden, who was already up there watching the rest of the match) to celebrate their victory.

Well, it was an incredible atmosphere (as every year) and it was a privilege to commentate on the match. Congratulations to Ireland, and commiserations to Wales.

See you all later!

By Samantha Bradley

A ton of things have happened since the last report! Hang on, and I'll try to update everything you might have missed in the past month.

First off, trophy cases have now been completely revamped! Many users have been wanting larger capacity in the trophy cases, and there are now some very rare cases available which can hold up to 500 items! There is also the chance to leave comments on other peoples' cases, and lots of other exciting features as well.

Shortly after the trophy case update, there was a big three day sale in the elusive Diagon Alley shop known as Naut For You (NFY for short). There were some great items to be had, even including time turners and Triwizard cups along with all of the rare Dragon wizard cards. I'm glad I sold so many items in my store ahead of time, as I was able to finish off that whole set! This is the last NFY sale of the year, but I know many of us are already anxiously waiting for next year and another one!

The redeem card program has also come back with bigger and better perks than ever, so if you have never bought from the Site Store but have been thinking about it, now is the time to do so! Remember that the T-shirts and stickers make great gifts for the holidays!

The excitement continues with the announcement that the three publications (Quibbler, Daily Prophet and Wizarding Wireless Network) have now been consolidated into one area, the Newsstand. Each publication sponsored a contest to usher the new forum in, and I'm sure those who entered enjoyed it very much. The Daily Prophet is proud to be part of the Newsstand!

Decorate-a-Thon Mini Contest Final Work :

List of participants :
Chrissy May
Joan dArc
Lily Everdeen Swan
Chaser Castle
Lady Athena

Out of nowhere, another very exciting three day event was upon us! This was the annual Hexaversary party, and it was lots of fun! For those who missed it, there were special cupcakes given which could be opened to reveal either galleons or a fun self prank featuring a cute avatar. There were also randomly given slices of cake. Everyone would get slices of their own house cake and would have to combine with a member from each of the other three houses to put together a cake. At the end of the event, the cakes opened to reveal either galleons, very nice items like Hex 2015 birthday balloon or Hex 2015 birthday cake, and even a few House Points! This was an epic event, right up there with all the other amazing holidays that happen here on the site! I look forward to it again next year!

Slytherin recently had a restock, and it was lots of fun. The theme was Carnival of Fear, and the games and activities were really fun. Thanks, Slytherin staff, for a successful and well run event!

Quidditch is back again, which I know makes a lot of people very happy! (The sport took a long hiatus last year.) Ravenclaw and Slytherin are playing right now. Be sure to check it out!

The excitement never ends, as school is back in session again, with the opportunity to take fun classes and earn a ton of house points! For those who are Graduates, there are some interesting careers available to train for, along with the chance to acquire some extremely useful items in the process (I'm trying for Committee Member, personally. I want that Niffler and Graphorn!)

I think that's finally it! Be sure to check the Contest Forum, Games Forum, Clubs Forum, Welcome Center, Book Forum, Magical Archives, Fanfiction Forum, RPC Forum and Arts and Graphics Forum for chances earn some great prizes and, in some cases, House Points, this month! I promise you won't regret it! The worst thing that can happen is that you will have fun!

By Char

Dear Daily Prophet,
Is it ok to be called a newbie if the person who called you a newbie is a year below you?

From-Newbie Nikkei

Hello there, Newbie Nikkei!

I think the answer to the question will vary among each person, really. Sometimes, it's a general mistake that people think someone is a newbie, when he or she is not. It could be because of one's avatar or random burst, or any of the like. I know that I, for one, have also made that mistake before. Personally, I think it'd be okay to be called a newbie even if the person is a year below you, if it was a mistake. If the person is deliberately calling me a newbie, though, and it's obvious that he or she isn't kidding or didn't realize I wasn't, i'd probably feel a bit insulted.

I mean, if you ask me, it's okay if it was unintentional. Fine, it could be okay if the person is kidding. However, if it isn't any of that anymore, I would definitely tell the person to stop calling me a newbie because I'm definitely NOT one. xD So it would depend, really.

