By Rosie_may

SEPTEMBER 2016, LONDON - A spate of mysterious deaths has plagued London. In the last month alone, the bodies of four wizards and nine Muggles have been found. Each death has followed a strict pattern; the eyes have been gouged out and an ĎXí has been sliced across their stomachs. The Auror Office has tried to keep news of these deaths out of the public eye as they work relentlessly towards finding the perpetrator.

From what the diligent reporters at the Daily Prophet have learned, all of the victims were male and aged between 50 and 70 years of age. In every location that a body was discovered, the body was found partially buried for those aged between 50 and 60, while those aged 61-70 were found hanging from trees. There appears to be no links between the victims, as none were thought to have known each other. The victims, in order of which they were found, are: Alexander Potts, 54. Rinty Limon, 69. Chae Hyun-Joong, 70. Riley McDonald, 51. Olaf Ratski, 63. Paul Pepper, 57. Alan Trimmings, 66. Luke Johnson, 58. Warden Leveridge, 59. Eric Chapel, 50. Edward Tiddles, 65. Pluto Plutage, 63 and Adam Rogers, 70. After examination from both Muggle and wizarding medical examiners, it was concluded that the men were killed by the Killing Curse and the ĎXís were cut into their skin after death. However, it is thought that their eyes were removed while the victims were still conscious. The families of the victims have all been contacted.

After hearing of these crimes, our reporter headed down to the Auror Office to try to get a word from the lead investigator on this case, Lionel Gubbins. But of course, all we received when asked for comments on this case was a swift dismissal of Ďno comment.í However, a source from inside the Ministry, who would like to remain anonymous, shed some light on the darker details of the deaths. According to them, the Auror Office has concluded that there isnít a singular entity behind these killers, and they think that two or more people are working behind the scenes to take part in either leading these people to their deaths or orchestrating the discovery of the people who fit the killerís profile. The Auror Office is also working with the Muggle police, as it is rumoured that the husband of an Auror Office worker is currently the lead policeman in the case that the Muggles are equally stumped with.

Until there is substantial evidence as to who the culprits of these deaths are, the Ministry is urging wizards of the victimís age group to always carry their wands and to make sure that they take extra care when travelling, even in well populated areas. A specific mailbox has been set up for owls about this particular case, and the Auror Office is urging anyone with information to pass it on as swiftly as they can.

By Rosie_may

Potion-making is an essential component of living in the magical world. Whether studying the basics at Hogwarts or using complex and dangerous concoctions in your chosen career, it is a staple of magical life. So what happens when you go to your local apothecary and they donít have the ingredients you need? This is becoming a worrying trend as the market for collecting potion ingredients is becoming more and more volatile. Whether due to an influx of demand or the fact that some plants and creatures are becoming scarcer and harder to find, no one is entirely sure.

One reason attributed to the slowdown in the market is that some items are becoming increasingly dangerous to collect. Take Acromantula venom, for example. The venom must be extracted from the fangs of an Acromantula, whether the creature is alive or dead. The mere idea of taking on this giant arachnid would send many running in the opposite direction, but there are those out there who are willing to risk it all to fill bottles in order to cash in on a rather lucrative business. Some places will pay over fifty galleons for a 250ml of the venom. Only last week, two wizards were hurt attempting to retrieve dragon blood in Romania. Both wizards were badly burnt in the incident and are currently recovering in the Romanian Wizarding Hospital. Both are expected to make a full recovery with minimal scarring, thanks to the quick thinking of the wardens at the dragon sanctuary. In March of last year, a battle to reach an Erumpent horn in Africa resulted in the death of a potion collector after a wayward spell from his rival ignited the fluid within, causing the ingredient to explode, and leaving a crater ten feet wide in its wake.

The question is, when is the market going to settle? Is there some way to guarantee that the market returns and that the demands of the people can be satisfied? Because of how wide the issue has spread, and after the protests of certain leading figures in the field of potions, the Ministry Ė specifically the Department of International Magical Trading Body Ė is taking over the situation. With the demand ever-increasing, they have set out to try to bring in legislation, which will stop the black market trade of rare ingredients and set down others in the collection of everyday potion ingredients. By regulating the way in which the potion collectors, or scavengers in some cases, bring in their wares, they hope to help steady the market. They have also roped in various experts to try to see if there are specific reasons why some of the basic potion ingredients are now hard to find. We can only hope that by working together with both academics and Ministry officials, this problem can be solved quickly and efficiently.

By Rosie_may

Around the country, students are preparing for their return to Hogwarts for the start of a brand new year. With the holidays drawing to a close and some reluctant to leave home and return to a year of studying, itís time to reveal what the school year has in store for them!

As always, Diagon Alley has been a bustle of activity, from the readily prepared parents shopping at the beginning of August, to those pulling their hair out for leaving it until the last minute. The influx of traffic always does wonders for the wizarding economy. This year, the students had an extra treat as they stepped into Flourish and Blotts due to a signing event by Miranda Goshwak, the renowned author of the Standard Book of Spells Grades 1-7, which are used by all students at Hogwarts. Ms. Goshwak signed various copies and hinted at another publication to be released later this year. There is much speculation to this, but we must wait for further details to be released from the publisher.

Over in Northern Ireland, the final of the Students' Quidditch Tournament took place, with twelve teams of young Quidditch players from all over the world spending part of their summer on the grounds of the Ballycastle Bats, training and improving their skills. Each team fought valiantly, but in the end, the fight was between the Red Team and the Purple Team. Each team of ten (seven players and three substitutes aged between thirteen and seventeen) battled it out on the pitch in a match lasting two hours and twenty-seven minutes. But finally, the Purple Team reigned triumphant with Elodie Park, 16, catching the Snitch in a spectacular feint and dodge manoeuvre. The winning team consisted of Elodie Park as Seeker, Fred Grubbins, 14, Yolanda Boyle, 15, and Patricia Larozzo, 14, as Chasers. Twins, Potter and Parker Fitzpatrick, 17, played as Beaters, and Golly Mcavoy, 16, stood as Keeper. Every team that participated will receive awards, the winners having received tickets to the final game of the Quidditch season.

Over in Scotland, deep in the countryside, the Annual Garglewood Throwing Competition took place. Each contestant aims to throw the singing piece of wood as far as they can in order to receive the title 'King of the Gargle' and to be honoured in the Harvest Festival. This yearís winner, who has won five previous contests, Aidan McJagger, 32, celebrated in style by asking long-time girlfriend, Rosie Donnel to marry him. His proposal even came with three singing cherubs and a troop of dancing leprechauns. The Irishman, who lives in Cork, told the Daily Prophet that he would keep participating until someone could finally beat him. Looks like weíll be seeing him for a few more years to come!

And finally, up in the Scottish Highlands, where the magnificent splendour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry resides, preparations are in full swing. Classrooms are being scrubbed, potion cabinets restocked, and the Forbidden Forest is feeling a tiny bit more forbidden with a recent influx of Banshees. Itís time to bid adieu to the long winding days of summer and time to enjoy the days coveting books and knowledge when Hogwarts throws open its doors once more!

By Rosie_may

A summit of wizards and witches from around the world met today in the Ministry of Magic for the annual Magical Conference. For the past week, dignitaries have been arriving and taking up home at the recently renovated Willow Wand Hotel in order to prepare and take in the sights of London before the meeting. The aim of this meeting is to discuss relevant and important topics that not only affect our Ministry of Magic but have knock-on effects on the entire magical world. At eight this morning the doors to the private council chamber were thrown open, and in streamed the Ministers of Magic, their deputies, and a plethora of assistants and co-workers. One hundred and fifty-six countries participated in the meeting, causing the room to be extended to fit all of the wizards and witches. The Auror Office was also called in to provide extra security, ensuring that no trouble befell the conference.

As always, one of the first topics brought up involved the repeal of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, which has been in place since 1692. One of the suggestions made was from the Minister of Magic from Bulgaria, Aleksandra Dobrevski. Her idea revolved around focusing on a small village where the magical world is revealed and then observing and controlling the reactions of the Muggles. If it is a success, the repeal will be spread out until essentially all Muggles know of the existence of our world. Once again, the idea of revealing our world to Muggles was shot down by no less than 150 countries, with only six willing to toy with Minister Dobrevskiís idea. The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy has kept our people safe, and those in the Muggle world away from harm and the full extent of the dark times that the wizarding community has suffered through.