If you feel like you shouldn't be called one because he or she is a year younger than you, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, let the person know! He or she would never know how it makes you feel unless you speak out. Hope that helps in any way!


Dear Daily Prophet,
Why is the house called Ravenclaw if the mascot is an eagle?

-Raging Ravenclaw

Hey there, Raging Ravenclaw,

I believe the reason Ravenclaw is called such is because of the founder's surname and not because it was named after a raven? I mean, we all know the story of how Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw created Hogwarts and their Houses. The Houses are named after the surnames and not after the mascots they represent. I mean, if we go by that logic, then we'd have the other Houses being called Lionpaws, Snakeskin, and Badgerholes, and that's not how it works, right? xD

I know the House is called Ravenclaw not because of the mascot but because of the Founder. However, the answer would be different if asked about why the mascot is an eagle INSTEAD of a raven. Maybe it was Rowena Ravenclaw's memorial to her daughter, Helena. Because Albania, the place Helen fled to, is also known as the "Land of the Eagles". Maybe it was because Rowena want to prove a point that eagles soared higher than ravens, meaning the students would soar higher than the others could climb.

Honestly, the list of possibilities are endless, and I wouldn't really know the answer to why Rowena Ravenclaw chose an eagle, but I'm definitely sure it's not the other way around. I'm pretty sure Ravenclaw wasn't chosen as a name after it was decided the eagle and not a raven would be the mascot. Ravenclaw is named as such because of one of the four Founders. ^-^


Dear Daily Prophet,
Do you like Pokemon?


Hello there, Poke-Maniac!

Well, I'm not sure if the rest of the writers here in the Daily Prophet like Pokemon, but I sure as hell do. xD I'm gonna copy what I've written about my love for Pokemon in my profile. xD

Oh yes, I'm also an avid Pokemon fan xD I used to proudly say I have played all Pokemon games, but that doesn't really apply anymore. x.x Silly self doesn't have a console to play X and Y, as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I still have this hope that I'll find a way to play it in the future, though. ;c What's a bit ironic is how my name sounds so much like Charmander, but my favorite Pokemon is actually the water type. xDDD I tend to also have this obsession with having my Pokemon be all girls. I don't know... I just like having them all be the same gender. xD Except for those that really don't have different genders. (I'm looking at YOU, Latios. D:< If you guys haven't guessed by now, my DS isn't a 3DS. I only use a DS Lite, but hey, it's better than nothing, right? xD I don't really play much games aside from Pokemon, Megaman, ego Rockband, Guitar Hero, and Rhythm Heaven, though. I have limited taste, haha. I mean... I do have other games I like, but those are the ones I mainly play, if I happen to stumble upon my DS.

And there you go! :3

At one point, I also used to collect the trading cards for the game, but I never actually /knew/ how to play them. I just collected them for kicks, haha. I also used to watch the TV show for it as well, but it started getting boring because Ash freaking wins at EVERYTHING, and it really pissed me off. I mean, in the games, Ash isn't there, and I win against the Elite Four, so why bother watching someone else's adventure, when I could create mine? That was my logic to it, haha. I haven't really played Pokemon recently, but I did replay my Pokemon Emerald a month or two back. Good times, good times. ^-^

The Pokemon game that 'started' my adventure was Pokemon Ruby. It was the year 2006, and Gameboy advances were all the rage back then. My cousin had one, and they had the cartridge for Ruby, and oh my gosh, I was hooked. It was all I kept playing until my aunt and uncle gifted me my own Gameboy, and we got a Ruby cartridge for myself. From there, I just went back to play the others I hadn't played, then went forward to the ones that got newly released.

...I guess that's all I can think of to write about Pokemon at the moment, so I hope I've answered your question!


Dear Daily Prophet,
What would you tell your child if they decided to make a career of something you didn't approve of?


Hey there, Anonymous!

Gosh, this is a hard one. I think I would tell them honestly what I feel about it. I would say that it isn't something I approve of, and I would tell them it's something that I don't really encourage. However, I don't want to stop him or her from going after what he or she wants to pursue. In my case, this is something that's always been an issue or cropped up in my parents' and my conversations.