There were many topics brought up during the eight-hour conference. One of the most important notions was the need to deal with global warming, which is affecting the inhabitants of the world, and whether there was anything magical that could be done to try to reverse the damage that humans in general have caused. The three biggest nations, America, Russia, and China, agreed to investigate the cause of the problem with their highly-trained wizarding scientist teams. The countries pledged to start a committee in order to tackle this issue.

Another topic that came to light was the need for international cooperation when it comes to tracking criminals from one country to another. Only a few months ago, notorious killer ďAlfred EagelwokĒ narrowly escaped capture when the team of British Aurors was refused entry into a South African country after their paperwork was denied. It took another three weeks for him to be apprehended and taken into custody where he awaits trial. The Minister of Japan, Keisuke Matsumoto, suggested a liaison team between the Departments of Magical Transportation and the Auror Office in order to ensure that something like this never happens again. It was agreed upon, and the legislation was written. The committee, featuring representatives of each continent, will have their first meeting next month in order to orchestrate this ideal.

With that, the conference shall reconvene next year in Paraguay.


PROMOTIONS! Who doesn't love them? I heard from a little birdy that the Minister of Magic is giving them out to a lot of people, especially the Aurors who were seen in action catching Dark Wizards on Darwin Street last Tuesday. According to our sources, they were known Death Eaters and were on the run from the authorities.

Onto the promotions, let's start with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The ones who are promoted are Carlos Gagnon, Brent Conner, and Sherry Owen. Congratulations to all of them! They have done their job well and deserve this raise.

Next up are the... Aurors: Phyllis Buchanan, Sadie Gonzalez, Alonzo Henderson, Willie Schneider, Kiana Vanmeter, Deon Lunsford, Grant Shelton, and last but certainly not least, Stephen Cook. Some of them have helped capture the Dark Wizards, and some of them have helped a lot with previous cases, but they all have helped the wizarding world in a lot of ways. Congratulations to them all, and thank you for your service.

Promotions are also taking place in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. The people that got the promotions are Christopher Kellwood and Francesca Hogan. Congratulations, everyone! Thanks for taking care of reversing catastrophic accidents!

The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is next. Congratulations to Miss Jana Ayala!

The Department of Magical Transportation has given out raises as well as promotions. The lucky recipients are Cindy Chavez, Darren Blaine, and Marc Pierre. Congratulations, and thank you for your hard and long work!

And the last department for promotions is the Department of Magical Games and Sports! These witches and wizards have helped organize lots of special events. You can check out some of these events in the sports section of the Daily Prophet. Those receiving the honours from this department are: Rhonda Eaton, Annette Valdez, Simone Hall, and Brooke Lang. Congratulations is in place for these outstanding employees and a thank you for keeping our Ministry top notch.

By Rosie_may

Big news from the sporting world: the British National Gobstone Team has made it to the finals of the European tournament. After a decade of being knocked out during the semifinals, the team consisting of eight players from around the country finally broke their curse and took the lead, winning 5 sets to 3. The team was lead to victory by their captain, Finola Perryweather, 46. Perryweather, who has been part of the National team for six years, took the winning set. The rest of the team is comprised of Nathaniel Errant, 22, Egglentine Crowly, 76, Charles Piper, 35, Ignatious Humpletrump, 60, Lucy Lochlan, 18, Poppy Popperton, 28, and Lucas Podolski, 37. Three of the members have played for the national team for over three years, while the others were chosen based on their experience and their skills from their normal league teams.

The final is in three weeksí time in Budapest, Hungary, where the British team shall take on last yearís champions, Switzerland. Their team is currently number one in the rankings and have yet to be beaten all season, whereas Britain has obtained their highest position in the world rankings by becoming twelfth in the entire world. The Gobstones World Cup starts next year, where the tournament will be held in Buchon, Gyeongido, South Korea. Sixty-six teams will compete for the World Cup. The odds are on Switzerland, but if Britain can snag the win in the European Tournament, weíre looking at the next dark horse of the competition.

Even with the success of our national team, children and teenagers are still putting off joining local Gobstones teams. It would seem that they prefer more action-based activities such as Quidditch. In the latest Daily Prophet poll, Wizarding Chess was found to be more popular than Gobstones, as was Exploding Snap. Even with the success of the teams, itís getting harder to recruit new members. The Department of Magical and Sports is desperate to find a suitable way to increase the influx of new players. With some of the older members growing closer to retirement, the teams need to be rejuvenated, with new blood taught through the experience and knowledge gained by those who have played the sport for decades.

This has all lead to a nationwide launch to get people invested in this sport. It has many accolades such as travelling across Britain and even the world for competitions. It isnít a strenuous sport and can be played by all ages. The strategy and the concentration behind it is a good way to exercise the brain. With so many benefits to playing the sport, all of the Gobstone centres in Britain have opened their doors to give trials and to circulate the bonuses of playing the game around wizarding communities and even Hogwarts, where each House has their own team. Only time will tell if the initiative has worked. Until then, we can sit back and cheer on our team as they battle against Switzerland in the final of the European Tournament!

By Quidditch1001

It's been a busy summer, but the time has come for it to come to a close. But that doesn't mean that HEX will stop being awesome! Read on to learn about some amazing things that have happened on HEX this month!

The Caretakers are Hiring!
If you are someone who loves HEX and wants to help keep it rollin', this is the perfect opportunity for you! The Caretakers are a vital part of the HEX society, allowing forums to be effectively moderated and to bloom into social hubbubs with dazzling contests and activities. Earlier this month, the Caretakers were on the search for some new members to add to their extensive and well-oiled team. The applications closed on September 18th, so good luck to everyone who applied!

It's September, which means that school has started and registration is now open. For those of you who haven't picked classes, there are many intriguing ones to choose from! Plus, there are House points at stake, so go sign up for those classes and earn your House some points! You might even become the brightest witch or wizard of your age!

Quidditch is Back!
It's that time of year, people. Yes, Quidditch season! The first match of the year was between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and in an exhilarating match, Ravenclaw cruised to victory with a score of 200-0, with Ravenclaw catching the Golden Snitch.

HEX Games
The HEX games are coming to a close, unfortunately, but there are some competitions still going on! So far, Ravenclaw has four gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Gryffindor has one gold. Hufflepuff has one silver and three bronze, and Slytherin has two silver. So go root for your House so they with the HEX Cup!

That's it for today! Check out next monthís edition for more HEX news!

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello there, wizards and witches! Itís your favorite Daily Prophet reporter, Cass! (Just kidding. We all know that Kayís the best, ha ha. Iím a close second though, right?) Anyway, this month, I got the lucky draw for Ask Us! With school here, I received many owls pleading for school help. So I decided to give you guys a hand! You donít have to be a Ravenclaw to be brilliant!

Hey, Daily Prophet! I just started my fifth year, and I am so stressed! Iím not understanding anything. Everything might as well be in Mermish! I donít want to flunk out, but I have no idea what to do. Can you help?
~ Stressed and Freaking Out

Hey there, Stressed and Freaking Out!
The first thing I want to tell you is to breathe. Everything will be all right, I swear! Freaking out doesnít help. Trust me, I freaked out a lot during my Hogwarts years. Anyway, if youíre really not getting the lessons, then definitely ask your teachers for help! It may seem scary, but that is what theyíre there for. Even if they donít actually care, they still have to help you. Think about it this way. Is it bad to ask for help? No! If you donít understand it, then youíve wasted an entire year of your life on something. Odds are that your teachers wonít actually care if you ask for help, and they might actually be happy about it!

The next thing is, if youíre behind in your classes, make a game plan! Make a list of everything that you have to do, no matter how daunting the idea is. Then create dates that each task or assignment needs to be completed by. However, I must stress this: these goals must be realistic, or else youíre just wasting time. Can you get ten essays done in an hour? Er, not if you want them done well, and even then, probably not. Can you finish a homework sheet in an hour? Definitely! Itís all about time management and realistic goals, Stressed.

Hopefully, this helps you a bit! Good luck!

I have no idea what supplies I need for classes! My mom says that I need a notebook, folder, and binder for each class. My older sister says that I just need a notebook and a folder. My dad says that I just need a quill and some scrap paper. Whoís right?
~ Confusing Supplies

Confusing Supplies,
Well, this all sounds quite confusing! No worries, Iíve got your back here. Ish. The truth is that it depends on what you feel like you need. I mean, there are certainly some things that you definitely need, such as quills and ink, but how you plan on using the school supplies actually determines the ones you might need. If you feel like youíll actually use a notebook, binder, and folder for each class, then go for it! Otherwise, Iíd just stick with your sisterís suggestion. It sounds the best with a notebook to write notes in for each class and a folder for assignments and loose papers. Iíd also get one binder to place all the notebooks in. Good luck with the studying!