Like, my mom would want me to go for this or that, and the one thing I would really love to do isn't really taken into consideration. Given, there are other factors involved like money to spend for college, etc, but I just feel like I wasn't really able to go for what I really wanted, you know? Again, it was also my decision to agree with what my mom wanted, but in the end, it isn't really what I -super- want to do, you know?

I don't want your child to feel like you're discouraging them or anything, but it's nice to have open communication. Let them tell you what they want, then express what you feel about it, without stopping her from going for what they want to pursue. It's very important for them to choose something that they want to do because in the end, it would be their life they're in charge of. In the end, it would be the way they live their lives. While yes, it's important to consider what you have in mind and your approval and disapproval of things. But in the end, it's also their lives they will be leading, and it is important for them to do something they really want to go for.

If they end up stumbling along the way, that's perfectly fine, because it was the path they wanted to choose for themselves. They can make their own mistakes, and it'll be all right because they chose what they're going for, but it's something they love doing. And I know full well that it would mean a lot for my parents to be okay with what I intend to do and where I plan to go, even if it isn't exactly what they have planned out for me.

I hope that helps. ^^ It's mostly in the eyes of a college student myself, but that's what I feel. You don't have to follow it if you feel like that isn't the way to go, but this is generally how I feel about it.


Dear Daily Prophet,
I heard the iPhone 6s is coming out soon! I really want to get it, but the problem is I already just got the iPhone 6! I really really want it, though, but I don't think I can get it because I just got the recent one. But I really really want it because of the color and everything. Aaaahhh, help!

iWant that iPhone 6s

Hello there, iWant that iPhone 6s,

Since you already got the iPhone 6, my suggestion would be to stick with it. I mean, sure it doesn't come in the new colors it would be available in like with the 6s, but there isn't really much of a difference! Well, that, and you've /just/ gotten yourself a new phone, so why get a new one if the old one is still well and working?

Now, I'm not saying you destroy your old one to get a new one, because that would be really sad and a waste of money, but I think you should stick with your phone right now first. Why? Apple's going to be releasing another iPhone generation before you know it, then you'd be outdated if you DO get that iPhone 6s. Another, if you wait and stick with your phone now, then there would be a better chance of you getting the later brand once it's already out.

That, and if you still want to pursue your iPhone 6s endeavor when another iPhone is out, there would be more discounts available! So take my advice and be happy with the phone you already have. I promise there isn't much of a difference with the phone that would be released, AND if you wait now, you'd reap much greater (and maybe a newer generation) reward in the future!

Or you can not take my advice and just go for the 6s if you want it that badly, but I say stick with what you have then wait for future benefits. Hope that helps!


By Cassandra Lovegood

Hey my lovely Starburst fans! This month has been slow for the stars and celebrities of the Wizarding world, so there won't be much to tell. I hope you enjoy anyway! Please remember, if you wish to see some of your favorite stars, owl Miss Cassandra Lovegood.

Once again a new school year starts and this time, another Potter joins Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! James Sirius Potter is the eldest son of Harry Potter and Ginny Potter, formerly Ginny Weasley. Harry Potter is of course known as the Boy-Who-Lived and the Man-Who-Conquered the Dark Lord, Voldermort. After his victory, he unsurprisingly entered the Auror Force. His lovely wife, Ginny Potter nee Weasley, joined the Holyhead Harpies, before joining us on the Daily Prophet!

The lovely couple has three children, named after the fallen heroes in the Dark Reign of Voldermort. They must be very proud of their eldest son as he followed both of their footsteps into Gryffindor! He is the latest of the War Heroes` children who have entered Hogwarts.

The daughter of Bill Wealsey and his wife, Fleur Weasley nee Delacour, Victorie entered Hogwarts several years ago. Edward "Teddy" Lupin, godson to Harry Potter and son of the deceased Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks, entered Hogwarts in 2009. He was sorted into Hufflepuff like his late mother.

There are many children left of the War Heroes to enter Hogwarts and it shall be an adventure to see if they follow their parents or they change up the dynamics as we know it. This is Cass, signing off!