When are we ever going to actually need to know about some crusty old wizard from four hundred years ago? Will it ever apply to real life?
~ A Modern Witch

Hey, Modern Witch!
Uhh, would you like a lie or the truth? Truthfully, youíre probably never going to need to know about that wizard. The odds are incredibly slim that youíll ever have to know about the creator of the Nox spell. However, the Nox spell itself, you most likely will need to know.

School seems to be composed of necessary and useless information. Itís up to you to figure out what you just need to retain long enough for that test or if itís something youíll need forever. Although, please note, you actually should pay attention in class and take notes if you want to pass your exams, which are important.


Both of my parents are purebloods, but Iím terrified of being a Squib! I havenít done much accidental magic, but I donít know if that means Iím just a Squib. Are there any tests that you can do to make sure?
~ Magic(less)

Dear Magic(less),
First, thereís nothing wrong with being a Squib! Second, while I do know of a potential test to see if a child is a Squib or not, I wonít be telling you. Hereís why: one, I already know if youíre a Squib or not, based on your letter. Two, I learned about that spell when I was considering a career as an Auror, and it is incredibly disturbing, honey.

You said that you havenít done much accidental magic, but you have done some. That automatically makes you a witch/wizard. Squibs are actually incredibly rare, so no worries, love. Your Hogwarts letter will come!

Whatís the best Hogwarts House?
~ House Curious

House Curious,
Well, thatís actually a super difficult question to answer! It all depends on the values that you personally prize above all else. The four Housesí main qualities are: bravery, cunning, intelligence, and loyalty. However, each House has several supplementary qualities such as Gryffindorís chivalry, Hufflepuffís kindness, Ravenclawís creativity, and Slytherinís ambition.

Ultimately, itís an opinion. I personally find that all four Houses have wonderful values, but the two that I find myself most valuing are Ravenclawís and Slytherinís. I personally value intelligence, creativity, cunning, and ambition over things like bravery, chivalry, and kindness. Theyíre important values, of course, but I personally am a Ravenclaw with Slytherin as a second House, so thatís why my values would be different than say, my sister, who is a Gryffindor with Hufflepuff as a second House.

Short version? It depends on your values, which are different from everyone elseís. Basically, think about what you personally value in a person. (Be careful, though, as it can quickly lead into a deep territory with thinking about values and life and society.)

And thatís a wrap for this issueís Ask Us! Iíll see you all again next month. Good luck with classes and remember to try your best! And weíre out!

By Lalala99

After two months of travel, relaxation, and lack of routine, the rat race is back! Some of us dread it, and others have been counting the days. Either way, school is back! So itís time to pick up your bags, put on your robes, and get ready to shuffle off to a new term in the hallowed halls where so many young witches and wizards learn and bloom. And of course, the Daily Prophet is on top of it!

In keeping with this, we are going to report on a celebrated face at Hogwarts: Neville Longbottom! After a month of planning and rescheduling, I finally was able to land an interview.

Franny: Hello, Professor!

Neville: Hello.

Franny: I donít have much time, so letís get down to it. A new term is coming up. Are you excited?

Neville: Yes. I really love my students, and I'm excited to help them along their path, as well as to meet new students. I hear my friends griping about their jobs, but my love of teaching is very valuable to me and critical to my happiness.

Franny: So you enjoy your job?

Neville: Of course! It's a wonderful opportunity to do what I love most, and to help others advance in the field. When you see a student discover their ability, when they learn that they have the skill and stamina to advance further, that is when you know that you've made the right life decisions. What's so rewarding is helping them prosper, and it all happens in front of your very eyes.

Franny: Do you have anything new prepared for this term?

Neville: Yes. In fact, this year, I have a special surprise for my students.

Franny: Interesting! Could you spare a few more details?

Neville: Unfortunately, I cannot. I want this year to be a special surprise for everyone, and I can't risk students seeing what will happen.

Franny: That makes sense. As you've seen Hogwarts from both ends, I'm going to ask which you prefer: being a professor or a student?

Neville: You've got some good questions! When I was a student here, I thought it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure, I wasn't the best student, the most popular, or above average in any way, but I still loved it. I finally had friends, and whenever I did something good, everyone was amazed. It was really a second home to me. But on the other hand, teaching is just as good. Watching students blossom, watching them enhance their magical abilities, and watching them have the same experiences I had? Well, it's even better.

Franny: Wonderful! If any students are reading this, know that you're well loved. Thank you for your time, and I'm glad I got to speak with you! It was an honor.

Neville: You're welcome! Have a lovely day!

Neville was lovely and fascinating, and made this reporter wish she was his pupil! No wonder so many students speak of Hogwarts so vibrantly! They're fortunate enough to have the best teacher one could hope for. Well, from the Daily Prophet, enjoy the new term!

By Cassandra Lovegood

Hello, dearies! Itís your favorite aunt: Aunt Edna! Now, with Hogwarts classes approaching, you might be stressing to get your young ones ready for Hogwarts quickly, but no fear! Aunt Edna is here to help you out, dearies.

The first thing you should do, if you havenít already, is to get your child a wand. This is incredibly important for Hogwarts classes, not to mention, the rest of their magical lives and careers. Each wand is different, and all varieties can be purchased from Ollivanderís in Diagon Alley.

The next important thing to do is find a trunk. Try to get one that is enchanted to be as light as possible. It makes it so much easier for everyone! However, shrunken trunks are a definite no! While a good idea at first, if your student canít cast the enlarging charm, theyíll be in quite a pickle.

After that, you just need to pick up the items on the supplies list! Using Flourish & Blottís owling system, you can order used textbooks as a cheaper method. However, only books and clothes could be second-hand! Second-hand wands, telescopes, or other supplies can be detrimental or even dangerous to your student. Saving a Knut or two isnít worth endangering your student and his or her classmates!

Whether or not you need new robes and clothes for your student depends on how much theyíve grown in the past year. If theyíve outgrown their robes and uniforms, then you will certainly need to replace them. When packing your studentís wardrobe make sure that they bring pajamas, winter and spring clothes, undergarments, a possible dressy outfit, casual clothes, and, of course, their uniforms.

For students and parents who are finding themselves short of Galleons, you can always appeal to Hogwarts and the studentsí Houses for financial aid. You can find more information through the Welcome Center and the newbie forums.

While optional, a wonderful gift for your student would be an owl! Giving them an owl would be a wonderful experience for many different reasons. An owl would teach them responsibility for taking care of a living creature. They can write home to you more often, with less of an excuse not to. Owls are also such amazing creatures!

Now that you have your studentís supplies, the only thing really left to do is have them organized and ready to go! Make sure that their trunk is packed as soon as possible. If they arenít the organized type, it might be better to pack it for them.

The night before classes begin, make sure that they leave out an outfit and everything theyíll need in the morning. Your entire family should go to bed early, so that you can all get up early. Having an easy breakfast ready to make will also be helpful in getting everyoneís energy up! If you are prepared, you should be able to get to Kingís Cross Station with plenty of time for your student(s) to get settled on the train and share your goodbyes.

Now, all thatís left to do is relax and spend some time with the family still at home. You have a few monthís break from your Hogwarts student, so enjoy the peace and quiet. Christmas and summer break will arrive soon enough!

By Lee Ainee

For students new and old, boarding the Hogwarts Express can bring forth a plethora of emotions such as excitement, joy, or even dread. Being away from one's family can be distressing, especially for those in their first year. So, what can we do to reduce those jitters your sons and daughters are experiencing? Make them packed lunches, of course!

Packed lunches have been a staple for any student around the Muggle world, especially for those picky eaters who do not like the food at their respective cafeterias. People take this seriously as they want a balanced meal for their child while giving them foods that they like. The Japanese take this to a whole new level by making their children a bento. For those of you who donít know, a bento is a single-portion takeout meal or home-packed meal common in Japan, where the ingredients are rice, fish or meat, and fruits and vegetables packed with love. They can even come in various designs such as anime characters and cartoons, and may even be video game or nature related.

Ladies and gentlemen and others, my name is Aunt Ainee, and for this month's From the Kitchen, I am sharing a recipe that is delicious, heart-warming, and easy to eat. So, without further ado, let's make some Spam Pig Musubi.