By Rosie_may

Hello again dear readers! Aunt Edna is here once again with a tantalizing new column for you! This month I'm going to let you in on some Muggle secrets to help you get through your daily business when going incognito amongst them. As we know, our non-magical friends have some rather strange ways (or at least they are strange to us! Seriously, which Wizard would ever need a toilet brush?) So here is my how-to-guide to slipping into the muggle populace.

As we all know, most adult Muggle don'€™t believe in magic, when they get to a certain age they tend to stop believing. This is a good thing for us of the wizarding community, they're more than likely to use logic in magical situations. For example if you're taking a night time flight over a small Muggle village and someone was to spot you in the sky, Muggles would just declare you as a U.F.O, which as I understand means an unidentified flying object, not a half tipsy witch flying home from their brother'€™s divorce party. So as long as it'€™s the dead of night and either your tipsy or the Muggles are tipsy, you'll be perfectly fine!

When travelling our and about in Muggle neighbourhoods it would be wise to keep your language choices to the boring and the bare minimum. Slipping up and mentioning that a baby dragon ate your hydrangea bush might -€“ just might -€“ end up with some very strange looks in your directions as apparently dragons just don'€™t exist. Anyone who has lost their hydrangea bush in such a ghastly way would agree with me when I say that dragons do very much exist. Also keeping wands out of sight is a very good idea, Muggles won'€™t take too kindly to people carrying sticks in their boots and back pockets of their robes.

Ah, robes. Now this is important, when you want to go amongst Muggles you need to be careful with how you dress. Going out in your robes is a big no no. You'€™ll stick out like a Blast Ended-Skrewt in a candy store. It's best to go with the flow with this one and dress like a muggle. They won't know a thing, and quite honestly some of their clothes are rather comfy and easy to move in. They have such a wide variety of sock choices, it's rather wonderful! If you need help in picking out what would best suit you please pick up a copy of How to Dress like a Muggle and Look Fabulous while doing so from your nearest bookstore. This book is a lifesaver, I mean who would want to go out of the house while were bloomers, a kilt and a woolly vest? (I swear I never did such a thing.)

I hope I could help you out with all of this readers! And remember to subscribe to the Daily Prophet to get more wizardly advice from yours truly, the one and only Aunt Edna! Well, that'€™s about it for this week! See you next time dearies!

By DominicanSr

If you are looking for a couple of low-fat deserts to share with friends or to indulge yourself with, why not try this recipe?

Ingredients :
115g/4oz/1 generous cup of rolled oats
40g/1.5 oz/3tbsp soft margarine
30ml/2tbsp clear honey
1 large ripe mango
300g/10oz/1.25 cups low fat soft cheese
150g/5oz/2/3 cup low fat natural/ plain yogurt
finely grated rind of 1 lime
45ml/3tbsp apple juice
20ml/4tsp powered gelatine
fresh mango and lime slices to decorate.

Method :
1. Preheat oven to 200c/400F/Gas Mark 6.
2. Mix together the oats, margarine and the honey.
3. Press the mixture into the base of a 20cm/8inch loose based cake tin or pan.
4. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, until light brown and leave to cool.
5. Peel stone and roughly chop the mango.
6. Put mango, cheese, yogurt and lime rind into a food processor and process until it is smooth.
7. Heat the apple juice until it is boiling and then sprinkle on the gelatine. Stir until dissolved.
8. Stir this into the cheese mixture.
9. Pour the cheese mixture into the tin and chill until it is set.
10. Decorate the top if you wish with slices of mango and lime. Enjoy!!

Another fruity recipe for your enjoyment!

Frudite With Honey Dip

Ingredients :
225g/8 oz/ 1 cup of Greek yogurt
45ml/3tbsp clear honey
Selection of fresh fruit for dipping such as apples, pears, tangerines, grapes, figs, cherries, strawberries, kiwi fruit

Method :
1.Put the yogurt into a dish and beat until smooth.
2. Stir in the honey, leaving a little marbled effect.
3. Cut the fruits into bit sized pieces, wedges or leave whole.
4. Put the bowl of dip in the centre of the platter and arrange the fruit around it. Serve chilled.


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