Spam musubi, in a nutshell, is an omusubi or onigiri (Japanese rice ball) topped with Spam. Originating in Hawaii, it is a popular snack or lunch that can be easily found around the island and in some parts of the world, like the Philippines. It consists of a grilled spam, rice, and nori (seaweed), but varieties of the recipe can be found all over.

Things You Will Need:
- 1 spam tin (washed and dried)
- 1 pair of scissors (something small will do)
- Plastic wrap
- Nori punch (optional)
- Tweezers (optional)

- 3 slices of Spam
- 1/2 tbsp. vegetable oil
- 1 1/2 cup cooked rice (preferably sushi rice)
- 1 slice of ham
- 1 sheet of nori (seaweed)
- 1 portion of uncooked spaghetti

1. Heat the frying pan with vegetable oil in it and cook the Spam until lightly brown on both sides.
2. Cover the inside of the Spam tin with plastic. This will serve as a mold to shape the musubi. Scoop some of the rice and gently press them together.
3. Remove the plastic with the rice on it from the Spam tin and place it on top of the kitchen table. Remove the plastic lining underneath the rice and place a Spam on top of it.
4. Cut a strip of the nori and place it in the middle of the spam and rice, wrapping them around the sandwich.
5. Using a nori punch, or a pair of scissors if you don't have one, cut the pig's eyes and nostrils from the nori sheet.
6. Cut one oval piece and six smaller ovals for the pig's snout, ears, and feet. To make the pig's hooves, cut an inverted "V" shape at the edges of the four smaller ovals.
7. Place the nori and the ham on top of the Spam.
8. To secure them, use the uncooked spaghetti. Do not worry, the moisture from the rice will cook the spaghetti eventually.
9. Pack them inside a bento box. You may add any vegetable that will complement the meal, like a bed of lettuce for the pigs to sit on.

There you have it, folks! A pig musubi. Isn't it a cutie? If you want a more detailed description of the recipe, with pictures, drop by Just One Cookbook by Namiko Chen. If you wish for more information and tips on how to make a bento, you can refer to the "How to Make a Bento" FAQ on her website.

By Rosie_may

Hello everyone! Itís that time again. Once more we have reached September, and Platform 9 and ĺ is packed with eager students heading back to Hogwarts. Muggle students are preparing for a new term at their primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities. Starting or returning to school can be a daunting task, whether itís about meeting new friends or dealing with the pressure of exams. Or maybe youíre worried about whether the canteen will still be serving your favourite pudding. Itís a time of learning and exploration, but what do our Hexians think of this? Letís find out.

ďIím actually really excited for the new term, even though Iím already slacking with homework. Iím a serial procrastinator. But hey, I moved up to year four, so Iím confident Iíll get my act together and work hard to move up to year five!Ē
~ Yoshana, Hufflepuff

ďHello! Iíd like to extend a warm welcome to all the new Hogwarts students! Iím so excited for the new term, but I guess that also means itís time to hit the books! Whoís with me?Ē
~ Vally, Gryffindor

ďMy first few weeks back at Hogwarts as a third-year student have been very exciting! I love being back in my favourite classes, learning about new charms, potions, wizards, and magical creatures. Iím really looking forward to the school year ahead, and I hope to learn a lot more!Ē
~ Gryffindoorius, Slytherin

ďThe beginning of the new school year is always hectic but also always exciting. The classes are so entertaining. If you arenít taking them, you should! The Magical Education staff has done a wonderful job bringing this aspect of HEX to life. There are also a lot of House points up for grabs that could help your House snag the ever-coveted House Cup! So be sure to get your homework in on time!Ē
~ Pugz51081, Hufflepuff

ďI was really excited to go back to school. I had been at home without a job for two years when I finally got to go back. I was scared at first. Would I be able to keep up? Would people like me? Would they all be younger than me? I hadnít been in school in three years and hadnít had most of the subjects in six years, but everything came back to me. I love being back in school. Iím socializing more, my anxiety is slowly fading, and Iím feeling much better about myself. I can now really pursue my dreams.Ē
~ LadyofLight, Ravenclaw

No matter what your upcoming year throws your way, we at the Daily Prophet wish you the best and hope that this year, you achieve your dreams and fly high, whether in our magical world or in the Muggle one!




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